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Orange County SEO Services Google +

  1. 1. Google+ Local Overview Why Google+ Local Can Grow Your Local Business
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1 Dilemmas & Overcoming Barriers 2 What is Google+ Local 3 Google+ Local Benefits & Facts 4 How We Can Help
  3. 3. About Me Steve Mayer (949)689-0857 Professional Local Marketing Services Specializing in Powerful Online Strategies That Get Results! (949)689-0857
  4. 4. Business Dilemmas
  5. 5. Traditional Marketing Costs Are Some of the Expensive Traditional Marketing Methods Losing Their Effectiveness?  Yellow Page Books  Newspaper Ads  TV Commercials  Radio Ads
  6. 6. Your Competitors Are Your Competitors Taking Your Fair Share of the Market?  More Local Attention  More Repeat Business  Better Marketing
  7. 7. Technology Are You Having Trouble Implementing New-Age Marketing Strategies that Can Help Grow Your Business?  Online Marketing  Mobile Marketing  Social Marketing  … and MORE
  8. 8. Overcoming Barriers There IS Hope:  Put your business in front of your target audience  Spend your marketing dollars where they can yield the best returns  Utilize the power of online marketing to stay connected to your local market
  9. 9. Overcoming Barriers One Way to Accomplish This is by Claiming & Optimizing Your Google+ Local Listing!
  10. 10. What is Google+ Local? Google+ Local is a business-related platform that focuses specifically on companies and their locations… It is a keyword-based business directory that pulls up businesses that local consumers may be looking for… It’s a critical piece of local search engine optimization process.
  11. 11. What Does it Involve? Claim & Complete Your Profile 100% Monitor Reviews Add Company Details Ask Customers for Reviews Add Great Content Optimize Your Profile
  12. 12. How Does it Work? It’s the NEW Yellow Pages! 1. An online user types their location AND a keyword for something they’re looking for into the Google search engine (a product, service or company name) 2. Google+ Local results will come up – listing many different businesses that fit the description 3. It shows a map detailing location, hours of operation, phone numbers, addresses, links to their websites, and more
  13. 13. Benefits of Google+ Local
  14. 14. Benefits of Google+ Local  Draws in local consumers who are searching for your type of product or service  When a search has local intent, the Google+ Local results usually appear at the top of the page  Strengthens your brand by having your company logo, photos, videos, and social interaction etc.  Gives you a way to present potential customers with special offers, coupons, and promotions
  15. 15. Local Search Facts  97% of Consumers Search for LOCAL Products, Services or Businesses Online  20% of All Computer Searches are LOCAL  95% of All Mobile Searches are LOCAL  Most of Them Take Some Type of Action by Visiting or Contacting Businesses
  16. 16. Local Search Facts  Many Consumers Never make it Past the First Page of Search Engine Results  72% of Consumers Said They Trust Online Reviews as Much as Personal Recommendations
  17. 17. Here’s a Snapshot of Your Google+ Listing Insert a Picture of Their Incomplete Google+ Listing and/or How Low it Ranks
  18. 18. Potential Profit Leaks Here are the 3 Main Problems: Your company’s listing is unclaimed and incomplete Your company’s listing is buried on page 6 or higher with relevant local keyword terms You have 2 reviews – one good and one negative, which could hurt credibility
  19. 19. Here are Your Competitors Listings Insert a Picture of Their Competitors’ “Better” Google+ Local Listings and/or Rankings
  20. 20. Competitor Analysis Here Why Theirs is More Profitable: Consumers will see their listing before they see yours due to higher rankings They have all of the pertinent information that consumers would be looking for during a search They have several positive customer reviews that will grab more attention than your listing
  21. 21. Consequences Pitfalls of Not Using Google+ Local:  You miss out on an opportunity to generate new local leads  You miss out on an opportunity to gain more online exposure for your brand  You let your competitors out-do you in terms of trust and credibility
  22. 22. What Next?  Create a plan to claim and complete your Google+ Local profile  Incorporate conversion-boosting features such as videos, photos, images, special discount offers, etc.  Make sure your listing is welloptimized to show up higher in the search results It’s TIME TO Really Go Local! Who? What? When? Where? How? Help!
  23. 23. How We Can Help  Help You Claim and Optimize Your Google+ Local Listing  Analyze Your Competition  Help You Generate More Reviews from Your Customers  Provide Ongoing Maintenance and Support of Your Google+ Local Listing
  24. 24. Our Special Offer For a LIMITED-TIME, we can setup your Google+ Local listing for just $197 (normally: $397) On-going Maintenance for just $97/month (normally: $197/month) Offer Ends on (put end date here)
  25. 25. Client Testimonials You Are The Best..Jim B. Can’t Wait to visit Again Sam E. I’ll be back Fred H.
  26. 26. All of Our Service Offerings
  27. 27. Questions & Answers
  28. 28. Thank You For Viewing Our Google+ Local Presentation! Steve Mayer 949-689-0857