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Open Source Deep Learning


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Presented at: Open Source South Carolina
May 7th, 2019 - Columbia, SC
Presented by: Todd Jordan, CEO @ White Rabbit AI

Abstract: Made famous by AlphaGo winning a game once considered too complex for machines, Deep Learning has proven itself as the first phase of truly great AI. Most notable, one move left many commenters speechless. Go master, Fan Hui, said, “It’s not a human move...” Then softly, he commented “So beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.”

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Open Source Deep Learning

  1. 1. Image of pictures being sent into a funnel then recognizes face or bird etc Deep Learning RECOGNITION: [BIRD] RECOGNITION: [BIRD]
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  9. 9. Open-source
  10. 10. Open-source
  11. 11. Open-source
  12. 12. Open-source
  13. 13. Open-source data resources
  14. 14. Open-source data resources
  15. 15. Open-source data resources
  16. 16. Open-source data resources