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Music magazine market research


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Music magazine market research

  1. 1. Alix KellyMusic Magazine Market ResearchFor my music magazine I have conducted some primary research to group of audience to help medecide on my target audience for the magazine. I have used a questionnaire with a set of questionsthat set out what people read and why they read the magazine. I have got 10 people to fill out themagazine and collected a range of qualitative and quantitative data which I will put into a set ofcharts to help me choose which would be the best music to set my ideas on.Gender Gender Male FemaleTo start off with the questionnaire I asked my participants if they were male or female. More malesanswered the questions. As an improvement I would ask 5 males and 5 females as this will help meset my music magazine for both genders. This pie chart helps me to decide that I can still aim mymagazine because further on in the questionnaire, both genders read the same magazines and listento the same kind of music. Looking at the quantitative data, the 60% of males and 40% of femaleshave answered the questionnaire. This gives me a range of ideas of what participates will listen todepending on their gender.AgeThe age of people that answered my questionnaire was all within the same age group of 16-24. Thisgives me a direct link to what age my target audience will be. It also helps me to choose whatdecade of music I can limit my music to. For example, people aged 16 – 19 years will be listening torecent and modern music that could be in the charts. However, people a little bit older such as 20-24may listen music which is slightly older as well as modern music in the charts because they will bemore known to music from years such as the 80s-90s.
  2. 2. Alix KellyEmployment Employment Part Time UnemployedFor this question I asked if the target audience if they were in employment or unemployed. Thishelps give me an idea of the type of audience that I should aim my magazine at. People who are inpart time employment are going to have more money to spend on magazine and will want to see amore detailed magazine; the people who are unemployed are all in education so they will also bereading the same music magazine because they are going to have access to magazines in theschools. All the target audience were at the same age group and will be listening to similar music andwill want to read similar articles because there is a wide variety of music available. For my musicmagazine, I will be aiming it at both groups because they will both expect a detailed magazine.What type of music do you listen to? Type of Music 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Pop Rock House Indie RnBIn this questions I asked what kind of music people listened to, the options were pop, rock, house,indie and RnB. This wide variety of music was narrowed down to the most popular being pop andhouse. The audience could select more than one answer which helped to give me more of an idea of
  3. 3. Alix Kellywhat kind of music the participants were listening to. To help with my decision of choosing a genreto aim my music magazine on, I will aim more towards pop and house as there will be acts in thegenre that everyone will be aware of these acts. Other genres such as indie were also popular andwill be seen in my music magazine because it can clash with pop when looking at music charts.Which of the following music magazines do you read? What do you enjoy reading the most? 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Artist Interviews Photographs Advertisment Incentives CompetitionsTo help me decide what to have in my music magazine, I asked the participants what they wouldenjoy reading the most. Looking at the graph about, we can see that most of the audience enjoylooking at photographs of their favourite artists or the ones that are advertised on the front of themagazine. As well as photos, the second most popular was artist interviews. In my magazine, I wouldinclude photographs and artist interviews to attract most of the target audience. The artist wouldhave to be a popular artist such as Rihanna who is in the charts almost every week as this will beeasily recognisable to the target audience.
  4. 4. Alix KellyHow often do you read music magazines? How often do you read? Once a week Once a month Few times a month NeverTo know how much my audience read music magazines, I asked them how often they would read amagazine. The majority of the audience responded with a few times a month, which means theymust read several different magazines. For my magazine, I would make it a more detailed magazinebecause the audience will not be reading a small magazine over and over again throughout themonth, so a more detailed magazine that contains more photographs and more artist interviews willkeep the audience satisfied as it will take more time to read it and will be worth the money spent onit.How else do you search for your music? How do you consume music? 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Itunes/Other music websites Artist Websites Magazine WebsitesHere I have collected some qualitative data to help me decide what to put in my magazine and whatto advertise in my magazine. The majority of the people who answered my questionnaire stated thatthey would go onto music websites such as ITunes to look and listen to music. Therefore, in mymusic magazine, I am going to have advertisement of artist’s new songs or albums in the magazine
  5. 5. Alix Kellydirecting the audience to ITunes. Also, one person looked at the artist website to search forinformation about their favourite music. I would also out the website of the artist on the page sothat more people will look at the website and learn more about the artist.How much would you spend on a music magazine? How much would you spend on a music magazine? 0-£1 £1.50-£2 £2.50-£5To have an idea of how much my target audience are willing to pay for a music magazine I askedthem to choose from the following options 0-£1, £1.50-£2 or £2.50-£5. More than 50% of theparticipants chose the option to pay from £1.50-£2, from the quantitative data, I can gather that thetarget audience are focusing on a cheaper music magazine that is still going to have enoughinformation in it. I would still have artists interviews and photographs as that is what most of theaudience is paying for.Which of the following magazines would you read? Which magazine would you read? 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 NME Kerrang! Nylon Q Rolling StoneLooking at this qualitative data, I can tell that the majority of the participants read Q music magazineand a few others read NME. Q generally targets their magazine at a primary audience of an older
  6. 6. Alix Kellygeneration. But their music reviews are related to music that is in the recent charts of differentgenres which helps them to reach a wider audience. For my magazine, I will aim to have a selectionof the most popular genres of music that are similar to the ones that are in the charts and also haveit mainly aimed on pop as that is what most of the audience listen to. Also, Q focuses on looking atmusic from an older time as well. Recently, people of a younger age have been interested in musicfrom older times; this will help me to use this in my magazine as it will target more of a wideraudience.Would you buy a magazine because of an artist advertised on the front cover? Would you buy a magazine because of the front cover? 8 6 4 2 0 Yes NoTo help me decide on what to put on the front of my magazine I asked the participants if they wouldbuy a magazine cover because of an artist on the front of it. Therefore, on my music magazine, I willchoose a popular artist that is targeted at quite a mainstream audience who will be interested in theartist and will buy the magazine. Artists such as Lady GaGa or The Kooks who have appeared on thefront of Q magazine would be useful because they are easily recognisable to the audience, niche andmainstream. The artist would have to stand out on the front cover and the story would have to beeye catching so that the audience will be attracted to it.To conclude, I have found out that most people listen to pop music and are willing to pay £1.50-£2for a magazine. They also are interested in reading music magazines such as Q and NME. Most of theaudience would buy a music magazine because of an artist that has been used on the front of it. Asthe majority of the listen to music on sites such as ITunes, the audience will be familiar to songs thatare in the recent charts. This helps me to decide what I should put on the front of my musicmagazine and who I should aim it at. As they only read music magazines a few times a month I wouldmake the magazine quite detailed and full of artist interviews and photographs because that is whatmost people are interested in looking at.