IT Strategy Review


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IT Strategy Review

  1. 1. Business clarity through IT IT Strategy Review What Is It? A strong IT strategy should serve only one purpose – to give a company the best competitive advantage it can obtain in its market environment. All too often IT projects and spend are considered in isolation and in a reactive rather than proactive manner. At AcuITy our whole ethos surrounds adding maximum value to our clients and for this reason, we like to understand an overview of where are clients are as a business and where they intend going to, and to ensure that their IT strategy is totally complimentary to their business plan. In this way, specific projects, and spend can be benchmarked against strategy to ensure best fit, best timing, and maximised return on investment. How Will You Benefit? The AcuITy IT Strategy Review of your business adds three key benefits:- • It provides you with an independent viewpoint of where your current IT sits in the context of your business and its aspirations • It will seek to identify projects and developments that will yield the highest Returns on Investment • It will prioritise IT development over a mid to long term view into a coherent ‘roadmap’ structure that can provide you with a basis for future IT investment planning. Ongoing IT Strategic Review has been a particularly successful at The Greenhous Group, a Sunday Times - Top 100 Independent Company that has thrived in the ultra competitive motor industry – “The AcuITy team have had a hugely beneficial effect on our approach to IT strategy at Greenhous. They have worked with us to understand fully the best direction and solutions for our business and this has helped us keep at the forefront of our marketplace and has added to our bottom line in a great many ways. They think and act like a part of our business” Kerry Finnon – Joint Chief Executive – Greenhous Group
  2. 2. How Does The AcuITy Strategy Review Work? It is a high level review based around client consultation – usually a days on site visit. We will talk to the business leaders and managers, and those closest to your IT infrastructure to gain a picture of:- • Your business plan • Your current progress against that business plan • Current capacity constraints • Your competitor dynamics • Current IT Infrastructure including: o Hardware – age, owned/leased, etc o Packaged software - licensing, versioning etc o Bespoke software – IPR’s, fitness for purpose, thin or fat client etc o E-commerce arrangements o Data duplication, system cohesiveness o Disaster recovery o IT spend and budget o Data security • Your IT Route Map Clearly this will be an initial ‘helicopter view’ given time constraints. From this we will construct a written report of where you are, where you are going and the fit between your IT Route Map and your business objectives. What Do You Have To Do? On one day, at your premises, make as many of the key drivers of your business as possible available to us to discuss your business for about an hour each. We would like to be able to talk to:- • The MD/CEO • Head of Operations • Head of Sales • Head of Finance • Head of IT We would benefit from time with someone who understands the nuts and bolts of your IT hardware and software. We would like to take a copy away with us of your:- • Business plan (or a bullet point synopsis of it, and subject of course to confidentiality) • IT routemap • Hardware inventory • Software inventory • Network diagrams • DR Plans In return you will get our honest opinions, where we recommend your priorities lie, and a synopsis of where we believe AcuITy can add value to your business! Simple! Business clarity through IT Allison House T 0330 123 3330 Holsworth Park F 01743 343262 Oxon Business Park E Shrewsbury SY3 5HJ