Allen School Student Success Stories- Testimonials


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In this Success Story Newsletter, we highlight 6 students and their success at the Allen School. Hear from 5 Medical Assistant students and one Nursing Assistant student how the Allen School changed their life and opened new doors.

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Allen School Student Success Stories- Testimonials

  1. 1. Student Success Stories At 56 years old, I made the decision to change careers and after much thought, really wanted to get back into the medical field. I really love the years I spent working for the Fire department, the aide calls and the contact with hospitals, doctors, and nurses. I began checking into schools that offered programs which would get me back into the medical profession. I came across Allen School and was pleasantly surprised to be interviewed as a potential student. Allen School was not just trying to fill chairs, but actually was looking for good student candidates. They want their students to succeed and to do so, they are choosing only those students they feel will do well. Very impressive! Of course, Financial Assistance was a concern but the staff Ed Cole sat with me and found the aide I was eligible for. They kept in touch with me over the next few Medical Assistant Student weeks to let me know what they were finding. I am through the first 5 weeks and doing well. Graduation: February 2013 The class size is such that we all have the time we need to understand what is being taught. We have the opportunity to speak with the instructors, one—on– one and also as a group. It all comes togeth-er to create the type of learning environment that teaches successful professionals. The class is a tight knit group. We eat lunch togetherand have family-style lunches once each week. With the help of the staff and the enthusiasm of the students, I believe we have a class of up-and-coming medical assistants that the community could only hope for! Leonard Robert Adams Kimberly Roy Nursing Assistant Graduate Medical Assistant Graduate Graduation: October 2011 Graduation: June 2012 My training at Allen School opened My experience at the Allen the door for employment at the School has been very challeng- same School where I graduated. I was ing. In the beginning, I was hired to assist students with extra practice. Prior to employ- struggling with the computer ment, I assisted my peers by encouraging them. This was done area. With the help of my through tutoring them academically as well as in the Clinical teachers and my fellow classmates I managed to learn Skills. I had three instructors. The first would emphasize com- the material and become proficient at it. Although passion, integrity and purpose. The second instructor focused on awareness of your work environment. My third instructor many students think that the Allen School is hard, I be- was very laid back but very professional. The idea was, make lieve there are ways of overcoming these obstacles. individuals feel comfortable about their surroundings. I am Coming here, I have learned how to deal with patients grateful for the entire staff being an effective support system in the medical field. Teachers such as Ms. Chambers, for me. The support system is consistent. Starting from Aca- Ms. Perkins, and Ms. Te, etc. have really helped me get demic Affairs, Security, Financial Aid office, Career Services and through these five modules. The doctors of Allen my counselor. The Key to acquiring employment is the follow- School have also helped me with my hands on skills. ing: Persistence, focus, discipline, purposeful mindset, profes- Allen School’s Career Services personnel also played a sional work ethic with integrity. As a member of the Allen big part in helping me prepare for the outside world School first being a student and now an Instructor anything is and future job interviews. Allen School has taught me possible. Claim your dreams, rise to the occasion. Counselors not assigned to me took time to point out my unlimited poten- everything I need to know to start off my career. tial. Coming here has been a great experience!
  2. 2. Rukhsana Hussain was interested in starting her Medical Assistant Career and visited the Allen School. She was now on her way in pursuing her long time dream of becom- ing a Medical Professional. She has been fulfilling her obligations academically and has recently participated in two All Star Events where she volunteered at a Cobble Hill High School and most recently attended a Women to Women Health Fair located in Brooklyn. At both locations she assisted with Triage, blood pressure screening and obtaining patients’ medical history. She did such a great job that the Director of Com- munity Affairs & Volunteer Services personally gave Rukhsana her business card and requested that Rukhsana be assigned an Internship at SUNY Downstate Medical Cen- ter University Hospital of Brooklyn at Long Island College Hospital. She will begin her internship on March 19, 2012 in the Pediatrics division of SUNY Downstate. Rukhsana also participated in our Speaker Series event which was help on February 22, 2012., Rukhsana Hussain where she provided an overview of her experiences at the Allen School to a group of Medical Assistant Student her peers and classmates. Rukhsana is well on her way to becoming that Medical Pro- Graduation: May 2012 fessional that she dreamed of and we are pleased to have her represent the Allen School as the student of the month.Medical Assistant students Alicia Moise and Christelle Moise arrivedin the United States from Haiti just months after what is now knownas the strongest earthquake in the Port-au-Prince region since 1770struck near on January 12, 2010. Christelle reported that the busi-ness school she was attending in Haiti was completely destroyed bythe earthquake. They arrived in the U.S. soon after with their father.The sisters began their journey to becoming Medical Assistants onNovember 29, 2010. Determined to create a better life and future,they chose the Allen School after seeing a T.V. commercial. Alicia(left) and Christelle (right) both have a passion for helping othersand a determination to improve themselves and make their dreamsof a better future come true. Alicia said that she’s confident that shemade the right decision to attend the Allen School, “my life is aboutto change for a better future.” Both Alicia and Christelle have foundemployment in the medical field since graduating!Alicia Moise— Sleep Solutions of NY— Clinical Medical AssistantChristelle Moise— Dr. Khaleeq Arshed—Phlebotomist