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Content Marketing: Why & How


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Content marketing & social media marketing help you reach new customers online. Learn how to create good content and how to promote it in social media.

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Content Marketing: Why & How

  1. 1. Great Content: The Heart of Social Media MarketingYou don’t have to win a Nobel Prize for your content to be great – and effective. | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  2. 2. Simply put, web users are consumers ofcontent. Therefore, you need to delivercompelling content that will engage yourcustomers and keep them coming back formore. People are calling this “The NewMarketing.”People spend their time online, and that’swhere your marketing needs to go.- ArnieKuenn on | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  3. 3. Why Content & Social Media?• Improve your SEO• Pull people to your site• Show people why they’ll enjoy doing business with you | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  4. 4. How to Integrate Content & Social Media Create Promote Great Content in Content Social Media Develop an Engaged Audience Now do it again – and again | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  5. 5. What Is Content?• Blog posts• FAQs• Video• Infographics• PhotographsContent should live on your site, or if it lives on other sites, it should be linked to your site. | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  6. 6. What Is Great Content?• It matters to someone – preferably, your customers and/or future customers• It comes from deep expertise• It’s genuinely useful• It’s easy to understand and apply• It’s funny/touching/provocative/controversial….in other words, shareable | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  7. 7. Where Can I Find Ideas for Great Content?• News• Your experience | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  8. 8. Content Source: General News | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  9. 9. Content Source: Industry Issues, Controversy | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  10. 10. Content Source: Customer Qs, Complaints & Praise | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  11. 11. Content Source: Instructions/Guidance | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  12. 12. Content Source: Sales Objections | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  13. 13. Content Source: Adjacent issues | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  14. 14. Why do I need to promote my content?Great content and engaging stories help your company’s content get found and shared. When great content is shared, commented on or liked, it is no longer your content alone. It is their content. And user-generated content is trusted more than advertising or promotion. - Michael Brenner, writing in Forbes Magazine | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  15. 15. How do I promote my content in social media?• Post regularly• Don’t be repetitious | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  16. 16. Promote new posts where yourcustomers & prospects hang out | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  17. 17. Keep promoting posts as long as they’re still relevant• Weekly or bi-weekly• Whenever relevant news comes up• As seasonally appropriate• Whenever a relevant customer or industry issue is rearing its head again | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  18. 18. Avoid “title/link” formulaInteresting topics, but the stream looks monotonous. Note posting times: obviously scheduled. | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  19. 19. Vary Your | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  20. 20. Develop an Engaged Audience• Don’t be boring• Follow real people• Talk with them | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  21. 21. Don’t be repetitive & boringWe can see the company is seeking business, but we can’t learn much else about it from this stream. | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  22. 22. Mix It | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  23. 23. Respond to Criticism Promptly & Politely | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  24. 24. Have Real | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw
  25. 25. Be a Real PersonBecause that’s who you’re trying to reach in social media: real people. | @AboutUs | @AlizaEarnshaw