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Battling Drug Cartels with Big Data Using Lumify

All Things Open 2014 - Day 1
Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Charlie Greenbacker
Director of Data Science for Altamira Technologies Corporation
Big Data
Battling Drug Cartels with Big Data Using Lumify

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Battling Drug Cartels with Big Data Using Lumify

  1. 1. photo  credit:  “Journalists  Protest  against  rising  violence  during  march  in  Mexico”  by  Knight  Founda>on  (h@ps://  CC-­‐BY-­‐SA  2.0   Battling Drug Cartels with Big Data using Lumify Charlie Greenbacker @greenbacker
  2. 2. Previously Worked For Father / Son Individuals Supporting the Narcotics Trafficking Activities of the SINALOA CARTEL and/or ESPARRAGOZA MORENO Colombian Businesses Individuals Acting on Behalf of Hugo CUELLAR HURTADO and/or John Fredy CUELLAR SILVA Mexican Businesses Colombian and Mexican Family Members Located at Av. Prolongacion Vallarta No. 600, Zona Centro, Tlajomulco de Zuniga, Jalisco C.P. 45640, Mexico SINALOA CARTEL Leaders (Previously-Designated) Hugo CUELLAR HURTADO DOB 18 May 1947; POB Florencia, Caqueta, Colombia Cedula No. 17622278 (Colombia) C.U.R.P. CUHH470518HNELRG00 (Mexico) John Fredy CUELLAR SILVA DOB 17 May 1976; POB Florencia, Caqueta, Colombia Cedula No. 79904164 (Colombia) R.F.C. CUSJ760517HNE (Mexico) Ofelia Margarita MIRAMONTES GUTIERREZ DOB 24 Apr 1968 POB Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico C.U.R.P. MIGO680424MJCRTF03 (Mexico) Jenny Johanna CUELLAR SILVA DOB 11 Jul 1980 POB Florencia, Caqueta, Colombia Cedula No. 52708729 (Colombia) Victor Hugo CUELLAR SILVA DOB 18 Oct 1985 POB Bogota, Colombia Cedula No. 1032359750 (Colombia) Gabriela AMARILLAS LOPEZ DOB 21 Sep 1979 POB Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico C.U.R.P. AALG790921MSLMPB09 (Mexico) Lucy Amparo VARGAS NUNEZ DOB 26 Mar 1958 POB San Pedro, Valle, Colombia Cedula No. 38858512 (Colombia) The CUELLAR HURTADO Network operates in Colombia and Mexico. It is primarily invested in agricultural companies and pawn shops. COOPERATIVA AVESTRUZ CUEMIR, S.C. DE R.L. DE C.V. AGRICOLA Y GANADERA CUEMIR, S.P.R. DE R.I. Juan Jose ESPARRAGOZA MORENO (a.k.a. "El Azul") Dual Colombian/ Mexican Nationals Ismael ZAMBADA GARCIA (a.k.a. "El Mayo") Joaquin GUZMAN LOERA (a.k.a. "El Chapo") U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act February 2014 SINALOA CARTEL Leonidas VARGAS VARGAS (Major Medellin Cartel Drug Trafficker Murdered in Madrid, Spain - 2009) (Not Designated) Mexican authorities arrested Guzman Loera on February 22, 2014 in Mazatlan, Sinaloa.  
  3. 3. Information Overload photo  credit:  “Paperwork  2”  by  Issac  Bowen  (h@ps://  CC-­‐BY-­‐SA  2.0  
  4. 4. Collaboration is Hard photo  credit:  "Jigsaw  puzzling  at  OCP"  by  Artaxerxes  (h@ps://  CC-­‐BY-­‐SA  3.0  
  5. 5. Budgets Don’t Scale photo  credit:  “Usa  na>onal  debt  20  April  2012”  by  Valugi  (h@p://  CC-­‐BY-­‐SA  3.0  
  6. 6. open  source  so^ware  
  7. 7. Law Enforcement photo  credit:  “CID  agent  at  crime  scene”  by  US  Army  (h@p://  Public  Domain  
  8. 8. Business Analysts photo  credit:  “Numbers  And  Finance”  by  Ken  Teegardin  (h@ps://  CC-­‐BY-­‐SA  2.0  
  9. 9. Intelligence Analysts photo  credit:  “FBI  Analyst”  by  FBI  (h@p://  Public  Domain  
  10. 10. Research Staff photo  credit:  “A  researcher  at  The  Na>onal  Archives  in  Kew”  by  the  UK  Na>onal  Archives  (h@p://  CC-­‐BY  3.0  
  11. 11. Built  on  scalable  open  source  tech   Hadoop  CDH  4   Accumulo   Elas>cSearch   tesseract  CLAVIN   CMU  Sphinx  OpenNLP   OpenCV   ffmpeg   Storm   Secure  Graph  (  
  12. 12. Key  Concepts  in  Lumify   structure for organizing information (i.e., your data model) Ontology any “thing” you want to represent (e.g., person, place, event) Entities a link between two entities (e.g., leader of, works for, sibling of) Relationships data about an entity (e.g., first name, last name, date of birth) Properties collection of entities and the relationships between them Graph
  13. 13. Cell-­‐level  Security  in  Lumify   Joaquin Guzman Loera DOB: 1957-04-04 POB: Badiraguarto Nationality: Mexican Founded: 2010-01-11 Location: Mexico City Employees: 121 Zarka de Mexico
  14. 14. Text  Extrac>on  in  Lumify   video text docs structured data images OCR tesseract audio CMU Sphinx CMU Sphinx OCR tesseract extractor
  15. 15. Text  Enrichment  in  Lumify   •  Apache OpenNLP •  Named Entity Recognition •  CLAVIN •  Geospatial Entity Resolution
  16. 16. Geospa>al  Data  in  Lumify   geotags & coordinates in database records, metadata, etc. Structured Data location fields & addresses in spreadsheets, etc. Semi-structured Data place names mentioned in text documents Unstructured Data
  17. 17. live demo