Case Study - Prestige Smart Kitchen - A World Of Ideas


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Prestige Smart Kitchen - A World Of Ideas! A Case study on How we helped Prestige Smart Kitchen carve a positive Brand Image on Social Media.

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Case Study - Prestige Smart Kitchen - A World Of Ideas

  1. 1. Case Study: Prestige Smart Kitchen’s Social Media
  2. 2. Overview • Over the past five decades TTK Prestige Limited, has emerged as India’s largest kitchen appliances company catering to the needs of home makers in the country. • TTK Prestige Limited is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Pressure Cookers . Prestige has been responsible for changing the cooking habits of millions in India; it has demonstrated how one could cook meals in minutes, the healthy way. • TTK Prestige Limited has come a long way. Today, TTK Prestige Limited has the widest product portfolio covering all aspects of the Kitchen making it the only brand to offer TOTAL KITCHEN SOLUTIONS to the customer. • The product range includes Pressure Cookers, Non-Stick Cookware, Rice Cookers, OTG’s, Kitchen Hoods (Chimneys), Hobs, LP Gas Stoves, Coffee Makers, Kettles, Sandwich Toasters and many other small electrical appliances. TTK Prestige Limited also offers Modular Kitchen solutions with the widest range of options in terms of design, choice of materials, accessories and hardware. • TTK Prestige Limited exports its products to USA, Europe, South Africa, Kenya, Australia, Singapore, Middle East, Sri Lanka and many other countries.
  3. 3. Objectives • To change the brand perception about Prestige being a generic name for pressure cookers. • Wanted to highlight their range of smart kitchen products for smarter women. • To know their audience and their demographic distribution through Facebook. • To attract fans and create the highest degree of engagement with the Target Audience. • To build a community of loyalists. • To spread the word about Prestige through social media
  4. 4. Welcome Page • A sleek looking welcome page, designed to let users know(who have not liked the page) about the value proposition that Prestige Smart Kitchen holds. • This app tells a story about every image once clicked/mouse hovered.
  5. 5. Prestige Smart Kitchen WishlistContest and Facebook Application
  6. 6. Strategy • Considering the range of smart kitchen appliances that Prestige has, our main aim was to communicate the message and to inject a feeling of, “wishing to own Prestige Smart Kitchen products” • Facebook was chosen as the right platform to communicate the message to the target audience. • In order to move ahead with the idea and to be able to create max involvement with the TA, it was required to have a very smart looking app that can grab the targeted attention and make it very easy for them to browse through the products.
  7. 7. Look And Feel
  8. 8. Steps Simplified • After clicking ‘enter’ one can see the this cool UI where products are highlighted and more products can be browsed by clicking the side buttons. • Based on preference, products can be selected then dragged and dropped into a cart at the bottom.
  9. 9. Smart Kitchen Wishlist Cart • Products once chosen can be dropped in this cart. • Number of products dropped in the cart is shown in the Items icon. • The total amount after adding the price of the products dragged, is shown in the price icon. • Once the price exceeds the maximum limit (which in this case is Rs 4000), no more products can be dropped in the cart.
  10. 10. Details Page • After clicking next once the items have been dropped in the cart will take the participant to this form page. • In the form details page the participant has to finally update his details. • One very simple, and basic question is asked. This question is the deciding factor for selecting winners.
  11. 11. Post Submit Message After clicking ‘Submit’ the contest gets shared on the participants wall with this message thus ensuring the virality factor for the contest.
  12. 12. Response We received an awesome response of over 1800 entries and queries on Facebook asking for result announcements.
  13. 13. Winners Announced
  14. 14. VIDEO OVERVIEWCheck out the video case study on YouTube:
  15. 15. Super Saver Offer • Special Offers, Exciting Discount Offers, Exciting Exchange Offers, Exciting Gift Offers at Prestige Smart Kitchen outlets. • We did geography specific apps, separately for North, East, West and South. • We divided the products by categories and on each category offers and discounts where highlighted for various products which can be browsed by clicking the slider buttons. • “Check out our webstore locator” app. Upon clicking this button will direct the user to the webstore locator link on our website.
  16. 16. Valentine’s Day Contest
  17. 17. Look And Feel
  18. 18. Choosing Gift After selecting your friend from the list (refer to last slide). Select the product and click next
  19. 19. Details Page
  20. 20. Post Submit Virality Tagged Person’s Wall Participant’s Wall As soon as the tagging is done, products selected and forms detail page is filled. A message goes to the participant’s wall as well as on the tagged person’s wall
  21. 21. Few Queries And Responses During The Contest
  22. 22. Winner Declaration Update And The Corresponding Responses Responses
  23. 23. Update Based Contests
  24. 24. Update Based Contests Simple non-app contests were played and based on responses and answers best few were given Prestige vouchers.
  25. 25. Regular Status Updates Regular status updates are to juice up the engagement.
  26. 26. Regular Status Updates • Everyday our team posts regular status updates on the Prestige Smart Kitchen facebook page. • The status updates and content are: o Prestige Smart Kitchen product info and USPs o Cooking and cleaning tips and tricks o General kitchen tips and tricks o Questions and conversation updates (i.e. we ask a question, etc and reply later with the answers) o Did You Know updates: interesting facts, etc about cooking, kitchens, food, etc.
  27. 27. Other Activities
  28. 28. E-mailers
  29. 29. Microsites Super Saver Microsite Monthly Newsletter
  30. 30. Targeted Facebook Ads Facebook ad was spent spread out based on contests and applications. Prestige Smart Kitchen Wishlist Contest Super Saver Offer (Geographical targeting) Valentine’s Day Contest Result : Targeted Facebook ads have helped us achieve a fan base of 10,000+ in just 3 months Fan Base: December 2011 : 4,244 January 2012 : +1,845 February 2012: +3,706
  31. 31. Increase in Fans/Likes No. of Fans/Likes on the Prestige Smart Kitchen Facebook page 12000 10913 10000 9795 8000 6000 6089 4000 4244 2000 0 0 Nov-11 Dec-11 Jan-12 Feb-12 Mar-12