Wim Vanhaverbeke | OIS 2012 | O passado, o presente e o "futuro" da inovação aberta


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12/11/2012 - 09:30

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Wim Vanhaverbeke | OIS 2012 | O passado, o presente e o "futuro" da inovação aberta

  1. 1. 12/11/12   Open  innova-on:   1.  Do  you  have  to  be  involved  in  The  past,  the  present  and  the  future   NPD  /  NBD?   Prof.  Dr.  Wim  Vanhaverbeke     Hasselt  University   ESADE  Business  School   Na-onal  University  of  Singapore     Open  Innova*on    Seminar   Sao  Paulo  –  November  12,  2012   Should  we  refocus  OI     Open  Innova-on:  View  in  2003   to  make  it  more  relevant?   Other firm´s market Our new•  Tradi-onally:       License, spin out, divest market –  Technology  driven,  and  applicable  to  large   Internal advanced  MNEs  (Xerox)   technology base –  Focus  on  the    innova-on  funnel:     •  Focus  on  new  product  development   •  How  external  partners  help  improve  our  internal  NPD?   Internal/external Our current •  How  our  technology  can  be  mone-zed  by  licensing  out   venture handling market or  spinning  off  our  technology?   External technology insourcing   External technology base Source:  Bengt    Järrehult  based  on  Chesbrough   Should  we  refocus  OI     Broadening  the  scope   to  make  it  more  relevant?  •  Tradi-onally:       •  OI  when  it  is  not  related  to  your  NPD:   –  Technology  driven,  and  applicable  in  large  advanced   MNEs  (Xerox)   –  You  are  a    service  company    with  no  technical   –  Focus  on  the    innova-on  funnel:     exper-se   •  Focus  on  new  product  development   –   SME  with  insufficient  technological  exper-se   •  How  external  partners  help  improve  our  internal  NPD?   •  How  our  technology  can  be  mone-zed  by  licensing  out  or   –   Government  agency:     spinning  off  our  technology?   •  Nasa:  new  technologies  may  help  you  a  lot  in  your   mission  as  space  agency  •  How  relevant  is  that    for  your  company  ?  •  Do  you  have  a  staged  gated,  open  innova@on   •  Insourcing  knowledge  of  others  in  an  indirect   NPD  process?   way  through  an  open  business  model  (OBM)   1  
  2. 2. 12/11/12   •  KLM  Royal  Dutch  Airlines,  the  North  Sea  Group  and  Spring   Associates  joined  forces  and  founded  SkyNRG  in  Nov  2009.   •  Goal:  to  help  create  and  accelerate  the  development  of  a   market  for  sustainable  jet  fuel  (safe,  sustainable  and   affordable)  &  avoid  large  price  swings  in  petro-­‐based   kerosene   •  Crea-ng  a  viable  market  for  sustainable  jet  fuels  for  avia-on   can  only  be  achieved  by  combining  exper*se  and  experience   in  the  fields  of  air  transport,  product  knowledge,  R  &  D,   regula*on  and  effec*ve  sustainability  criteria   •  SkyNRG  is  the  hub  firm  in  the  ecosystem   Only  for  large  companies?       Financial   •  Is  innova-on  ecosystem  building  only  for  large   world   (VCs…)   companies  such  as  KLM?   •  No,  Curana  is  highly  successful  and  has  only   25  employees     Biofuel   Airline     value   SkyNRG   industry   chain   KLM’s  value  driver?   Open  innova*on:   KLM  profits  as  a   SkyNRG  sets  up  the   customer  of  a   avia-on  biofuel  value   steady  supply  of   chain  and  drives  the   Govern-­‐ sustainable  and   accelera-on  of  joint   mental   agencies   affordable  biofuel  technological  innova-ons   between  partners   Curana   Curana:  combining  innovaEon  and   industrial  design   •  The  old  situaEon:       –  Steel  mudguards  and  fenders     –  Belgium  as  market  (10  million  inhabitants)   –  Family  owned  business   •  Challenge:   –  Growing  economies  of  scale  and  globaliza-on  of  the  industry   –  Strategic  change:     •  differen-a-on  through  innova-on     •  or  price  compe--on  with  low-­‐cost  import   11   2  
  3. 3. 12/11/12   Curana:   Curana:  innovaEon  combined  with   B"Lite  :  Mudguard  of  Curana     industrial  design  in  low-­‐tech  markets   •  Open  innovaEon:   –  combina-on  of  internal  and  external  knowledge     •  external  design  company     •  polymer  extrusion  manufacturer   •  Mold  makers   •  Material  suppliers   •  …   –  Lead-­‐users  (bicycle  manufacturers)  promised  to  buy   B”Lite  via  an  exclusive  deal  which  is  limited  in  -me   (Batavus  and  Sparta)  12/11/12   Wim  Vanhaverbeke   13   Curana:     Curana:  Spectacular  results   a  small  company  in  transformaEon   OEM   >   ODM   >   OSM   >   OBM   Original     Original     Original     Original     Equipment     Design     Strategic     Brand       Manufacturer   Manufacturer   Management   Management   •   price  pressure   •   price  sejng   •   vision  driven   •   Image  driven   •   technology  driven   •   design  driven   •   proac-ve  design   •   Reliability  &   •   no  added  value   •   added  value        solu-ons        authen-city   •   Innova-ve   •   Market  pull  from          customers  12/11/12   Wim  Vanhaverbeke   15   12/11/12   Wim  Vanhaverbeke   17   How  innovaEon  is  processed  at  Curana?   Curana’s  innova-on  ecosystem   Design   Polymer   extruder   Bicycle   Technical   ExploraEon   PromoEon   manufac-­‐ centers   Curana   turers   Steel  and   Exclusive  deal  with   market   a  customer  for  a   Open  innova*on?   knowledge   par-cular  accessory   Innova-on  capability   Does  this  always   is  in  the  network.   work?   Material   Managing  the  network   suppliers, Design   RealizaEon   for  innova-on   moldma-­‐ offices   kers,  etc  12/11/12   Wim  Vanhaverbeke   18   3  
  4. 4. 12/11/12   MagIQ   ApplicaEon:  bags   Curana magIQ - Fidlock GmbH 02/11/12 16:05 A  new  standard  to  fix  what  you  need  where   Deutsch you  need  it  on  your  bPRODUCTS APPLICATIONS COMPANY HOME NEWS ike   CONTACT MagIQ   Stadthelm / ABUS Curana magIQ Fastener: SNAP Application: Bike luggage system Sammies by Samsonite Manufacturer: Curana Product name: magIQ Salomon SAS Porsche Design Sport / Bag With the magIQ system, Curana has Innovation based on Fidlock technology Porsche Design Sport / developed a solution for attaching items of Boot luggage and accessories to bicycles at the With product characteristics such as fast, secure attachment place they are actually needed. The and detachment in addition to simple one-hand operation, the Fidlock SNAP fastener forms the core of the magIQ innovative bike luggage system thereby offers system. It has allowed Curana to develop a completely new cyclists completely new possibilities for easy and highly flexible "luggage concept" for bicycles that makes attachment and detachment of panniers, for an improved biking experience – in keeping with Fidlocks lights, air pumps, locks and flasks. "Fun + Function" Principle. Find more information at: www.curana.com Application areas Secure attachment with a simple "snap" Fitting The magIQ system from Curana allows you to secure OI  is  relevant     luggage and biking accessories to the bicycle with a quick Material/colour "snap" – and to detach them again with ease. The clever "luggage concept" is based on the Fidlock SNAP male fix Other features Broadening  open  innovaEon   and SNAP male retractable fastener as well as the Fidlock when  your  products  are  commodi-es   SNAP female pull and SNAP female push, which are highly secure and easy to use. Thanks to the proven Fidlock Principle that combines a magnetic fastener with a Products mechanical snap fastener, items of luggage practically•  Petrobras  pumps  crude  oil  from  wells  and  produces     http://www.fidlock.com/en/applications/curana-magiq.html Page 1 of 2 •  Past   •  Future   petro  products    (commodi-es)   –  NDP  /  NBD  as  applica-on  of  OI   –  All  value  drivers    can  be  a   reason  to  develop  OI  •  Product  innova-on  is  not  a  value  driver   –  The  firm  should  not  be  an   –  The  firm  is  an  innova-ng  •  Effec-veness  in  oil  well  explora-on  and  extrac-on  is     company  (only  hi-­‐tech)   innovator,  any  company  can  be   an  ins-gator  of  OI   a  major  value  driver     –  Involve  a  network  of  partners   –  One  on  one  (inside  out  and   in  an  ecosystem  •  Set  up  a  collabora-ve  innova-on  ini-a-ve   outside  in)   –  OI  comes  in  indirectly  through   (ecosystem)  with  Schlumberger  and  others  to     –  OI  is  not  related  to  a  business   OBM   model   advance  their  technology  in  order  to  find  the  best   –  Manage  individual  rela-ons   –  New  role  of  ecosystem   orchestrator   wells  earlier  than  compe*tors  and  to  extract  those   –  Need  new  management   wells  in  ways  not  known  today.   processes  to  make  a  ecosystem   successful  (N  &  S,  2010)   –  Co-­‐innovator  risk    &  technology   adop-on  risk  (  Adner,  2012)   3  examples     •  Printed  Pringles  at    P&G  2.  Embed  OI  always  in  a  firm’s   •  P&G  wrote  a  public  brief  describing  the  technical  problem  to  be  solved   and  sent  it  out  worldwide.  A  professor  in  Bologna  had  inherited  a  bakery.   He  had  dabbled  with  the  equipment  and  created  an  edible  food  dye  that   strategy!   could  be  printed  on  cakes  and  cookies.    P&G  licensed  the  IP  from  him  and   launched  Pringles  Prints  in  eight  months  (compared  to  spending  one  year   just  discussing  IP  with  the  large  company).    Within  one  year,  the  new   product  grew  P&G’s  revenues  14%.  (Larry  Huston    -­‐  P&G)   •  Pringles’  sales  total  about  $1.5  billion  annually.   •  14%  =  $  210  million   •  P&Gs  revenues  2011:  $  82.6  billion   •  Pringles  sold  to  Kellogg  in  2012   4  
  5. 5. 12/11/12   3  examples   3  examples    •  Swiffer  duster     •  DSM   •  UniCharm  (Japan)  had  the  technology  and  product  but  not   –  Dutch  performance  chemicals  company  (8  bill   the  distribu-on  power  to  sell  the  product    worldwide   euro  revenues)   •  P&G  had  the    distribu-on  ower   –  Open  innova-on    also  in    long  term  development   •  Licensing  deal  to    sell  the  Swiffer  duster  outside  Japan   of  growth  plavorms   •  Bio-­‐based  Products  &  Services   •  Biomedical  Materials   •  Advanced  Surfaces   DSM’s  targets   EBAs  at  DSM   IntegraEon    of  OI  with  business  and   Open  innova-on  as  part  of  the  overall   corporate  strategy   strategy  execu-on  •  What  is  the  value  of    OI  examples  for  companies?  • •  Start  from  a    corporate  growth  strategy   What  are  the  long  term  growth  areas?   Why   Stretch  the  ambiEon?  •  Which  technologies  do  you  need,  and  which  are  no  longer   Defining  the  targets.     crucial   Want   Which  capabiliEes  do  we  need  to  deliver  the   innova-ons?  •  How  to  get  these  new  technologies  /  competencies.  Who   to  partner  with?   Ideas  Management  in  rela-on  to  •  Define  alliance  targets  and  build  the  rela-onship   Find   defined  needs   ScouEng  for  capability  providers   –  Different  for  LT  growth  through  NBD  or  ST  product   improvements   Define  business  goals  of  alliance  and  likely   –  Different  types  of  partners   –  Different    types  of  involvement  and  risk  taking   Get   alliance  type.   Approach  &  build  deal  quickly  or  separate   Source;  Adapted  from   –  Different  teams  and  team  members   Slowinsky  &  Sagal,  2010,   Manage   Manage  delivery  incl.  rela-onship.   RTM,  September-­‐October,   38-­‐45   Project  management   5  
  6. 6. 12/11/12   Open  innova-on  and  branding   •  Does  your  firms  have  brands?   •  Did  you  ever  think  how  openness  can  help  you   3.  Apply  open  innova-on  in   in  advancing  sales  of    exis-ng  brands  or  how   rela-on  to  other  assets!   to  build  new  ones?   •  Open  innova-on  can  /  has  to  be  smoothly   The  case  of  branding   integrated  in  these  new  branding  strategies   •  We  use  a  con@nuum  from  closed  to  open   focusing  on  examples  of  Unilever   License  scheme  of  Bekaert  &  ConEnental   (technical  standards)   100%   60%:  compensa*on  for  licensing  ac*vi*es   40%   100%   0% Bekaert   Con-nental   x  %   5.  Open  innova-on  and  IP   Other     Other     suppliers   2x  %   clients   Proposal: •  X = …% of net sales value of supplied product •  Supplier collects royalties •  Cross-license agreement between client and supplier implying: •  Bekaert to supply "other clients" at X% •  "Other suppliers" to supply the Continental at X% •  Bekaert grants sublicenses to "other suppliers". The latter can supply to "other clients" at 2X%IP  policy:  IMEC’s  posi-on  in  the  technology  life  cycle     IP  policy:     IMEC  Industrial  AffiliaEon  Program   Collaborative research Own Research •  What     –  R&D  coopera-on  in  generic  technologies   –  Strategic  program  develop  by  IMEC  and  executed  in  IMEC     –  IIAP  partners  send  guest  researcher(s)  to  IMEC   •  Advantages   –   Sharing  costs,  risks,  research  infrastructure,  IP   –   IIAP  partners  get  access  to:          -­‐  IMEC’s  background  knowledge        -­‐  selected  results  of  other  partners  in  IIAP   embryonic potential growth mature declining/ obsolete –   bilateral  contract  within  the  framework  of  IIAP   •  Leverages   technology life cycle –   resources   generic application –   knowledge   technology oriented –   cross-­‐fer-liza-on  of  research  of  different  partners   –   shortening  -me  to  market   potential 6  
  7. 7. 12/11/12   IP policy: IAP – Generic framework common IP (R1 - R1*)co-owned – non-exclusive license partner IP (R2) exclusive license partner A 6.  Technology  markets   partner B  and  the  role  of  innomediaries   IMEC partner … IIAP background IIAP knowledge foreground knowledge IMEC IP (Ro) partner C non-exclusive licensing knowledge developed within the program Shi]ing  roles  and  the  emergence  of     Shi]ing  roles  and  the  emergence  of     (intermediate)  technology  markets   (intermediate)  technology  markets   Running  business   Running  business   Industrial   Research   Technology users Industrial   •  TTO Research   •  External CV Growing   •  Public / private research institutes •  OI campus: HTC, Chemelot, etc… Gap   •  Markets for technology: Yet2.com, Innocentive, Ninesigma •  OI services: IDEO, BIG, … Developments  in   Developments  in   Science  &  Technology   Science  &  Technology   Technology suppliers Source: Adapted from Jos Put - DSM Source: Adapted from Jos Put - DSM OI  and  technology  markets   Role  of  innomediaries   –  2-­‐sided  markets  (Rochet  &  Tirole  (2005)  Two-­‐Sided  Markets:  A   Progress  Report;  Eisenmann,  Parker,  and  Van  Alstyne  (2006)  Strategies   for  Two-­‐Sided  Markets,  HBR)   –  Innomediaries  can  clear  the  market  more  efficiently   7.  Public  policy  and  OI   •  Innocen-ve,  Ninesigma,  …   •  Yet2.com,  Ocean  Tomo   •  YourEncore   S-ll  uncharted  territory!   –  Problem  of  quality  of  technology  (garbage  technology   on  the  market)   •  High  quality  technology  searched  in  embedded   networks   –  Why  companies  s-ll  have  their  own  portals  (P&G’s  C +D)   7  
  8. 8. 12/11/12   R&D  globalizaEon  and  changing  policy   making?   CERN::  the  par-cle    accele-­‐   rators  and    other  infrastructure     Needed    for  high-­‐energy  physics    research   2006   2011   •   s-mulate  interna-onaliza-on   •   Be  strongly  involved  in          of  R&D  of  domes-c  firms        interna-onal  R&D  policy       Abroad   •   reduce  costs  of  interna-onal          making  (European  Inn  Center)   2003  Knowledge          R&D  sourcing  of  these  firms   •   Par-cipate  in  major  R&D    centers        networks   A new wave •   old  paradigm:  local  for  local   •   new  paradigm:  local  for  global   •   Build  centers  of  excellence   • S-mulate  foreign  firms  to  make  use  of           of researching •   S-mulate  domes-c  firms  to      local  knowledge  centers   open Domes-c        make  use  of  local  knowledge   •   S-mulate  them  to  relocate  /  extend          centers        their  R&D  centers     innovation Domes-c   Foreign   OUP 2011   2013   Firms   2006   Exnovate  as  a  network  of  excellence  for  OI-­‐ pracEEoners  and  scholars?   •  www.exnovate.org     –  An  interna-onal  network  for  excellence  in  managing  Open  and   Collabora-ve  Innova-on   •  Projects   –  CE  and  OI  Masterclass  (9  -mes  Philips  /  ESADE)  –  9-­‐14  June  2013,   Barcelona   –  PhD  course  open  innova-on  at  ESADE  (4th  -me    in  January  7-­‐9,   2013)   –  Open  innova-on  metrics     –  Using  best  prac-ces  to  improve  OI  in  SMEs   •  Open  Innova-on  Community  (OIC)  on  Facebook   and  Linkedin     8