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Magazine front cover final analysis


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Magazine front cover final analysis

  1. 1. Masthead Comment on how the design of the magazine cover attracts the target audience:The red and white that is used in the masthead suits both the Salford City Collegemale and female audiences. It relates to the classic album and Eccles Centresong reviews that can be read within the magazine. The bold AS Media Studies Foundation Portfolioattracts the older audience and the ‘Q’ stands out as it is uniqueand creative so it gives the magazine an edgy look to attract ayounger audience as well. It’s also placed in the top left corner Colourwhich has been seen as the first thing an audience will look at The red and white colours attract an older audience becausewhen they go to read a magazine. they are quite plain but give a very professional and sophisticated look because of the contract on the backlight. Red is known to symbolise passion and sex, but also danger.Main image This links to the main image and also the model credit. WhiteUsing a well-known singer liker Cheryl Cole attracts both is a neutral colour which attracts both genders but also seenaudiences of male and female because she is attractive and also a as an innocent colour and creates a contrast on its oppositesuccessful chart singer. colour red which brings danger. The contrast of white and redHer gesture code attracts younger males as it is a sexy and also emphasises the importance of the stories.seductive pose. Her direct eye contact lures audience in becauseit gives them the impression that she is looking right at them. Italso looks professional. The unusual water effect makes dramatic Typefacesapproach and catches the audience’s attention because it stands The bold, sophisticated typeface attracts the older audiencesout with the high key lighting. because it gives a very dramatic effect. It looks very visual and stands out. It emphasises the creativity and edgy look when using capitals and helps the audience learn what the mainModel credit attraction is.This is used in a bold effect and makes it intriguing for theaudience to look at. It uses a shocking effect that attractsaudience because it looks important and outstanding from other Photography Lightingmagazines. It helps to link to main image and informs the There is high key lighting used on the main image around theaudience who it’s about and what it’s about. face to show that she is the dominant contract. It also createsThe large text stands out as it covers the whole of the bottom of a distinctive image for the audience because it brings out thepage so the audience’s attention is dragged across the whole detail of the water effect and the beauty of her seductiveness.cover. It is also short and snappy which immediately tells the As the backlight is darker, this makes the main image standaudience what the article is about. out even more to attract the audience. The usual seductive look links to the edgy effect.Main cover line CoverlinesThe contrast between the celebrity and the cover line attracts the These are a lot smaller than the main cover line so that theaudience because fans and audiences that are aware of Cheryl audience isn’t distracted from the main image, because that isCole know that she isn’t the rock star kind of woman and doesn’t what sells the magazine. The colours attract the audienceusually go for such a dramatic, passionate look. Older fans because they look professional due to the continuity of the redrecognise her from the innocent girl band Girls Aloud and shows and white contrast on the darker backlight. The block effecthow independent she is known and how she has changed to suit House Style used on the left hand side is used so that the audience canthe needs of her audience. It also tells the audience what the The design of the masthead is set out as the principle of design theory. We are know what else is going to be available in the magazinearticle will be about and lures them in because she is right above attracted to the top left because we read from left to right. This indicates that the without giving too much away. Also the names are majorthe cover line. audience will be attracted to the masthead first and also then drags their starts which will attract more fans. attention across the page as it goes straight into the celebrity then to the mainDesign Principles Used cover line. The typography used also keeps it looking professional but edgy soIn terms of the design principle and the rule of thirds, the photo that it attracts a wider audience. The colour scheme would be eye catchingcovers the whole page and sits on intersecting lines so that the because its stands out from the low key lighting in the back ground and has beenaudience is drawn to the whole image. Her eyes are on a cleverly set out so that the audience’s attention is attracted to the mosthorizontal line which attracts the audience. The masthead fills important thing.the primary optical area and the text at the bottom helps to fillthe weak fallow area so that there is more space filled on thepage.
  2. 2. Masthead Comment on how the design of the magazine cover attracts the target audience:The block letters used stand out from the main image colour. This Salford City Collegeattracts the audience because it looks exciting and shocking. This Eccles Centrerelates to its purpose of entertaining and informing its audience. AS Media StudiesAs it is abbreviations this gives it a creative and unique selling Foundation Portfoliopoint. The white colour shows how important the magazine isbecause it emphasises what the magazine is called. It’s targeted Colourat a younger audience, but the white colour suggests it’s aimed at The white can connotes innocence which relates to hermale and female. gesture code and personality, but it also is a neutral colour which means that it’s aimed at both genders. The black colour can represent mystery which relates to her gesture code ofMain image being secretive. Her red hair and lack of makeup tells us she isAs it is a close up. We can see the gesture pose if quite secretive not aiming to attractive a male audience. The emphasis of herand mysterious, which attracts male audiences. It attracts the red hair symbols passion and danger. But the contrast of theaudience because of the unusual pose. It is somewhat seductive, white on the red helps to emphasise the cover lines as well.but the audience don’t think that when they first see it. Herdirect address also lures the audience in because it quite relaxedbut edgy. The mixture of emotions creates an eye catching look. TypefacesAs Florence is well known and a chart topping singer, this would The bold font and capital letters attract the audience becausebring in indie/pop fans and audiences. As she is the only thing in it eye catching and helps emphasise what the magazine isthe cover, it drives the audience straight to her. based on. It gives the magazine an edgy look and also quite indie. The primary audience for this magazine is indie/different people.Model creditThis model credit is unusual because it is just the name of thesinger. This would attract the audience because it gives an Photography Lightingenigmatic design and drives the audience the read on. It is also The magazine uses high key lighting on the face of thevery bold and dramatic and the only dark font which creates an celebrity because she is the main attraction. It emphasises hereye catching effect to draw in the attention of the audience. It beauty and how famous she is. It also attracts the audiencealso links to her privacy and for her being known to not give in to because it brings out the vibrant colours in her hair which shethe paparazzi. Also, she has a very powerful voice, this credit is very well known for. Her white t-shirt also helps brighten theemphasises by using big bold letters. lighting to make it a positive magazine and link to her happy success she has had. The brightness itself attracts the audience.Main cover lineThis stands out from the rest of cover because it helps torepresent the qualities of the singer. The unusual use of just her Coverlinesname tells us that it shows her secrecy. Her powerful voice can The cover lines are smaller than the main cover line becausebe captivated in the cover line because of the large text, but she they can’t let the audience get distracted. Also they arehas a very quiet voice. The contrast of the two different sides to arranged around her face so that the audience is still attractedher can be seen in the contrast between the cover line and main House Style to her face. They help to outline her face as well so theimage. The text above it in white is emphasised and relates to The way in which this magazine cover is set up helps to make the celebrity the audience is attracted to the centre of the page to her face.stories that are happening around the world for example, the x main attraction on the screen. The use of white makes the continuity of the With them being white, its helps to emphasises and create afactor was a popular TV show screening at the time. magazine seem very innocent and girly which links in with her personality and distinctive image for the audience because they have helped high key lighting. The bold cover lines link to the bold mast head and help to create a dominant contrast.Design Principles Used make the magazine look professional and sophisticated. The white typeface isIn terms of the design principle, the close up helps to fill the page eye catching as it creates a good contrast against the red hair of the artist. Theof the magazine and create a professional look. The eyes of the white used on the mast head and the cover lines also help to create aartist Florence lye on an intersecting line and grab the audience’s sophisticated look to the audience because it looks formal and well structured.attention because they are looking directly at the camera. Theimage fills all areas of the Guttenberg design principle whichhelps to attract the audience because there are no weak fallowareas.
  3. 3. MastheadThey have used bold text by using black and red which mainly Colour Salford City Collegeattracts a male Eccles Centre audience. It creates a contract on the white The red colour symbolises sex, drugs, blood which all link tobackground and helps it to stand out. The black used links to AS Media Studies the gangster theme. Black also symbolises gangster andmain image clothing to create continuity. As it fills the top of Foundation Portfolio Comment on how the design of the magazine cover attracts the target audience: death which links to the main cover line. All these colourspage this attract audience to read it because it’s dramatic. You are used on his last album which the target audience will becan’t see all of it so it must be easily recognisable and the familiar with. Altogether it creates a dark, intimidatingaudience are already familiar with it. It looks quite gangster atmosphere for the reader.and manly links to rap music which will be a key feature thatattracts the primary audience as they like this kind of music. TypefacesMain image The bold dramatic effect is used to create a shocking storyThe main image has used a well-known celebrity. He is giving and bring out the importance of main story and cover intimidating look which helps link to gangster look. They The overlapping is used to make it seem busy and to makehave used dark colours and tattoo helps build up and create a the magazine seem like it has a lot to tell the reader.more intimidating. The medium shot is used to capture hismuscles, tattoos and necklace that are key conventions of a Photography Lightinggangster. They have defined his features to help him stand The high key lighting used creates a shadow at the back ofout. He is wearing black to bring out a bad ass look and have the main image and sets a very nice stand out of the mainalso used a big necklace which keeps the link to gangster/rap. image which makes it a distinctive image. Also, the high key lighting brings out the features and details on his tattoos which encourages the readers to have a look at what theModel credit actually are. It also brings out the emotion of intimidation inThe red text is in bold and is recognisable because audience his that to Eminem and his music. The quoting gives theaudience an idea of what the interview is about and has usedshocking words like ‘died’ which lures the audience in because Cover linesthey will have hear about it in the news and will want to read The cover lines are very close to the main image and drawabout it properly. The list of drugs links to gangster and bad an outline to help the main image stand out more. It alsoass theme because they are dangerous and edgy. The quote uses the same colours in different parts of the colours to‘come clean’ can relate the cross around his neck and bring a make it look quite edgy and different. They also name somesense of innocence. big names in the music genre which will help attract a wider audience.Main cover lineThe short and snappy cover line helps to makes the audienceonly get half the story and makes them eager to read on tofind out how it relates to the main image.The different colours create a contrast against whitebackground and helps for the main cover line to stand outamongst the rest of the magazine. It also keeps a constant andprofessional look for the audience. House StyleDesign Principles Used In terms of house styles, this magazine cover has kept the continuity and theIn terms of the design principle, this image is more centred to colours red, black and grey to make it very masculine and gangster. It has alsothe page. The cover lines help to fill the primary optical area kept to the bold typeface to make it stand out and be in the faces of the audienceand also help fill the weak fallow area that the audience aren’t compared to rivalry magazines. The main image is centred across the rule ofreally drawn to. The cross necklace on the artist is in the three which helps to direct the audience’s attention to the most important thingcentre of the page and attracts the audience’s attention selling the magazine.because it is brought out from the black background.
  4. 4. Masthead Comment on how the design of the magazine cover attracts the target audience: ColourThe masthead is a bold City College that would attract a Salford pink heading The pink connotes girls, hot and can be seen as a sexyfemale audience. It is meant to entertain and look quite quirky Eccles Centre colour. For a deeper meaning it can be acceptance whichand eye catching. ItMedia Studies AS stands out because it large and spaced out. relates to being different link Avril being a punk. Black isThe masthead also fills top Portfolioso it’s the first thing the Foundation of page gothic colour and links to her style. The white backgroundaudience when they pick up the magazine. The contrasts with helps brings out the contrasts from black being bad andthe dark colours on girl help to create a fun and girly magazine white being innocent which is how most of the audience willwith a twist of adult because of the sophistication of the act being young females. Change in colours makes magazinetypeface. more high profile and professional to beat competition.Main image TypefacesFor the main image they have used a well-known celebrity. The As for the bold text, this makes magazine seem shockingdirect eye contact to audience lures them in because they are and important towards the audience. It tries to makes thegoing to be interested about why they are on the magazine. magazine stand out from the rest of them. Different sizesThe unusual gesture pose focuses more on attracting girls not shapes used on the cover bring creativity and a sense ofboys, although there is a hint of her seductively she is more in edginess. This relates to main image being in your face likeyour face with an attitude rather than being sexy. Her smart, text.sarcastic smile looks like she has an attitude as she is known forbeing bad ass and like a punk. As she is leaning forwardstowards the camera she is looking directly at the reader. This Photography Lightingmakes the reader more intrigued as the artists grabs their They have used high key lighting on face which creates aattention. Her gestures of bowing, contrast with her dominant contrast and helps to make the main image mostpersonality because she is well known for being rebellious and important on the page. The white back ground helps topunk/rocker like. bring out features and dark colours on the celebrity. This creates a distinctive image for audience. The necklace is put in centre and brought out and helps create an unusualModel credit gesture pose to draw in audience.The model credit is bold like the masthead which showscontinuity and as it is pink to attract the young femaleaudience. The white contrast on black dress is eye catching and Coverlinesluring. As it is at the bottom of page the audience are brought The cover lines have been places around the main imageto it as a pattern from top to bottom. Because the colours are and smaller so the audience isn’t distracted when looking atthe brightest they stand out. This all relates to the hard/punk the magazine. The changes from pink to black link to thelook used on the main image. The short snappy lines to tell celebrity and the masthead, this helps keep continuity andaudience the main storyline and leave an enigma so that the professionalism. They are surrounding main image so theaudience as drawn to the magazine. audience is directed to the centre of the page. It mentions important names to attract audience but not give too much away. They are all aimed at one particular music group ofMain cover line the female audience.They have used pink, white and black which links to her House Styleperfume which uses these colours in mainstream stores that The use of bold text and 3 colours helps create continuity and creates athe primary audience will go in and recognise her for as well as Design Principles Used professional look on the magazine so that the audience are more likely to beher music. The magazine has adapted to this. The main cover In term of the design principle, the cover lines in the top left attracted to it. The masthead covers the whole of the top page so it attracts theline has used direct address using ‘You’ to attract the audience corner fill the primary optical area and grab the audience’s audience because it stands out across the whole cover. The main image coversand bring them into the story. The big text helps it stand out attention because there are popular artists listed. Also, the the rule of three so audiences are attracted to the most important features thatfrom the other minor cover lines. The contrast on black helps mast head across the top of the page grabs the attention of are there to help sell the magazine. The model credit also covers the bottom ofto emphasise main story because the colours seem brighter the audience because it stands out. In terms of the rule of page so that the audience follow the design principle theory and do not miss outand more obvious. thirds, the audience are drawn to the image as her eyes and on the key aspects of the magazine. necklace are lying on horizontal lines. Her eyes are also on intersecting lines so the audience are going to be drawn to the main image. She is also look directly at the camera which helps the audience to be more involved.