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Corporate Strategy_Syllabus_2009_Haghirian.doc

  1. 1. Syllabus Corporate Strategy Course: Corporate Strategy Lecturer: Dr. Parissa Haghirian Literature The course is based on the literatur mentioned below. All reading material will be provided by the lecturer. Hitt, M.A., Ireland, D. R., and Hoskisson, R.E. (2006): Strategic Management; Competitiveness and Globalization: Concept and Cases, 7th edition, Mason, Ohio: Thompson South Western Objectives The overall aim of the course is to provide students with a conceptual, theoretical knowledge of strategic management concepts and theory. The main focuses of the course are strategic management and internationalization processes in multinational corporations. The course first introduces the general concept of strategy and why companies need to apply them. Implementation of strategy and its tools will be discussed. The course will mainly discuss business and corporate strategies. The questions discussed will be: How can corporations become and stay competitive? What decisions need to be made to do so? The course aims to: review existing literature and theory in the field of strategic management and international management theory help participants to understand the theoretical foundation of strategic mangement, its processes, tools and implementation in within corporations help participants to recognise and analyse strategic processes in corporations and to develop strategic solutions on the business unit level, corporate level, and global level discuss the relevance of strategy in multinational corporations and during internationalization processes provide a basic foundation to enable the student to understand, analyse and make appropriate strategic choices in structured case study situations Expectations Students are expected to attend classes and participate actively in class discussion. The majority of meeting will be held in a seminar format. Students will write case studies on different topics. At the end of the course the results will be presented to the rest of the class. Accordingly, attendance and participation in class discussions will be critical to the success of this course and will also determine students` grades. 1
  2. 2. Syllabus Corporate Strategy Course Assessment Case Study and Teaching Note 50% Final Test 40% Attendance and Participation 10% Case Study and Teaching Note Each Students has to hand in a teaching case study (min. 10 pages and max 25 pages) dealing with a topic in strategic management. The case should be based on a real life situation researched and analyzed by the students. During the course there will be a two lecture case study workshop where all the requirements of a teaching case study will be explained. The final case studies will be presented on at the end of the course. The best three case studies will be chosen, partly rewritten with the help of Prof. Haghirian handed in for publication at the European case clearing house or a similar institution. Exam on Background Reading Students will be given an exam on the background reading. This exam assesses student`s understanding of major concepts and theoretical backgrounds covered within the course. The exam will be held in the last lecture and will consist of answer questions on the key concepts presented in the course. More detail information on the exam will be given closer to the examination period. Excursion to Toyota During autumn term we will go on an excursion to Nagoya and visit the Toyota factory and the Toyota museum. 2
  3. 3. Syllabus Corporate Strategy Course Outline Autumn 2008/09 Topic 1 Teaching Method Introduction to the Concept of Strategy Teaching Material Class 1 The Concept of Strategy Course Coordination - Short Overview on Strategy Lecture (PowerPoint) and - Strategy or Operation? Interactive Discussion - Definitions Chapter 1 - Why Strategic Management? Class 2 Foundations of Strategic Management Group Exercise: “Evaluating Mission - The Industrial Organization (I/O) Model Statement and Defining Mission - Stakeholders Statements“ - Strategic Leaders Textbook Chapter 1 Class 3 The Strategic Management Process Textbook Chapter 1 - Strategy Types Lecture (PowerPoint) and - Strategies in Organizations Interactive Discussion - The Strategy Process Class 4 The Japanese View: Ohmae and the Mind of Kennichi Ohmae the Strategist “The Mind of the Strategist” - The Japanese Approach to Strategy - Strategy orientation vs. Process Orientation Topic 2 Teaching Method Case Study Workshop Teaching Material Class 5 Case Studies and their Relevance for Learning PowerPoint Presentation about Management Additional Material handed out by - What is A Teaching Case Study? Professor - How Can We Write Case Studies? Group Exercise: “Case Study Outline” Class 6 Writing Case Studies Group Exercise Topic 3 Teaching Method Strategy Formulation Teaching Material Class 7 External Assessment Lecture (PowerPoint) and - The External Environment: Opportunities, Interactive Discussion Threats, Industry Competition, and Textbook Chapter 2 Competitor Analysis - External Environmental Analysis - Segments of the External Environment - Industry Environment Analysis (Porter’s Five Forces Model) 3
  4. 4. Syllabus Corporate Strategy Class 8 Internal Assessment Lecture (PowerPoint) - The Internal Environment: Resources, Interactive Discussion Capabilities, and Core Competencies - Importance of Internal Analysis Chapter 3 - The Internal Audit (Management, Marketing, Finance etc.) - Resources, Capabilities, and Core Competencies Class 9 Textbook Chapter 3 Strategy Analysis and Choice Lecture (PowerPoint) - Evaluating Firm Strengths and Interactive Discussion Weaknesses: The Resource-Based View - Long-Term Objectives Experiential Exercise (Home - Strategy Formulation Framework Assignment): Strategic Analysis of - Decision Stage Sophia University” Topic 4 Teaching Method Strategic Actions Teaching Material Class 10 Strategy Implementation Lecture (PowerPoint) - Ownership and Managerial Control Interactive Discussion - Compensation Case Study - Corporate Governance Chapter 10 Class 11 Lecture (PowerPoint) and Organizational Structure and Control Interactive Discussion - Organizational Structure and Control Chapter 11 - Relationships between Strategy and Structure Topic 5 Teaching Method Competing with Others – Business Strategies Teaching Material Class 12 Business Strategies Lecture (PowerPoint) and - The Value Chain Interactive Discussion - Strategy and Company Performance? Chapter 4 - The Value Chain in the Company - Analysing the Value Chain Class 13 The Five Generic Competitive Advantages Lecture (PowerPoint) and - Low Cost Provider Strategies Interactive Discussion - Differentiation Strategies Chapter 4 - Best-Cost Provider Strategies Experiential Exercise: Differentiation or - Focused or (Niche Market) Strategies Cost Leadership Class 15 Securing Competitive Advantages Student Coaching - Using Offensive Strategies - Using Defensive Strategies - First-Mover Advantages and Disadvantages 4
  5. 5. Syllabus Corporate Strategy Class 16 Case Study Feedback Student Coaching Topic 6 Teaching Method Corporate Strategies Teaching Material Class 17 Corporate Strategies Lecture (PowerPoint) and - Strategic Content Interactive Discussion - Corporate Strategy Types Chapter 6 Class 18 Corporate Diversification Lecture (PowerPoint) and - Diversification Theory Interactive Discussion - Diversification and Competitive Advantage Chapter 6 - Organizing to Implement Corporate Diversification - Managing the Diversified Firm Class 19 Strategic Alliances Lecture (PowerPoint) and - Why Alliances? Interactive Discussion - Joint Ventures Case Study - Cross-Border Strategic Alliances Class 20 Mergers and Acquisitions Lecture (PowerPoint) and - Economic and Policy Issues of M&A Interactive Discussion - M&A Types Case Study - The Merger Process - Post Merger Integration Topic 7 Teaching Method International Strategies Teaching Material Class 21 International Strategies Lecture (PowerPoint) and - Going International – Why? Interactive Discussion - Becoming a global corporation Chapter 8 Class 22 Entering Foreign Markets - Cross-Country Differences in Cultural, Lecture (PowerPoint) and Demographic and Market Conditions Interactive Discussion - Multicountry or Global Competition? Additional Material - Strategy Options for Entering and Competing in Foreign Markets Class 23 Competing In a Global Market Lecture (PowerPoint) and - Strategy Options for Entering and Interactive Discussion Competing in Foreign Markets Class 24 Developing International Strategies Feedback on Case Studies - Basic Steps in Formulating an International Strategy - Strategy Implementation 5
  6. 6. Syllabus Corporate Strategy - Specialized Strategies in an International Context Deadline for Case Study and Teaching Note Drafts Class 25 Feedback on Case Studies Feedback Session for Case Study Review Class 26 Students `Presentation of Teaching Case Study Feedback on Case Studies Review Class 27 Students` Presentation of Teaching Case Study Class 28 Final Test and Deadline for Case Study and Teaching Note 6