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In this intro-level session on utilizing jQuery with SharePoint, the focus will be to empower users on how to satisfy some of the common UI changes clients request by writing clean and unobtrusive Javascript with the help of the jQuery library. We'll begin by diving into the different ways that jQuery can be hooked up to SharePoint. We'll talk about CDN versus local copies of the library, as well as linking jQuery via masterpages, custom actions, content editor web parts, and more.
We'll then spend time discussing css selectors, and some of the common patterns and jQuery methods you'll want to familiarize yourself with when targeting page-level elements. After that, the remainder of the presenation will be focused on walking through real-life scenarios of altering the UI with jQuery, such as adding interaction and animation to content query webparts, changing the behavior of links inside a page, and more. The code utilized in the presentation will be made available online after the Conference is completed.

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jQuery Rescue Adventure

  1. 1. jQuery Rescue AdventureINTRODUCTION TO JQUERY INSIDE SHAREPOINTDeveloper TrackMatt Jimison
  2. 2. About Me Name Matt Jimison Location Indianapolis, IN Work Blog http://www.mattjimison.com/blog/ Twitter @mjimison
  3. 3. Presentation Goals• Introduce the jQuery Library• Discuss How to Incorporate jQuery with SharePoint• Review Highlights of the jQuery API• Demonstrate Using jQuery to Enhance UI• Empower Audience to Utilize jQuery for UI Enhancements
  4. 4. What is jQuery is a new kind of JavaScript Library.
  5. 5. jQuery Overview• HTML Document Traversing• Event Handling• Animation• AJAX• Lightweight Footprint (~31KB)• CSS3 Compliant (Supports Selectors)• Cross-Browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome)
  6. 6. • User Interface Library Built on Top of jQuery• Interactions (Drag, Drop, Resize, Select, Sort)• Widgets (Accordion, Autocomplete, Date, Tabs, Slider, etc…)• Effects (Animation, Show, Hide, Toggle)• Utilities
  7. 7. • Touch-Optimized for Tablets and Smart Phones• Supports Multiple Devices• HTML5-based Interface• jQuery / jQueryUI Foundation• Lightweight 7 | SharePoint Saturday Columbus 2011
  8. 8. jQuery and Microsoft• Microsoft contributes to the jQuery Project• Microsoft Product Support includes jQuery• jQuery ships with Visual Studio 2010+• Visual Studio Intellisense Support
  9. 9. Intellisense Demo
  10. 10. Downloading jQuery• Local Copy ◦ Download from http://jquery.com/ ◦ Current and Past Releases• CDN (Content Delivery Network) ◦ Google ◦ Microsoft ◦ jQuery
  11. 11. CDN Considerations• CDN Advantages ◦ Quicker Downloads ◦ More Parallel Downloads ◦ Increased Use of Cache• CDN Disadvantages ◦ CDN Outages ◦ Loss of Internet Connection• Fallback Option to Load Locally When CDN Fails
  12. 12. Usage Guidance• Use Minified Versions in Production• Consider Local Storage Over CDN for Intranets• Clearly Mark Your Version(s) of jQuery• Test Thoroughly When Upgrading Versions• Be as Unobtrusive as Possible
  13. 13. jQuery Conflict• $ is an Alias for the jQuery function• Many Libraries Use the $ ◦ CmsSiteManager.js (SharePoint’s Asset Picker) ◦ Prototype.js• Conflict Occurs When jQuery Overwrites Other Library’s function• Solution: jQuery.NoConflict()
  14. 14. jQuery.noConflict()• Removes jQuery’s use of the $ function ◦ Returns Control of $ to Other Libraries ◦ jQuery method can be used in place of $ ◦ Alias jQuery By Capturing Return Value ◦ var jQ = jQuery.NoConflict(); ◦ Pass $ to Ready Method For Scoped Usage
  15. 15. Adding jQuery to SharePoint• MasterPage (Or Page Layout) ◦ Adds Unnecessary Overhead On Pages That Don’t Use jQuery (if any) ◦ Does not Touch Pages That Do Not Utilize Your MasterPage• Content Editor WebPart (Or Custom WebPart) ◦ Becomes a Burden to Manage References and Consistent Use ◦ Use the Content Link Versus Inline Code• Delegate Control ◦ Alternate Solution Exists in SharePoint 2010 (See next item)• CustomAction (New in SharePoint 2010) ◦ Breaks Asset Picker without Additional Configuration• Start.js ◦ jQuery Is Not Available At Page Load
  16. 16. Link jQuery to SharePoint Demo
  17. 17. jQuery API Browser Available Online: http://api.jquery.com/browser/
  18. 18. jQuery Selectors• Derived from CSS 1 – 3• Includes Additional jQuery Conventions• Meta-Characters Need Escaped with 2 Backslashes () ◦ !"#$%&()*+,./:;<=>?@[]^`{|}~• Common CSS Selector Support ◦ ID (#) ◦ Class (.) ◦ HTML (element)
  19. 19. Attribute SelectorsDescription SelectorEquals Or Starts With Followed by Hyphen [name|=“value”]Contains Text [name*=“value”]Contains Word Delimited by Spaces [name~=“value”]Ends With [name$=“value”]Starts With [name^=“value”]Equals [name=“value”]Not Equals [name!=“value”]Has Attribute [name]Multiple Attributes [name=“value”][name2=“value2”]
  20. 20. Basic and Child FiltersDescription SelectorCurrently Animating :animatedElement at Given Index :eq()Even or Odd Elements in Results :even, :oddFirst or Last Element in Result :first, :lastCurrently Focused :focusGreater Or Less than Given Index :gt(), :lt()Header Elements :headerElements That Do Not Match :not()First or Last Child :first-child, :last-childChild at Given Index :nth-child()Only Children :only-child
  21. 21. Additional SelectorsDescription SelectorContains Content (case-sensitive) :contains()Empty Element :emptyHas An Element :has()Parent Elements :parent
  22. 22. Selector ExamplesFind ASP.Net Control Value (Works Around Control ID)$("[id$=MyControl]").val()Links With ‘Click here’ Inside Text$(“a:contains(‘Click here’)”).css(“font-size”, “1.2em”)Odd Rows on Table$(“tr:odd”).addClass(“AlternateRow”)SharePoint Field Controlvar myField = $(“input[title=‘My Field’]”)
  23. 23. ManipulationDescription MethodAdding, Removing, Toggling CSS Classes addClass(), removeClass(), toggleClass()Adding Content .after(), .insertAfter(), .before(), .insertBefore(), .append(), .appendTo(), .prepend(), .prependTo()Reading and Setting Attributes .attr(“name”), .attr(“name”, “value”), .attr({“name1”: “value1”, “name2”: “value2”})Reading and Setting CSS Styles .css(“name”), .css(“name”, “value”), .css({“name1”: “value1”, “name2”: “value2”})Reading and Setting Form Values .val(), .val(“newvalue”)Reading and Setting Text .text(), .text(“newvalue”)Reading and Setting HTML .html(), .html(“<strong>newvalue</strong>”)Wrapping Elements .wrap(), .wrapAll(), .wrapInner()Removing Elements .remove(), .empty(), .detach(), .unwrap()
  24. 24. Manipulation ExamplesSet SharePoint Field Control$(“input[title=‘My Field’]”).val(“My New Value”);Wrap Set of DIVs$(“div.Item”).wrapAll(“<div class=‘ParentItem’ />”);Toggle CSS Class$(“div.Item”).toggleClass(“Highlighted”);Set CSS$(“#MyDiv”).css({“background”: “green”, “padding”: “5px”});
  25. 25. TraversalDescription MethodLoop through all items .each()Add Elements to Current Results .add()Filter Results .filter()Filter Descendants .find()Map to a New Result .map()Children Selector .children()Parent Selectors .parent(), .offsetParent(), .parentsUntil()Sibling Selectors .siblings(), .next(), .prev(), .nextUntil(), .prevUntil()
  26. 26. Traversal ExamplesCount Words in Each Paragraph$("p").each(function(i) { $(this).append(" (" + $(this).text().split( ).length + "words)"); });Wrap First Paragraph’s Siblings$(“p:first”).siblings().wrapAll(“<div style=‘background:green’ />”);Find Next Unordered Lists Following First Occurrence$("ul:first").next("ul").css("background","yellow");
  27. 27. EventsDescription MethodGeneric Bind .bind(“method”, function() { })Bind Event Once .one(“method”, function() { })Bind Shortcuts .click(), .change(), .select(), .mouseover(), .mouseout(), .blur()Hover (Mouseover and Mouseout) .hover(function() { }, function() { })Trigger Event .trigger(“method”)
  28. 28. Event ExamplesClick Event On Paragraphs$(“p”).click(function(event) { $(this).css(“background”, “yellow”)});Hover Events$(“p”).hover( function(event) { $(this).addClass(“Highlight”); }, function(event) { $(this).removeClass(“Highlight”); });
  29. 29. Developer ToolsBrowser DescriptionChrome Built-In Developer Tools (F12)Firefox Firebug (Separate Add-On)Internet Explorer Built-In Developer Tools (F12)
  30. 30. Console Demo
  31. 31. jQuery in Action• Show / Hide Animations with Content Query• Link Behaviors• SharePoint Page Manipulation• Announcements Slideshow
  32. 32. jQuery in Action Demo
  33. 33. Resources• jQuery• ScottGu: jQuery and Microsoft• Jon Galloway: Using CDN Hosted jQuery with a Local Fall-back Copy• Find External Links with jQuery• jQuerify• SlideDeck
  34. 34. Please Thank Our Sponsors