Double page spread nm and lg


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Double page spread nm and lg

  1. 1. Guttenberg Main Image In terms of the Guttenberg design, the The main image on this magazine page is in black and white and sits to the left of the page. ThisText image has been placed in the optical area of means it will be the first thing that the reader will see. Her gesture code is very seductive andThe text used in this article the magazine because this is where the sophisticated. This aims the article at an older audience and males and females. As she is exposedis very small and reader will look first; it also fills in the weak on the double page spread, it can link to the article as she is giving out personal information to ainformative. The typeface is fallow area to make the magazine more lot of people and ‘exposing’ herself. The black and white effect helps make the magazine looksharp and professional appealing. The text fills the strong and professional and sophisticated. This also tells us that it is aimed at an older audience. The image iswhich aims at an older terminal area which makes the magazine a close up which helps the artist to be more seductive and in the faces of the reader.audience of 26+. The text look more informative.also helps to set aprofessional standard Design symmetrybecause it is formal and There is symmetry from the neckmature. The columns are lower to create a morefull of text and look well- professional portrait image.spaced out which buildsformality and attracts thereaders. Rule of ThirdsDesign Balance In terms of the rule of thirds, theIn terms of the design main image fills each other thebalance, the pages are set lines and intersecting lines of theof very formal and equally theory. Her face covers most ofbalanced. The image on the the top horizontal line which willfirst page is large and is lure the reader’s attention to theclose up so that it fills most picture. Also, her hands and chestof the page. The text on the are also on two intersecting linesother page is very and becomes prominent on theinformative as there are lots page which helps to grab theof paragraphs of text that reader’s attention. As she isfill the same amount of centred on the page, she fillsspace as the image. This most of the background whichmakes the double page helps to make the image morespread look smart and eye-catching.equally worth the money. Italso balances out the colouras well because we can see Masthead House Stylethe black and white, but The masthead is very bold and sophisticated. The bright red ‘L’ is In terms of the house style, the black and white effect creates a very mature andalso the red L helps to make placed in an unusual place, but this fits in with the artist Lady sophisticated look for the magazine, the use of the red contrasts with the blackthe text more eyes catching. Gaga because she is known to have an unusual personality and and white and helps to make important points stand out from the background. fashion sense. The L represents her and looks like a stamp, The smart font helps to build a professional standard and fits with the black and which tells the reader that she is important and the article is full white house style. It is aimed at older readers and more mature readers as its of important details. subtle and sophisticated.
  2. 2. Design Balance Guttenberg Main imageIn terms of the design In the primary optical area, we can see they have put the In this double page spread we can see the main image is of the artist Nikki Minaj.balance, this magazine masthead there so that the audience are drawn to who the This indicates to the audience who the article is going to be about. Her bodyhas balanced the text to article is about. Then in the strong fallow area, the image of Nikki composition is very sharp and constructs the body of the text. There is high keyfit around the main Minaj fills the area to catch the reader’s attention. In the lighting used on her to help bring her out against the bright pink background.image. The text curves terminal area, we can see there is text used. Although people She has patterned clothing and jewellery which is brought out by the high keyaround her body which don’t tend to look in the week fallow area, they have filled the lighting and is more recognisable from the plain background.helps give the page a space with text to keep the reader going.professional looksbecause if doesn’t look Rule of Thirdsovercrowding. The textstill stands out and keeps In terms of the rule of thirds, wethe main image the can see that her body fits on thedominant contrast. Her intersecting lines to make herarm covers some of the stand out more to the audience.masthead; however this This is helped by the outfit she isbalances the page wearing and challenges thebecause it’s spread stereotypical main imageacross both pages. The because she is standing outaudience will recognise more than usual. Her arm helpsthe artist by looking at her to fill more of the horizontalthe main image. lines and makes her appear more dominant on the page.TextThe text is big and boldwhich stand outs to theaudience. It links to thepop/Rnb genre becauseit comes across as loudand exciting. The mixture Design symmetryof sharp and curlededges gives the page a There’s no symmetryunique looks because itmakes it look playful and Masthead House Stylegirly yet sophisticated. The masthead is very bold and dramatic, this relates to the In terms of the house style, this magazine has a very young vibe to the colour and artist behaviour and personality and it also helps the typeface. Pink is symbolised as a traditional colour for girls, showing that this article is audience know what the magazine is going to be about aimed at a young female audience. The typeface is bold and contrasts well to the and who it is aimed at. The pink colour symbolises it is a background colour. The font is also girly and the house style relates to the pop/Rnb fun article and mainly aimed at a female audience as that genre of music because it is bright and exciting. The colours also make the article exotic colour is stereotypically used to represent girls. which indicates to the artist song types.