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Full Job Description

  1. 1. North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust JOB DESCRIPTION Post: Director of Strategy and Business Development Department: Corporate Directorate Managerial Accountability to: Chief Executive Professional Accountability to: Chief Executive Salary: Circa £60k A. Introduction The Director of Strategy, Development and Marketing will support the Chief Executive in the development and implementation of The Trust’s Marketing and Business Strategy. This post holder will originate and lead the Trust’s Corporate, Business and Marketing Strategies, ensuring the strategy is relevant and consistent with NHS national policy. The post holder will present and guide the development of business cases through investment review supported by robust modelling and scenario analysis taking into account internal and external requirements to ensure that the resources available are effectively maximised and allocated to have the most impact. This will require working closely with the Business Managers and Clinical Leads in the trust to identify opportunities and deliver major business development initiatives, together with engaging in a marketing programme with key commissioners. This is a new post to the Trust and will consist of three core areas; i. Development of New Business The Trust is establishing its strategic direction which lies in the provision of four key services in: • Children • Adult mental health • Older peoples mental health • Learning disabilities The Trust has an entrepreneurial approach to expanding its areas of service provision to compliment its current provision of local services. New business needs to be sought, opportunities explored, necessary relationships formed and expanded to enable this. Competition, collaboration and the expansion of partnership working will all be part of the Trust’s future operating strategy in gaining new and retaining existing business areas with other NHS, voluntary and independent sector providers. ii. Current Business Development Although we are competitive and perform well in all existing business areas, it is essential to protect existing business by remaining well connected. Service developments should be focussed within the strategic direction of the Trust and as described in the Integrated Business Plan (IBP) but innovation is always encouraged where this fits within the ethos of the Trust. The Trust has to undergo a programme of re-assessment and re-invention of all our existing business areas using ‘lean’ approaches and techniques to ensure our service models remain relevant, safe, and innovative, of high clinical and operational quality and offer best value to both service users and commissioning bodies. . Director of Strategy, Development and Marketing – Job Description Combined Healthcare April 2008
  2. 2. iii. Foundation Trust Status The Trust aims to apply for Foundation Trust status in 2008. This post will lead the progression of the FT work programme to ensure that the Trust is ‘Fit for Purpose’ for the new environment and is successful in its application. Summary of Post Working closely with the senior managers and clinical staff across all Operating units: • Lead on Strategic Business and Service planning for the Trust • Lead on Marketing for the Trust • Responsible for developing and managing external relationships to facilitate strategic development for the Trust • Working closely with the Operating Units, identify, and support business case development for, investment in new areas of business ensuring alignment with strategic direction as described in the IBP • Support the operational leadership of all services in the Trust to develop a proactive approach to their market and a strong customer focus. The post holder should play a lead role in developing a more business focussed culture within the organisation, equipping and enabling the operational leadership to act as leaders of a business rather than managers of a service • To lead on key strategic change projects for the organisation as appropriate B. Job Purpose Working directly to the Chief Executive, this post will be responsible for safeguarding the business viability of the Trust and ensuring that the Trust thrives in a patient choice environment, through ensuring the volume and funding of patient care remains in line with our financial projections and business plan. The post holder will provide a credible resource both within and external to the Trust in the area of healthcare marketing, by identifying opportunities for future business development The post holder, working closely with the Trust’s Business Managers and Clinical Leads, will develop strategic links in respect to the development and marketing of our business strategy externally with the wider health community, stakeholders and other partners. This will ensure we develop, improve and align our future service delivery to capitalise on the priorities reflected from a systematic, ongoing marketing appraisal process. The post-holder is expected to concentrate on the following key result areas to fulfil the role: 1. Policy Context The post holder will be expected to work in a way that supports the delivery of the local and national priorities as defined by the Trust Agenda, National Mental Health Plan, National Service Frameworks (NSF’s), NICE and MH Guidelines, North Staffordshire MH Network Strategic plan 2. Trust Agenda 2.1 Business Strategy 2.1.1. To develop and deliver the Trusts corporate and business strategy, identifying business objectives, key milestones and future activities. 2.1.2. To lead on the annual service and business planning for the Trust in line with strategic direction 2.1.3. To gather strategic business intelligence. Undertake market analysis, regular marketing monitoring, competitor data analysis, demographic and economic profiling to assist and advise the Trust to identify opportunities for development Director of Strategy, Development and Marketing – Job Description Combined Healthcare April 2008
  3. 3. 2.1.4. Work with all parts of the Trust and stakeholders to develop a costed and achievable annual business plan. The plan will have clear objectives, milestones and performance indicators, together with timeframes for achievement. The annual plan will be in line with the objectives set down in the 5-year Integrated Business Plan. 2.2 Current Business Development 2.2.1 Develop positive relationships with all key customers, commissioners and stakeholders 2.2.2 Lead the construction of robust business cases for service expansion to the standard as expected by an aspiring Foundation Trust. New business opportunities must fit with the Trust’s strategic direction and balance entrepreneurial spirit with sound business processes 2.2.3 Seek out opportunities for deriving efficiency gains in service provision by the introduction of ‘lean’ systems and processes and more effective working 2.2.4 Support the Trust’s operating units to learn the art of working differently in the new NHS to ensure that the Trust is working in partnership and collaboration and /or competes aggressively as necessary 2.2.5 Ensure that all the Trusts major business development projects are managed by appropriate project management processes and to required standards in order that they are delivered on time and within agreed budgets and by using cost based models. Ensure ‘Value for Money’ in securing additional or external project management skills and resources when required to deliver the projects. 2.2.6 Working with operating units, undertake research into alternative models of healthcare delivery to assess the benefits and advantages to the Trust in moving into alternative models/markets 2.2.7 Working closely with the Finance team, ensure that all business both new and existing is covered by signed agreements which are current and which cover the cost of the service on a rolling 3-year contract and that Trust understands the implications of the additional activity, together with the risk and performance requirements of the commissioner and provider. 2.2.8 Ensure that systems are in placed to evaluate and review the performance of Business Development systems against agreed targets and performance indicators 2.2.9 Produce and develop reports for the Board, Executive Team, Business and Investment Group and other relevant groups to keep them appraised of developments and the achievement of objectives 2.2.10 Take a leading role in reviewing business change proposals, through the provision of options appraisals and recommendations to the Trust Board 2.2.11 Contribute to the development of long term and tertiary service developments for specific services 2.2.12 Lead the Business Development Unit across the breadth of the role to ensure effective service planning and developments for the Trust Director of Strategy, Development and Marketing – Job Description Combined Healthcare April 2008
  4. 4. 2.3 Marketing 2.3.1 Develop the Trusts marketing strategy, including the defining of capacity and capabilities needed to deliver it 2.3.2 Actively seek out the opinions of commissioners, partners and consumers in relation to the services the Trust delivers 2.3.3 Ensure that the Trust is using competitor data analysis to enable the Trust to establish itself favourably 2.3.4 In conjunction with the Trust’s communication team, develop, implement and monitor effective proactive and reactive media relations designed to ensure that there is a consistent message to staff, external stakeholders and the public regarding the Trust’s aims and style of working. 2.3.5 Ensure that the Operating Units feedback market intelligence they may have in respect to their speciality 2.3.6 Build and develop positive and constructive relationships with commissioners, partners, governors and other appropriate stakeholders. 2.3.7 Determine and direct the commissioning of market research activities as part of a defined market research strategy to support the development of new service activity and the improvement of existing services. 2.4 Service Management 2.4.1 To manage and develop the Business Development Team to support the business of the Trust. This will include line management in respect to; • The Head of Business Planning • Service Redesign General Manager Values The post holder is expected to work in a way that observes the Code of Conduct for NHS Managers and Trust values – professional, positive and polite Key Working Relationships • Chief Executive & the Executive Team • Estates Department • Business Development Unit • Business Managers in Operating Units • Finance Manager and team • Consultant Medical Staff • Lead and Senior Nurses • Local and Specialist Commissioners • Statutory and Non-Statutory Services • Voluntary Sector and User/Carer Organisations 3. Terms and Conditions of Service This appointment is subject to the terms and conditions of employment at North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare Trust. 4. Health and Safety at Work Act The post-holder must be aware of the responsibilities placed upon them under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and to ensure that agreed procedures are carried out and that a safe working environment is maintained for patients, visitors and employees. Director of Strategy, Development and Marketing – Job Description Combined Healthcare April 2008
  5. 5. 5. Training and Personal Development The post holder must take personal responsibility in agreement with the Chief Executive for his/her development by ensuring that continuous professional development remains a priority. The post holder will undertake all mandatory training required for the role. Due to the Trust’s commitment to continuous improvement, it is likely that the post will evolve over time. These duties will be subject to regular / appraisal and any amendments will be made in consultation and agreement with the post holder. Dated: April 2008 Director of Strategy, Development and Marketing – Job Description Combined Healthcare April 2008