Information Technology Masters Capstone


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Information Technology Masters Capstone

  1. 1. Information Technology Masters Capstone Course: ITEC 6800 E-Business Technology and Capstone: DSES 6961 Spring 2004 Class hours: Mondays: 6:00 PM to 8:50 PM in DCC 240 Professor: Greg Hughes Office: Lally Hall Room 304 Telephone: 518-276-2590 E-mail: Office Hrs: Mondays 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Wednesdays 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Electronic Office Hour for Distance Students available upon request Also by appointment Teaching Assistant: Christian Gottlicher E-mail: Course Description: This course integrates the knowledge and professional practice of IT core and applications courses. Topics in database systems, networking, software design, decision science, management of technology, human computer interaction, and ethics are applied within a framework of global e-business strategy. The course utilizes an Information Technology Team Project with a real organization to practice the major concepts of the IT and DSES Master’s Degrees. The Team Project involves strategic and business planning, systems development, and technology implementation. Course Objectives: 1. Understand the latest concepts in engineering systems and information technology. 2. Understand the basic concepts and frameworks of strategy. 3. Be able to integrate the concepts of business strategy, systems engineering, database systems, networking, software engineering, and human computer interaction. 4. Be able to design and implement integrated information systems and technology to solve real problems strategically for real organizations. Required Textbook: Grant, Robert M., Contemporary Strategy Analysis, Fourth Edition, Blackwell Publishers, Malden, MA, 2002.
  2. 2. Readings: Cases and other Readings are available in a course pack in the Bookstore. Weekly textbook, case and journal article readings are assigned and listed in the course syllabus. Current event articles related to the weekly topics may be assigned prior to the week of classes. These readings will be accessible via the Internet and will be posted on the course WebCT site weekly. All reading assignments must be completed before each class so the class time can be devoted to interactive discussions of the topics in the context of current business events. Grading: Case Write-ups and Other Weekly Assignments 35% In-Class Participation 15% Team Project and Presentation 50% Attendance and Grading Policy The majority of your grade will be received through classroom participation and the team project. Therefore it is expected that you attend every class. A participation grade will be given for each individual for each class. As part of the Project grade, there will be considerable team and client meeting time required. Questions from the Case and/ or Readings will be posted on WebCT. Each student must post on the WebCT site the answer prior to class. Each Case Write-up and Weekly Assignment posted on WebCT will be given a grade. The grades for the accumulated class participation, weekly assignments, and project milestones will be posted on WebCT. Academic Integrity Integrity is an extremely important part of any professional’s character and behavior. This course expects the highest level of personal and academic integrity. You are encouraged to discuss homework and cases in groups, but each student should write the individual case and homework assignments separately. Any ideas and/or quotations from any source, including the Internet, should be properly referenced in homework and the term project. The term project is to be accomplished in collaboration with other team members. For any assignment associated with the term project, one individual from the team should submit one copy for the entire team on WebCT. The other team members should submit a message on WebCT stating that another individual has provided their team’s submission. Any breach of the academic integrity code listed in the Rensselaer Handbook will be considered grounds for failure in the course. WebCT The course syllabus, assignments, grades, bulletin board, and other course materials will be available on WebCT. Course Syllabus IT Masters Capstone: ITEC 6800 E-Business Technology and Capstone: DSES 6961 Spring 2004 2
  3. 3. Class Key Topics Chapter Cases and Project Assignments Date in Grant Complimentary Milestones Readings Jan. 12 • Course Lecture 1 Introduction • Review syllabus • Discuss Term Project Jan. 12 • Concept of 1, 2 Read Chapters Lecture 2 Strategy Submit resume • Goals & on WebCT. Performance • Strategy as a Quest for Profit Jan. 19 • No Class Holiday: no class Jan. 26 • Discuss Term 3,4 Read Chapters. Lecture 3 Project Work on • Industry Identifying a Analysis Team and Term • 5 Force Project. Analysis • Intra- Industry Analysis • Segmentation Jan. 26 • Term Project 5 “Strategy and the Read Chapter. Lecture 4 • Analysis of Internet” by Michael Read Paper. Resources E. Porter, HBR Work on and (R0103D) Identifying a Capabilities Team and Term • Management Project of Technology • Strategy and the Internet 3
  4. 4. Class Key Topics Chapter Cases and Project Assignments Date in Grant Complimentary Milestones Readings Feb. 2 • Organization 6 and 7 Proposal for Submit Proposal Lecture 5 • Management Term Project for Term Project Information including Team Systems and Project on • Competitive WebCT Advantage Feb. 2 • Competitive Dell – New Horizons Submit answer to Lecture 6 Advantage Case (HBS Dell Case • Cost 9-502-022) question on Advantage WebCT • Differentiatn. Advantage Feb. 9 • Competitive 11 Final Decision Read Chapter. Lecture 7 Advantage in on Team and Final Decision on Technical Term Project Term Project. Industries Work with Term • Summary of Project Client Strategic Organization on Planning Systems Requirements. Feb. 9 • BEA Systems, BEA Systems, Inc.: Submit answer to Lecture 8 Inc. Case Constant BEA Systems Reinvention to Cope Case on WebCT with Market Forces Case (HBS 9-803-118) Feb. 17 • Business “How to Write a Strategy and Read Paper. (Acad. Planning Winning Business Systems Monday • Financial Plan” by Stanley R. Requirements Submit “Mini- because Management Rich and David E. for Term Strategic Plan” Feb. 16 • Cost-Benefit Gumpert, HBR, Project (Strategy) and Holiday) Analysis May-June 1985. Systems Lecture 9 (HBS Product Requirements for Number 584X) Term Project Feb. 17 • Project Project Management Read Paper and Lecture Management Manual (HBS Project 10 • Balanced 9-697-034) Management Scorecard “Using the Balanced Manual Scorecard as a Strategic Management System” by Kaplan and Norton, (HBS Product Number 4126) Class Key Topics Chapter Cases and Project Assignments Date in Grant Complimentary Milestones Readings 4
  5. 5. Feb. 23 • Corporate 13 Business Plan, Read Chapter. Lecture Strategy Cost-Benefit Submit Cost 11 Analysis and Benefit Analysis, Project Business Plan Schedule for Financials, and Term Project Project Management Schedule for Term Project Feb. 23 • Intel Case Intel Corp. -- Submit answer to Lecture 1968-2003 Case Intel Case 12 (HBS 9-703-427) question on WebCT Mar. 1 • Database Read materials Lecture • Guest for Database 13 Professor Class Mar. 1 • Database Database Submit Database Lecture Aspects of Aspects of Requirements, 14 Term Project Term Project Backend • Guest Architecture, and Professor Database Schema for Term Project Mar. 15 • Software Read materials Lecture Engineering for Software 15 • Patterns Engineering Class • Guest Professor Mar. 15 • Software Software Submit Systems Lecture Engineering Engineering Architecture, 16 Aspects of Aspects of Patterns, and Term Project Term Project Software • IBM Patterns Engineering Usage for Term Project Mar. 22 • HCI Read materials Lecture • Guest for HCI Class 17 Professor Mar. 22 • Guest HCI Aspects of Submit Usability Lecture Professor Term Project Requirements, 18 • HCI Aspects Front-end of Term Architecture, and Project Sample Screen Shots of Term • Guest Project Professor 5
  6. 6. Class Key Topics Chapter Cases and Project Assignments Date in Grant Complimentary Milestones Readings Mar. 29 • Networking Read materials Lecture • Guest for Networking 19 Professor Class Mar. 29 • Networking Networking Submit Network Lecture Aspects of Aspects of Requirements, 20 Term Project Term Project Network • Guest Architecture, and Professor Network Plan for Term Project Apr. 5 • IT Work on Term Lecture Operations Project 21 • Written and Oral Comm. • RPI Writing Center Apr. 5 • NTT NTT DoCoMo Submit answer to Lecture DoCoMo Establishing Global NTT DoCoMo 22 Case 3G Standards Case question on (HKU-241) WebCT Apr. 12 • Ethics Read material for Lecture • Guest Ethics Class 23 Professor Apr. 12 • Ethics in Ciena Corp. Case Draft Report Submit Draft Lecture Telecommuni (SM-100) of Entire Term Report of Entire 24 cations Project Term Project. • Ciena Case Apr. 19 • Summary of Review Course Lecture Entire Course Material 25 • Feedback on Draft Term Project Apr. 19 • UCB: UCB Managing Submit answer to Lecture Managing Information for UCB Case 26 Information Globalization and question on for Glob. and Innovation (A) (HBS WebCT Innovation 9-303-091) Case Apr. 26 • Team Project Presentation of ½ Class Present Lecture Presentations Term Project Term Project 27 Apr. 26 • Team Project Final Report of ½ Class Present Lecture Presentations Term Project Term Project. 28 Submit Final Report and Final Presentation for Term Project. May 3-7 • No Final No Final Exam Finals Exam Week 6