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All thecontent onlineshop services_aug13

  1. 1. Content sourcing will be never be an issue again. The content supermarket you've always dreamed for is now recruiting beta tester and soft-launch partners
  2. 2. AllTheContent provides the right content enabling medias and corporations to attract and retain traffic in all verticals, platforms and languages since 2001. Both news agency with 1800+ freelancers (journalists, translators, producers) and aggregator of selected third parties like Reuters, AllTheContent's combines of the best of media and technology to deliver value to websites, publishers, broadcasters, telcos, IPTV/OTT platforms, airlines and digital signage services. In summer 2013, AllTheContent delivers its online shop and marketplace to push the content providing business to the next level. You know that content is king. Welcome to the kingdom. Company Profile
  3. 3. Marketplace –Clients Type & References 1. Media organizations that need to cost effectively acquire specialized content 1. Digital platforms need content suppliers that can deliver turnkey multimedia offers for each vertical 1. Corporations use content to create added value in their promotional material and have to find it cost-effectively. 4. Increasing amount of digital content devices and commercial services use content as added value elements
  4. 4. Marketplace - Our Products 1. Articles: Single articles, news, stories, features, interviews and reviews, either immediately available for download or with a 48 hours delay. 2. Proposals: Exclusive pitches and idea of not yet produced content that client may order. Talent fixed prices and delay freely. Clients gets 1 year language exclusivity on the content. 3. Commissioned Content: if a client does not find what he needs in articles or proposals, he can always order its tailored made production of commissioned content. Client gives a pitch, a price and delay, that will create a tender in our network. 1. Newswires: subscription based feeds of content in one topic with a defined amount of news per week, delivered automatically via FTP or email. Online subscription available.
  5. 5. Marketplace – Source of Content 1. AllTheContent News Agency is the main content provider at the moment, proposing an unique access to thousands of existing contents and exclusive proposals for its network of journalists. 1. We also proposed selected third parties such as Reuters, AirGuide Online ou TouteLaTele 2. With our partner “newspusher”, we can access and license the best video material from Fox News, Xinhua, Popcorn TV , Splash News, FCCE and more. 1. Each product is proposed in its original languages and can be ordered various local versions. 2. Localization and commissioned content services are provided by our vertical news agency, ATCNA, its 1950+ freelancers and unique workflow of validation and quality control
  6. 6. Next Steps Already ready ? Let’s work together.  Create an account now:  Use your credits card to shop and credit your account. Contact us to wire some money by bank for VIP accounts.  Provide us with feedbacks, questions and ideas, we will come back to you with answers, solutions and goodies.  Get in touch or call +4122 700 3567
  7. 7. More Infos Need more information ? Check the following FAQ
  8. 8. Marketplace - About What is AllTheContent ? 1. A unique neutral content marketplace where all types of media and digital platforms can find all the quality content they need in a large amount of languages 2. By all the content, we mean all topics, all types of content news, features or evergreen, first text, and rapidly expanding to photo, audio, video and rich media content. 3. The platform starts serving customer in beta in Summer 2013, starting with illustrated text and newswires, following with video and multimedia files in the coming months.
  9. 9. Marketplace – Translation & Quality Who translates the content I may buy ? How do you guarantee the quality of the translation? 1. We only work with professional translators experienced in news and/or with native journalists, locally grounded in the region. 2. After translation, each content is verified by at least one additional content professional. We work exclusively with native speakers. 3. All our content are not only translated, but localized, as, in addition to translation, we also adapt the content to all specificities of local target audiences.
  10. 10. Marketplace - Languages What are the languages proposed in the marketplace ? 1. Our online marketplace platform is currently available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Arabic. Numerous localized roll- outs are planned for coming times. Need more ? Contact us. 2. Content is a language orientated business and we want to propose you a comprehensive experiences by only showcasing the content that could be relevant for you, in your languages. 3. To select your desired language, please use the right sided menu and choose yours. The account you've created let you access all the languages.
  11. 11. Marketplace – Commissioned Content If I don't find what I need, can I order my content production on the site ? 1. Yes, Sir ! Click on the latest product in the menu bar: Order Tailored Made content to access the page where you can commission the content production that you need. Please be as detailed as possible in your request. 1. Incredible. You can fix your own price. And delay. Freely, at your choice. Once you’ve paid, it will create a tender to all appropriate members of our network that may accept the tasks. 2. Once accepted, the desired content is provided in the requested delay at the proposed price. The amount paid is deducted from credit card only when final content has been delivered. 1. If no one accept the tasks, because of un-adequate prices or lack of availability, the blocked amount is not billed and transaction is cancelled.
  12. 12. Marketplace - Price How do you fix the selling price? 1. Existing Articles: our standard rate is 0.08 USD per character. Regional discount may applied outside OCDE countries. 1. Exclusive Pitch / Proposals: Content Producers are free to fix their price and their delay for each pitch. We then share revenue. 2. Commissioned Content: The Client fix the price freely. We accept all prices and delay, although some proposals will never be accepted by our network if they are underpaid.
  13. 13. Marketplace – Content Delivery How and when do I get the content ? 1. Articles, composed of text and often associated with a free image files, can be downloaded in one click after purchase if indicated as immediately available (right menu) or if indicated with 48 hours delay, articles are provided within 48 hours after payment . 2. Newswires starts immediately after payment You can set up all your infos to receive the newswire online (FTP with XML delivery or mail with file delivery) 1. Commissioned Content are made on your request and are delivered after the delay indicated on the product that you bought (generally 48 hours). Products of Summer 2013
  14. 14. Marketplace – Rights What are the rights I have on the product I buy? 1. Publishing rights: You can publish articles and newswire the content in the media (= title + platforms) described in your account for a precise period of times of 90 days. This right is non-exclusive and non- transferable. 2. On request, we can propose some content that may exclusive for your territory, your delivery platform or a certain period of times. Please contact us. 1. Exclusive Ideas, Proposals and Commissioned Content are provided with a 1 year exclusive non-transferable license in the language of the media buyer. 2. If you want to resell our content, we are always open to expand our distribution. Please contact us.
  15. 15. Marketplace – Customer's Payment How can I pay and when do I get the content ? 1. Clients can pay online with all the major credits cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) in USD, Euro and CHF. 2. Clients can request a VIP account in order to access the platform freely and pay a monthly invoice based on your consumption on a monthly basis. 3. Articles and newswires are immediately delivered. Commissioned content are delivered after a short delay confirmed at order.
  16. 16. Contact Us We are here to answer all the other questions that you surely have…. Get in touch ! 1. Drop a mail: we always more than happy to answer you very rapidly to all your request. 2. Give us a call: if you a small question or an urgency to address, please call us directly (+41 22 700 35 67). Be sure to leave a message if you arrive on the mailbox. 3. Come and visit us: we're based in Geneva, Sweeetzerland. So feel free to come and visit us to speak business, sure, but also to enjoy the best chocolate and have some good local time with us ; )