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Allen School Medical Assistant- Maureen Dabreo Testimonial


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Maureen had an excellent experience at the Allen School and learned not only medical skills, but also learned basic interview skills that she'll carry with her throughout her professional career. Learn more about Maureen's experience at the Allen School. She graduates in January 2012. Congratulations, Maureen!

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Allen School Medical Assistant- Maureen Dabreo Testimonial

  1. 1. Maureen Dabreo Medical Assistant Graduation: January 2012 Have you ever heard of the saying “room for success is unlimited?” Well that is true at the Allen School. Being an Allen School student was the hope and encouragement I needed to start a new career and further reach my dreams of working in the medical field. The entire staff which includes the financial aid department, career services, and instructors were very essential in molding me into a professional Medical Assistant student during my time at the Allen School. Fortunately, the Allen School has the best instructors, who were caring and willing to go the extra mile with each student that needed individual attention. Sometimes itis difficult to complete an assignment on time while maintaining your family needs and even working, but withthe entire staff’s support, I was able to pull through.At the Allen School, the Career Services Office also played an important role in what we call the key steps forjob preparation and “interviewing” was one of those steps. To be honest, they really reached out to me forpractice, because I never really had a professional interview before. If I must say…they did a truly excellent jobin finding me the best internship site which I am most pleased and excited to be interning at right now. I amglad I chose the Allen School and will be honored to refer anyone without hope for a fresh start to attend theAllen School and see the changes that can be made in their lives. I am really proud to say that I am an AllenSchool student. Company: Duane Reade Pharmacy Title: Pharmacy Manager