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IE International MBA Application Essay 2017 i


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IE International MBA Application Essay
Ying Sheng Lin

Published in: Education
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IE International MBA Application Essay 2017 i

  1. 1. I. Show us an activity you enjoy doing. Tell us how you think it contributes to your personal and professional development IE International MBA Application Essay
  2. 2. Tennis
  3. 3. Profile My name is Ying Sheng Lin from Taiwan. I started playing tennis at 16 years old back in high school because of the influence of a Japanese comic called “The Prince of Tennis”. I played both in high school and college tennis team. And I’d participated in various tournaments or competitions. For me, tennis is a sport that requires both strong and stable physical and mental condition, and via practice this sport, it gives me an edge in my professional development.
  4. 4. How does tennis contributes to my personal and professional development?
  5. 5. Mental Toughness
  6. 6. Mental Toughness Tennis is a sport that consists of physical strength and mental ability, the ability to focus on every single match and every single point without a lapse. Chances to win the game will be limited if the players’ mental strength is weak. By playing tennis, I learned how to control my mental state and thoughts. This not only helps me be calm and motivated in dilemma, but stay focused on performing and executing each mission, just like how I play each point on court!
  7. 7. Persistence
  8. 8. Persistence One tennis match can last for over 11 hours or can be finished in less than 20 minutes. A game can be played for more than 10 deuces or simply a few strokes. Learning to stay persistent and never give up on each point is a crucial factor as the match might be determined by one or two plays. Also the more persistent you are on each play, the more pressure you’re pushing back over the net that have opponents making unexpected mistakes.
  9. 9. Relaxation
  10. 10. Relaxation “Tennis is the loneliest sport” ― Andre Agassi Unlike other sports that players are accompanied by teammates, coaches or trainers. Tennis players are fighting on court alone with anxiety, nervousness, loneliness, emotions, etc. All these affect our brains, muscles, breaths that lead to unforced errors. Hence, relaxation techniques help to minimize negative emotions and reduce the chances of making mistakes
  11. 11. Strategic Thinking
  12. 12. Strategic Thinking As every sport requires, playing smart and strategically gives you an edge over your opponents. On the court, the combinations of different shots and directions can be thousands. Being able to use these variations strategically to maneuver your opponents both physically and mentally increases the chances to win. Playing tennis teaches me how to think efficiently and effectively at work or life through complex situations.
  13. 13. In conclusion Playing tennis not only strengthens my physical ability but also trains me mentally. Only if the mental condition is strong and stable can a person calmly executing anything without committing errors. Also learning to stay relaxed but persistent in difficulties enables me to work independently and resolve problems more effectively. Last but not least, being able to think strategically helps me predict the opponents’ or competitors’ next move, and maneuver them into committing mistakes.
  14. 14. Thank you!