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OpenCms Days 2013 - OpenCms Partner Program


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Alkacon Software is offering a new partnership program for solution providers that make regular use of OpenCms in their projects. In this round table discussion Alexander will present the benefits of this partnership program.

This session is targeted at representatives of OpenCms service resellers interested in the Alkacon OpenCms partnership program. Therefore it is primarily of interest for web agencies, IT solution providers and consulting companies offering OpenCms related services to the end customer.

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OpenCms Days 2013 - OpenCms Partner Program

  1. 1. Alexander Kandzior, Alkacon Software The Alkacon OpenCms Partner Program
  2. 2. ● Better quality choices for customers looking for an implementation partner ● We at Alkacon want to concentrate on OpenCms more core development ● We want to be your OpenCms “Workbench” and “Fire department” Why a new program?
  3. 3. ● The OpenCms Solution Provider Program will be phased out in the future ● Reasons: ● Too easy to become a “Solution Provider” ● Just 2 reference sites, one link ● No exchange or communication ● Bad quality of some (many) entries ● Time frame: 12 to 18 months OpenCms Solution Providers?
  4. 4. ● Web Agencies ● IT Solution Providers ● Consultant Companies ● … other OpenCms Service “Resellers” Who can become an Alkacon partner?
  5. 5. ● Reduced price for all Alkacon Services and Products ● -10% on Support, OCEE & Training ● Reduced daily consulting rates (project dependent) ● Get a free Alkacon OCEE license for your own website and development requirements Benefits of the Program (I)
  6. 6. ● Direct contact person at Alkacon ● Get inside information about the next OpenCms version ● Be informed and participate in OpenCms community events ● Such as CMS Garden at CeBIT ● Sales support from Alkacon for large or promising prospects Benefits of the Program (II)
  7. 7. ● 100€ per year ● Plus: Some of your time What will it cost?
  8. 8. ● Free OpenCms Support ● Bug fixing service ● But we always take Bug reports very seriously ● Buy our support packages for this ● You will get a 10% reduced price :) What it NOT included?
  9. 9. ● Active use of OpenCms in projects ● 1-2 OpenCms projects per year minimum ● OpenCms is an important piece in your portfolio ● We are listed on your website among other partners ● Provide one up-to-date showcase for the new website ● Of course with your company logo / link Requirements of the Program (I)
  10. 10. ● One assigned contact person ● Either from the Management or with Management attention ● Decision maker with budget responsibility ● Regular personal contact ● About two times a year ● Meet in person or phone conference ● One hour - or more if required by you Requirements of the Program (II)
  11. 11. ● We want to establish a personal relationship with our partners The Bottom Line
  12. 12. ● Please let us know, either today or send us an email later ● We will have a formal partner contract ● This can be cancelled by either side at any time without special reason ● Contract will be a combination of NDA and CLA, still to be approved by our lawyers How to join the program?
  13. 13. ● Any Questions? Any Questions? Fragen? Questions ? Questiones? ¿Preguntas?質問
  14. 14. Alexander Kandzior Alkacon Software GmbH Let‘s do this together!