Aditi Technologies B2B Social Media Case Study


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Aditi Technologies B2B Social Media Case Study by AliveNow Inc. How Aditi deployed social media networking sites to achieve their objectives.

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Aditi Technologies B2B Social Media Case Study

  1. 1. Case Study: Aditi Technologies On Social Media How AliveNow helped a leading B2B organization embrace and leverage social media.
  2. 2. Objectives of brand Aditi • The objective was to showcase the work culture at Aditi and reach out to new talent in the market using social media platforms. Also to establish Aditi Technologies as a thought leader in it’s field of cloud enterprise social and big data. • We had to position Aditi for what they believed in, a cool and a geeky place to work. • The challenge was how to showcase a strong technology based B2B company like Aditi as a cool place to work at. • Spread the word about Aditi Technologies being a leader in Cloud Computing Solutions. • Share achievements of Aditi Employees and the various success stories of the company.
  3. 3. Strategy on Social Media • We chose to take the Aditi Technologies brand live on 3 prominent social platforms: Facebook, Slideshare and Blog. • On Facebook, we built applications which would help us reach our goal of positioning Aditi as a cool place to work and get new talent into Aditi Technologies. • On the blog, we shared articles on Cloud Computing, Enterprise Social, Big Data and more, we designed the blog and made it social media and search friendly. • On Slideshare we shared the presentations from Aditi Technologies that discussed the brand, their work, etc.
  4. 4. Aditi Technologies - Facebook Page Engaging Content: We made regular updates on the Facebook page, keeping the page active, shared articles from the Aditi Blog and Slideshare channel. Facebook Applications: Built unique applications on Facebook, which would showcase the work culture and attract new talent. We built various apps on Facebook like the Welcome application, Careers Application, LEAD application and Culture at Aditi Application. You will see this more in detail in the following slides. Targeted Facebook Ads: We also executed highly targeted Facebook Ads which helped acquiring new and relevant fans on Aditi Technologies Facebook page.
  5. 5. Welcome Application - Facebook We created a Welcome application, here we talked about Who, How and What Aditi was all about. We also integrated a Video on the Application, which goes on over how new employees at Aditi Technologies are welcomed. When ever a new Fan came on the Aditi Facebook page, the landed on the Welcome Application.
  6. 6. Lead Application - Facebook LEAD - Learning, Engagement & Development is an Aditi initiative where Aditi Employees share their domain expertise with their colleagues. It is Open Training platform from Aditi Technologies. We wanted to share this expertise and knowledge with Facebook Fans.
  7. 7. Lead Application - Facebook We embedded presentations from training modules in a slideshow format and shared the same on the application. We also shared details of upcoming LEAD events and the topics which would be discussed. The users also had the ability to view various slideshows.Check the application here:
  8. 8. Work Culture at Aditi - FacebookThis was one of the coolerapplications we build, where areally nice e-book which can beflipped as a physical book wasembedded in a Facebook app.The objective was to showcase theWork Culture at Aditi Technologies.The users had the ability to expandthe e-book to full size and gothrough the entire process startingfrom how we hire, train, first day ofwork, a typical Saturday, etc.Check the application here:
  9. 9. Careers Application - FacebookWe created a comprehensiveCareers application onFacebook for AditiTechnologies.A candidate can apply for ajob in Aditi right from Facebookin a hassle-free way, and wehad many such candidatesapplying through thisapplication.Some of the features that wehad were: The user had theability to choose the job byfunction, location of the joband apply for the job right fromFacebook by uploading hisResume.
  10. 10. Careers Application - FacebookAll the current openings atAditi Technologies were listedon the application with thedescription and otherinformation.The best part was the backendof the application where theHR manager has the ability toAdd a new position ordelete/edit an existing one,and this would update in realtime on the Facebookapplication. Check the application here:
  11. 11. Slideshare Channel - Aditi Technologies Besides launching Aditi’s Slideshare channel, we also kept updating it on a regular basis with related content from Aditi Technologies.
  12. 12. Slideshare Channel - Aditi Technologies We created the Slideshare channel and populated it with presentations and videos. We made the Slideshare channel SEO friendly by using the right keywords and by bookmarking the same. The Slideshare channel generated a lot of eye balls and social sharing. We also shared many of the slides on Aditi’s Blog. View Aditi’s Slideshare Channel here:
  13. 13. Aditi Technologies Blog Designed, developed and launched the Aditi Technologies blog.
  14. 14. Aditi Technologies Blog • We populated the blog with articles from Aditi Technologies employees on a regular basis. • The articles were tagged with the appropriate keywords and we segmented the articles based on the category, this function made it easier for the user to navigate between article which were of the same category. • The articles were shared on other social networking sites, the reader had the ability to Like, Tweet or Share the article on other Social Sites. • We added various plugins on the blog to make it more user friendly, for example: Most read articles in the past 30 days, etc. Visit Aditi’s Blog:
  15. 15. Video Case Study - Aditi TechnologiesClick here to watch this case study video on YouTube: search in YouTube: “Aditi Technologies Social Media Case Study”View this case study and others on AliveNow’s YouTube
  16. 16. Results so far The results of the social media exercise for Aditi Technologies has been outstanding so far. Since beginning activities in early 2012, we have achieved tremendous numbers and we highlight a few below: • Within a period of 2 months we moved from 0 to 8,000+ fans on Facebook, with lot of buzz being generated about Aditi and prospective employees applying for Job Openings. Most importantly, these were very relevant likes meaning the right audience was joining the Aditi Facebook page. • On the Slideshare channel there was over 10,000 views within 2 months. We also saw many downloads and embeds of the case studies. This was due to the quality of the content that was shared. • Traffic to the blog was phenomenal. It received a lot of hits and within 2-3 months we crossed 25,000 page views. Monthly page views for the blog were rising consistently.
  17. 17. Facebook Likes - Aditi Technologies
  18. 18. Monthly pageviews on the Aditi Blog
  19. 19. Thank You! For more details regarding the Aditi Technologies Case study, write to us at with your queries.Visit us at to learn more.