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  1. 1. MIM 578 - Global Business Strategy II Summer 2004, Friday, 11:30 am – 4:00 pm June 25 – July 17 Scott Marshall Tel: 503-725-4842 Assistant Professor of Management Fax: 503-725-5850 Office Hrs.: Wednesdays, 9-11, and by appt. E-mail: Website: (Course syllabus and lecture notes available in MS Powerpoint at this site) Course Overview The last half of MIM 578 Global Strategy integrates the knowledge you have gained from the past year of studies in the MIM program, and focuses on three key strategic topics: International Expansion, Strategic Uncertainty, and Mergers and Acquisitions. Regardless of size, country-of-headquarters, or industry, these three topics are of significant importance to global companies. Through a select set of readings and case studies and a series of applied exercises, you will enhance your analytical skills pertaining to global strategy. Course Objectives o Enhance skills for assessing the limits and opportunities for globalization in different industries. o Further your awareness of corporate- and functional-level global strategies and their implications for building (or losing) competitive advantage. o Extend this awareness into practical circumstances by considering challenges and opportunities of:  Determining the most effective means for expanding a corporation’s activities regionally and internationally,  Managing global corporations in times of strategic uncertainty, and  Selecting potential partners for acquisitions, mergers and/or alliances, and managing the new entity post-merger/acquisition. Course Materials  Everyone needs to get the set of MAIN READING MATERIALS from  Everyone needs to get only one CASE STUDY PACKET from Which packet you get depends on what case study your team selects.  Directions on how to get these materials are explained later in the syllabus. Course Assignments Attendance If you miss one day, you will need to retake the course. Number Points Each Total Exercises 3 20 60 Presentation 1 80 80 Presentation Evaluations 2 30 60 Grand Total 200
  2. 2. Course Schedule June 25 Managing Strategic Expansion and Integration TOPICS:  Review of Resource-based strategy  Review of Key Concepts of Strategy: Resource-Based Strategy Vertical and Horizontal Integration Concepts  Key Challenges: Competitive and Industry Dynamics Core Competency Determination Scarce Resource Allocation Market Entry Approaches  Frameworks: Managing Global Expansion (Gupta & Govindarajan, 2000) Internationalization and Capability-Based Strategy (Tallman & Fladmoe-Lindquist, 2002)  Case Study Discussion: Looking again at Midea’s Globalization Challenge ASSIGNED READINGS:  Managing Global Expansion: A Conceptual Framework, Gupta, A. and Govindarajan, V. Business Horizons (2000).  Internationalization, Globalization, and Capability-based Strategy, Tallman, S. and Fladmoe-Lindquist, K. California Management Review (2002).  Midea: Globalization Challenge for a Leading Chinese Home Appliance Manufacturer, Dawar, N. and Yuan, P. Richard Ivey School of Business (2001). GUEST SPEAKER:  Doug Blauer, Vice President, Operations, ShedRain, Inc. EXERCISE – Due Tuesday, June 29:  Another Look at Midea: To Be or Not to Be ‘Global’? July 2 Managing Strategic Uncertainty TOPICS:  Incremental and Disruptive Innovation  Strategic Responses to Uncertainty Customization Speed Knowledge and Knowledge Clusters  Frameworks: Time Pacing (Eisenhardt & Brown, 1998) Strategic Options (Courtney, Kirkland & Viguerie, 1997)  Case Study Discussion: Flextronics International. Ltd.
  3. 3. ASSIGNED READINGS:  Time Pacing: Competing in Markets that Won’t Stand Still, Eisenhardt, K. and Brown, S. Harvard Business Review (1998).  Strategy Under Uncertainty, Courtney, H., Kirkland, J. and Viguerie, P. Harvard Business Review (1997).  Flextronics International, Ltd., Huckman, R. and Pisano, G. Harvard Business School Publishing (2003). GUEST SPEAKER:  Rich Wykoff, New Business Creation, Intel Corporation. EXERCISE – Due Tuesday, July 6:  Is Flextronics International flexible enough? July 9 Managing Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances TOPICS:  External Motivations for Partnerships Industry Consolidation Technological Uncertainty Demand Uncertainty Channel Options  Internal Motivations for Partnerships Market Power Exclusivity Diversification Complementarities Shared Uncertainty  Evaluating Partners  Managing Integration  Case Study Discussion Gillette’s Singapore Operations ASSIGNED READINGS:  Your Best M&A Strategy, Rovit, S. and Lemire, C. Harvard Business Review (2003).  The Dubious Logic of Global Megamergers, Ghemawat, P. and Ghadar, F. Harvard Business Review (2000).  Gillette Singapore (A), (B) and (C), Kanter, R. and Dretler, T. Harvard Business School Publishing (1997). GUEST SPEAKER:  Steve Pickering, President, ESCO Corporation. EXERCISE – Due Tuesday, July 13  Integrating the new regional operations of Gillette Singapore.
  4. 4. July 16 Global Strategy Case Presentations/Evaluations Case Presentation – Team-Based: Teams of 3 or 4 will choose a case from the list attached to this syllabus. You will need to purchase a PACKET (only one PACKET) from Xanedu. Each team will be responsible for completing a thorough analysis of the case study. Then you will make a presentation of your analysis to the class. The analysis must include: 1. Situation Analysis: Internal and External Assessments. 2. Problem(s) Identification: Key Challenges 3. Recommendations: Well-Supported and Clearly Explained Methods for Dealing with the Key Challenges Each of these sections needs to integrate the ideas of the specific topic under which the case falls: (1) Managing Strategic Expansion, (2) Managing Strategic Uncertainty, (3) Managing Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances. Further, you have nearly completed a rigorous, time-intensive program covering a variety of disciplines. It is incumbent upon the group to use all the knowledge gained from this course, and previous courses, to develop a thorough and comprehensive analysis. Each presentation will:  Be 15 to 20 minutes  Have visual support, including at the very least, a handout to be provided to all audience members.  Be well organized. Case Study Presentation Evaluation – Individual-Based: Each student will be responsible for completing evaluations of two presentations. You will evaluate the presentations of the two other case studies from your PACKET. For example, if you are presenting the Ajinomoto case study, then you will evaluate the presentations of the Kuehne & Nagel and British Sugar case studies. You will evaluate both the content and style of the presentations. The evaluation form that you will use is attached to this syllabus and is also available on my website. The evaluations are due on Tuesday, July 20.
  5. 5. How to Get Your Xanedu Reading Packages Main Reading Package Name: Prof. Scott Marshall CoursePack Title: MIM 578 Summer 2004 - MAIN READING MATERIAL CoursePack ID: 212388 Your CoursePack includes content items from Harvard Business School Publishing. This content is encrypted with copyright-enforcement technology. The first time you access your CoursePack online, you will be prompted to download and install the free FileOpen plug-in needed to view this content. For more information about this technology, go to: To access the CoursePack, you will need to do the following: 1. Open the XanEdu "Login/Register" page at: 2. If you have previously registered at XanEdu, log in. If you are new to XanEdu, click the "Student Registration" button under "New Users Register Here". Complete and submit the registration form. 3. Confirm your CoursePack Selection, and complete the purchase form. Choose one of these options for your CoursePack delivery: Option 1: Digital access plus packaged print copy. Price: $ 61.45 (includes all printing, shipping and handling costs). You will have immediate access to your Digital CoursePack. Your personal print copy will be shipped to you within five business days from purchase of your CoursePack. Shipping of a print copy is for valid U.S. addresses only. If you are outside the U.S., choose Option 2 below. Option 2: Digital access with desktop printing. Price: $ 44.15. You will have immediate access to your Digital CoursePack. You will not receive a printed copy of the CoursePack. You can print your CoursePack yourself, if your system hardware and connectivity supports downloading and printing very large files from the Internet. If you are not sure if your system supports this, we recommend that you select option #1 above. 4. After completing the purchase, you will be taken directly to "My XanEdu" where you can access your digital CoursePack. Questions? Please contact XanEdu Customer Service at 1-800-218-5971, option 3. Case Study Packages for Presentation and Evaluations Following the directions as noted above, using the CoursePak Title and PackIds as noted below:  CoursePack Title: MIM 578 Summer 2004 - PACKET ONE CASE STUDIES, PackId: 214058. Price: $12.20.  CoursePack Title: MIM 578 Summer 2004 - PACKET TWO CASE STUDIES, PackId: 214059. Price: $12.20.  CoursePack Title: MIM 578 Summer 2004 - PACKET THREE CASE STUDIES, PackId: 214060. Price: $11.10.
  6. 6. Packets for Case Study Analyses and Presentations Packet One Case Studies Managing Strategic Expansion and Integration  Kuehne & Nagel in the Asia-Pacific o Freight forwarding, supply chain management, Asia-Pacific, strategic planning and decision-making Managing Strategic Uncertainty  Ajinomoto Co., Inc. o Food processing, R&D, product and distribution strategies, organizational structure. Managing Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances  British Sugar in China. o Agricultural commodities, joint ventures, business-government relations, financial and economic efficiencies. Packet Two Case Studies Managing Strategic Expansion and Integration  Komatsu Ltd. and Project G (C) o Heavy equipment, manufacturing strategy, R&D, product and distribution strategies, global competition. Managing Strategic Uncertainty  Rakuten o E-commerce, Japan, industry consolidation, technology strategy. Managing Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances  Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.: Crafting a Three-Way Cross-Border, Cross- Shareholding Alliance o Steel, manufacturing strategy, alliance management, conflict resolution, cross- cultural management. Packet Three Case Studies Managing Strategic Expansion and Integration  Whirlpool Corporation’s Global Strategy o Home appliances, manufacturing strategy, product strategy, global competition. Managing Strategic Uncertainty  Sony Playstation2 (A) o Consumer electronics, technology and software development, commercialization/marketing. Managing Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances  ATG (A): A Chinese Miracle? (A Sino-Japanese-Euro Joint Venture) o Automotive components and supplies, manufacturing strategy, joint venture management, conflict resolution, cross-cultural management.
  7. 7. CASE STUDY PRESENTATION EVALUATION FORM Evaluator’s Name: Case Study Presented: Presentation Team Members: PRESENTATION CONTENT Situation Analysis Section Strengths: Weaknesses: Problem(s) Identification Section Strengths: Weaknesses: Recommendations Section Strengths: Weaknesses: Overall Rating of CONTENT. (Put a check mark (√) by the most appropriate answer.) Poor Fair Good Excellent
  8. 8. PRESENTATION STYLE Organization of Presentation Strengths: Weaknesses: Clarity of Presentation Strengths: Weaknesses: Visual Support Strengths: Weaknesses: Overall Rating of STYLE. (Put a check mark (√) by the most appropriate answer.) Poor Fair Good Excellent