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Tech4101 1

  1. 1. Distance Education and the Internet TECH4101Dr. Alaa SadikInstructional & Learning Technologies
  2. 2. Distance Educationand the InternetTECH4101Lecture One (Week 2)DefiningDistance EducationDone by: Shiekha AL-RashdiID:90604 Interactive Presentation
  3. 3. Defining Distance EducationBackground:The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century →Developments in various fields of technology →Offered new solutions for delivering instruction →Learners’ interests were enhanced →Increase in the subject areas offered by distanceeducation →Became one of the formal means of education.
  4. 4. Defining Distance EducationWhat is distance education ordistance learning?Defining the meaning of distance education may provide agood starting point to recognise its elements.Use Google to search for:define: distance education
  5. 5. Holmberg in his book entitled Growth and Structureof Distance Education is more descriptive:Distance education includes the various forms ofstudy at all levels which are not under the continuousimmediate supervision of tutors present with theirstudents in lecture rooms or on the same premises, butwhich, nevertheless, benefit from the planning,guidance and tuition of a tutorial organization.
  6. 6. Defining Distance EducationWhat is distance education ordistance learning?Use Wikipedia to find more info aboutdistance education and distance learning
  7. 7. distance learning is improved capabilities in knowledge and/or behaviors as a result of mediated experiences that are constrained by time and/or distance such that the learner does not share the same situation with whatDistance education is formalized instructional learningwhere the time/geographic situation constrains learning bynot affording in person contact between student andinstructor. In person education is formalized instructionallearning where the time/geographic situation constrainslearning by requiring synchronous person-to-personinteraction.Resource-Article: Defining Distance Learning and DistanceEducation, Frederick B. King, Michael F. Young, Kelly Drivere-Richmond, P. G. Schrader,The University of Connecticut , NeagSchool of Education
  8. 8. Defining Distance EducationWhat is distance education or distance learning?Clarify the definitions using the information you found in Wikipedia andother sites.Distance learning, sometimes called e-learning, is a formalized teachingand learning system specifically designed to be carried out remotely byusing electronic communication.But in Wikipedia:is a field of education that focuses on teaching methods and technologywith the aim of delivering teaching, often on an individual basis, tostudents who are not physically present in a traditional educational settingsuch as a classroom.
  9. 9. Defining Distance EducationWhat is distance education or distance learning?Distance education is defined as formalized instructional learning where thetime/geographic situation constrains learning by not affording in personcontact between student and instructor. In person education is formalizedinstructional learning where the time/geographic situation constrainslearning by requiring synchronous person-to-person interaction..
  10. 10. Defining Distance EducationDistance education or distance learning? In myopinion:It is distance education because it refers to asystematic approach involving the distancelearning environment, educators and separatedlearners.
  11. 11. Defining Distance EducationHistory of distance education and technology (old technology)Distance education dates to at least as early as 1728, when "an advertisementin the Boston Gazette... [named] Caleb Phillips, Teacher of the new methodof Short Hand" was seeking students for lessons to be sent weekly.
  12. 12. Example of old technology used in DE Old Printer Post mail
  13. 13. Defining Distance EducationHistory of distance education and technology (modern technology)Modern distance education initially relied on the development of postalservices in the 19th century and has been practised at least since Isaac Pitmantaught shorthand in Great Britain via correspondence in the 1840s.[5] TheUniversity of London claims to be the first university to offer distancelearning degrees, establishing its External Programme in 1858.
  14. 14. This program is now known as the University of London InternationalPrograms and includes Postgraduate, Undergraduate and Diploma degreescreated by colleges such as the London School of Economics, RoyalHolloway and Goldsmiths.[6] In the United States William Rainey Harper,first president of the University of Chicago developed the concept ofextended education, whereby the research university had satellite collegesof education in the wider community, and in 1892 he also encouraged theconcept of correspondence school courses to further promote education, anidea that was put into practice by Columbia University.[7] In Australia, theUniversity of Queensland established its Department of CorrespondenceStudies in 1911.[8]
  15. 15. Example of modern technology used in DE Video conferencing Audio Conferencin g
  16. 16. Defining Distance Education Time for Presentation
  17. 17. Defining Distance EducationIn conclusion, many key features characterizedistance education:1. The separation of teacher and learner;2. The separation among learners;3. The use of one medium to deliver instruction;and4. The use of a communication channel to facilitateinteraction and support learners.
  18. 18. The EndQuestions & Discussions