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Apresentação Niklas Berglin | OIS 2011 | Painel: Construindo redes de inovação setoriais


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Apresentação Niklas Berglin | OIS 2011 | Painel: Construindo redes de inovação setoriais

  1. 1. POLYNOL Project - Integrated production of polymersand ethanol from forest and sugar cane industriesObjective: Research, development, and demonstration.Objective: Facilitate large scale production of renewable polymers and cellulosicethanol through cooperation between forest and sugar cane industries, andbetween producers and end-users.Organizations / Organizações: Innventia (SE) + CTC (BR) + Fibria (BR) + Klabin(BR) + Novozymes (BR) + Scania (SE/BR) + Tetra Pak (SE/BR) + Chalmers (SE) +…
  2. 2. Challenges addressed• Ethanol production from lignocellulose generates multiple streams – Requires polygeneration approach; by-products must also have high value – Benefits from integration with other industry – Large scale required for profitability – Value chains must be understood by stakeholders• Liquid packaging is partly made from non-renewable materials• Fossil fuels are used in the production and transportation of biomass
  3. 3. POLYNOL Project - Overall Concept and Value Chains Pulp wood Liquid Renewable Paper / Kraft pulping board packaging packaging production boardForestry residues,Low-cost wood, Bagasse Alkaline Hydrolysis, Ferment- Biomaterials, fractionation ation & Distillation biochemicals and biofuels Chemicals Separation Recovery Energy Recovery Electric Power
  4. 4. Strong group of project partners• covering the entire value chains• have complementary competences• areas where Brazilian and Swedish companies are world leaders Separation Conversion & Systems Raw materials Biotechnology Transport technology manufacturing analysis• Fibria • Innventia • Novozymes • Scania • Scania • Innventia• Klabin • Fibria • CTC • Tetra Pak • Chalmers• CTC • Klabin • Braskem