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Fruit part 6 Benifits of Fruits By Mr Allah Dad Khan


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Fruit part 6 Benifits of Fruits By Mr Allah Dad Khan

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Fruit part 6 Benifits of Fruits By Mr Allah Dad Khan

  1. 1. 1 Benefitsof FruitbyAllahDadKhan Fruit PART - 6 BENEFITS OF FRUIT A REPORT BY ALLAH DAD KHAN AGRICULTURE EXPERT KPK PESHAWAR 57.STRAWBERRY THE MOST POPULARBERRIES( ScientificName ; Strawberriesprovidean excellentsource of vitaminsCandK,fiber, andflavonoids. Theyalsooffera verygoodsource of vitaminB1, iodine,manganese,and pantothenicacid. Strawberries are alsoa good source of vitaminB6, folicacid,andbiotin. The flavonoidscontained instrawberriesare responsible formostof theirhealthbenefits. Like otherberries,strawberries'anthocyanidinsare their mostpowerful flavonoids. Healthbenefits 58. LIME FRUIT PREVENT SCURVEY (Citrusaurantifolia) ( ScientificName ; Limeshave similarnutritional andhealthbenefitsaslemons. Theyprovide an excellentsource of vitaminC. Theyalso offeragood source of folicacid,vitaminB6, potassium, flavonoids,andthe importantphytochemicallimonene. Limescontainphytochemicalsthatare highinantioxidantand
  2. 2. 2 Benefitsof FruitbyAllahDadKhan anticancerproperties. Studieshave shownthatlime juice canaffectcell cycles. It can modulate the decisionacell makestodivide (mitosis),die (apoptosis),orevenboostthe activityof white bloodcells. Limesalsohave an antibioticeffectandare stronglyprotective againstdiseasessuchascholera. HealthBenefits 59.TANGELO ANHYBRID FRUIT OF CITRUS FRUITS (SANGTRA) ( ScientificName ; ( /ˈtændʒəloʊ/tan-jə-loh;C.reticulata×C. maximaor C. × paradisi),Citrus×tangelo,isalsowidely knownas the honeybell.Tangeloisacitrusfruitthatisa hybridof a tangerine andeitherapomeloora grapefruit.The fruitsare the size of an adultfistand have a tangerine taste,but are veryjuicy,tothe pointof not providingmuchfleshbutproducingexcellentandplentifuljuice.Tangelosgenerallyhave loose skinandare easiertopeel thanoranges. Theyare easilydistinguishedfromorangesbya characteristicnipple atthe topof the fruit. The lightgreensurface blemishesturnorange whenthe fruitisatitspeakripeness.A tangelofruitis usuallyslightlylargerthanagrapefruit(butthisvaries) andhasfewerseeds.The fleshisveryjuicyand tendstowardsthe sweetside of the tangerine ratherthanthe bitterside of itsgrapefruitlineage,witha fragrant skin.The taste isoftendescribedasmore sourthan an orange and lessbitterthana tangerine, however,andismore commonlyguessedtobe alemon-tangerinehybrid.The fruitisseasonal from DecembertoApril.Itisdistributedinthe UnitedStatesandEurope betweenNovemberand April,[clarificationneeded] andisonoccasionavailable fromJulytoSeptember Tangelosare an excellentsource of vitaminCandflavonoids.VitaminChelpsincuringand preventingcommoncoldandthroatinfections.VitaminCisa goodfor treating urinarytract infection, and otherrespiratorysystemrelatedproblemslike asthmaandbronchitis.VitaminChelpspreventing the damage done fromfree radicals,andhence preventspremature aging.Like oranges,tangelosare beneficial forthe immune system.Consumingorangesprotectagainstmanycancerand viral infections. One fruitof tangelodeliversaround3%of dailyvalue of bone strengtheningcalcium.Tangelosare a goodsource of dietaryfiber.So,these fruitsare especiallyhelpful forpeople whoare aimingat weight
  3. 3. 3 Benefitsof FruitbyAllahDadKhan loss.Dietaryfibercontentintangelos,also helptopreventorrelieve from constipation.Dietaryfiber alsohelpsinloweringthe riskof diabetesandheartdiseases.More on, tangerinesnutrition. HealthBenefits 60.TANGARINE GOOD SOURCE OF VITAMINC ( ScientificName ; Orangesare especiallybeneficial forthe immune system, lensof the eye,adrenal glands,connective tissues,the reproductive organs,andinpromotingoverall good health. Orangescontaina veryimportantflavonoidcalledhesperidin. Studieshave shownthat hesperidinlowerscholesterol andhighbloodpressure. The flavonoidalso containsstronganti-inflammatoryproperties. A highconcentrationof hesperidinis foundinthe innerpart of the peel andinthe white pulpof the orange. Studieshave shownthatconsumingorangesandorange juice iseffectivein protecting againstcancerand helpingtofightviral infections. The pectininoranges alsocontainspropertiesthatare similartothat of grapefruitpectin. Pectiniseffective inloweringcholesterol levels. Tangerines,tangelos,citrons,andmandarinoranges,provide similarhealthbenefits as oranges. Tangerineshave similarhealth benefitstooranges. Tangerines andorangesprovide an excellentsource of vitaminCand flavonoids. Theyalsooffera verygoodsource of fiber,anda goodsource of B vitamins (includingvitaminsB1,B2, and B6, folicacid,andpantothenicacid), carotenes,pectin, potassium,andfolicacid. Due tothe combinationof high vitaminCcontentand flavonoids,orangesare importantwherever vitaminCisrequiredtofunction. Tangerinesare relatedvarietiesof orangesdistinguishedbyloose,easilypeeledshin(pericarp)and sweetjuicyflesh(arils).Theyare alsoknownas mandarin oranges inEurope and satsumas inJapan.Just as oranges,these toobelongtothe Rutaceae(citrusFamily) andknownscientificallyas Citrusreticulata.
  4. 4. 4 Benefitsof FruitbyAllahDadKhan Mandarin orange isnative toChina;howeveritgrowswidelyinmanypartsof the planetas an important commercial citrusfruit. Tangerinesare a goodsource of vitaminC,folate andbeta-carotene.Theyalsocontainsome potassium, magnesiumandvitaminsB1,B2 and B3. Tangerine oil,like all citrusoils,haslimonene asitsmajor constituent,butalsoalpha-pinene,myrcene,gamma-terpinene,citronellal,linalool,neral,neryl acetate, geranyl acetate,geraniol,thymol,andcarvone. tangerinescanbe eatenontheirownwithoutany additions.Tangerine juice isahealthyrefreshingdrink.Itisalsousedinsauces,marinades, concentrations…etc.Itsjuicysegmentsaddrichnesstofruit/greensalads.Tangerine zestimpartsspecial orange flavorto confectionaryitemssuchasbiscuits,cakes,muffins,pastrycream, ice-creams…etc HealthBenifits 61.UGLI GROWING WILD FRUIT ( ScientificName ; Ugli fruitis a hybridvarietyof grapefruit,anorange anda tangerine.Itisa large sweetjuicyfruitwith greenish-yellowthickwrinkledskin.Ugli fruithassweetflesh,cultivatedespeciallyinFlorida.The ugli fruithas quite afewnames -- Unique Fruit,UniqFruit,and the more popularname,Ugli Fruit.Ugli fruit iscalledafteritsphysical appearance thatistypicallyodd-shaped,pot-markedanddiscolored.However, the fruitgetsa poorrap; it definitelyhasanextremelysweet,citrusflavor,canbe peeledveryeasilyand isparticularlyseedless,whichmakesitanexcellentsnackoradd-ontosalads.The exteriorof ugli fruit featuresgreenish-yellow colorandashape resemblesapearandan orange.Ugli fruitisindigenousto Jamaicaand was spreadinthe US duringthe 1930s. The fruitisbelievedtomix the bestfeaturesof grapefruit,Seville orangesandtangerines.Kidsenjoythe flavoraswell asitsintriguingname  Health benefits are The yellow pigment in the flesh and skin of ugli fruit provides the flavonoids quercetin or bioflavonoids and rutin. All these phenols are strong antioxidantsthat help counteract free radicals that cause chronic disease.Loaded with vitamin C (another powerful antioxidant), folic acid and dietary fiber, this hybrid fruit improves, heals and helps promote gastrointestinal health. It is also helpful in maintaining bowel integrity.Besides large vitamin C content, the uniq fruit has very similar nutritional valueto various other citrus fruits but with a
  5. 5. 5 Benefitsof FruitbyAllahDadKhan significant difference -- oddly enough, furanocoumarins that are commonly present in grapefruit (which most doctors think may interfere with certain medicines) cannot be found in the uniq fruit. Furthermore, the uniq fruit is apparently more palatable if you have a strong dislike to oranges.The unique fruit pulp has been applied on skin to make it fair.Ugli fruit also features benefit of being anti-allergic and at the same time help manage blood pressure. Ugli fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C. It promotes healthy gums and fights cardio vascular disease It's also rich in vitamin B that promotes oral health It also protect against kidney stone formation. Ugli fruit possibly makes a delicious addition to fruit salads or green salads.It can be eaten raw as a snack where it is best to peel the fruit and divide it into sections like an orange 62.WALNUT NUT FRUITS ARE RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS (‫)اخروٹ‬( Scientific Name ; Walnuts(Akhrot) are rich source ofmany healthboosting nutrients Walnutsare an excellentsource of anti-inflammatoryomega-3essential fattyacids,inthe formof alpha- linolenicacid(ALA).Walnutsare alsorichinantioxidants,includingbeingaverygoodsource of manganese anda goodsource of copper.Many othermineralsare providedbywalnutsinvaluable amounts.These mineralsincludecalcium, chromium,iron,magnesium,phosphorus,potassium, selenium,vanadiumandzinc.VitaminB6,while notespeciallyconcentratedinwalnuts,maybe more bioavailable inthisfood.Intermsof phytonutrients,walnutscontainantioxidantandanti-inflammatory compounds,includingmore thana dozenphenolicacids,numeroustannins(especiallyellagitannins, includingtellimagrandins),andawide varietyof flavonoids.The vitaminEcompositionof walnutsisalso of special mention,since thereisanunusual concentrationof the gamma-tocopherol formof vitaminE inthistree nut. If the child has too many worms, then feed kernel of one Walnut every day. It brings all the worms out through faeces. To release habit of wet the bed, feed two Walnuts and 15 Raisin before sleeping. After 15 days this habit will miss. By eating Walnut Nervous system gets benefit and Mind will energetic. Eat Walnut with Almond
  6. 6. 6 Benefitsof FruitbyAllahDadKhan and Raisin, after that drink Milk. By these aged people get benefit.Walnut oil stand out among others and provides excellent health benefits such as reducing heart diseaseand treating skin problems.Overall,regularuse of walnutoil providesadietarysource of essentialfattyacidsandantioxidants,bothwhichare difficulttoattaininadequate quantitieswithina typical Westerndiet. Health Benefits 63. WATER MELON FRUIT QUENCHES THIRST ( ScientificName ; Watermelonisbelievedtohave tohave originatedfromthe Kalahari DesertinSouthernAfrica,where the great explorerDavidLivingstone describeditasbeingabundant.Watermelonswere firstcultivated inEgypt, andhieroglyphics depictingwatermelonhave beenfoundintombs.Japanesefarmersinvented the ideaof forcingtheirwatermelonstogrow intoa square shape byinsertingthemintoglassboxes while still growing.The square shape makesiteasiertopack andtransport watermelon. Botanically,the fruitbelongstothe familyof cucurbitaceae of the genus:citrullus,andisrelatedtothe otherplantslike cantaloupe,squash,andpumpkinthatgrow asvinesonthe ground.Itis widelygrown across manytropical countrieswhere itisone of the major commercial crops. Watermelonsare atasty and enjoyablefruittoeat,especiallyonthose hotsummerdays.Watermelonis a natural source of most powerful antioxidantsprovidedbynature. The antioxidantshelpreducingthe severityof asthma.Italsoreducesthe riskof coloncancer,asthma,heart disease,rheumatoidarthritis, and prostate cancer.asa good source of the antioxidantvitaminsCandA to protectus from diseases.It reducesthe riskof dehydration. Since itcontainshigh waterquantityitcanhydratesuswhereasother drinksare caffeine filledenergydrinkswhichcaneasilydehydrate us.Nothingcanbe more satisfactory on a hot,dustyday than a crisp,juicyslice of watermelon! HealthBenefits
  7. 7. 7 Benefitsof FruitbyAllahDadKhan 64. ZizyphusJujuba( ScientificName ; HealthBenefits End of Part 1-6