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Performance appraisals strike back - Accelerating productivity on-the-go


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The fast paced, dynamic environment that makes SMBs so attractive to employees is also what prevents managers to give regular feedback to their employees. Yet regular feedback is probably the most important aspect of performance reviews, as those ongoing discussions are what will have the most positive impact on productivity in your business.

Companies such as GE, Accenture, Adobe and Deloitte have recently shifted away from annual performance reviews to an ongoing feedback model, for several reasons:

They are a chore, for managers and employees alike
One central conversation gets all the attention, when frequent, bite-size feedback is the most efficient
Worse, annual reviews tend to promote bad management.
Review this presentation to understand the new paradigm of performance appraisals, and its extended benefits to employee engagement and motivation (if you do it the right way).

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Performance appraisals strike back - Accelerating productivity on-the-go

  1. 1. Geoffroy de Lestrange EMEA Product Marketing Manager @csodemea / @gdelestrange Performance reviews strike back! Accelerating productivity on the go for SMBs
  2. 2. Cornerstone: global Leaders in SaaS Talent 3 23.8 MILLION USERS 2600 CLIENTS 191 COUNTRIES 42 LANGUAGES
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  5. 5. Happiness goes with flexibility 6 Correlation of happiness scores with the adoption of flexible working patterns Source: IDC, Cornerstone OnDemand HR-LOB Survey,M arch 2016
  6. 6. Impact on performance management
  7. 7. What are we talking about?
  8. 8. Old reviews are disappearing
  9. 9. credit attribution:paul prescott / What’s the target • Know your employees’ skills • Ensure that the right person is at the right position with the right skills at the right moment • Develop your employees’ strengths • Plan for workforce and succession
  10. 10. Change is underway • Innovative new performance management models are now becoming an imperative as businesses modernise and improve their talent solutions. • 89 percent of respondents recently changed their performance management process or plan to change it within 18 months (Deloitte)
  11. 11. Don’t mix up everything! Oldperformancereview Ongoing performance review Talent & development review Compensation review
  12. 12. Review isn’t often enough 13 Source: IDC, Cornerstone OnDemand HR-LOB Survey,M arch 2016 Frequency of employee reviews per topic in Europe
  13. 13. Fair analysis • Performance compared to target objectives (“SMART” goals) • Performance variation from one year to the next • Performance variation following talent management measures (e.g. training, development plan…) • Performance compared to target positions
  14. 14. Mobile – cool, but what for? 15 • Cheaper technology • Wider access • Onsite observation • Real life review • Mobile generated content • ATAWAD
  15. 15. Move to the cloud 16 Source: Deloitte,Google,Cloud SM B survey ,2014
  16. 16. The role of HR
  17. 17. 18 Source: Gallup; Employees Want More From Managers, 4/2015 The relationship between the Employee andtheir Direct Supervisor is the #1 driver to employee engagement Managers account for up to 70%of variance in employee engagement. Manager’s Impact on Engagement
  18. 18. HR needs to align with the business 19 Source: IDC, Cornerstone OnDemand HR-LOB Survey,M arch 2016 Areas of improvement for the HR department in Europe
  19. 19. What now?
  21. 21. Take a step back
  22. 22. Performance Growth Edition 23 Measure performance against business objectives • Self-configurable and customisable to your processes • Performance management • Goal setting • Social reviews • Skills & competencies • Development plans • Analytics 23
  23. 23. HR has to lead the change!
  24. 24. DEMO
  25. 25. Your next step Discover our Growth Edition solution • Click here to register to a product demo webinar • Contact us for a free trial