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Victories For Animals                                                        Hundreds of thousands of animals are safer be...
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Timeline of ifaw major victories from 1969 present


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Timeline of ifaw major victories from 1969 present

  1. 1. Victories For Animals Hundreds of thousands of animals are safer because IFAW was there. factory in Laguna San Ignacio, the wholesaler, Taobao, to ban the sale the public to prevent animal cruelty last undisturbed nursery for critically of shark fins, elephant ivory, bear and promote conservation is central endangered gray whales. bile and tiger bone. to IFAW’s mission. Public education 2000: A freighter sinks off the 2009: IFAW exposes shocking hunt is a key component of all our1969: IFAW founded in New campaignsBrunswick, Canada. South African coast, covering 20,251 of baby seals to worldwide outrage. African Penguins in oil. More than The European Union bans imports of 2011: IFAW’s campaign leads to a1970: “Operation Bear-Lift” 90.3% of the birds are successfully seal products, and Russia bans the ban on the bear den hunt in Russiarelocates 80 polar bears away from released back to the wild. hunting of baby seals, saving 35,000 that left thousands of orphanedtowns and villages. harp seals each year. bear cubs to die. The den hunt is the 2002: Shahtoosh weaving is banned1983: Europe bans importation of in India, protecting endangered 2009: In June, we successfully cruel practice of rousting hibernatingwhitecoat harp seal products, saving Tibetan antelopes from being killed move a herd of 83 endangered bears from their dens and shootingmore than 1 million newborn seals for wool to make luxurious shawls. African elephants out of harm’s way them. The new “Rules of the Hunt”over the next 10 years. in Malawi. Villagers protecting their legislation passes that year. 2003: IFAW rescues 24 tigers from1987: In Uganda, IFAW steps in a backyard zoo in New Jersey. The crops had killed or maimed dozens of 2011: The Customs Union of theto save elephants, hippos, and publicity helps pass the Captive elephants. Russian Federation, Belarus andother wildlife from poachers in Wildlife Safety Act. 2009: IFAW is instrumental in Kazakhstan ban the import andQueen Elizabeth National Park. The preempting dog culls in two export of harp seal skins.elephant population rebounds from 2004: Tsunamis devastate coastal communities throughout southern municipalities in China, saving tens 2011: In South Africa, we spay and150 to 2,400. of thousands of dogs. neuter 428 dogs and cats. Asia. IFAW provides emergency1989: IFAW helps win a crucial assistance for wildlife, pets, and 2010: IFAW hands over a protected 2011: We rescue 36 dogs in remoteban on selling elephant ivory, farm animals. elephant corridor it purchased northern Canada. The dogs weresaving thousands of elephants from in 2007 to the Assam Forest slated to die in a “dog shoot,” meantpoaching. The ban proves temporary 2004: After a 16-year IFAW campaign, the U.K. bans the cruel Department in India’s Manas to control the local dog Japan and China manage to National Park.reopen “limited” trade. sport of hunting foxes, deer and 2011: IFAW releases five, hand- hares with dogs. 2010: Following the earthquake raised elephant calves in Manas1990s: Seminal acoustic research in Haiti, IFAW-led Animal Relief National Park in Assam, India.on IFAW’s research vessel, Song of 2005: In Russia, oil companies agree to move a pipeline 20 kilometers to Coalition for Haiti helped more than 2012: IFAW’s Marine Mammalthe Whale, helps demonstrate that 68,000 animals and made long-termJapan does not have to kill whales in avoid the feeding area of the last Rescue and Research Team 100 Western Pacific gray whales. improvements to animal welfare responded to an unprecedentedthe name of “science.” facilities in Haiti. 2005: Our orphan bear rescue number of common dolphin1991: South Africa bans seal 2010: IFAW effectively challenges strandings on Cape Cod in thehunting, sparing 30,000 Cape fur seal project successfully returns its hundredth bear to the wild. standing policy requiring euthanasia first quarter of the year. The teampups and adults from slaughter. of single stranded social dolphins responded to 114 live dolphins, of1992: IFAW project brings veterinary 2005: Following Hurricane Katrina, by proving these animals can be those, 87 (76%) were released backcare to pets in the poor areas of IFAW conducts rescue operations, successfully released and rejoin to the ocean.Johannesburg, which will help more saving thousands of animals. pods. 2012: A team from IFAW’s office inthan 300,000 cats and dogs over the 2005-7: For the first time in India, 2010: IFAW’s campaign convinces France confirmed poachers had beennext 18 years. orphaned rhinos, elephants and black authorities to crack down on slaughtering hundreds of elephants1994: IFAW spearheads bears return to the wild after IFAW illegal wildlife trade online at the over a period of several weeksinternational efforts to establish rescues and rehabilitates them. Convention on International Trade in in BoubaNjida Park in Cameroon.the Southern Ocean sanctuary, 2007: IFAW purchases migration Endangered Species of Fauna and IFAW’s team alerted the worldwideprotecting 90% of the world’s corridor in India to protect more than Flora (CITES). media, compelling the governmentwhales. 1,000 endangered Asian elephants. 2010: IFAW defeats proposal to to send in the military to stop the legalize whaling at the annual poaching.1998: A project to rescue stranded 2007: Kenya awards Meru Nationalwhales and dolphins is founded on Park world-class conservation status meeting of the International Whaling 2012: IFAW funded INTERPOL’sCape Cod. after IFAW’s five-year project helps Commission. Operation WORTHY, which was rebuild the park’s ecosystem. 2010: IFAW releases rehabilitated conducted in March and April2000s: IFAW expands companion across 14 African countries.animal projects worldwide to 2008: When an earthquake hits clouded leopards into the wild in India. The release was the first ever Representatives from many of thoseprovide hands-on veterinary care in China, IFAW provides 6 tons of food counties were participants in IFAWimpoverished communities. and supplies for animals and their in India. enforcement training workshops.2000: We stop the Mexican owners. 2011: Our annual Animal Action The operation targeted the illegalgovernment and Mitsubishi Corp. 2009: IFAW prompts eBay to ban education program reaches 5 million elephant ivory and rhinoceros hornfrom building the world’s largest salt the sale of ivory and China’s online young people worldwide. Motivating trade. International Fund for Animal Welfare | 290 Summer Street Yarmouth Port, MA 02675 800-932-4329 | 121030