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Fun Facts! “I want you to know that I conductedmy first interview today. The student I  met with is absolutely lovely, and...
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Career Connection - August 2012 Newsletter


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The August Newsletter highlights new students, students' successes, Nursing Assistant and Medical Assistant job tips, Olympic facts, employer testimonials and much more

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Career Connection - August 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. Allen School Career Connection Education that Works August 2012 Allen School Career Services The Allen School family continues to grow as we welcomed the inaugural class of Medical Assistant students at the Allen School Phoenix Arizona campus in June of 2012. The students have already gotten involved in the community and held a blood drive on July 19th. All students currently in the program also maintained an “A” or “B” grade point average and 100% attendance for the first Module. Way to go! IN THIS ISSUE Welcome 1 At 56 years old, I made the decision to change careers and after much Student Success 1 thought, really wanted to get back into the medical field. I really love the Stories years I spent working for the Fire department, the aide calls and the contact with hospitals, doctors, and nurses. I began checking into schools that offered Olympics Facts 2 programs which would get me back into the medical profession. I came across Allen School and was pleasantly surprised to be interviewed as a po- tential student. Allen School was not just trying to fill chairs, but actually was Employer 2 looking for good student candidates. They want their students to succeed Testimonials and to do so, they are choosing only those students they feel will do well. Very impressive! Of course, Financial Assistance was a concern but the staff Students Together Ed Cole 2 sat with me and found the aide I was eligible for. They kept in touch with me Medical Assistant Student for a Cause over the next few weeks to let me know what they were finding. I am Graduation: February 2013 through the first 5 weeks and doing well. The class size is such that we all have the time we need to understand what is being taught. We have the op- Job Search Tip 2 “ The Allen School wants portunity to speak with the instructors, one—on– one and also as a group. It their students to all comes together to create the type of learning environment that teaches succeed, and to do so, successful professionals. The class is a tight knit group. We eat lunch togeth- they are choosing only er and have family-style lunches once each week. With the help of the staff those students they feel and the enthusiasm of the students, I believe we have a class of up-and- will do well!” coming medical assistants that the community could only hope for! My training at Allen School opened the door for employment at the same Employers say one of the best School where I graduated. I was hired to assist students with extra prac- tice. Prior to employment, I assisted my peers by encouraging them. This ways to stand out in a stack of was done through tutoring them academically as well as in the Clinical resumes is to show that you Skills. I had three instructors. The first would emphasize compassion, in- “get it.” Show that you have tegrity and purpose. The second instructor focused on awareness of your researched the company and work environment. My third instructor was very laid back but very profes-the open position and that you sional. The idea was, make individuals feel comfortable about their sur- Leonard Robert Adams roundings. I am grateful for the entire staff being an effective support sys-have identified why you would Nursing Assistant Graduate tem for me. The support system is consistent. Starting from Academicbe a great fit for their company Graduation: October 2011 Affairs, Security, Financial Aid office, Career Services and my counselor. The and the position they are hir- Key to acquiring employment is the following: Persistence, focus, disci- ing for! “I am grateful for the pline, purposeful mindset, professional work ethic with integrity. As a entire staff being an member of the Allen School first being a student and now an Instructor an- effective support system ything is possible. Claim your dreams, rise to the occasion. Counselors not for me” assigned to me took time to point out my unlimited potential.
  2. 2. Fun Facts! “I want you to know that I conductedmy first interview today. The student I met with is absolutely lovely, and ofthe caliber that I had been accustomedto from your school. Thank you for the referral. I will be meeting with two more graduates between tomorrow and Monday and will, hopefully, hire one of the three by the end of nextweek. If the other two are as qualified as the graduate I interviewed today, I will have a tough time deciding who to select.” Allen School students on the Brooklyn cam- pus have put together and engaged in vari- ous events to raise money, awareness, and knowledge about specific causes. The Allen School students, faculty, and staff have all been very supportive and have enjoyed the excitement around campus! Great job Brooklyn! Mod 1: Lymphoma Mod 2: Breast Cancer Mod 3: Autism Mod 4: Child Abuse Prevention Mod 5: Obesity and Healthy Living Job Search Tip You only have one chance to make a first impression! I am writing to let you know what a pleasure it is working with students from Allen School. Several of our current employees are alumni; some were hired at completion of their internship as we were im-When introducing yourself, remember pressed by their performance and maintain proper eye contact, presenta firm handshake, and speak clearly. A recent graduate, who James Cruz recommended, joined us just over a week ago, and she already isWhen some people get nervous they a productive member of our team of medical assistants.tend to speak too quickly, not allowingthe other person to hear their name. Please feel free to forward resumes to me as students become available for internship or hire. If thereThis will make it hard for the other per- is an opening at Sunrise Medical Group, Allen School students will be my first consideration.son to remember who you are. Alasting impression is one that is built Warm regards,slowly. Take your time, enjoy the con- --versation and remember, you are there Judy Pechulisto learn as well. Ask strong questions! Operations Manager