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Case Study - Hard Rock Battle Of The Bands Facebook Voting


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Case Study of Hard Rock Battle Of The Bands Facebook voting for Hard Rock Cafe by AliveNow Inc.

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Case Study - Hard Rock Battle Of The Bands Facebook Voting

  1. 1. Hard Rock Battle of the Bands Client: Hard Rock Cafe India By AliveNow
  2. 2. Introduction• Hard Rock Battle Of The Bands - Give a band the chance to play on the biggest stage of their career at Hard Rock Calling 2011 in Londons Hyde Park.• Creating a platform for local bands to play at the local Hard Rock Cafés, increase awareness about the property and increase footfalls to the café.
  3. 3. Hard Rock Battle of the Bands Voting on Facebook.• Five bands will play in each Hard Rock Cafe in India – Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune – Totally 25 bands.• One of the five bands for each city will be selected through voting on Facebook. The remaining four will be selected by judges.• A clean and neat Facebook tab was set up and the voting mechanism was simple.
  4. 4. Hard Rock Battle of the Bands Voting on Facebook.• A fan MUST like the Hard Rock Mumbai (or any other city’s) Facebook page first.• Then a fan has to “Like” the band on our Hard Rock Mumbai, Bangalore, etc’s Facebook page to cast their vote.• A fan can choose whatever band he/she wants and cast their vote. They can cast a vote for any number of bands, but only ONE VOTE PER BAND.• Sample Screenshots are displayed in the next slide.
  5. 5. A user MUSTlike the pageto Cast theirvote. This wasthe landingpage for allnon-fans whovisited theFacebookpage duringthe Battle ofthe Bandsvoting period.
  6. 6. Only AFTERLiking thepage, will thefull list ofbands that aretaking part forthat city bedisplayed.Then a usercan click onany band andclick like forthat band tocast his/hervote!
  7. 7. Screenshots of voting on Hard Rock Mumbai’sFacebook page. Same voting structure for all pages.
  8. 8. Overview – First Round• Drive fans to vote on Facebook for their favorite bands.• Increase the number of fans across all the five Hard Rock Café Facebook pages - Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.• Promote the event on all official band Facebook pages and lead fans to vote for them on Hard Rock Café Facebook page / blog.• One band which gets the maximum votes via Facebook will compete with other 4 bands for a spot to perform in London.
  9. 9. How Did this go viral?• Bands started posting on their own Facebook pages/groups asking for their fans to vote, leading them to the Hard Rock Café Facebook pages.• Band members used their personal profiles to ask their friends to vote for their bands.• The event got a wide coverage across social media platforms.• Hard Rock fans also started to tweet, re-tweet, & share the event and voting across the social platforms.
  10. 10. See how the event went viral on Facebook!!
  11. 11. A few Bands got innovative!
  12. 12. Tweets, Re-tweets & mentions!
  13. 13. Second Round of Battle Of The Bands goes Viral!
  14. 14. Second Round of Battle Of The Bands goes Viral!
  15. 15. Campaign Outcome• The Hard Rock Battle of the bands campaign was a huge success on Facebook.• There was a spike in the number of fans across all the 5 Hard Rock Facebook pages (graphs in the next slide). Added over 10,000 fans in a week on all Facebook pages.
  16. 16. Facebook Fan page likes shot up!
  17. 17. Traffic to the blog also exploded!Hard Rock India blog saw a huge rise in traffic( The blog usually gets 200-250visitors a day, and during this period there was a 1500% rise,and we got about 2500-3500 visits a day on average.
  18. 18. THANK YOU