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Movie Coach Carter

  1. 1. COACH CARTE R IT BEGINS ON THE STREET IT ENDS HERE Produced and Directed By TEAM Southwest AirlinesAadina, Zeeshan, Aslam & Sarkar 1
  2. 2. Part I – KEY LEARNINGS There are always movies that truly inspire us and touch the depths of our hearts, especially if they’re based on true stories. Key leanings from the movie is as following –• Teamwork and responsibility: If one fails, everyone fails. if one doesn’t show up to train, then everyone suffers.• Discipline: the players have to show up on time for practice every day, that they tired or not, that they have to do homework or not, that they have problems with their family or not 2
  3. 3. Part I – KEY LEARNINGSAffection: Between Father & Son and between Team MembersEducation: Education is the mother of allHard contract: From the business point of view we can learnthat there should be always a hard contract with usRight decision at right timeLeadership: As a leader, he made changes, and forced everyoneto abide it, motivated everyone to fulfill their goals.Be positive and Don’t give up 3
  4. 4. Analyzing the Movie using HBR Article, “Leading Change: why transformation efforts fail” The lesson drawn was very impressing and will probably be more relevant to even more original The change process goes through series of phases 4
  5. 5. Sense of Urgency • With an urgency they get a lack of patience that made some member to walk out • Urgency made them to come out of their comfort zone 5
  6. 6. Powerful guiding coalition• Head of the organisation is an active supporter• Transformation begins well when head is a good leader and sees the need for a major changes• Only the strong line leadership can achieve power 6
  7. 7. Creating vision• A vision clarified the direction which the team needs to move• Without vision a transformation effort could have not done that well• Transformation can not be done if he could not have applied the vision to team 7
  8. 8. Communicating the vision• Taking help of some small meetings develops good transformation vision• To capture the heart and minds• Communication comes in both words and deeds 8
  9. 9. Planning & creating short time goals• Look for ways to obtain clear performance improvement, establish goals, achieve objective• The reward depends upon the planning• Pressure in planning can be useful element in a change effort 9
  10. 10. New approaches• Successful change efforts are messy & full of surprises• Fewer error can spell the difference between success and failure• The new approaches behavior attitude finally helped them to improve performance 10
  11. 11. .……...The End 11