Business Strategy Meeting


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Business Strategy Meeting

  1. 1. Business Strategy Meeting *The Business Strategy Meeting is for those consultants who have chosen to be Business Builders. This section is to be conducted within 48 hours of signing up as a Consultant. *The sponsor will conduct this session in person. If the new Consultant lives out of state, this can be done over the phone. *If the sponsor is new, the upline will conduct the Strategy Meeting with the new consultant and the sponsor. *As a new consultant you do not have to do anything in this section. However, in order to do the Results approach and have business tools to approach prospects and sponsor them, you will need to place an order. *These Materials have been produced by Sandra Tillinghast an independent consultant and are not official materials prepared by Arbonne International LLC. Arbonne makes no promises or guarantees that any consultant will be financially successful as each consultant’s results are dependent on his or her own skill and effort. *Give each new consultant a copy of this training so that they can go over it with you and have the scripts and the homework! If the consultant is out of town, you can send this document in a file or have them print it from my website 1) Prior to or at this meeting, the New Consultant should sign their application and place their order. The consultant should do the following prior to the business strategy meeting. a) Placed initial order and Open For Business Now Kit b) The following books are great for learning more about the industry. The bookThe Gift by Shad Helmstetter and/or Future Choice by Michael Clouse can be used when you are doing the Results Drop Off or prospecting someone who does not know about or understand our industry. (see instructions at the end of this document). c) Order the following books to build your belief in the industry and your belief in what is possible for you in Arbonne: 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life by Don Fallia, The Next Millionairs by Paul Zane Pilzer, The Fifth Principal by Michael Clouse and The Gift and What To Say When You Talk To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter. You can save time and energy explaining how excited you are about Arbonne and the concept of Network Marketing by giving these books out to people at your business launch or Results drop off. Make sure you get your books back from those people who decline to become business builders). To order The Gift: , to order Future Choice: and the other books can be orders through You may want to order 6 of each of the books. Your books will help you tell the story of NWM and Arbonne. For prospecting my favorites are: The Gift and Future Choice!
  2. 2. d) Complete your Start Now Workbook and your 100 name contact list. e) Read the Policies and Procedures Manual – use this as a guideline and reference as you build your Arbonne business. 2) Review Prospect List a) Use the Memory Jogger (this can be found in the Start Now Workbook). Divide the 100 name prospecting list into 3 sections: business builder, product, long distance. Start with the business builders: b) From the 100 Name List: Identify 4 key people as potential business partners. These will be the first 4 people you do the Results RE9 drop off with. i) “Why do you want these people on your team?” ii) The following are the characteristics of a business builder: (1) People who are motivated (2) People who are ambitious (3) People who are successful (4) People who are busy (5) People who are looking for a change (6) People-people (7) Someone with a great network of people (8) People who have the ability to influence others (9) Someone with a big why – This is the most important “you want a why that makes you cry”. Your why is what motivates you to do your business everyday – even when you don’t feel like doing it or when you don’t get the results you thought you would get. You why will keep you going! IMPORTANT EXERCISE – PLEASE DON’T SKIP THIS! Compare the names of those people on your prospecting list to the Business Builder characteristics listed above. How do they compare? Do they possess some of these characteristics? Look at the top 10 people and approach them first with the help of your sponsor. iii) Remember to invite all of people on the prospect list who are in your area to your business launch (those interested in the business and product) iv) Long Distance – call and let your long distance contacts know what you are doing, you may have them listen to sizzle call @ 918/222-7201 box 190, ask if you can send them an information packet, have them look at the Arbonne website – the flash opportunity presentation and the Results flash presentation are both on If your long distance prospect is interested, then sign them up for product or business. (Make sure you let them know you will sign them up on the website or help them – sometimes prospects get confused and they end up signing up under other people ** make sure you tell them not to sign up without your help).
  3. 3. 3) Prepare Information/Curiosity Packets (we also call these Discover Arbonne Packets) “This packet is a tool for approaching prospects and will help you tell the Arbonne Story a) (Make 10 of these/see homework) • Arbonne Folder (order from Arbonne business aids) • Product Catalogue (#2504) • Consultant Order Form (#2404) • SIGNED Consultant Application (#2406) • Eye on Arbonne Stories – your upline VP, and maybe 1 or 2 stories that relate to that person. • ArbonneNOW Brochure (#2673) – drop off, this goes in the Gold bag! • ArbonneNOW CD (#2836) – drop off, this CD goes into Gold Bag! • 11 x 17 Product Overview Sheet (#2416) • RE9 Sample Pack (#2250) • ICCS Independent Consultant Compensation Summary (go to and then to “be your own boss”. • Your Business Card • There is an excerpt from Future Choice by Michael Clouse about Sandra and Ted Tillinghast (our ENVPs) – you can find it on the home page of This story is great for edifying the line that you are in. 4) The importance of structuring your business properly: a) First goal is to help you get to District Manager. The reason for this – you have the opportunity to double your profits (from 4% to 8%) and take advantage of additional bonuses. b) If this is your goal tell your upline immediately. You plus 2 is the formula. Once you have sponsored 2 teach them to find 2. EXAMPLE of How To Qualify For District Manager in 1 or 2 Months: YOU plus two other people who start with the BUSINESS BUILDER 1 ($1.414 order) = $4,442 (YOU ARE OVER HALF WAY TO DISTRICT). Find 2 more people the next month and show them how to get started with the help of your upline and you will finish DM in 2 months. If your goal is to finish DM in one month: You plus three other people start with the BUSINESS BUILDER 1 =$5,656 (you are only $350 away from District Manager. YOU CAN DO THAT! **The Business Builder order is: RSVP 1 ($700 worth of product for $350 – use the RSVP to get products for your personal use and Arbonnize your home. Along with the RSVP order the Results order $1064 (4 RE9 Sets). You will need these in order to do the Results approach. **RSVPs can only be ordered in the month you start and the next month. This is the beginning of your team. You will find your new consultants by doing the activity along with your upline that is listed on the First 30 Day Activity Sheet. c) Help these 4 key people get to Area Manager – at this time you will be able to get to RVP.
  4. 4. d) Once you have your car and 4 Areas direct to you, you can go find 4 more! This is what we do in our business. Teach 4 and then go get 4 more. e) It is time to look at the average incomes of a consultant, DM, AM, RVP and NVP. “Arbonne summary comparison.” What ever level you choose is up to you and the time frame that you take to get to that level is also up to you and it is based on your skill and effort. 5) Choose a Success Track – a) What is your timeline for becoming DM/AM/RVP/NVP? b) Suggested Goals for your first month: i) Good: $3,000 in your start month. ii) Great: $6,000 in your start month. iii) Awesome: $10,000 in your start month. iv) Remember, sales volume is comprised of your personal orders and the people who are sponsored in your success line’s orders. Your team!! c) “You want to move as fast as you can because success attracts success. People get excited when they are part of a team that is moving. 6) First 30 Days Activity List and Explanations: 7) “Business Launches” a) Recommended: 2 Business Launches back to back to let your friends know you are starting a business with Arbonne. A business launch will allow your upline to help you reach out to your warm market. The purpose of a launch is to edify you to your friends and let your Arbonne upline tell the Arbonne story for you to your friends and family. i) Choose 2 dates back to back. ii) Invite 30-50 people iii) Call everyone to remind them of the date of your launch. iv) Use a few of the pages from the REsults Approach Flipchart at these launches, have products out for people to see and try if they want. (When I do a business launch, I have the new consultant – open the evening – thank the guests for coming, tell why (their personal why) they started an Arbonne business and why they choice the company Arbonne. Your upline shares a 2 minute story about why they chose Arbonne, their background and then they cover pages: 2, 3, 4. 5, 7, 8, 9. (barely touch on 12 & 14), 15, 16, and 18. v) A business launch is usually two hours total. The opening presentation shouldn’t last more that 20 - 30 minutes total – and that is with the new consultant speaking and one or two uplines covering the above pages. vi) Some of your guests will want to take home a Results Tote and the Results Flip Chart. Make sure you have those available at the launch! vii) You should provide refreshments. Don’t go overboard on the food. Keep it simple: cookies, cakes, crackers, cheese, coffee, tea and soft drinks. You want to keep the focus on business – not on a party! viii)Make sure and have a nice product set up. You will want to have some RE9 product totes and information packets for guests to take
  5. 5. home. Leave plenty of time to mingle and close your guests with next appointment, new consultant applications and orders. (In order to have a successful business launch, your goal is to sign people up and do an order or at least get the application and set up the time to do their business strategy within 24-48 hours). ix) Some of the guests may choose to purchase products – make sure you let them know how they can get an id# and order the products at the consultant discount. **It is important that you explain that this id# will make them a consultant and that if they decide to build a business, they will be on your team. 8) Schedule your first 4 drop offs. a) Make sure that you have enough RE9 systems to support your prospect list and reach your goals (see business builder option 1 or option 2) b) Prepare the RE9 Systems: i) System in Gold Bag/Gold Bag $5.00 with RE9 set or bus. aid ii) Instruction Cards/ iii) RE9 Sample Pack Strip iv) ArbonneNow CD v) Arbonne Brochure vi) Information/curiosity packet goes with the drop off 9) Ask your sponsor or upline manager when they are available to meet with your prospects who are interested in the business (from Results drop offs or business launch, long distance prospects – you can do a 3- way call with). 10) Put together a 3-ring binder with the Results Script – this becomes your - REsults Flipchart. You will want to have at least 5 of these made up so that you can share them with those guests at your business launch who want to do the business. 11) If you are conducting the business strategy meeting, please demonstrate how to do a Results drop off at this point. a) Part of your homework will be to read the script below for Results Drop Off and the Pick Up verbiage. 12) Importance of taking ownership for your business: Participate in as many activities as you can. The more meetings and training you are exposed to, the greater your skill level will become. We provide meetings and training for you to participate in so that we can help you build your skill level. The more confident you feel about doing the business, the more action you will take. Taking massive action will give you a greater opportunity for success. a) National Meetings b) Discover Arbonne Meetings c) Conference Calls
  6. 6. d) Recorded Calls e) Learn and Burns f) Arbonne University g) NTC and ACT Getting Started Homework: 1. Complete 30 day goals 2. Make 10 Information/Sponsoring Packets 3. Prepare RE9 sets include printing instruction sheets from Arbonne website and putting Arbonne Now CD’s in gold bag 4. Place Auto Ship order 5. Put upcoming Discover Arbonne and training meeting in your calendar – Bring at least 1 guest to the Discover Arbonne meeting 6. Order your business cards 7. Change phone message to Arbonne 8. Select reading/listening material: the Gift and the 45 Second presentation immediately and anything that Michael S. Clouse has: 9. Complete Prospect List 10. Read Arbonne Catalogue 11. Read Code of Ethics 12. Read Policy and Procedures 13. Complete AU and turn in Certificate within 1-2 weeks 14. Get into Activity Offer the opportunity to everyone! Look for those who are looking for what we have! Results Method using a book as 3rd Party Endorsement RE9 set inside gold tote RE9 Sample Pack RE9 Instruction card available at Gift Book or Future Choice 45 Second Presentation Book This is what I say when using the Results Method with The Gift or Future Choice book. For those of you that don’t like to memorize a script (like me!) I have included the main points that you want to make sure you include in your dialogue when dropping off the tote. In this case I am dropping off a tote to someone I have met before but do not know very well.
  7. 7. You can call them and let them know you are coming to give them something they may want to take a look at or you can just go to them. It will only take a minute so it doesn’t have to be imposing. “Hi Karen, I don’t know if I mentioned to you that I work with a European Skin care company named Arbonne. I wanted to drop this off to you and have you take a look. I have no idea if this is something you will be interested in but it has been phenomenal for me and thousand of other people. I have a feeling you will love these products but one of the main reasons I am giving this to you to try is that I wanted you to experience one of the ways we market our products so that you could see how this business works. Like I said, I have no idea if this will be something you are interested in and if it’s not, that is absolutely OK. I tell almost everyone I know about this business and these products because I have witnessed the success that so many are having, including me. (This takes the pressure off of them because you are unattached to the outcome.) I just wanted to share it with you because if the product or the business is not for you, you may know someone that it would be good for. We have almost an unheard of amount of people succeeding with this duplicable business right now. Would you like to take this and use it for a couple of days? While you are using the products for the two days, would you do me a favor? I wanted to give you this book as well because a best selling author, Shad Helmstetter, wrote a book about the 12 greatest tools of personal growth and talks about what a phenomenal company Arbonne is and how we consistently use those tools in our business everyday. It will just give you an idea of what kind of company Arbonne is. If you are using Future Choice you will want to say that Michael Clouse is an Industry Expert and that he chose to right a book about NWM using Arbonne and its leaders as a model because of the growth and because Arbonne is leading the way for other companies by their shinning example. Arbonne quadrupled its sales force in only two years, which means someone is doing something right. The strong belief the consultants have in the Arbonne products, the results they produce, and the lives they can change are why we share the story over and over again. This is a proven formula for success. “This is a sample pack of everything that is inside this tote. Start with the sample pack and if you like it and you know you want to purchase it, you can go ahead and start using the products inside the tote and I’ll show you how to get wholesale price on the products. Let’s set up a time on Thursday to talk on the phone and you can let me know what you think. Drop off/Results Method using the book “The Gift”: If you are like me and trying to follow a script is challenging for you, at least make sure you include these key points in your drop-off. Key things to make sure you include in conversation while dropping off:
  8. 8. *Be enthusiastic – Remember it isn’t what you say – It’s how you feel about what you say. *Let them know right up front that one of the reasons you are giving them this tote and book is because you wanted them to see one of the ways you market your product. *Ask them if they would be willing to take a look at a results-proven Anti-Aging skin care line by Arbonne International as well as a book that that talks about what a top-notch company Arbonne is. *Let them know that you have no idea whether they will be interested. Let them know that they may be interested in the skin care, possibly the business, possibly both. Tell them that if none of it is of interest to them, they may know someone that this would be right for. *Let them know that this business and skin care line has helped thousands of people and that you are one of them. This is extremely important! But keep it brief to avoid throwing up Arbonne all over them. *Tell them that Shad Helmstetter is a best selling author and in this book talks about Arbonne being a company that possesses all of the 12 Fundamentals of personal growth that he writes about. *Ask them to use the samples for 2 days and if they would like to purchase the products, they can go ahead and start using the set that you gave them and you will show them how to get wholesale. *Ask them to read the first 2 chapters of the book to see what a best selling author, an unbiased 3rd party says about the company. Let them know that if they are not interested in the business, they may know someone that is. *Schedule a time, 2 days later, to call them. *At the time of the call, ask them how they liked the product and what they thought of the book. One of 3 things will happen: They like the products and want to buy them but do not want to get involved in the business: Take their cc over the phone and sign them up as a consultant for the discount, let them keep the set, and re-order your tote. (If they have NOT opened the tote you gave them but want to order it, I would order their set to be sent to their
  9. 9. home and pick up your set when you pick up the book, which should be right away.) They like the products and the want to know more about the business: Schedule a time, preferably in the next day or two, to do a sponsoring interview. If you are new or uneasy about doing a sponsoring interview, schedule it with your upline, or bring them to an Opportunity Meeting if there is one in the next 2 days. Let them know that before you meet with them, you would like them to read the first 3 chapters of The 45 Second Presentation. Drop book off right away so they have a chance to read before meeting you. Follow directions for previous case as far as the product is concerned. If they do not want the products OR the business: Find out if they would be willing to give you a referral of someone they know that could benefit from this business or product and if they say no….pick up tote and book and MOVE ON!! Review of Do’s and Don’ts when dropping off and picking up a tote: DO - Talk about their Hot Buttons – “all about them – not you” Make sure your schedule the “pick up” date and time Let them know that there is a “Golden Opportunity in the Gold bag” Make sure they have at least 2-3 days with the product Don’t Talk about your self Give them a bunch of information up front Leave it for a week At the Interview Do- Tell your story (your background, why you got started with Arbonne, where you see Arbonne going—Be Passionate!) Tell about Arbonne’s growth – show chart in Results presentation. Reason for the growth—revolutionary products (over 360 CONSUMABLE products to make you look better, feel better and reverse the visible signs of aging) Explain that you are a dedicated consumer of the products – whole household and family Opportunity is about building “an income producing consumer network through sharing a product”
  10. 10. Show business overview sheet (CDARN chart) Focus on the RE9 Tell me what you loved about it? ** Help them visualize THEIR market If you had 6 sets WHO would you give them to? Hand them a blank sheet As they mention names go back through the names and ask: Are they married? Would their spouse support them in this? Have children? Ages? Where do they live? Locally? What do they currently do? Would an extra income of 1k/mo be helpful for them? Then say: Congratulations, these are your new business builders Is this something that interests you? Call to Action Ask them where they’re at—where do you see yourself? RSVP to “Arbonnnize” your home with family products Business Tools-4-8 RE9 sets