Quotes on Animal Rights


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Quotes on Animal Rights

  1. 1. The authors of these quotes ask your forgiveness if their wordscause you offense or arouse your opposition. The intent is notarrogance but ending the screams of the slaughterhouse.May the file be a canoe slipping through the water quietly,not a noisy boat creating foam wake.Thank you tohttp://acorn.net/av/avquotes.htmlhttp://vegquotes.blogspot.comHARM NO BEINGGenesis l:29 Behold I have given you herbyielding seed. To you itshall be for meat. http://www.all-creatures.orgQuran: There is no beast on earth nor bird which flieth..but the sameis a people like unto you. All God‘s creatures are God‘sfamily. http://sss.vn.ua/sb_mm.htmMatthew 21: 12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast outall them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew thetables of themoney changers, and the seats of them that sold dovesBuddha: To become vegetarian is to step into the stream which leadsto nirvana. http://www.plumvillage.orgBhagavad Gita: One is dearest to God who has no enemies among theliving beings, who is nonviolent to all creatures. (Sanskrit wordahimsa means nonharm to all life)Isaiah: He that slayeth an ox is as he that killeth a human.http://www.christianveg.com http://www.jesusveg.comMahavira, founder of the Jain religion: May all that have life bedelivered from suffering.Siuh, Malaysian woman lab technician: If I follow Kwon Yin (ChineseDivine Mother Deity of Mercy) I guess I should become vegetarian.Upton Sinclair in The Jungle (written after his investigation ofHormel in Austin Minnesota): The shriek was followed by another,louder and yet more agonizing..for once started upon that journey,the hog never came back. One by one the men hooked up the hogsand slit their throats. There was a line of hogs with squeals and
  2. 2. lifeblood ebbing away..until at last each vanished into a huge vat ofboiling water (some still alive). The hogs were so innocent. Theycame so very trustingly. They were so very human in their protests.They had done nothing to deserve it.Mark Braunstein: When one eats cow‘s tongue, who is tasting whom?(He is author of ―Radical Vegetarianism‖)Oprah Winfrey, being sued by Amarillo cattle ranchers for saying:―I‘m stopped. I‘ll never eat another burger‖. (paraphrased)Harriet Beecher Stowe: We should remember in our dealings withanimals that they are a sacred trust to us from our heavenly Father.They are dumb and cannot speak for themselves.Ralph Nader on ABC re the 13 states with veggie libel laws (such asTexas Cattlemen‘s Beef Assn tried unsuccessfully twice to useagainst Oprah): These laws are designed to chill free speech.http://www.citizenworks.orghttp://groups.msn.co…dchicken/3.msnwHoward Lyman, former cattle rancher: (paraphrased from hisappearances on more than l show) 100,000 cows in the U.S. are aliveat night and dead in the morning. These cows on the ground areground into feed, making their fellows not only carnivores butcannibals. Europe after Mad Cows‘ Disease has banned this practice.The U.S has not yet.http://www.madcowboy.comShakespeare:Ladies lips, who strait on kisses dreame, which oft the angry Mabwith blisters plagues, because their breath with Sweet meats taintedare.(Romeo and Juliet)Shakespeare:He is a heavy eater of beef. Methinksit doth harm to his wit.(Twelfth Night)Leonardo Da Vinci: One day the world will look upon research uponanimals as it now looks upon research on human beings.http://spot.acorn.net/fruitarian (DaVinci a fruitarian)Lester Brown World Watch Inst. annual State of the World: Since1950 demand for lumber (trees) has doubled. Fossil fuel
  3. 3. consumption has quadrupled. China‘s desire for grain-fed beef..(adds even more pressure)Jan Yager: Once I was fishing and caught the hook in the fish‘s eye.That was the last time I ate a killed creature(paraphrased). http://www.janyager.comLawrence of Arabia (T E Lawrence): 1906 ―nothing had to be killed tofeed us‖, A PBS bio says Lawrence of Arabiawas a staunch vegetarian.*Morton Downey: Oprah has power because Oprah is believable.People do not believe the beef industry. Shouldn‘t we be concernedabout the first amendment rather than protecting powerfulagribusiness?Mayor Koch, now Judge Koch: Tree killing is arborcide.Mrs.Greenthumb: Plant in the city.If China were to double its egg production the grain of 15 developingnations would be requiredJeremy Ri**in of Beyond Beef: paraphrased: The world‘senvironment can no longer handle beef.KCBS helicopter pilot: The physical fitness man (paid by the meatlobby) would supposedly swim miles with a boat rope in histeeth..jump out of the water in San Francisco and say ―I owe it all tored meat‖. But I saw that he did not put the rope in his mouth untilhe was in sight of the shore. (but thatman has been making constantamends by promoting juices onlyin infomercials.)John Denver: on the Larry King Show (paraphrased): Many thingsmade me become a vegetarian, among them. the higher food yield asa solution to world hunger.Jim R: Hunters are to the arms industry what smokers are to thetobacco industry. Smokers get a nicotine rush. Hunters get anadrenalin rush from killing a living being. (This does not includethose hunters who kill only to feed their families or themselves.)Ali MacGraw: Cruelty to animals can become violence to humans.(HSUS psa)Maynard Clark (info@vegetarian.org): Irradiation does not protectconsumers from contaminated meat. It kills only selected pathogens...It does nothing to hardy pathogens such as the hepatitis virus or to
  4. 4. those inside a large slab of meat or to those added duringsubsequent processing.Fox News Jan 15th Kathy Wolff: A Univ of NC study linked hot dogsto childhood leukemia.Buddhist phrenologist in an unsolicited reading of writer: Your shortear lobes indicate many lives as a carnivore.Catherine Crier, former Texas prosecutor quoting Robin Williams:Hitchcock said he viewed actors as cattle..but some were free range.Pat Robertson who has quoted Isaiah 65 on 700 Club: Mercy trumpsjustice. (CBN no longer takes animal flesh ads)Dennis Weaver: 40 years ago on the set of Gunsmoke I read the bookThe Holy Science. Since then I have not eaten meat.SemanthaEggar: paraphrased: Dr.Dolittle is a reluctant but dedicatedvegetarian. Being around all the animals in the film made me onetoo.Governor Jerry Brown of California, son of a former governor ofCalifornia: Check out my web site, wtp.org, to see what fast food didto 2 people in England. (C Span: Dec 22nd) (orcheck http://www.McSpotlight.com)Cleveland Amory on NPR Dec 4th: The National Park Service shot amule in the face. He survived but had trouble swallowing and oftenfood came out of his nose.Pope John Paul II:Animals possess a soul and men must love and feel solidarity withour smaller brethren.‖Steven Spielberg screenwriter Koepp: Humans are the only hunterswho kill when not hungry.*Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Russian poet re zoo animals: Those who areused to a cage will weep for a cage.Prince Philip to McDonald‘s of Canada: So you are the people tearingdown the Brazilian rainforest and breeding cattle. (according to aletter by the head of McKey‘s, McDonald‘s beef suppliers, about a1983 cocktail party which the Prince attended) (not an endorsementof foxhunting)Mrs. Booth and General Bramwell Booth of the Salvation Army(daughter in law and son of the founder of the SA): The awful crueltyand terror to which tens of thousands of animals killed for humanfood are subjected in traveling long distances by ship and rail androad to the slaughterhouses of the world.. God disapproves of allcruelty..whether to man or beast. The occupation of slaughteringanimals is brutalising to those who are required to do the work…. I
  5. 5. believe this matter is well worthy of the serious consideration ofChristian leaders.Beastmaster to cobra: I mean you no harm.Sun Bear and Jaya Bear: All creation has the same right to life.Lesley Stahl of CBS: Charlie didn‘t want to give up meat and smoking.Now he‘s gone. (re the much missed Charles Kuralt)Pat Leigh: I would not want to get to know a pig very well if Iintended to eat him.Joni Mitchell: They pave paradise and put in a parking lot.Dan Ryan, Youngstown talk show host: Why not just put sterilizationhormones in the deer food rather than killing them?The following passed on by Aaron Sarghi and his mother: GeorgeCarlin: If a lobster didn‘t look like a scifi monster, people would beless able to drop him alive into boiling water.Leo Tolstoy: A human can be healthy without killing animals for food.Therefore if he eats meat he participates in taking animal life merelyfor the sake of his appetite.Diane Rehm, First Lady of Broadcasting: The USDA recommendationof 2 servings of meat per day seems like too much.Benjamin Franklin: The eagle does not make his living honestly. Itwould be better to have something else as the national symbol.Jan 26, 1874 letter Joan Baez singing Dona Dona: On a wagon boundfor market lay a cow with 2 mournful eyes… lay a cow with 2mournful eyes. (If one passes slaughterhouse trucks on Rt 80 boundfor Manhattan or the slaughterhouses of S Phily, in winter, with thefreezing wind from mountain passes ripping through the slats, onesees their noses pressed to the bars, and their sad and frightenedeyes.)E Thomas re ThichNhatHanh: Harm no person, animal, plant ormineral.James Coburn‘s friends: He is a Buddhist and will not harm even afly.Shik Po Chih: Whenever we cause suffering or death to any otherbeing, we cause suffering to the Great Life Force.Julia Child: (Nov 27, 1997) Today I am the vegetable walla and havebrought potatoes. (Craig Claiborne brought pumpkin soup).Phil Donahue (whose wife Marlo Thomas is a vegetarian) to avegetarian guest, a coffee drinker nervous because on tv, who stillhad a 64 beats per minute heart beat to his 76: ―Will you rememberme when I‘m gone?‖Jack Kemp: joking with Jewish supporters at the New Orleans 1988convention: I played football..my football was kosher.. no pigskin.
  6. 6. SS: Sometimes children‘s cries in the library disturb concentration.This one‘s pierced the heart… it was so full of powerlessness,injustice, pain and confinement.H.G. Wells (from Utopia): In all the round world there is no meat.There used to be. But now we cannot stand the thought ofslaughterhouses.Diana, Princess of Wales: I decline to go fox hunting (nor did shewant her sons William and Harry to be involved in hunting).Albert Einstein..took a tiny bite of meat once a year on a Jewishholiday to mollify his wife.Re the Roshi: (If he were a Buddhist who believed he‘d eatenthousands of mammals in past lives.. none of that has import. Onlytoday. Only now)A&E documentary of the Odessa navy mutiny which was a factor inthe Russian revolution: Sailors refusing to eat meat filled withmaggots were threatened with the firing squad. This sparked themutiny.Dick Gregory: Martin Luther King taught us all nonviolence. I wastold to extend nonviolence to the mother and her calf.Syndee Brinkman: I went snorkeling and noticed how gently the fishwelcomed us into their world..as compared to the violence withwhich we welcomed them into ours. I became a vegetarian.http://www.dickgregory.comRobert F. Kennedy Jr: GE is the biggest polluter of the Hudson..yearsago they killed all the fish dumping millions of lbs. of pcb‘s into ourwaterways. Now let‘s make them pay for the cleanup. (NPR Oct 2297) http://www.keepers.orgJane Snow, food editor of the Beacon Journal: Items containing rawor uncooked egg should be avoided so as not to contact a certainstrain of salmonella (It used to be thought that only broken eggscould transmit salmonella … now it is known that the mother passessalmonella through the egg.) (There is more incidence of foodpoisoning from eggs than from meat, fish, or milk.)Walt Disney: (paraphrased) When I was poor living in a garage inKansas I began to draw the mice who scampered over my desk. Thatis how Mickey and Minnie were born. (Walt would not like animalsadvertised on his network as hamburgers)Bill Hall, WNIR Radio: Meat has nitrosamines (carcinogenic) (formedby sodium nitrate food agentsinterating with animal amino acids inthe stomach) (Sat. Aug 30 97)Mary Lu Henner, herself a vegetarian because of Danny DeVito‘sexample, star of Taxi, asked by Larry King.. ―Is that true… that
  7. 7. Danny DeVito won‘t harm cockroaches on the set of Taxi?‖ replied―No Larry and he doesn‘t eat them either‖.Buddha: May all that have life be delivered from suffering.http://www.plumvillage.orgWinston Churchill: Please put the ladybug outside without harmingher. (to his butler)(Churchill was responsible for bombing to death 9000 Iraqisin 1920 and for burning and bombing to deathhundreds of thousands of civilians in German cities in WW2)Oscar Wilde about foxhunting: The unspeakable in full pursuit of theinedible.Mayor White of Cleveland: I have no intention of eating a fish fromthe East River. They‘re not safe to eat.A Society of Three Legged Animals: for those who love meat butdon‘t want to kill.Wayne Dyer per John J Price: God brings millions of flowers to bloomwithout force.Suzanne Hamlin, food writer for the New York Times: Leftover eggsare a potential cause of food poisoning.Alex Hershaft, concentration camp survivor and coordinator of TheGreat American Meatout 1 800 Meatout: The last thing my father toldme before he was taken to his death… was to love all creation.Enriqueta Barrera, an associate professor of geology at the Univ. ofAkron: The deer study data is incomplete and should not be used tojustify killing the deer. (Sara Debanne, assoc. professor at CWRUagrees.)IssacBashevis Singer (Nobel Prize winner in literature): Every bodyresisted (the slaughterer) in its own fashion, tried to escape andseemed to argue with the Creator to its last breath.SS: May those who oppose capital punishment for humans extendthat protection to animals as well. May those who oppose germ andother biological warfare work to end the unconscious biologicalwarfare unwittingly waged on those who eat animal products. Thosewho are prolife would logically become vegetarian. Those who areprochoice would not want to impose their wills upon the body of acow, sheep or pig.Herb Newman, husband of Atty Diane Newman: We are instructed bythe Torah to feed our animals before we feed ourselves.Secretary Pena of the U.S. Dept. of Energy: Many trees plantedaround a home reduce the need for air conditioning (and are betterwinter insulation). (Jim Bohannon Show Mutual Network Oct 27, 97)
  8. 8. Charismatic comedian Bob Cummings about his great energy level asa senior: I never eat anything white..no white sugar, salt, bread,flour, milk, eggs.Frank Purdu of Purdu‘s Chicken (factory farmer): When I was 6 myfather killed my pet chicken. (That changed his life.)J Aislin (who takes care of stray people and animals in Washington):I dreamt that spiders were weaving messages of love to us.What is a fishing trawler? a mobileslaughterhouse on which millionsof innocents are suffocated to death*Annie Besant, around a century ago: In a 50 mile radius aroundChicago one can see the red aura of pain, agony, teerror, anger fromall the animals being butchered there. (May the Cubs and White Soxbreak the 80 odd years of drought by working for change.)Scott Bauer Associated Press: So a hamburger can kill you. So what?Burgess Meredith, who left for God on Sept 9th of this year: It‘s beendead a while and I don‘t want to eat it (From the movie ―Full Moon inBlue Water‖)Women‘s Studies head at Skidmore College near Albany and writer ofa book which seeks to justify hunting: Wheverer a deer falls to hisdeath is holy ground.ConstantinaSalamone: To say food for humans and feed for animalsis one of thousands of examples of human chauvinism in ourvocabulary.When Clint Eastwood was making Westerns, he worked hard to endthe trip wiring of horses (invisible wires stretched across the road tomake it appear a horse fell in battle etc.) These tripwires often brokehorses‘ legs. As mayor of Carmel he promoted pure food.Vincent Van Gogh: in a letter to his brother Theodore wrote: Sincevisiting the abbatoirs of S. France I have stopped eating meat.Romain Rolland: Thousands of animals (now billions) are butcheredevery day without a shadow of remorse. It cries vengeance upon allthe human race.Brooke Medicine Wheel: We don‘t notice the harm right away incutting down a tree.Benjamin Franklin (who was a vegetarian most of his life until as anelder statesman he traveled to Paris): Venison and venery defeatedme.Geoffrey Rudd, anthropologist: Cows when not bred for passivity sothat they will go meekly to slaughter..revert to their acuteintelligence, and can live easily in the wild.
  9. 9. Sai Baba: A person who loves is a theist, whether he goes to a templeor church or not. You have to proceed from the known to theunknown. Then the love expands in ever widening circles until itcovers all nature, until even plucking a leaf from a tree affects you sopainfully that you dare not injure it.Dr. Edward Martin, head of Dept. of Defense Health: More and morewe realize that vegetarian diet is a good idea (NPR Oct 27)Colman McCarthy, former Trappist, peace studies activist andcolumnist for the Washington Post quoting historian Will Durant:Caesar‘s armies marched on vegetarian foods.Time Magazine August 97: Methionine in meat becomeshomocysteine. High homecysteine levels quadruple the chance ofheart attack. (A Finnish hospital study)Dept. of Defense Health Director Dr. Edward Martin, MD: Thetransfatty acids (found in animal products and cooked oils) are afactor in breast cancer. (National Public Radio and CNN Nov 1st)Charles Darwin: The most energetic workers I have encountered inmy world travels are the vegetarian miners of Chile.Tom Brazaitis, Washington bureau chief for the Cleveland PlainDealer: There is massive environmental disruption underway in theBuckeye state.K Redder: My husband has a cholesterol problem, so for ThanksgivingI gave him a virtual turkey. (a turkey portrait)Kilmer McCully, former Harvard researcher, subject of a NY TimesMag. Aug 10, 1997 article for his groundbreaking research:Arteriosclerosis can be considered a disease of protein intoxication.Joe Finan (Nov 9, 97 in the context that nearly all religion‘sscriptures promote vegetarian diet): If one talks the talk he shouldwalk the walk.Marlo J: When I was little I shot a squirrel with my beebee gun. As Iwatched him die I felt bad about what I‘d done.Michael Fox, DVM of the Humane Soc. of the US: Animals arrive at theslaughterhouse, many, in a 4D state (dead, diseased, dying,debilitated.) (These animals sometimes go into the pet foodtankers).Aviva Cantor writing in MS Magazine in 1983: It is a surprisinglyclose progression from hunting animals to hunting and torturingpeople..catching and lynching blacks or smoking out Jews during theHolocaust.DalyaMassachi writing for the Columbus Dispatch: Karmameans..what goes around comes around.Vathsala: I‘m a vegetarian. I eat peace.
  10. 10. Ingrid Newkirk, cofounder of PETA: They are fishes, not fish. (Theword fish objectifies these creatures who are often suffocated todeath.)Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald‘s to Paul Obis, founder of VegetarianTimes: I have 40 cows..they‘re not for meat. I can see you believe inwhat you‘re doing..it‘s important to strongly believe in what you‘redoing. I think you‘ll do alright.Art Margolis: With each egg we eat (since possibly 90% of all eggscome from factory farms) we imprison a chicken 25 to 32 hours in acage.John F. Seiberling, whose legislation created the Cuyahoga ValleyNational Recreation Area: (at a Colman McCarthy speech): I don‘t eatmammals. I don‘t eat birds.(Rep. Seiberling was one of many 1976co-sponsors of a Congressional vegetarian dinner.)Ernest Crosby: We are humans who see clearly the barbarity of allages except our own.Vic Sussman, former Washington Post columnist and InternetDirector for American On Line, author of The Vegetarian Alternative:―I love to shell English peas tdo a Grade B movie‖Lao Tsu: Those who embody the Tao embrace all things.James Marcus: I have an animal friendly Bible (no leather)* Hot dogs are made of chicken‘s lips and fish feet (as well as snoutsand intestinal linings)Rabbi Noach Valley: My father with a stroke of his doodling penbestowed noble lineage, complete with coats of arms, on themongrels he adopted. (despite the fact their parents mated withoutbenefit of a shadchan {matchmaker})Schopenhauer: I know of no more beautiful prayer than that whichthe Hindus of old used in closing: May all that have life be deliveredfrom suffering.Richard Ryder: I do not believe that any of the suffering I havecaused to laboratory animals has helped humanity in the slightest.Former Pittsburgh Steeler and NY Giant football Player GlennScolnick: We should live in harmony with Earth not conquer it..or theanimals. The other members of the National Football League say I‘min the minority..but they are. A majority of the world is vegetarian.Nat Hentoff of the Village Voice about Cardinal Bernardin‘sphilosophy: There is a seamless web to life..all life is sacred..David Stroud of the American Meat Institute in a debate in Detroit:Some people are still going to want to eat meat..we do agree thoughthat vegetarianism is a healthier diet.
  11. 11. Pegeen Fitzgerald of WOR TV and Radio in NY: For many years themedia have been afraid of the Goliath power of the meat industry.(But David is coming!)Greenpeace Global Warming Coordinator: These rightwingthinktanks(such as Heritage, Cato, Rutherford) I like to call skeptic tanks.Elizabeth Dole‘s first case as a lawyer involved defending the rightsof a lion at the Washiongton Zoo and many Republicans inWashington secretly fund animal rights efforts.Fruitarian Network: The equation 8:4::4:2.. or eight is to four as fouris to two.. as we would have God be with us.. we shall be to thesmaller, the weaker.Victoria Moran: Gandhi was a David with no material weapon..noteven a slingshot.Paul Obis, founder in his early 20′s of Vegetarian Times, which nowhas a subscription of 350,000: Everything is sacred, even meat.FN: There are vibrations to every food. Meat is the densest, the mostgross, the slowest, then dairy, then vegetables. Fruit vibrates closestto pure light.Gina Jones of the API: Mother Earth does not read governmentdocuments.Larry L. Miller: Do not judge the uninitiated (who have not yetuniversal compassion).John Joseph Price: I am a baker and a candlestick maker, but haveno desire for butchering.Isaiah 65: The wolf shall lie down with the lamb. They shall not hurtnor destroy in all my holy mountain for the earth shall be full of theknowledge of the Lord.Jesus: Feed The Hungry. (In a world of 5 to 6 billion people drought,famine, and flood are prevented by fruit tree groves.)Cleveland Amory, Crimson editor, Parade columnist:If I‘m luckyenough to get to heaven I might find that God is a beaver or a burro.What a sad world it would be if only the two-legged were here. Wehave established a Let‘s Hunt The Hunters Club..and we have certainrules: a. we‘re only doing it for their good.. to cull the herd b. wedon‘t interfere with their mating season in parked cars c. we don‘tencourage anyone to mount a hunter on the hood d. in wall mountingyou may include the cap and the jacket.(Amory worked to end the continuing vivisection at Harvard)Nature can be modified by nurture; Dogs too can cease to relish meatwhen they are trained to relish only vegetarian food. SathyaSai BabaCesar Chavez, pacifist head of the United Farm Workers: I feel verydeeply about vegetarianism and the animal kingdom. It was my dog
  12. 12. Boycott who led me to question to right of humans to eat othersentient beings.http://www.ufw.orgMilt Radney (who before his death gave, with his wife Gene over amillion dollars to the causes of children‘s mental health) When I wasa New York City cab driver for several years I maintained avegetarian diet which made me feel better.James Kuntsler on NPR: We don‘t need gold plated highways. Wedon‘t need zoning commissions which penalize offices at home andpromote car commutes. (paraphrased)Saint of Shirdi: In accepting meat put into his begging bowl, Buddhafailed to put his teaching into practice. His teaching was ahimsa:total nonviolence to all creatures.Crazy Horse: Great Spirit gave us this land. White men came andkilled our animals and destroyed our land, then told us to go to workfor a living. We don‘t want what they call civilization.Swami Shankarananda of Maryland: Holy communion is to feel onewith the One in all beings and creations.Margaret Lytz: Assisting in heart operations, one sees the cholesterolfirsthand..as thick ropes of glue which make the blood redwhiterather than red.James Marcus: I watched a nature film in which there were wall towall seals in the Pribilofs. One little seal got separated from hismother. A bull threw him into the ocean..every time he crawled outthe bull threw him back in again. (May God make this a kinderworld.)Arthur Schlesinger Jr: (on NPR): Theodore Roosevelt is notremembered for the many bears he killed, but for the bear cub hesaved. She wandered into camp after her mother had been killed..hisparty lifted their guns and he interceded.Saint of Shirdi: A human guard must be paid, but a dog gives loveand loyalty without expectation of payment.ConstantinaSalamone, founder of a network of 15,000 ecofeministsinternationally: Feminists work to free women from domination,violence, and neglect but women must also no longer dominate,violate and neglect female animals robbing them of their eggs andmilk, caging them.David O‘Steen, national director of Right To Life: I decided I neededto be consistent in my prolife stance so 13 years ago I became avegetarian.James Marcus: Some say vegetarianism is an alternative diet..but itis the original diet, the plan designed by God.Al Couch, 90 year old fruitarian: My research indicated that beforehumankind began deforesting to create the Sahara and other
  13. 13. deserts, there were no violent thunderstorms..nor drought.. only thegentlest mist.Edwin Markham, poet author of ―Man With A Hoe: ladies did you eversee an otter gnawing to get free gnawing what? his fettered leg.. forhe has no friend to beg Do you see that tortured shape… gnaw hisleg off to escape?Dr. Neal Barnard, Md, psychiatrist and founder of the 6000 physiciancoalition: Physicians For Responsible Medicine: To give a child animalproducts is a form of child abuse. (child‘s diabetes related to cows‘milk.) (His book Food For Life cites 300 dietary studies.)Medina releaser of animals in a mink farm (reported in the ABJ): It‘sinteresting that we‘re in jail and the murderers are outside. (TheAnimal Liberation Front includes industrial agents of vivisection, fur,meat trades etc, who seek to involve the group in the tarbrush ofviolence and to deflect rivers of energy into sand. The best way tochange animal suffering in the world is to stop eating and usinganimals and to convince others. Nevertheless, God has a differentwork for each soul, different drummer thoughts for each mind,freedom of conscience and freedom to disobey civilly.)Franz Kaf-ka: Now I can look at you in peace; I don‘t eat youanymore. (to the fishes in his aquarium) (Hyphenated because offiltering software)Nathaniel Altman: Nonviolence is not just abstention from war,fighting, or animal flesh. It is abstention from negative thoughts andnegative speech.*Thomas A. Edison: The doctor of the future will give no medicine butwill interest his patients in the care of the human frame and in thecause and preevention of disease.*Kirsty Allen in Look Who‘s Talking Too… when offered chicken: Nothank you. I don‘t eat meat.*Pinky and The Brain: Steven Spielberg cartoon of 2 lab mice whoescape and want to save all their friends also: They possess aSeaLion to English dictionary.*Rep. Andrew Jacobs..formerly of Indianapolis: I spoke often inCongress against the war in Vietnam.. and commented oncongresspersons hiding from the reality of war by saying ‗many eatthe meat but few go to the slaughterhouse‘. I said it so often Ibecame a vegetarian.*
  14. 14. H G Wells (A Modern Utopia) In all the round world of Utopia there isno meat. There used to be, But now we cannot stand the thought ofslaughterhouses. And it is impossible to find anyone who will hew adead ox or pig.I can still remember as a boy the rejoicings over theclosing of the last slaughterhouse.Metro Bus driver Sam Filer: They say you should eat nothing that hasa face.Fruitarian Network: Objectification reduces sensitivity. Thus cowsare called beef or head of cattle, pigs become pork, sheep mutton.The screams are muted..and living creatures become plastic wrappedpackages.Ted Hughes, husband of Sylvia Plath: We are walking abbatoirs ofinnocents..our brains are incinerators of their cries..(a dog ate and)all the deaths it had gulped.. could not digest their shrieking finalesAlexander Pope: But just disease to luxury succeeds, And everydeath its own avenger breeds; The fury passions from that bloodbegan, And turned on Man a fiercer savage.. Man (from Essay onMan)EPA: (Nov 18, 1997) People remove bits of the coral reef assouvenirs not realizing that they are colonies of living animals.Ron Goson, park enjoyer: I hunted as a kid. I couldn‘t kill today.Sylvia Goson: I agree.Richard Wagner the musician: That even in its sharpest pangs of paina dog can still caress its master we have learnt from the studies ofvivisectors.Dave Foreman, cofounder of Earth First: My heroes used to becowboys.Marvin Kalb of CBS: Henry Kissinger was asked by Leonid Brezhnevto join him in hunting boar and declined saying ―I do not enjoy killinganimals‖.Robert Burns from ―On Scaring Some Waterfowl: ―But man to whomalone is given/ A ray direct from pitying /Heavn Glories in his hearthumane /And creatures for his pleasure slain.Leo Tolstoy: Man by violating his own feelings becomes cruel. Andhow deeply seated in the human heart is the injunction not to takelife.RamanaMaharshi biographer: At Ramana‘s ashram, he establishedthe rule that 1st would be fed the animals, then the beggars, nextthe visitors, succeeded by the ashram residents. Finally when all elsehad eaten, Ramana took food.Mark Braunstein: When one eats cow‘s tongue, who is tasting whom?Hippocratic Oath: First do no harm.
  15. 15. Philosopher: It is wrong to do a certain harm that an uncertain goodmay result.Sherry Kelley: Pray, don‘t spray.Ezekiel 3 and 4: My body has never been defiled by animal flesh.Bhagavad Gita: He is closest to God who harms no living creature.Daniel 1: Daniel ate no flesh in Nebuchadnezzar‘s prison.Bhagavad Gita: Foods which are sweet soft nourishing and agreeableare dear to the good. Foods that are bitter, sour, saltish, very hot,pungent, harsh and buring, producing pain, grief and disease areliked by the passionate. Foods which are spoiled tasteless putrid andstale are liked by the dull.Isaiah: He that slayeth an ox is as he that slayeth a man.*Edith Bunker: Archie..do you want eggs for breakfast? Archie: I‘mnot going to eat anything that was in a cow‘s mouth. Fix me eggs,Edith.*Dick Gregory, author of Harper Collins‘ CookinWith Mother NatureFor Folks Who Eat (re cod liver oil, liver etc.) Eating liver out of acow‘s body is like eating the filter out of a car.Tasnin: Gizzards are nasty…they taste like rubber bands.D. Wilson: I have been a vegetarian for 27 years and am a jogger.Recently I found that sugar in America is processed using charcoaledbones of animals… so for the last 3 months I have been off of sugar.J R: There is a mad sows‘ disease as well as mad cows‘ disease(trichinosis etc.)Prayer posted in Brody Nickol‘s computer room: God protect thesmall creatures who have no words to protect themselves.(paraphrased)Leonard Bertsch: One cannot study death to understand life. Onecannot know about a living tree by upending a dead one to study itsroots.Numbers: God ordered fiery serpents to harm the disobedient.(Numbers also: I will speak to you directly, not in riddles)Saint of Shirdi: Never harm a snake or a scorpion. He will harm youonly if ordered to do so by God. If so ordered, there is nothing youcan do. (The Biblical authority to have power over snakes andscorpions can also be interpreted to mean conquering the serpent ofsensuality and the scorpion of physical or verbal venomous revenge)Anonymous: Perhaps we could have a Society of Three LeggedMammals for those who loved meat but did not want to be involvedin killing.
  16. 16. D. Wilson: When I was 17..many years ago.. I was high onmarijuana. My thought processes were slowed down. I was eatingchicken at the time and suddenly realized I was gnawing on the legof a chicken. I have not eaten meat or fish or used marijuana since. Idid not need them.Chief Seattle as provided by Soteria: All creation is one. What we doto one, we do to the entire web of life.Deepak Chopra, MD (at Border‘s): Vegetarianism is a healthier diet.Don Papes: In the early 80′s I witnessed a Calgary Stampede..andsaw a calf whose neck was apparently broken from the roping. (Ahorizontal hanging can occur).(Paraphrased.)James Marcus: Spaying is a compromise in terms of reverence forlife, but perhaps a necessary one in a society which kills millions ofdogs and cats a year in ―animal shelters‖.Charlton Heston: I‘m not a vegetarian but I want you to know thatmy four dogs are safe.Cleveland Amory (TV Guide and Parade columnist): I consider the 3most cruelly produced foods to be from lobsters, dropped alive intoboiling water, veal from calves separated from their mothers andkept in crates, and pate de foiegras. (Pate de foiegras is covered inthe film Mondo Kane which shows the force feeding of geese. Food isstuffed down their throats with a pole..when they want toregurgitate.. a brass ring is tied around the throat.. the excess foodcreates a stuffed liver pleasing to gourmets.)(Caviar comes from theripping out of the ovaries of the mother sturgeon fish.)Dom Fallucco: Someone showed a film of animals being slaughteredat our grade school. I remember which people in the class cried.Former Senator William Proxmire: The recommended dailyallownaces are based on arbitrary, unscientific, and taintedstandards (in a speech about his bill backed by 37 senators to reducethe power of the FDA)James Bond‘s physician in Never Say Never: You need to cut out redmeat James. You‘re in terrible shape.Olympic wrestler: Vegetarian wrestlers who do not work out losetheir muscle much more slowly than nonvegetarians.Jerry Springer: Vegetarianism is a good idea.David Shiva: It is not enough to avoid the physical harming ofcreation but also to avoid hurting hearts through speech.JBO: I don‘t like rare meat. I don‘t like to be reminded of the blood.Amos Oz, Israeli novelist: If you change your diet, someone will callyou a traitor (interview on National Public Radio)Philosopher Jeremy Bentham: The question is not can animals speakbut can they suffer.
  17. 17. Mel Gibson on NPR 11/15/97: In India it is believed that allcreatures have a purpose.David Letterman Pizza Special (carried by Joe at the Pizza shop nearthe broadcast theatre): all vegetable pizza (no pepperoni.. onlypepper)Jim Ritchey: As the tobacco industry depends on smokers, so thedomestic arms industry depends upon hunters.Drew Carey: My cranky cardiologist says I‘m destined to die in thekitchen (re cheeseburgers). (We pray you have a long life and apeaceful joyful death.)Roy Rogers (who sold his hamburger chain): singing to Trigger hishorse in a movie: Oh a four footed friend a four footed friend willnever let you down. (whether horse or cow cat dog or sow)Lynn Scher of 20/20: about giraffes: They are politically correct:vegetarian. pacifist..nonterritorial and don‘t discriminate based oncolor.Rex Harrison in Dr.Dolittle: (Because I love the taste of meat) I am areluctant but dedicated vegetarian.Melanie, the singer: I don‘t eat animals because they don‘t eat me.Miriam Ferguson, former governor of Texas: As we put into all ourschools more humane education, and foster the spirit of justice andkindness toward the ―lower‖ creatures, just as soon shall we reachthe roots not only of cruelty but of crime.Joseph Wood Krutch: When a man wantonly destroys one of theworks of man we call him a vandal. When he destroys one of theworks of God we call him a sportsman. -Companion AnimalsWilma Smith, Cleveland tv broadcaster: If you are away during theday have a companion cat or dog for the first one.Art Bell, radio talk show host: Kennels are cat jail. I pay someone tobe in the house with my animals when I‘m on vacation.Insect Rights(Course In Miracles: The message is first for the messenger)Terry McGovern, deceased daughter of Senator George and EleanorMcGovern, subject of the book Terry by her father: I go out of myway to avoid stepping on ants.Actress Rhonda Fleming (Christian) ―I cannot kill an ant.‖Actor James Coburn: (Buddhist) I do not kill flies.Vedas: Jada Bharat was drafted to carry with others thepalanquin of the king. He stepped to avoid ants in sucha way that his actions were erratic and he was released fromcompulosry duty.
  18. 18. Buddhist monks in many places sweep walks with soft featherbroomsso as not to harm any creature. http://www.plumvillage.orgPeter Burwash, professional tennis player and vegetariansaw a column of ants come onto the court and crawl towardthe net. He lost the match because he would not harm them.Father Ron Lengwin, KDKA host:Adam‘s apple may have been the heart of the first animalbutchered.Warsaw ghetto oncentration camp survivor Alex Hershaft:The last thingmy father told me before he was taken away to be killed was not toharm the cockroaches who ran along the walls ofour holding area. http://catholicveg.blogspot.comFrancis of Assisi: went barefoot partly for reasonsof poverty and partly to avoid stepping on insects.Some report that he wore bells on his toes towarn them he was coming.JR:At the base of the eyelashis an invisible mite.Ask not what your mite can do for youbut what you can do for your mite.And always remembermite makes right.*Even kings and emperors of great wealth and vast dominion cannotcompare with an ant filled with the love of God.-Guru Nanak- founder of the Sikh religion.COCKROACHESWhen one grows up in Manhattan where apartment buildings areconstantly involved in extermination of cockroaches one realizes)they are always waiting in the wings.-J Freundschuh-*O Anna Niemus: Cockroaches are gentle creatures. They have neverbeen known to sting. They are amazingly resilient and intelligent.MOSQUITOESJohnny Appleseed Chapman biographerJames Howard Kuntsler:If a hornet flew into his raggedy pants, why Johnny (Appleweed)just figured the poor thing was scared to find himself lost in such adeep dark cave, and he endured his stings until he departed. If hewas fixing to sleep in the woods on a fall night, Johnny would rather
  19. 19. lie in the cold than build a fire that might kill any of the season‘s lastlingering mosquitoes. As for the great beasts of the forest, the bearsand wolves, they must have sensed that there was somethingdifferent about Johnny, ‘cause they always were friendly andobliging. The bears would rub their backs against him like he wastheir favorite back-scratching tree and the wolves liked to lick hishead.C Wilson: I was nursing my baby daughter..a mosquitolanded on my arm.. I decided to let him nurse too*Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi (paraphrased): I sleptcovered in mosquitonetting. My master in the next bed had no netting atall. I awoke with many bites, he with none. When Iasked him why, he replied I had mosquito consciousness.*Chemical companies have billions of dollars in contracts to killmosquitoes using insecticide sprays which poison all the waters ofthe world. They act with the CDC and the WHO inpromotion of the West Nile Virus scam. Politicians are invested inhuge corporations, e.g. Donald Rumsfeld who has the Americandistribution rights to the toxic Tamiflu‗vaccine‘ of Roche.Insecticides sprayed by ecoterroristplanes euphemistically called cropdusters cause cancer tofarmworkers, to those who eat the fruits and vegetables. But theratio of insectides in animal fleshis highest of all, a minimum 21 to1 ratio to what is in vegetables.There were thousands killed in Bhopal India by Union Carbideinsecticides. Union Carbide‘s criminal settlement for pennieson the dollar needs to be redressed.http://www.sathyasai.orgNonvegetarians are more bothered by mosquitoes because of theodor of their blood.http://www.ufw.org http://www.organicconsumers.orghttp://indymedia.orgLADYBUGSWinston Churchill: When I find a ladybug I ask the butler to take itoutside instead of killing it. (paraphrased) (not an endorsementof his bombing of Dresden, Berlin , of his racism and imperialism norofhis bombing of 9000 Iraqis in 1920)OTHER
  20. 20. Brother James Marcus: The sweetrain has stilled the voice of the wingedones.Cessation of mowing is one way to protect insectshttp://stopmowing.blogspot.comJesus: Whatsoever you have done to these the least of my brethrenyou have done unto me.*Dick Goddard, longtime Channel 8 weatherman: People have themisimpression that cows in a blizzard die of the cold. They often dieof thirst, unable to process enough ice into their water needs(paraphrased)*Chief Justice William O. Douglas: Trees have judicial standing, andprobably grass too.*Good Morning America host on ABC Dec 4, 1997: My 2 little girlsinsist I put bugs outside. (not an endorsement ofABC‘s promotion of illegal wars)*The Fire Prevention Society: Remember that Christmas trees arethirsty too.*Radhakrishnan: Each is all.*Don Papes: Plant chauvinists..preferred rose bushes to wild weeds.Plants do better around those with atomizers.Dave Butler, horticulturist: It‘s a myth that goldenrod causesallergies. It is the ragweed which sometimes grows near it whichdoes. (The book Mucusless Diet by Arnold Ehretcouunsels eliminationof allergies through cancellation of mucus foods (meat, dairy,breads) Virginia creeper is often destroyed by people who mistake itfor poison ivy.Fruitarian Network: Is the word ‗overgrown‘ an oxymoron? Does Godever do anything to excess in Godgrowngreenfields?*Screenwriter of ―Who Killed The Chefs of Europe?‖ analyzed: Eachchef in this murder mystery dies in the way he prepares his premierdish. Thus one is dropped like a lobster into boiling water. Another issliced and diced etc.*Pat Leigh: After the bird has eaten the worm, the worm takes a while
  21. 21. to trust birds.*Isaac Bashevis Singer, Nobel Prize winner: No lepidopterist‘scollection in the entire world…full if iridescent wings, is worth thelife of a single butterfly.*John Joseph Price: God does not play favorites. The differencebetween a flower or wildflower or weed is only a matter of humanjudgment.Bill Marshall: I place spiders out of the house. I don‘t like to killthem.Peter Burwash: A column of ants began to follow me onto the tenniscourt. Because I would not step on them, I lost the match. But I wonwith God.Jan Gopal F: (When one grows up in Manhattan where apartmentbuildings are constantly involved in extermination of cockroachesone realizes) they are always waiting in the wings.Sai Baba: Why pluck a flower and hasten its death?George Bernard Shaw:I love little children but I don‘t cut off theirheads and stick them in vases.Arthur Conan Doyle through Sherlock Holmes: criticism of acharacter who enjoyed inflicting pain on cockroaches: ―Violencerecoils on the violent.‖ (May all have Love as the teacher)Mary Catherine Ryan: Contact the Spirit of the cockroaches. Firstlisten listenlisten..the negotiate. Then ask them to go to a moresuitable place.National Public Radio July 22, 1997 Methyl parathion used to killroaches has caused fatalities from nausea, dizziness.Don Papes: That maple tree was afraid to branch out. (Her lowerbranches had been cut back frequently.. but now she was reachingabove the roof and could slowly stretch out the tendrils of trust.)JR: At the base of the eyelash lives an invisible mite. Ask not whatyour mite can do for you..but what you can do for your mite. Andremember: mite is right.B Stull: The city scheduled a cockroach inspection..so my friend hadto knit a lot of little uniforms.Laughing River: It is a violent thing to cover and to suffocate MotherEarth.Unknown: Weeds are plants humans have not yet figured out how toexploit. Humans think they are useless because they create oxygenand stabilize the weather and have a beauty invisible to those ofimmature eyes.
  22. 22. Bruce Kilby quoting from a Beacon Journal article: The dragonfly caneat 400 to 500 mosquitos a day..which is a more natural solutionthan insecticides.TN‘S McDonnell: The sturgeon take a long time to die on the fishinglines.Channel 19 Newscaster: I don‘t mind fur as long as it‘s fake.Portland Trailblazer Bill Walton: I grow organic vegetables(vegetables grown without insecticides.)FN: A. said that those who live with cockroaches are filthy. If Godcreated cockroaches does that make God filthy?——————————————————————————–THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF MATTER——————————————————————————–Physicist Stephen Hawking: Computer viruses are alive.Professor N Kasturi of All India Radio: We followed our teacher in acar caravan. One by one parts were falling off my car. When I took itto a mechanic at the destination he said it was physically impossiblefor the car to have arrived. I asked my teacher.. ―Did you do thismiracle because we are good devotees?‖ And my teacher replied:―The car..the car is a great devotee‖.Nellie Marshall: I hate to see the gold carpet of leaves removed.Recently Mary Tyler Moore offered $1000 to keep one restaurant‘svery old lobster from being dropped alive into boiling water.*James Marcus: I‘m good with machines. I know where to scratch,pet, and tickle them.THOUGHTS ON THE ABOLITION OF CAPITAL PUNISHMENT——————————————————————————–Cary Grant in His Girl Friday to a sheriff who has withheld knowledgeof a governor‘s reprieve so that he may be re-elected: ―That‘smurder.‖NPR caller to Ray Suarez show discussing anthrax: The differencebetween gas in warfare and gas in a gas chamber is quantitative, notqualitative.Thoughts from seeing the Susan Sarandon movie: Dead Men Walking:A man‘s killing in short term hot passion, is not as evil as the state‘scoldblooded premeditated murder of him in an electric chair or gaschamber or needle injection cell.Charles Grodin, star of Beethoven and talk show host: It seems thereare no rich on death row. (Nor percentage wise do as many whiteslayers die as black slayers.)Thomas Edison wanted to market his electric chair to demonstratethe uses of electricity. He sent so much voltage through to the man
  23. 23. publicly executed that the man‘s bones caught on fire.Yvonne Painter, Cleveland poet: Before David had to fight GoliathGod trained him on a bear and a lion.BIBLE QUOTESIsaiah: I delight not in your blood sacrifice.Jesus: Ye are whited sepulchres. (The Greek word for thistranslation is sarcophagi.. [sarx flesh phagi eater]——Sai Baba: God is in every creature. How can you cause such pain?Jonah:Then said the LORD, Thou hast had pity on the gourd, for the whichthou hast not labored, neither madest it grow; which came up in anight, and perished in a night:and should not I spare Nin‘eveh, that great city, wherein are morethan sixscore thousand persons that cannot discern between theirright hand and their left hand; and also muchcattle? http://bartleby.com/108ENVIRONMENT―The impact of countless hooves and mouths over the years has donemore to alter the type of vegetation and land forms of the West thanallthe water projects, strip mines, power plants, freeways, andsubdivsiondevelopments combined.‖– Philip Fradkin in Audubon, National Audubon Society, NY, NY―Most of the public lands in the West, and especially the Southwest,are what you might call cow burnt. Almost anywhere and everywhereyougo in the American West you find hordes of [cows]…. They are a pestand a plague. They pollute our springs and streams and rivers. Theyinfest our canyons, valleys, meadows, and forests. They graze off thenative bluestems and grama and bunch grasses, leaving behindjungles of*****ly pear. They trample down the native forbs and shrubs andcacti.They spread the exotic cheatgrass, the Russian thistle, and thecrestedwheat grass. Weeds. Even when the cattle are not physically present,you see the dung and the flies and the mud and the dust and thegeneraldestruction. If you don‘t see it, you‘ll smell it. The whole AmericanWest stinks of cattle.‖
  24. 24. – The late Edward Abbey, conservationist and author, in a speechbefore cattlemen at the University of Montana in 1985―You can buy the land out there now for the same price as a coupleofbottles of beer per acre. When you‘ve got half a million acres and20,000 head of cattle, you can leave the lousy place and go live inParis, Hawaii, Switzerland, or anywhere you choose.‖– American rancher who owns grazing land in the Amazon,describingthe attitude of cattle colonists in the Brazilian rain forest―We got hooked on grain-fed meat just as we got hooked on gasguzzlingautomobiles. Big cars made sense only when oil was cheap; grain-fedmeat makes sense only because the true costs of producing it are notcounted.‖– Frances Moore Lappe‘, in _Diet for a Small Planet_―A reduction in beef and other meat consumption is the most potentsingle act you can take to halt the destruction of our environmentandpreserve our natural resources. Our choices do matter. What‘shealthiest for each of us personally is also healthiest for the lifesupport system of our precious, but wounded planet.‖– John Robbins, author of _Diet for a New America_, and President,EarthSave Foundation, Santa Cruz, CaliforniaHUNGER AND POVERTY―It seems disingenuous for the intellectual elite of the first worldto dwell on the subject of too many babies being born in the second-andthird-world nations while virtually ignoring the over-population ofcattle and the realities of a food chain that robs the poor ofsustenance to feed the rich a steady diet of grain-fed meat.‖– Jeremy Ri**in, author of _Beyond Beef, The Rise and Fall of theCattle Culture_, and President of the Greenhouse Crisis Foundation,Washington, D.C.―A meat-fed world now appears a chimera. World grain productionhasgrown more slowly than population since 1984, and farmers lacknewmethods for repeating the gains of the green revolution. Supportingthe world‘s current population of 5.4 billion people on anAmerican-style diet would require two-and-ahalf times as much grainasthe world‘s farmers produce for all purposes. A future world of 8
  25. 25. billion to 14 billion people eating the American ration of 220 gramsofgrain-fed meat a day can be nothing but a flight of fancy.‖– Alan B. Durning and Holly Brough, Worldwatch Institute,Washington, D.C.―There can be no question that more hunger can be alleviated with agiven quantity of grain by completely eliminating animals [from thefoodproduction process]. About 2,000 pounds of concentrates [grains]mustbe supplied to livestock in order to produce enough meat and otherlivestock products to support a person for a year, whereas 400pounds ofgrain (corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, etc.) eaten directly will support aperson for a year. Thus, a given quantity of grain eaten directly willfeed 5 times as many people as it will if it is first fed to livestockand then is eaten indirectly by humans in the form of livestockproducts….‖– M. E. Ensminger, Ph.D., internationally recognized animalagriculture specialist, former Department of Animal ScienceChairman atWashington State University, currently President ofConsultants-Agriservices, Clovis, California―Changing eating habits in the North is an important link in the chainof events needed to create environmentally sustainable developmentthatmeets people‘s needs. The Beyond Beef campaign is an importantstep inthat direction.‖– Dr. Walden Bello, Executive Director, Food First/The Institutefor Food and Development Policy, San Francisco, California―Suppose food _were_ distributed equally. If everyone in the worldate as Americans do, less than half the _present_ world populationcouldbe fed on the record harvests of 1985 and 1986. Of course, everyonedoesn‘t have to eat like Americans. About a third of the world grainharvest — the staples of the human feeding base — is fed to animalstoproduce eggs, milk, and meat for American-style diets. Wouldn‘tfeedingthat grain directly to people solve the problem? If everyone werewilling to eat an essentially vegetarian diet, that additional grain
  26. 26. would allow perhaps a billion more people to be fed with 1986production.‖– Paul R. Ehrlich and Anne H. Ehrlich, authors of _The PopulationExplosion_, 1990―Family farmers are victims of public policy that gives preference tofeeding animals over feeding people. This has encouraged the cheapgrain policy of this nation and has made the Beef Cartel the biggesthogat the trough.‖– Howard Lyman, Executive Director, Beyond Beef campaign, formersenior lobbyist for the National Farmers UnionANIMAL SUFFERING―In my opinion, one of the greatest animal-welfare problems is thephysical abuse of livestock during transportation…. Typical abuses Ihave witnessed with alarming frequency are; hitting, beating, use ofbadly maintained trucks, jabbing of short objects into animals, anddeliberate cruelty.‖– Temple Grandin, Ph.D., internationally recognized livestockhandling consultant and board member of the meat industry‘sLivestockConservation Institute―For most humans, especially for those in modern urban andsuburbancommunities, the most direct form of contact with nonhumananimals is atmeal time: we eat them…. The use and abuse of animals raised forfoodfar exceeds, in sheer numbers of animals affected, any other kind ofmistreatment.‖– Peter Singer, author of _Animal Liberation_, and professor ofphilosophy at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia―The amount of meat lost each year through careless handling andbrutality would be enough to feed a million Americans for a year.‖– John McFarlane, Executive Director, The Council for LivestockProtection, a meat industry organization―I know, in my soul, that to eat a creature who is raised to be eaten,and who never has a chance to be a real being, is unhealthy. It‘slike…you‘re just eating misery. You‘re eating a bitter life.‖– Alice Walker, author and poet―In fact, if one person is unkind to an animal it is considered to becruelty, but where a lot of people are unkind to animals, especially inthe name of commerce, the cruelty is condoned and, once large sumsof
  27. 27. money are at stake, will be defended to the last by otherwiseintelligent people.‖– Ruth Harrison, author of _Animal Machines_―Yet saddest of all fates, surely, is to have lost that sense of theholiness of life altogether; that we commit the blasphemy ofbringingmthousands of lives to a cruel and terrifying death or ofmaking thoselives a living death — and feel nothing.‖– The Right Reverend John Austin Baker, Bishop of Salisbury,England, commenting on the cruelty of modern animal agriculture―You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouseisconcealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity.‖– Ralph Waldo Emerson in _Fate_HEALTH(some of this page is from Wheeler of Beyond Beef)―If you step back and look at the data, the optimum amount of redmeatyou eat should be zero.‖– Walter Willett, M.D., of Brigham and Women‘s Hospital, directorof a study that found a close correlation between red meatconsumption and colon cancer.―Usually, the first thing a country does in the course of economicdevelopment is to introduce a lot of livestock. Our data are showingthat this is not a very smart move and the Chinese are listening. Theyare realizing that animal-based agriculture is not the way to go…. Weare basically a vegetarian species and should be eating a widevarietyof plant food and minimizing our intake of animal foods….―Once people start introducing animal products into their diet, that‘swhen the mischief starts.‖– T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., of Cornell University, director of astudy of 6,500 Chinese that found a close correlation betweenmeat consumption and the incidence of heart disease and cancer.―The beef industry has contributed to more American deaths than allthe wars of this century, all natural disasters, and all automobileaccidents combined. If beef is your idea of real food for realpeople, you‘d better live real close to a real good hospital.‖– Neal D. Barnard, M.D., President, Physicians Committee forResponsible Medicine, Washington, D.C.―When we kill the animals to eat them, they end up killing usbecause
  28. 28. their flesh, which contains cholesterol and saturated fat, was neverintended for human beings.‖– William C. Roberts, M.D., editor of The American Journal ofCardiology―All red meat contains saturated fat. There is no such thing as trulylean meat. Trimming away the edge ring of fat around a steak reallydoes not lower the fat content significantly. People who have redmeat(trimmed or untrimmed) as a regular feature of their diets suffer infargreater numbers from heart attacks and strokes.‖– Michael Klaper, M.D., Medical Director, EarthSave Foundation,Santa Cruz, California―The thousands of people who have suffered food poisoning aftereatingbeef will, no doubt, appreciate that their beef was aestheticallyacceptable, even though it made them ill. Lovely to look at,dangerousto eat is not a standard that is likely to help beef sales.‖– Carol Tucker Foreman, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture duringthe Carter administration, commenting on the inadequacy of theU.S. Department of Agriculture‘s Streamlined (Meat) InspectionSystem (SIS).―As happened with tobacco, health warnings about meat eating aremultiplying, and awareness of the environmental effects of meatproduction is rising. Just as cigarettes lost their allure, meat islosing its social cachet in some countries. Food marketers in theUnited Kingdom estimate that 2 million people in that country arestrictvegetarians. More important, the number of people limiting meat intheir diets is rising rapidly. An estimated 6 million people in theUnited Kingdom dine on meatless meals most of the time.‖– Alan B. Durning and Holly B. Brough, in Taking Stock: AnimalFarming and the Environment, Worldwatch Institute, Washington,D.C.,1991BIBLICAL QUOTES(Interpretations divide. The Spirit Unites. May The Holy SpiritOvershadow.)Acts 15: Do not eat the meat of strangled animals.Acts 18: 18 The private vow Paul took, many Biblical scholarsbelieve,is the Nazarite vow which included besides hair cutting..
  29. 29. abstentionfromanimal flesh. This Nazarite diet is described in Numbers. This is thevowthat Samson with his great strength took.Corinthians l: 8,12-13 (Paul) If meat makes my brother stumble Ishallnever again eat meat.Daniel l: Daniel was put in prison by Nebuchadnezzar. He ate onlypulses (beans) for 10 days while others ate flesh. Nebuchadnezzarnoticedthat he fared better than the others. Maynard Clark (vrc@tiac.net)and FrankHoffman (Veg-Christian@all-creatures.org) make the pointthat since all food, not just meat, was sacrificed by Babyloniansto idols, idols were not a factor in their abstention from animal flesh.Deuteronomy 5: Thou Shalt Not Kill (later versions than the KingJamestranslate this as Thou Shalt Not Murder)Exodus 20: 13 Thou Shalt Not Kill brought down the mountainliterally Lo Tirtzach.. (this is nonkilling, not nonmurder)The Biblical command ―Thou Shalt Not KIll‖ which J J Price cites asa reason to change diet..is not asterisked ―to include humans only‖.The Biblical command ―Thou Shalt Not Steal‖ which Kathy Kurtz citescan be related to not purloining the eggs from chickens nor themilk from mother cows whose calves are then butchered for veal.Exodus 16: 31 The desert manna was like coriander seed. (Givenby Reginal Cherry, MD who promotes vegan diet on Trinity BroadcastNetExodus: The Israelites did not want the manna that God hadprovided..instead they wanted the flesh of quails.Ezekiel 3 and 4: My body has never been defiled by animal flesh.Genesis 1:29: Behold I have given you herbyielding seed. To you itshallbe for meat.Genesis 1: 12 describes the perfection of a world covered with fruitand nut trees, grape vines and berry bushesGenesis 2: 4-6 There were no violent storms in the tree coveredearth.The trees were watered by mist.Genesis 6: Noah was commanded by God to provide vegetarian foodin theark for people and animals. (The lions drank the milk of cows.)
  30. 30. Genesis 9: 4-5 Flesh shall yet not eat. And surely your blood I willrequire at the hands of beasts. (God forgive us all and help usall to change.)Hosea 2:28: I will make for you that day a covenant with the wildanimals. I will abolish the bow, the sword, and war from the land. Iwill make you lie down in safety.Isaiah: Isaiah is the prophet who more than any other forecasts thebirthof Jesus. He is also the prophet with the most references tononviolenceand universal respect for life. Jesus quotes Isaiah‘s ―I delight notin your blood sacrifices‖ as He drives the animal killers out of thetemple. Jesus refers to the vegetarian Isaiah more than to any other.Isaiah: 1: 11: I delight not in the blood of bullocks or of lambsor of he goats (whereas Isaiah 66 involves not eating pigs..and Isaiah 65 involves not eating any living thing)(In some Bible translations the word ‗blood‘ has been removed.)(In others it is ―I delight not in thy blood sacrifices.‖)Isaiah 42: He shall break not the bruised reed.Isaiah 59: We moan sadly like doves.Isaiah 65: The wolf shall lie down with the lamb..they shall not hurtnordestroy in all my holy mountain for the earth shall be full of theknowledge of the Lord. Many other passages of Isaiah speak ofnoneatingof animals.Isaiah 66: 3 He who slays an ox is as he that slays a man.(Another translation: He who kills a bull is as he who kills a man.)Isaiah 66: 17: The slain of the Lord shall be many..they behind thetree eating swine‘s flesh.. shall be consumed together.(There are dozens of references to vineyards, fruit trees, andfruitariandiet in Isaiah alone.)Samson‘s Nazarite vow included eating nothing dead, letting his hairgrow and other injunctions. He violated this vow not only withDelilahbut in eating honey from a hive within the ribs of a desert lioncarcass. He then lost his strength.Jesus: Whatsoever you have done to these the least of My brethrenyouhave done unto Me. (Is the least of His brethren.. the birds, theinsects, and the plants?)The Aramaic Bible (the language Jesus spoke): Zachariah is told
  31. 31. even before the birth of John the Baptist that John is the Spiritof Elijah and that he will forsake flesh foods. (Thank you Josh)For information write chochmah36@yahoo.comJesus: Come, I shall make you fishers of humankind (and not offishes).Jesus: Ye are whited sepulchres. This is interpreted to meanthose with concern for externals..while their thoughts arenot holy, those who actions show hypocrisy as well. Howeversarcophagus comes from sarx (flesh) and phagus (eater)..sarcophagus is not only a coffin but a flesheater.Job 5: You will be in league with the stones of the field and thebeasts of the field shall be at peace with you.Job 12: 8 Speak to the earth and she will teach thee(of patience, humility, forgiveness, universal nurturing)Joel 1: The land mourns the destruction of her plants.John the Baptist: The Ebionites taught that John the Baptist wasvegetarian. For further information write Pastor MikeShawmshaw@gtn.netJohn: 3rd Letter of John to Gaius: I pray good health for you.John: 6: 63 It is the Spirit who gives life. The flesh profits nothing.Judges 13: (re Samson) (The breaking of the Nazarite vow {taken byJesus, John the Baptist, Paul} was the cause of Samson‘s downfall)(Besides abstention from haircutting, the vow of the Nazaritesinvolvedabstention from meat. Paul felt his vow was private. Others werepublic.)(Some think that involvement with killing is the toucbing of deathand therefore the touching of a dead thing.)Leviticus 3: 17 commands to eat no animal fat or animal bloodMany Jewish vegetarians believe it is impossible to drain the bloodout of all the tiny capillaries of the animal, and that thereforethere is no such thing as kosher flesh. (Writeschwartz@postbox.cuny.csi.edu) He will return in February.Leviticus 11: prohibts the eating of the flesh of rabbits, pigs, shellfishsuch as lobsters, clams, shrimp, crabs, hawks, seagulls, camels,chameleons, flying insects with 4 legs in certain cases, heron, bat,hoopoe, vulture, stork, cormorant, ibis, marsh hen, pelican, owl,mole,rat, mouse, lizard, gecko, snail, cud chewers, cloven hoofed (the cowwas observed trying to cleave her hoof to make her safe), eagle,metire,osprey, falcon, ostrich, kite, raven, rock badger, etc. The reasonsinclude
  32. 32. prevention of food poisoning. E.g., pigs and shellfish will eat thewasteof other creatures (coprophagy).Leviticus 17:10 I will set my face against them that eat blood.Leviticus commands that no dead animal be touched. How is itpossibleto rend the flesh of an animal with human teeth in the consumptionof meat and not touch the animal?Leviticus: Just as Jesus erases Levitical law and prevents the capitalpunishment of the adulterous woman (the man was not brought)He also erases Levitical animal sacrifice law with the Law of LoveLuke 15: is about the 100th lamb. Dr. Bates gave a sermon on thispassageon Sept 13th. Are not all lambs His? Does He not want all His lambsprotected?Luke 15: 16 The Prodigal son..the word for what the son ate whenaway from his family was keration.. a word for the carob bean orthe fruit of the locust tree.. this was fed to the poor and to pigs… this ―St John‘s Bread‖ was fruit and not meat. Historically thepoor have been more vegetarian than the rich. It was said thatKing Henry 8th‘s gout came to a rich man for the poor could noteat enough meat to have gout.Malachi l: You have defiled my altars.Malachi 4: They shall grow fat like calves in stalls. (While thisis intended as a blessing, it is a reminder of veal calves imprisonedtheir entire lives in stalls, unable to turn around.)Mark: The Gospel of Mark makes it clear that when Jesus spokeof what defiles a person, he was speaking of critical words.Matthew 4:19 Come I will make you fishers of men (no longer fishersof fishes).Matthew: 5:7 Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.Matthew 12: 7 Jesus quotes Isaiah more than anyone else.Jesus quotesIsaiah‘s ―I desire mercy not sacrifice‖ and ―break not the bruisedreed‖.Matthew 12: 11 Which of you having a sheep (ox) in a ditch willnot rescue it on the Sabbath?Matthew 16: 15 The Moody Bible Institute has the translation ina mail out plaque: Go ye therefore and preach to all creation.(Other translations say ‗the world‘). Anthony, revered as a saintin the Catholic Church, preached to the fishes when humans wouldnot listen.Matthew 19: 6 What God hath joined together let no man put
  33. 33. asunder.This is Jesus‘ comment about marriage..but God has alsosoldered together animals.. and does not want them sundered.Matthew 21: Jesus overturns the tables where doves are being soldfor sacrifice..and says ‗my house is a house of prayer.. you havemade it a den of plunderers‘. The Greek word used is lestes..which is more correctly translated plunderer or butcher than thief.(The author of Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews mentions thatbefore Passover as many as 40,000 animals were hanging upsidedownbleeding to death.. and that the temple floor was awash in blood.)Matthew 23: 27 Jesus says some are like whited sepulchres(sacrcophagi.(Sepulchre from the interlinear GreekTestament sarcophagus) (sarc flesh phagy eat: flesheaters)Therefore Jesus said ‗They are whited flesh eaters‘ Why whited?Concern with exterior paint and not the interior cleanliness ofthe temple. What happens to the body when one eats animals? Itsays George Bernard Shaw, friend of General Booth of the SalvationArmy, becomes a grave of those animals.Jesus states in this passage that the sepulchres are full of deadbones.Matthew 23: 25 It is interesting that most translations of the Biblespeak of these sarcophagi as being full of dead men‘s bones whereasthe actual Greek is ‗gemousin osteon nekron‘ which means‗ full of dead bones‘.Matthew 25:40 ―Whatsoever ye have done to these the least of Mybrethren, ye have done unto Me.‖ Are not animals more handicappedthan human beings?Methusaleh: This longest lived (969 years) of Biblical heroes waslike all pre flooders (antedeluvians) vegetarian. (Jeremiah: The Lordoffends the mind to revealthe heart) (*Some say that Elijah was the longest lived because heascended to heaven without death and, says Jesus, is John TheBaptist).Paul (1 Corin 8: 7-13) Meat commends us not to God..ifmeateatingoffend my brother.. I will eat no flesh while the earth stands.(Whole passage sent by QEagle@aol.com Debra)Paul in Corinthians 6: Your body is a temple of Holy Spirit.Proverbs 12:10: The righteous man is concerned for his beast.Proverbs 23:20 Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorgethemselves on meat.Proverbs 31: 8 Open thy mouth for the dumb (voiceless)
  34. 34. Psalm 10: In the secret places he murders the innocent.Psalm 11: The wicked bend their bow. They make ready their arrowupon the string.(Biblical vegetarians include Adam 930 years {we are not given Eve‘sage}Seth 912 years Enoch 905 years Canaan 910 years Jacob 962 yearsEnoch 2 and Methusaleh 969 years)Psalm 91 Thou shalt transform the lion and adder: the young lion andthedragon shalt thou transform. 14 Because he hath set his love uponme, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because hehath known my name.Psalm 50: Eat not the flesh of bulls nor the blood of goats.Psalms: 104: 16-18: The trees of the Lord are watered abundantly.Psalm 148: Praise the Lord from the deep, you sea monsters (for allGod‘screation, not just human beings, do praise).Revelation 5: All creatures sing the praises of God..is the gistof a Revelation 5 passage. If animals can sing God‘s praises, do theyhave souls and a right to life?Revelation: 7: 3 Hurt not the earth neither the sea nor the trees.Revelation 9:4 The 5th angel..says that no living growing tree beingor grass be harmed.