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Apresentação Niklas Berglin | OIS 2011 | Seminário 23/11


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Apresentação feita por Niklas Berglin, da Inventtia, no seminário do Open Innovation Seminar 2011, que ocorreu dia 23/11.

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Apresentação Niklas Berglin | OIS 2011 | Seminário 23/11

  1. 1. Boosting business with science– how Innventia works with partners in open innovationNiklas BerglinNovember 23, 2011
  2. 2. Research and Innovation Research Money Knowledge Innovation From C-G Beckeman2011-11-23 www.innventia.com2
  3. 3. Is your innovation machine working? www.innventia.com3
  4. 4. To innovate is about……breeding and feeding but also… …needing to kill ideas”Fail frequently, but fail fast!”2011-11-23 www.innventia.com4
  5. 5. From idea to innovation Idea generation Development Screening Financing Implementation Protection Business model2011-11-23 www.innventia.com5
  6. 6. Innventia Working with R&D&I 270 employees Based in Sweden (subsidiaries in other countries) Linking academia and industry Pulp, paper, packaging, printing, new materials and biorefining Long-term strategic partner for our customers2011-11-23 www.innventia.com6
  7. 7. One of the world’s leading R&D companies with customers world-wide in  Br Hartmann  Nalco the pulp and paper industry,  Eka Chemicals  Norske Skog the packaging industry, the  Ericsson  SCA chemical industry, and the  Fibria  Smurfit Kappa graphics business  Holmen  Speciality Minerals Some customers  Kemira  Stora Enso  ABB  Klabin  Södra  Alabama River Pulp  Korsnäs  Tetra Pak  Albany  Mercer Pulp  UPM  April  Metso  Voith  BASF  Mondi  Weyerhaeuser  Billerud  M-real2011-11-23 www.innventia.com7
  8. 8. Innventia is jointly owned by industry andgovernment Direct owning STFI Association of companies, 51% Interested Parties, - Billerud 10% - Holmen - Korsnäs Private Owners’ - M-real Association - Stora Enso Packforsk, 10% - Södra Government via RISE Holding, 29%2011-11-23 www.innventia.com8
  9. 9. Innventia working with open innovation  2-10 companies in one project – Pre-competitive – Common interest research – Clear IPR policy  Network projects – Always try to find the best competence in each area – Work along the value chain – Insight: You almost never have ALL the competence in-house2011-11-23 www.innventia.com9
  10. 10. Innventia working with open innovation Involving universities – PhD students benefit from networking and understanding how their research fits into the overall picture Working broadly within the companies – Involve people on several levels (management, R&D, production, operators) Last but not least: – Have FUN!2011-11-23 www.innventia.com10
  11. 11. Innventia Cluster Research Programme Future papyrus Mechanical pulping Newsprint Improved dewatering Optimized fibres Graphics Web structure Paper mechanics Chemical pulp Paper chemistry Stock preparation Packaging Chemical and Packaging printability energy recovery & identification Fibrous packaging material Biorefinery Wood-derived Tissue renewables Energy & biofuels Bio-based energy, chemicals and materials2011-11-23 www.innventia.com11
  12. 12. Co-ordinator of European researchSome examples: SUSTAINCOMP: New advanced nanostructured wood-based biocomposites (€9.5 million, 17 partners) BoostEff: Boosting raw material and energy efficiency using advanced sheet structure design and fibre modifications (€11.7 million, 11 partners)The ”EU Support Office” – an initiative that helps all Swedish actors inthe Forest-based Sector to be successful in European research2011-11-23 www.innventia.com12
  13. 13. Waving to the future… Renewables? www.innventia.com13
  14. 14. Biorefinery – Simultaneous production offibres, energy and chemicals Innventias approach – New pulp mill products – Kraft/soda pulp mill platform – Focus on the major components – Efficient separation process and mill integration Lignin carbon fibres 2011-11-23 14
  15. 15. Wood and Plants H O H OH O O ■ Wheat straw O O O O Cellulose OH H O H OH OMe ■ Switchgrass O OH  MeO O Lignin O   O O  ■ Bagasse OMe H H O O Hemicellulose O O H O H O O   O O ■ Wood H O O H O Complex structure  Fractionation is criticalsource: Faix, Lehnen 2011-11-23 15
  16. 16. Ligninis a new valuable productwhich can be used as biofuel or rawmaterial for chemicals or carbon fibre
  17. 17. LignoBoost – a commercial andpatented technique for extractinglignin from black liquor
  18. 18. Innventia demonstration plantin Bäckhammar, Sweden
  19. 19. Xylancan be used for applicationssuch as barrier materials for packagingand surface modification
  20. 20. Nanocellulose is extracted fromwood fibres and has exceptionalstrength properties being moreor less as strong as Kevlar
  21. 21. Materials based on nanocelluloseare highly interesting as alternativesto petroleum-based plastics Istvan Siro, David Plake
  22. 22. The possibilities with anew composite materialmade of cellulose and PLAwere at first demonstratedby a ‘kofes’ A kofesis something that doesn’t resemble anything, least of all itself
  23. 23. The next demonstratorwas a children’s chairnamed Parupu
  24. 24. Stratified forming reducesenergy consumption andimproves product properties
  25. 25. FEX papermaking pilot plant is a research tool that enables theories, materials and process technology to be tested under realistic conditions
  26. 26. Thank you!