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Business Programs Quarterly Report

  1. 1. Business Programs Quarterly Report 2nd Quarter Fiscal Year 2007 Business Operations Update: Army Golf: Financial Analysis: For 2QFY07, the Army’s 57 golf courses recorded a Net Income before Depreciation (NIBD) of $1.4M on net revenue of $27.0M for a return of 5.1 percent. NIBD is still negatively impacted by three of IMCOM-W 18-hole courses undergoing renovations. The FY07 Regional Golf NIBD Standards and 2Q actual results are as shown: REGION STANDARD 2QFY07 ACTUAL – NE 15% (17.9%) – NW 15% (38.3%) – DLA 15% (58.6%) – SE 18% 3.2% – SW 18% 0.3% – EURO 22% 0.8% – KORO 28% 26.6% – PARO 30% 19.9% Overall, golf NIBD is approximately $293K ahead of last year’s effort and green operations revenue is over $138K ahead. Actual percentages achieved should improve steadily throughout the golf season which traditionally begins in May. Success to date is attributed to KORO which is enjoying great success with positive increase in NIBD variance of 62.5 percent. SWRO will have three18-hole operations down for renovation again during FY07 with an overall negative impact on NIBD. Camp Zama clubhouse and golf course renovation extends into 2007. For 2QFY07, overall net sales increased $348K with increases in food sales leading the way with an increase in sales of $328K. Total labor of 62 percent reflects efforts to ready courses for play with full revenues a month away. Greens operations, pro-shop sales, driving range revenue, and golf car revenue are relatively flat but are increase with the advent of good playing weather. Maintenance labor is 77 percent of the total maintenance expense of $8.7M. Desired percentage is 60 percent. Army Golf Excellence in Management Award Winners (Golf) for FY07: Special congratulations are in order to Mr. Frank Jacobson, General Manager of Cheyenne Shadows Golf Course, Fort Carson, CO and Mr. John (Jack) Delaney, General
  2. 2. Manager of Sung Nam Golf Course, Yongsan, KO. For FY08 nominations, there are numerous golf managers and programs in the “Revenue Under $500K” category that deserve to be nominated for consideration for receipt of this prestigious award in their category. Golf Course Superintendents’ Training: The next Golf Course Superintendents Course is scheduled for 26 Nov through 7 Dec 07 at Texas A&M University. A listing (previously provided) of current Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents who have not attended should be the focus for attendance at this course. By special arrangement, registration for the course is now open for registration. Site for registration is A maximum of 30 students per class—with priority being Army with supplemental attendees coming from the other Services. 2008 PGA/Armed Forces Golf Managers Training Seminar: The next PGA Merchandise Show is 17-19 Jan 08. Details for the PGA/Armed Forces Managers Training for length and training topics will be developed during the 10-12 Jul coordination meeting among the Service Golf Program Managers. The on-line survey was most helpful in structuring future training to best meet the needs of the managers and golf programs. Topics nominated for consideration are most welcome. Opening Golf Courses to Veterans’ and General Public Play: The IMCOM Corporate Strategy 17 Jul 06 recommends that golf courses with excess capacity to initiate requests to open for general public or Veterans’ play. Nine CONUS courses have not requested approval for public or Veteran’s play. OCONUS considered open in accordance with Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA). Having this program at all Army golf courses does a great to our honorably discharged Veterans and has a positive impact on Army golf profitability. All-Army Golf Trials and Armed Forces Championship. This year, the Navy will host the Armed Forces Golf Championship at Oceana Naval Base in Virginia Beach, VA 22-28 Sep 07. An Army Golf Trial Camp will be conducted at Fort Eustis, VA where participants can be bused to the Armed Forces site. Coordination between the Golf Course and Sports Office for applications is required to meet the 21 July application deadline and to ensure that a validated handicap index is provided. Approximately 12 men and 6 women will attend trial camp with 6 men and 3 women being selected to represent the Army at the Armed Forces Golf Championship. The top Army male finisher in the Armed Forces Championship will represent the Army at the Pro-Am portion of a PGA Tour event at Disney Golf Courses and housed in Shades of Green. Soldier participation is made possible through the efforts of Shades of Green and Coca- Cola.  Business Programs Corporate Strategy. In Oct 06 IMCOM publish implementation guidance for the Business Programs Corporate Strategy, the corporate strategy for Army golf was developed to best facilitate overall management of the golf program, establish consistent baselines of excellence, promote financial growth, and 2
  3. 3. capture industry and military golf best-practices for uniform application. Examples are uniform pricing tiers, minimum fees for daily and advance green fees and golf car rental charges, uniform treatment of reciprocal privilege players, staffing guidelines, and revisions to NIBD standards more closely aligned with regional and industry performance based on geographical locations. Current guidance calls for complete implementation over a two year period-end of FY08. Single Source Acquisition of Army Golf Cars. Approximately 800 golf cars have been ordered and processed for the second year delivery. Garrisons with gas models should make a maximum effort in acquiring a golf car storage building so that the transition to an all-electric fleet may be accomplished. A similar project has been initiated for a single source provider of golf course maintenance equipment. Detailed information on out-year purchase plans are being received by the Installation Management Command (IMCOM). Equipment requirements are expected to be approximately $40M over the next five years. Army Golf Course Handicapped Access. Recent legislation passed by the House of Representatives directed a study of ALL MWR facilities’ accessibility by disabled persons. Guidelines for Army golf courses and an accompanying survey to determine “where we currently are” was developed and Army golf courses submitted their results on-line. The survey will be taken and submitted on-line. Army developed accessibility guidelines from multiple sources to delineate requirements to meet Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines and to determine renovation costs to ensure compliance. Significant findings from the survey are: -Only one Army golf course has adaptive golf car(s) for disabled patron use. -90 percent of courses currently allow disabled golfers to use regular golf cars for closer access to tees and greens. -70 percent of courses already have provisions to allow adaptive golf cars to access tees and greens. -83 percent currently meet handicap access requirements for tees. -67 percent of golf course greens are handicap accessible. -Requirements for disabled support have been minimal with 89 percent of the golf courses reporting no requests for assistance in the past year.  FY06 Army Golf Benchmarks. The FY06 Business Programs Benchmarks and the accompanying Benchmark Improvement Process Summary has been finalized and posted to the Business Program’s website. Visit for any particular information. For the golf program, financial data shows over $70M in revenue with NIBD of $10.4M for FY06. Army golf will not receive relief from utility expenses and will probably result in significant budget revisions. Changes to watch for this year include golf course maintenance costs only reflecting expenses shown in Department Code 88 (Maintenance) and Golf Car Revenue (Department Code 43) and car revenue per round will be shown to track the impact of golf car purchases and upgrades over the next 3
  4. 4. several years and pricing guidelines in Golf Corporate Strategy. To ensure consistency with industry reporting, rounds-played for this year will be recorded as “starts.” Conversion to 18-hole equivalent rounds will not be required. (POC: Mr. Bill Sport, DSN 761-5200, e-mail: Army Bowling: Financial Overview: In 2Q FY07, net revenue for the Army’s 93 Bowling Centers was $25.6M, a $2.2M or 9.4 percent increase in 2Q FY06 results of $23.4M. NIBD was $5.2M, a $1.2M or 29.8 percent increase in 2QFY07 over 2Q FY06 results of $4M. As a percent of revenue, 2QFY07 NIBD was 20.2 percent, an improvement over the 17 percent posted for the same time period in FY06. Increases in Dept 45, GLAC 535 (Lane Fees) of $661.3K and GLAC 536 (Shoe Rental) of $123.9K, were large contributors to the increased revenue and NIBD in 2Q FY07. The improvements in revenue and NIBD reflect compliance with the new Corporate Strategy guidelines on pricing and more games were bowled. Sales increased $824.2K and COGS increased relative to sales, indicating more customers as well as price adjustments. Bingo NIBD increased $233.1K. Most of the increase, $175.6K, was in the Southeast Region where electronic handheld bingo units are being installed in some centers. The bowling program is well on its way to recovery after the devastating effects of 9/11, OEF and OIF, i.e. loss of leagues and off-post bowlers, increased security, and deployments. Bowling, as a program, was hit especially hard and NIBD dropped $2.7M from $7.1M in FY02 to $4.4M in FY03. FY07 is definitely a turn-around year for the Army’s Bowling Program. New and improved facilities and equipment, trained managers, and operational improvements gained from the Business Programs (BP) Corporate Strategy implementation all contributed to the current financial success in Army bowling. Standard 2QFY07 Actual CONUS: 15% DLA 25% Northeast 16.9% Northwest 20.3% Pacific 16.4% Southeast 19.7% Southwest 28.7% OCONUS 18% Europe 17.8% Korea 19.8% FY 07 IMCOM Business Programs (BP) Corporate Strategy Bowling Benchmarks: Operational benchmarks in the Corporate Strategy were implemented in 1QFY07. Bowling benchmarks are reviewed and adjusted annually, by FMWRC, based on Army, other Services, and industry financial data and performance measurements. Most of the individual facility data used to monitor benchmark performance can be obtained in 4
  5. 5. monthly financial reports. However, two of the corporate benchmarks pertaining to the “game” of bowling require input on lineage and operational days consolidated regularly at the facility level. The two corporate benchmarks are: Lines per Lane per Day - 17 Average Price per Game - $2.00 The following instructions are to enable the bowling center managers to determine individual facility performance for comparison against the corporate benchmarks. Lines per Lane per Day (LLD): 1. Track lineage by regularly running lineage reports in the bowling control system and/or RecTrac. This will protect against loss of data from system failure and ensure lineage is available for end-of-year benchmark data call. Lineage should be tracked by adult, senior, junior, tournament, other (misc.), and free (promotional) games. 2. Track operational days. Allow for all regularly scheduled closures, and include unexpected down days, i.e. power outages, adverse weather, etc. Adjustments may be necessary if the facility only opens partial or half days. 3. The formula: Lineage (for time-period measured) / number of lanes / operational days = LLD Example: 15, 000 lines / 24 lanes / 30 days = 20.8 LLD Average Price per Game (APG) 1. This benchmark uses Department 45, GLACs 535 (lane fees), 536 (shoe rental), & 548 (discounts) and total lineage. It is important that lineage is tracked correctly and free games are separated from paid games. Bowling discounts should always be rung into a discount key set up to place the discount in Department 45, GLAC 548. 2. The formula: GLAC 535 + 536 – 548 / (total lineage – free (promotional) games) = APG Example: $26,500 (535) + $5,000 (536) / (15,000 (lines) – 1,000 (free)) = $2.25 APG By following these directions, keeping the center lineage and operational data up to date, and using the benchmark formulas outlined above the center manager can always provide current benchmark performance for garrison and regional data needs. The added advantage is the information for the yearly benchmark data call will be readily available. Do not wait until the end of the year to gather benchmark data. Information on the facility financial statements is used to determine all other corporate benchmarks. The FY06 bowling benchmarks are on-line at, . Historical benchmarks can be found at, . 5
  6. 6. CAT C Criteria for Business Performance Programs: Installation Management Agency Policy memorandum # 42 outlines guidelines for a facility to be placed in the MWR Category C Business Performance Improvement Program. In FY07, operations with losses greater than negative $18K NIBD over four quarters will be placed in the program. Bowl Expo 07: The Armed Forces Bowling Center Management Training Program is held annually in conjunction with the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America (BPAA) Conference and Tradeshow (Bowl Expo). In FY07 Bowl Expo will be held in Las Vegas, NV at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Conference Center from 24 - 29 Jun 07. The host hotel for the military will be the South Point Hotel. Certification training for military bowling center managers will be held the week before the Expo at the South Point, from 20 - 24 Jun 07. Information on military registration, schedules, and billeting is available on-line at, follow the military links. Excellence in Management Award Winners: The FY06 winners were: Small centers, Mr. William Foster, Carlisle Barracks, PA; medium centers, Mr. James Barrett, Schweinfurt, GE; large centers, Mr. Don Diego Aguilar II, Fort Bliss, TX. Awards will be presented during the Military Welcome Session at Bowl Expo in Jun. Bowling Center Management Certification Program: Managers who need to complete classes for Level I or Level II certification while attending Bowl Expo in Jun 07 should review the certification training document to ensure they enroll in classes that are required for certification. The Army’s Bowling Center Management Certification Program document can be found at ID=1, click on Business Operations, then Certification. Bowling Center Employee On-Line Training: Bowling center web-based training is still available. This contract will expire at the end of Sep 07. Managers are encouraged to take advantage of this valuable training tool before the expiration date. If there are any problems with access to the site, please send an email to or call DSN 761-5202/703-681-5252. BPAA member numbers will be required to access the site. There are no plans to renew the contract for the on-line training. Please take advantage of this valuable service. Youth Bowling: Contact your local Community Youth Services’ (CYS) SKIES Unlimited and/or the Sports and Fitness Program Directors to see how you can partner with CYS to develop new business through lessons, training camps, field trips, lock-ins, etc. Below are youth training tools available to you through your membership in BPAA and affiliation with the United States Bowling Congress (USBC). Some are provided free and some must be purchased: In-School Bowling (BPAA, ages 3-11), Kid’s Club, (BPAA, grade school), Bowling Rocks (USBC, beginners to 11), Learn the Curve (USBC, ages 12 and up), Athlete Development Drills (USBC, 12 and up), Bowling Blast- Off (BPAA, all ages), Youth toolbox (BPAA, all ages), Tournaments (BPAA and USBC, 6
  7. 7. all ages), and the USBC Coaching Certification Program (targets all levels of bowling skills). POC: Wanda Arthur, DSN 761-5202, email: Clubs and Food, Beverage and Entertainment (CFBE) and Theme Operations: Financial Overview: In 2QFY07, Army CFBE and Themes net revenue was $73M and NIBD $6.7M or 9.3 percent. Net revenue decreased $637.4K or 0.9 percent, and NIBD increased by $547.2K or 9 percent when compared to 2QFY06. Activity managers and staffs maintained their overall cost of good/cost of labor percentages within one percentage point compared to FY06. ARMP reimbursements were up by $199.7K over 2QFY06. Overall, the CFBE program generated a 9.3 percent NIBD; the MWR BOD standard is 8.0 percent NIBD. Bingo: In 2QFY07 the Army Bingo program’s net revenue was $23.2M, an increase of $770.8K or 3 percent, compared to 2QFY06 however, they produced an NIBD of $5.1M, or 22 percent of net revenue, an increase of $405.8K or 9 percent over the same time period 2QFY06. Irving Rubenstein Memorial Award: Annually, the IMCEA recognizes the best new Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) managers of each service. The award is named in honor of the late Irving Rubenstein: a widely recognized leader in MWR management, a thoroughly skilled instructor, and a generous mentor to young MWR professionals. The IMCEA requested the assistance of each of the Armed Services to seek nominees for this award. The award honors exceptional achievement by MWR professionals who have less than two years experience as an MWR manager, irrespective of program. One winner from each service is honored. This award is a unique opportunity to recognize the contributions that our new MWR managers have made to soldiers, family members, and members of the military community. This years Irving Rubenstein Memorial Award Winner for the U.S. Army is Ms. Pamela Jean Budda, Director, Outdoor Recreation, Ft McCoy, WI. Her relentless efforts, accomplishments and outstanding performance are in keeping with the highest traditions in civilian service and reflect great credit on herself, Fort McCoy MWR and the United States Army. (POC is Paul Arthur, DSN 761-5219, e-mail: 7
  8. 8. Business Programs Construction Projects: Camp Humphreys Community Club: Camp Humphreys Community Club Project is design complete and ready to advertise. The project was re-reported out-of-cycle to the Office of the Secretary of Defense for approval at a new scope and cost. Congressional/OSD approval to advertise and award was issue on 10 Oct 06. Advertisement and award is on-hold pending KORO decision to release funding. The projected cost of the Camp Humphreys Community Club is approximately $23M, at 54,000 square foot. There is no target date for project completion at this time. Camp Humphreys Golf Course: An FY07 KORO proposed project. Project is a proposed host nation funded project. Camp Zama Golf Course (Renovation): Contract awarded on 24 Jan 06. Project is 97 percent construction complete. Estimated project cost $2.9M. Anticipated completion date is scheduled for May 07. Progress since last quarterly report includes ponds completed and are being filled and cart paths completed. All areas have been sodded. Re-grading for holes 11, 12 & 18 have been completed and accepted by the government. Camp Zama Golf Clubhouse (Renovation): Design is completed and the project was advertised in Jun 06. Estimated project cost is $2.0M. Contract was awarded in Sep 06. Progress since last quarterly update includes drywall installed in the new car storage building, mechanical and electrical rough-in is basically complete and roof panels have been installed in the new locker room. Anticipated construction completion date is Oct 07. Fort Lewis Soldier and Family FB&E Activity Center: An approximately 12,000 square foot facility has been approved for a PVA re-validation for Ft Lewis. IMWR-BP is currently working this requirement with the Region and Installation. Draft report was received by FMWRC Contracting Office Apr 07. (POC: Paul F. Arthur, DSN 761- 5219, e-mail: • Camp Carroll Bowling Center/Community Club: The FY05, $5.7M, Camp Carroll Bowling/Club project will be located adjacent to the fitness center, lodge, and PX. It will include 16-lanes with a pro shop, arcade, lounge and community club. The contractor is currently completing the kitchen installation. Construction is 75 percent complete, but behind the original construction completion date of Apr 07. Local change to food service equipment layout delayed completion date. The new building occupancy date is scheduled for Aug 07. • Vicenza Soldier & Family Entertainment Center: The FY05, $11M, two- story soldier and family entertainment center project will house 16-lanes, three arcades (zoned by age of user), Strike Zone snack bar, recreation machine room, children’s party and regular meeting rooms, billiard area, and sports lounge. Construction is 20 8
  9. 9. percent complete, with building under roof, and ahead of schedule. FMWRC will award a contract for bowling specific equipment in Jun 07. Overall project completion date, inclusive of employee training, is scheduled for Oct 08. A grand opening can occur after 1 Oct 08, ahead of the planned occupancy date of Nov 08. •Fort Lewis Bowling Center: The FY06, $2.3M, Fort Lewis renovation project kick-off meeting was held on 12 Apr 07. The Indefinite Delivery Indefinate Quantity project will encompass new pinsetters and upgrades to the building entrance, control counter, arcade, concourse and setee, areas, HVAC and a new Strike Zone. The general contractor will estimate the equipment and each renovated area, independently and collectively, enabling the garrison to prioritize the needed upgrades. The West Region is working with the garrison on the prioritized list. (POC: Wanda Arthur, DSN 761- 5202, e-mail: Wanda.Arthur@US.Army.Mil) Joint Services Prime Vendor Program: The 2QFY07 total purchases by Joint Services Prime Vendor Program (JSPVP) participants was $30.5M which equals a 3.7 percent increase from the same time period in FY06 when purchases were $29.4M. Rebates and off-invoice discounts were up from $504.8K to $538.9K a 6.8 percent increase from the same time period FY06. Awarded 17 new Prime Vendor contracts in the 2nd quarter FY07. Awarded and implemented the Shades of Green Prime Vendor contract. Fifteen other CONUS Prime Vendor contracts were awarded, all with April 1st implementation dates. Also, the Prime Vendor contract for the Baltimore Washington service area was awarded at the end of March with an implementation date of June 1st. Held implementation meetings for the new contracts at the installations. In January the JSPVP website contract was awarded to Integrated Media Works. The site will provide up to date information and education about the Prime Vendor Program along with a rebate program search engine available to customers via a secure login in. The backend of the site will provide JSPVP personnel at FMWRC an administrative database that will enhance the way program POC information is updated. The contractor has all the program data and design a spec, the site is scheduled for implementation by the 3rd quarter FY07. Upcoming initiatives for JSPVP in the next quarter include the following: Develop reporting requirements in response to the NETCALL policy mandating Prime Vendor for the Army. Continue communication with the Installations to ensure a successful implementation of the new Prime Vendor contracts. Coordinate and schedule implementation meetings in the Baltimore Washington service area. Monitor development of new website and ensure it is online by the end of the 3rd quarter. Continue our revitalization efforts to provide education about the program and support to the field. (POC: Mr. Chris Naumann, DSN 761-3844; e-mail: 9
  10. 10. Branded Restaurants Division Update: Financial Update: For 2QFY07, the MWR Branded Restaurant Operations program yielded a net income before depreciation of $1.3M or 12.5 percent based on total revenue of $10.6M. There are currently 62 units open, nine projects in construction, six in contracting, 12 more projects in design, and an additional 16 more in the planning stages. MWR Branded Restaurant Operations are meeting the needs of Soldiers and their Families at both Army and sister-service Installations/Bases around the world. We continue to work with installation personnel to successfully develop and execute our portfolio of available brands, by providing on-site training and assistance to enhance profitability, and provide a “First Choice” experience for our guests. (POC: Tina Hudson, DSN 761-5215, e-mail: Grand Openings: MWR Branded Restaurants Division personnel opened their 8th Java Café coffee unit in Alternate Escapes at Fort Carson, CO on 22 Feb. As part of the Java Café opening, Fort Carson personnel also showcased their new Alternate Escapes high-tech digital lounge made possible by the FMWRC Army Recreation Machine Program. The pairing of the Alternate Escapes and Java Café brands allows guests visiting the facility an opportunity to “sip and surf” the internet, while also enjoying some friendly competition with multi player on-line gaming stations in a comfortable, high-tech lounge. (POC: Trace Kea, DSN 761-5255, e-mail: Upcoming Openings: During the upcoming quarter, we will open a Java Café at Vilseck, Germany on 6 Apr and a Habanero at Fort McCoy, WI on 5 Jun. POC: Trace Kea, DSN 761-5255, e-mail: E-News: E-News is published the first Friday of every month. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact Trace Kea. (POC: Trace Kea, DSN 761-5255, e-mail: Food Promotions: MWR Branded Restaurants launched two seasonal promotions for all restaurants during Second Quarter. Jan through Apr featured the new Chicago Beef Sandwich and Philly Cheese Steak Calzone. Calzones continue to be one of our most successful items offered as a seasonal promotion and the Philly Cheese steak was no exception. May through Aug will see a return to tradition by offering a Grilled Chicken, Mushroom and Spinach Pizza. This recipe was originally scheduled to run during the prior season but was held back because of reported E coli on bagged spinach during fall of 2006. Now that spinach is once again safe to eat, we are continuing with the promotion. 10
  11. 11. MWR Branded Restaurants is also supporting a special "Dress the Dog” promotion that is being coordinated by BPE. This promotion showcases Hebrew National’s giant-sized quarter-pound and half-pound hot dogs. Guests will receive a punch card where, after six purchases, they get a free quarter-pounder. The card also lets them enter drawings for prizes---a new car, cameras, bikes, vacations and more. We’ve been working on a new Grand Opening package of "how-to" manuals and graphic layouts for ads and posters. These will soon be posted on our website for restaurant managers and marketing office designers to download. The graphic layouts include ads and posters that can be used any time with themes that focus on your restaurant’s core menu. The layout kits are designed specifically for graphic designers at Marketing Offices and can be edited and adapted to local needs and publications. Layouts include grand opening invitations, coupons, loyalty cards, e-mail templates, color posters and ads for magazines. (POC: Sharon Bertschi, DSN 761-5213, e-mail: Name Brand Fast Food Program (NBFF): The NBFF program is a joint effort between FMWRC and AAFES to place highly recognizable name brand fast food outlets in MWR facilities. On average, the program has been a successful venture for MWR; however, Soldier rotations coupled with the fluctuating value of the dollar against foreign currencies has resulted in some operations not meeting the original goals of the program. Since the inception of the program, several units have been closed. One unit in Europe which was originally managed by AAFES has been brought under a concessionaire contract and is now profitable. At this time there are 15 units in operation, of which 12 are self sustaining. Although the program continues to be viable, the Army will forgo opening any new units not slated to be operated under a concessionaire contract. (POC: Naomi Falsetto, DSN 761-5214, e-mail: Name Brand Casual Dining Initiative (NBCD): The NBCD dining initiative was developed to meet the demand for casual sit-down dining and generate maximum revenue for installations. At present, a contract is being negotiated with a franchisee to fund, build and operate a Chili’s at Fort Hood, TX and solicitations are being developed for Fort Stewart, SC, Fort Benning, GA, and Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. The Army is currently reviewing additional markets where NBCD on an Army installation makes sense. Installations interested in pursuing NBCD, along with other casual dining options should first contact their IMCOM representative. (POC: Naomi Falsetto, DSN 761-5214, e-mail: Events Division Update: 2007 Military Long Drive Championship: The Army golf program announced the enrollment for the 2007 Military Long Drive Championship at twenty-five CONUS Army golf courses. The promotion which is open to all Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard is sponsored by Cadbury Schweppes and features local qualifiers at each location. The twenty-five Army golf courses will be divided into five regional zones. The top long drivers from each zone will win an all expense paid trip to compete at the 11
  12. 12. military division at the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship in Mesquite NV. For more information logo onto (POC is Kristen Kea, 703-428-6119; email: International Championship Wrestling: Two CONUS installations were offered an International Championship Wrestling (ICW) event through a corporate partnership agreement. The ICW events will be an opportunity for the business programs at Fort Stewart, GA and Fort Hood, TX to collaborate with the recreation division to create a base-wide event. The corporate partnership agreement allows the installations to receive the event at no cost, and receive promotional materials to support the event. Installations have the option to sell tickets and concessions to increase revenue streams locally. The events will be held during summer 2007 and is part of a Joint Service initiative. (POC is Kristen Kea, 703-428-6119; email: Texas Hold’ em Tournament: There are 50 facilities participating in the Army Texas Hold’em tournament. Installations were permitted to run their tournament on any single weekend between 1 Mar and 24 Apr 07. Custom chips, cards, templates for point of sale materials, official rules, and local prizes were provided by Business Programs. Coca-Cola and Coors are sponsoring the tournament with cash to underwrite POS and prizes. The winners at each participating location will compete in an on-line final tournament which is scheduled for 2 Jun. The “final table” or last eight players from the online competition will win prizes, first place being a home theater system. Business Programs is partnering with the ARMP to coordinate the online finals. (POC: Doriann Fengler, DSN 328-6089, e-mail: Army Speed Pool Tournament: The Event Division in partnership with the Army Recreation Machine Program (ARMP), Corporate Sponsorship and BOSS hosted an eight-week speed billiards tournament at six installations this spring to test the concept of speed pool. Each week up to 25 individuals participated in a speed pool competition. Individuals paid $25 to enter the tournament. As part of their registration, individuals received a limited edition customized cue stick with the installation insignia and carrying case as part of their registration fee. Dave Pearson, the Guinness world record holder in speed pool kicked-off the tournament at each location by teaching, entertaining and wowing the spectators and participants. The winner from each installation, along with their guest, will travel to Las Vegas for a three-night inclusive trip where they will be Dave’s guest at the World Champion Pool Tournament. To date all but one installation has completed the tournament. (POC: Coleen Amstein, 703-428-6118, e-mail: Best Army MWR Special Event/Best Army MWR Catered Event: In Dec 06, a message was sent to all installation Business Managers announcing the new Best Catered Event/Best Special Event competition. Dates for eligible events are 31 Dec 06 – 1 Nov 07. Catersource has agreed to sponsor winners of the promotion with free conference registration. The contest was briefed to Army catering managers during the Army's Catering Session at the January IMCEA/Catersource Conference. 12
  13. 13. (POC: Shirley Kappa, DSN 328-6125, e-mail: Robotech Promotion: Thirty-five Bowling Centers, restaurants and Rec Centers worldwide participated in the Robotech film premier party in Mar/Apr. Funimation Entertainment provided DVDs to show and to use as prizes. They also developed a comprehensive handbook with menu and party ideas and provided all the graphics for posters and other POS. According to Funimation, it boosted their sales in AAFES… over 900 Robotech DVDs were ordered. Most managers who returned the After Action Report said they would like to do it again, and do this kind of event on a regular basis to generate more audience participation. Several reported that, in addition to being a fun event to offer their patrons, they increased their arcade game revenues and their food and beverage sales the night of their party. (POC: Shirley Kappa, DSN 328-6125, e- mail: Dress the Dog Hot Dog Promotion. FMWRC is working with corporate sponsor, Hebrew National, to offer a four month summer promotion from 1 Jun through 30 Sep. The promotion features a frequency card, “buy six half pound or quarter pound hot dogs and receive a free quarter pound hotdog from MWR. As patrons redeem their frequency cards, they complete the back of the card for entry in to a sweepstakes drawing for a car, laptop computers, mountain bikes, gift cards, trips, etc. Participating locations have an opportunity to compete for cash in the area of sales, marketing and events. The promotion was offered to all Services. (POC: Coleen Amstein, DSN 328-6118, e-mail: Marketing Communications Update: Marketing Advisory Group: Conducted 2QFY07 quarterly advisory group teleconference with regional marketing representatives in Mar 07. Agenda items included updating marketing missions and functions, web initiatives, branded promotional materials, communication channels between FMWRC, regions and installations, and Sponsorship and Advertising programs and training initiatives. MWR Brand Identity Campaign: Conducted survey to obtain installation feedback with respect to MWR branded items. Results are expected during the month of May. Continue to support installations with branded goods from FY06. Currently requesting cost estimates for branded items for distribution in FY07. Currently producing new advertising campaign promoting the MWR brand with “Life in Full Circle” and “Life Isn’t Always Uniform” slogans. A series of six posters are being printed and shipped during 3rd quarter FY07. Advertising/program marketing materials: A variety of marketing and advertising materials were generated by the FMWRC to promote MWR programs. Creative materials for the 2007 U.S. Army Soldier Show were produced including the event program, flyers, posters and web ads. Continue to support for the Armed Forces Recreation Centers including the development of a new AFRC display, brochure and 13
  14. 14. rack cards marketing all of the AFRC’s. Developed and completed promotional materials for the MWR Military Long Drive Promotion, including posters, print ads, and golf car ads.  Completed redesign of the home page. Completed the acquisition plan for the third generation web site. Issued the first edition of the MyMWR e-mail magazine and the Marketing 360 newsletter. Completed web promotions for Texas Hold’em and Speed Pool. Working on new website for the MWR Military Long Drive Promotion and the AFRC Great Getaways Promotion. (POC: Karen Waters, DSN 761-5274, e-mail: Corporate Partnerships Update: U.S. Army Soldier Show: The Army National Guard has renewed their sponsorship for the 2007 U.S. Army Soldier Show. This is the seventh consecutive year that the Army National Guard sponsors the Soldier Show. AT&T is the second sponsor for the Soldier Show. (POC is Gabriele Drechsel, 703-681-7290, e-mail: U.S. Army Concert Tour: Anheuser-Busch has returned as a sponsor of the 2007 tour for the second consecutive year. A-B has increased its level of support for this program by more than 30%. (POC: Corey Henderson, 703-681-7428, e-mail: 2007 Military Long Drive Championship Promotion: Corporate Partnerships secured sponsorship from Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverage (CSAB) for the 2007 Military Long Drive promotion. CSAB's support of the program enables twenty-five Army Golf Courses to host a qualifier competition sanctioned by Long Drivers of America (LDA) beginning in August. In addition to the local long drive competition, the top five installation winners will have a chance to qualify for the Military Division of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship to win $10,000 cash. The championship will be held in Mesquite, Nevada on October 25, 2007 and will be broadcast on ESPN. The event is limited to Active Duty, Reservists, and National Guard members. POC: Jen Rondez, 703-681-5278, e-mail: 2007 Texas Hold’em: Competitions were held in March and April at 50 locations. Corporate Partnerships secured two sponsors for the program, Coca-Cola USA and Coors Brewing Company. Both sponsors provided cash that was used to offset costs of prizes awarded at the events. (POC is Gabriele Drechsel, 703-681-7290, e-mail: Military World Games: Athlete appearances took place at Lackland Air Force base, TX, and Fort Carson, CO. These appearances assisted in creating awareness of the 14
  15. 15. Military World Games and future CISM championships for future sponsorship opportunities. Additional appearances scheduled throughout the remainder of the year. (POC: Robin Hovey, 703-681-7437, e-mail: AFRC Great Getaways Promotion: The AFRC Great Getaways Sweepstakes promotion will run from June 1 through August 31, 2007. The goal of this promotion is to increase awareness of each of the four Armed Forces Recreation Centers (AFRC) locations as world class resort destinations for service members and their families; increase awareness of the website; and promote the ability to book vacations online. A summer-long online sweepstakes will encourage service members and their families to visit the website and enter for a chance to win a grand prize vacation and many other exciting prizes. The AFRC Great Getaways sweepstakes promotion is sponsored by Stars & Stripes and open to the total defense force--Service Members, Retirees, DoD Civilians and their families 18 years of age and older. (POC: Robin Hovey, 703-681-7437, e-mail: 15