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  1. 1. Alix KellyMedia StudiesText Analysis (800 words)Masthead - RACING AHEADBand Name – FusionBritish pop dance twins are on their way to the top and nothing is getting in their way.It’s been a very productive past 2 years for the Fusion girls who have stormed their way to the top ofthe charts with their latest single “moving with my heart.” Georgia and Amy first came about in 2010when they performed a small gig in Manchester for a small group of people. 2 months and they arejust about managing their money. Suddenly, a sign up was offered to them by EMI. Now, the girls areracing ahead, working hard and producing great tunes that everyone is listening to. I have managedto catch up with the girls in the busy lifestyle to see how it all began and what they are planning forthe future.Q Hello girls, firstly to start off, how has the past two years been working out for you then?A (Georgia) Hi! It’s been hectic to be honest, we haven’t had a moments rest unfortunately andthere won’t be any for a while because of the festivals and gigs that we have booked for.Q which festivals are you attending this year?A (Amy) we are looking to perform at tomorrow land, then to perform at v festival in later augustwhich will be really exciting because we will get to see all our amazing fans and friends who are alsoperforming.Q That sounds exciting! How did you two start out then?A (Amy) well we are twins to start, so we have always been very close. Our dad used to perform inlocal clubs and tour across Europe during the summer to DJ and larger events. So, we decided tohave a go on his DJ kit one day whilst dad was out with work. It was fab!(Georgia) Once we got the music and singing together we were constantly occupied with the music,we even stopped attending school at one point.Q So did your dad help you to get gigs locally then?A (Georgia) Well, he wasn’t happy when he found out that we were skipping school, but he realisedhow much we wanted to become a bigger part of the music. So he arranged a meeting for us to goand see a manager, who then helped us to get our name out on the streets and producingadvertising and promotional gigs.(Amy) Then from there on out we have just been producing more and more music. Unfortunately, itis very time consuming, but it has definitely been worth it.Q Sounds like you have been doing it from the very beginning! So, what’s in store for your fansthen?A (Georgia) we have numerous gigs and special events to perform at from now until the summer,including our UK tour ‘Moving with our hearts’ which will be amazing! We also have a getaway toIbiza where we will perform at some of the clubs and also try to have a little break before we comeback and continue with our UK tour which is going to be so dynamic!Pull Quote “We just love to make our own music but times can get tough”A (Amy)We used to get our dad to help us but unfortunately he passed away last year and we havehad to work on our own which has been very difficult but we have managed.
  2. 2. Alix KellyMedia StudiesText Analysis (800 words)I’m sorry to hear that; your music for your tour is in memory of your dad isn’t it?A (Amy) Yes it is. Obviously, the music is all ours, but we have made a few extra songs that have amash up of our songs and our dads, it sounds so vibrant. The fans will love it!How are you finding the life of ‘fame’?A (Georgia)Everyone says being famous is like a dream come true, but it’s actually really hard. Youhave to be so careful what you say to people and you are always being watched. Plus the late nightsare not always partying and DJing. The process of making the music is too time consuming!Finally, is there anything else you want to tell your fans?Amy Yes! We just want to say a big thank you for everything you have done so far. We reallyappreciate your support. It makes a massive difference when you help us. We literally rely on you!Thanks!