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10 simple ways to sneak in exercise into your schedule


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10 simple ways to sneak in exercise into your schedule

  1. 1. HomeHome Exercise is essential to keeping our health, there is no doubt about that. But majority of the population still has difficulty making exercise a regular habit. TheAmerican Council on Exercise (ACE) says that “lack of time” is the most common factor cited for not having a workout regimen. People simply though they are too busy and too tired. But in reality, having a regular physical activity increases efficiency at work: boosting mental clarity and improve over-all health. So the question still pops: How can one find time to exercise, despite my hectic schedule? 1. Set your body clock right The basic way to set up a new routine is to set aside enough time for it. Some people are comfortable working out at night, while others in the morning before work. At any rate, you shall be obliged to have a complete 7-8 hour sleep before 10 PM so you can wake up early in the morning. If you continue going to sleep late, then you will wake up too late and sluggish to do anything –much more to get to the gym! Once you get your body clock right then you can go to the next steps. 2. Exercise while commuting Plan out your regular commuting routes. You can opt to walk, bike or jog on your way to work, school or to the grocery store. Short distances can be a good start for brisk walking or sprints. While you can split travel modes to walk, like having to take the train then walk around the corner. When doing this, you might want to wear proper shoes and dri-fits, then change your clothing before going in for work. Over time, not only you develop good cardio, you also save money on fare too! 3. Do some quick workoutsduring lunch break Lunch breaks can be a good window for you to do some curls, sit-ups and stretches. Do some quick 15- min routines just before logging in for the afternoon shift. This also wakens you up for rest of the day ahead. 4. Squeeze some repsat work Gym experts recommend on sitting on a gym ball instead of your office chair. This strengthens your core and improves your sitting posture. Take advantage of your downtime at work. You can do some leg and feet stretches or some yoga pose while waiting for your computer to finish loading those files. 5. Take kids(not just) for a stroll If you are a busy parent of a brood, why not make stroll time to active play time? Instead of sitting on a park bench while watching your kids play, try throwing a ball or Frisbee! Teach your kids the games you enjoyed as kids like hide and seek, hopscotch and skipping rope. Bond with them on physical activities instead of wasted hours on Xbox. Not only you had your day’s worth of sweat, your kids also have some exercise themselves! 6. Multitask your routines You can carry dumbbells while on the treadmill or while sitting on the yoga ball. Carry light weights as you do a prescribed yoga pose. 7. Turn gym time into a date 10 Simple Ways to Sneak in Exercise Into Your Schedule Search CATEGORIES Alkaline (1) Aloe Elite (1) Boosting Immunity(2) Cellulite (1) DetoxDiet (1) Goji Berry(1) Juice Cleanse (1) Meditation (3) Nutrivine (1) Organic Foods (1) Paleo Cooking (1) Reiki (1) Superfoods (3) Uncategorized (1) Yoga (1) First nameFirst name Best emailBest email Get FREE Access!Get FREE Access! Download "20 Super Foods That Will Help You Live Longer" Delicious Pin It ShareShare converted by
  2. 2. Tags: busy schedule exercise 5:36pm by jenn1 0 One way to boost your motivation on exercise is to turn it into date! Not only you spend wholesome time with someone you like, you also share a healthy lifestyle!Aside from going to gym, you can also try other activities together like biking, swimming or rock climbing. The options are endless! 8. Do stretcheswhile in a waiting line One “Biggest Loser” winner was televised doing lunges, leg raises and squats while queuing at the checkout line. You might feel awkward at first, but who cares? Why not try a few leg stretches until you are comfortable doing other reps during your waiting times. 9. Sweat it while watching TV Kick out the couch potato in you! Why not use that 45-minute news time for a exercise routine? Use your dumbbells, yoga mat, cross-trainers and jump rope! Watching your favorite programs will help keeping your mind off the difficulty in doing the workout. 10. Use the stairsnot the elevator If you work in a high-rise building, use the stairs to your advantage! Take off 3-4 floors less from the elevator then take the stairs to your floor! Instead of the slow-poke climb, going faster by skipping two steps at the stairs will increase your heartbeat. You can also alight 4-5 floors from the ground floor and just take the stairs on your way out of the building. So there are no reasons for you to so be too busy for a physical activity. All you need to do is to increase the level of impact, difficulty and frequency during your downtime hours. When increasing your physical activity, it is also advised to aid exercise with supplements, proper diet and hydration. This ensures your over-all health improvement. Images provided by 1st April 2015 RECENT POSTS 12 Steps to Prepare Yourself for Meditation Oil Pulling in a Nutshell 10 Simple Ways to Sneak in Exercise Into Your Schedule 5 Important Answers You Need to Know About DetoxDiet 9 Goji BerryFacts You Need to know CATEGORIES Alkaline (1) Aloe Elite (1) Boosting Immunity(2) Cellulite (1) DetoxDiet (1) Goji Berry(1) Juice Cleanse (1) Meditation (3) Nutrivine (1) April 2015 March 2015 February2015 January2015 ARCHIVES Lose Weight by Eating More? Discover the 20 Superfoods that allow you to eat more, feel great, and live longer. First name Best email Get FREE Access!Get FREE Access! converted by
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