Academic Affairs Newsletter- January 2013


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In the January Academic Affairs Newsletter, New Year's Resolutions are discussed, teacher tips, and more.

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Academic Affairs Newsletter- January 2013

  1. 1. 1 1 THE ACADEMIC ADVISOR ___Let us never be betrayed into JANUARY INSTITUTIONAL EDITION 2013saying we have finished our education; because that Did You Know?would mean we had stopped History of New Year’s Resolutions growing. Julia H. Gulliver The New Year has not always begun on January 1, and it doesnt begin on that date everywhere today. It begins on that date only for cultures that use a 365-  day solar calendar. January 1 became the beginning of the New Year in 46 B.C., when Julius Caesar developed a calendar that would more accurately reflect the seasons than previous calendars had. In This Issue  Celebrating the Holidays across the Campuses  New Year’s Resolutions Did You Know?  History of New Year’s Eve at Times Square Teacher Tips “Don’t get overwhelmed!Focus on one task at a time.” -Ms. Conteh, Brooklyn The first New Years Eve celebration in what is now known as “Times Square” was held on New Years Eve in 1904. The New York Times newspaper had  opened their new headquarters at One Times Square (at the time, the citys second tallest building) in Longacre Square and persuaded the city to rename the triangular "square" surrounding it for their newspaper (which the city later did on April 8, 1904). The newspapers owner, Adolph Ochs, decided to celebrate the opening of the companys new headquarters with a midnight fireworks show on the roof of the building on December 31, 1903. Close to 200,000 people attended the event. Article Source:
  2. 2. 2 2 THE ACADEMIC ADVISOR JAMAICA CAMPUS HOLIDAY STRESS AND SCHOOL HOLIDAY TIME AT THEHectic schedule, financial stress, crowds,and traffic jams are all part of the holiday JAMAICA CAMPUSseason. Don’t let the holiday stress get you HOLIDAY WISHES FROM THE STUDENTSdown. Here are some ideas to keep theholiday—and your personal life—runningsmoothly. Talking to family and friends can help a difficult situation. Don’t forget exercise. Brisk walking for 20 minutes can help you feel good. Eat right. Sugary foods, common place during “Peace on Earth and good will to all” the holidays, can give you a quick burst of – Alicia Clarke energy, but it comes with a sugar crash. “Success, joy, and happiness” Try doing something charitable. It can change – Jairenys De La Cruz & Kalisha Williams your whole outlook. Remember to take a break and do something “May the peace and joy of this holiday just for you. You have to keep your batteries season be yours through the new year” charged in order to complete your goals. – Wendy King Plan ahead. Good time management helps to “Warmest wishes from our family to reduce the feeling of chaos and being over- yours” whelmed. – Melissa Hendrax Holidays can make some people feel depressed. Be mindful and if you see “Wishing you all the joys of the season something, then say something. A caring and every happiness throughout the coming year” gesture can go a long way to brighten – Courtney Thompson someone’s day. Counseling can also help.
  3. 3. 3 3 THE ACADEMIC ADVISOR JAMAICA CAMPUS Students Learning-for-a-Cause - Third Module: St. Judes and New York Hospital Queens (Pediatric Unit)The students held a bake sale with a slide show for children in the hospital, and at the same time showcased some of their talent (songs of the season and with a message) which raised over $230.00 . A toy drive was also held—As you can see, Santa had a little help at the hospital this year. The patients at the hospital were very thankful for the gifts. JAMAICA 2013 RESOLUTIONS To have everything in life that my parents would dream of ... -Tamara Reid, MOD 5 To become a Medical Assistant, work in a good hospital, and further my education in the medical field. -Keyon Ross, MOD 2 I will try to work harder and keep smiling. -Himani Gupta, MOD 5 I will try to complete my work on time and eat healthy. -Kiranjot Kaur, MOD 5 We tend not to keep our resolutions each year … we sometimes don’t past the first step … I would suggest try to do something positive each day, aiming higher to survive our daily life. -Abigail Dann, MOD 5
  4. 4. 4 4 THE ACADEMIC ADVISOR ARIZONA CAMPUSAs a group, the module feels they are proud to have a class that is a family. We look out for each other, help each other, and truly want every member of our Allen family to succeed. The support staff and instructors lead us on the journey and we are excited about what the future holds! NAME 2013 RESOLUTIONS Heather Smith To consume less caffeine Terrie Callaghan To help more people than the year before Christina Lopez More stability for my family Kristen Egger To have a job in the medical field Rob Lopez Take my books home (haha!) Monique Grant Feed my cat on time Richa Prassad Teach my Zumba instructor more moves
  5. 5. 5 5 THE ACADEMIC ADVISOR BROOKLYN CAMPUS HOLIDAY REFLECTIONS AND NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS Hello! I am 29 years old. I am a mother of two children and a cancer survivor. I decided to attend The Allen School because I desired to work in the medical field to help people and give back to the community. The best part about Allen School is that I met a few good instructors and colleagues that help out and are team players. I enjoyed some of my classes like ECG and now Phlebotomy. I am in the 5th mod and I am almost done. It went so fast that I am looking forward to do my externship. I am so thrilled that I am going to achieve one of my goals. My kids are so proud of me and for that I will continue to shoot for the stars. -Christina Castro, Module 5One of my resolutions is to continue to learn andpractice the Spanish language. -Laura Glynn, InstructorIts been great, but challenging and stressful Module 3 hasn’t been as bad as people said itat times. My resolution for the New Year is would be. I’m doing well so far. My resolutionto get employment when I finish this for next year is to graduate and finish on theprogram and be happy. Honor Roll every module. -Sasheni Durant, Module 2 -Leonor Figueroa, Module 3I look forward to completing the program. My resolution is to graduate and get a great job. -Shaunette Smith, Module 4
  6. 6. 6 6 THE ACADEMIC ADVISOR BROOKLYN CAMPUS MS. WILLIAMS’ HEALTHY TIPS… Being healthy consists of a few important things … 1. POSSESS THE RIGHT MIND-FRAME: Healthy living is not about a diet – diets are temporary solutions; healthy living is about possessing a change in your life. 2. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH HEALTHY THINGS: This includes – food, drinks, and people. Go home and get rid of the junk food and sugary drinks; stock up on healthy snacks and plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. If you have these options in your house when you become hungry, your only option will be to eat a healthy food – right? When it comes to people, just make sure you have a great support system around you. There will be people who do not understand why you want to be healthy, but that is not your problem – let them eat their way and you focus on yourself. 3. PREPARE: Many of us work many hours and are constantly on the GO; therefore, if you prepare your meals and know in advance when you are going out, you will be able to budget your meals wisely instead of making poor choices. I hope you can utilize these tips and make healthy choices as you prepare for a healthier life. IN OTHER NEWS…Congratulations to Brooklyn Campus’ own Mr. Rod Armand and Ms. Venecia Conton on the birth of their beautiful baby girl, JALISSA ALEXANDRIA ARMAND!
  7. 7. 7 7 THE ACADEMIC ADVISOR ONLINE CAMPUS HOLIDAY TRADITIONS Holidays are a busy time for us. In fact, today Hi, my name is Barri Herbel and I am a student my husband turns 60. On December 29th, I will at the Allen school and I would like to tell you be 63 and my grandnephew will be 4 as he was some of my Christmas memories. It was always born on my birthday. Also, my brother will turn a known fact that we would get a pair of PJs, 62 on December 20th and my husband and I will but we didnt know what they looked like or felt celebrate our 20th anniversary on January 1st, like until we opened them and put them on. 2013. However, as far as traditions those start They were always so soft and we enjoyed on Thanksgiving. We always try to invite wearing them. Another tradition is to always someone for the holidays that would otherwise read the Christmas Story on Christmas. One be alone. I started doing that because I lived on year we were at a different place for Christmas the west coast for 5 ½ years and was blessed by and the Christmas Story wasnt read and our having people invite me to spend the holidays oldest daughter lets us know and I was so with them. Other traditions include putting up saddened by the fact this meant a lot to her. I the tree on “Black Friday” while many people will never forget that. are out shopping. On that Saturday, my -Barri Herbel husband bakes Mom Bartlett’s Butter Cookies for Christmas because they need to age and will taste great by Christmas. For us, Christmas EveThe holidays are for family and friends; nothing is time for church, followed by a familylike being with the people you love. Christmas is gathering. Christmas morning we gather fora time for happiness, joy, and remembering why brunch at someone’s home and then return towe’re here. There is nothing like seeing your kids our own for the balance of the holiday. For us,and grandchildren opening up gifts and seeing the the holiday is about putting God in the centerjoy on their faces. For New Years, I try to not and taking care of people less fortunate thanmake any resolutions because I hate when I don’t us. Through church we drive people tokeep up with my resolutions. I just thank God for services, host a holiday dinner for all (beforefamily, friends, and good health. I pray for peace, the holiday), put together hats, mittens, andlove, and tranquility. scarves for a local children’s home, and provide -Cathy Laurito a family with a Holiday dinner and presents. -Debbie Bartlett TESTIMONIALS I have been at the Allen School for a week now, and I am loving it. I love how helpful and caring all of the staff is and the flexibility of classes. I feel as if I am the only student the professors have. They show a lot of care and attention whenever I have a problem or a concern. I was a little worried about starting school in an online environment, but I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable and easy it was to navigate. The Allen school is the place for me and I am glad I became a student here. -Caitlyn Davis
  8. 8. 8 8 THE ACADEMIC ADVISOR UPCOMING STORIES So you like healthcare… So you like helping people… So you’re an MA, MIBC, or NA student…Our newsletter is looking for a few good authors.Have an idea for a story? Want to discuss a current issue? Send your story to one of the contacts below:Ms. Bingham (Brooklyn) Deborah.Bingham@online.allenschool.eduMr. Callman (Jamaica) Howard.Callman@online.allenschool.eduDr. Gotto (Online) Jamie.Gotto@online.allenschool.eduDr. Hunt (Arizona)