B2B Search Marketing Strategy 2008: Advice from the Pros


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B2B Search Marketing Strategy 2008: Advice from the Pros

  1. 1. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide SOLUTION GUIDE 2008 B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide: Advice From the Pros Overview B2B marketers aren’t usually ones to jump on an unproven bandwagon. “Let someone else bear the cost of experimentation,” we say, and then we wait to adopt until we see proven results or an important competitor jumps onboard. Based on our observations, industry statistics and knowledgeable B2B search marketing experts, it’s clear that B2B search marketing is rapidly moving into the mainstream. A 2006 Forrester study 1 found that 59% of B2B marketers already use search marketing, and MarketingSherpa’s recent research 2 pegs search marketing (paid search and search engine optimization) as 9-10% of the overall B2B marketing budget. Private equity firm Veronis Suhler Stevenson predicts that B2B spending on all forms of e-media will grow from 9.9% of the overall B2B marketing budget in 2006 to 20.3% in 2011 3 . Search marketing is gaining budget share from other marketing tactics because it promises both the ability to get your company’s message in front of a prospect actively searching for exactly what you have to sell and the ability to clearly tie marketing costs to business results. While B2B search marketing is easy to start – if you have a have a web site, a credit card and a basic text ad written, you’re in business – there’s a tremendous depth of knowledge, experience and discipline that separates average search marketers from ones who deliver the best ROI for their company or clients. This solution guide will help you understand the unique challenges of B2B search marketing, and focus on what you can do today, and throughout 2008, to improve your B2B search marketing results. This advice is based on survey responses from 144 search marketing agencies currently managing B2B client campaigns and Business.com’s experience serving over 6,000 current B2B advertisers. In this action-oriented guide, we’ll cover: • How B2B search marketing differs from B2C • Top 10 tips for optimizing B2B paid search campaigns • Top 10 tips for B2B search engine optimization (SEO) • Your B2B search marketing strategy checklist A list of the B2B search marketing agencies contributing to this guide are included in the Appendix. 1 “B2B Marketing Needs a Makeover—Now”, Forrester, August, 2006 2 “Search Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008”, MarketingSherpa, September, 2007. 3 “Communications Industry Forecast: 2007-2011,” Veronis Suhler Stevenson, 2007. © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 1
  2. 2. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide SOLUTION GUIDE How B2B Search Marketing Differs from B2C Is B2B search marketing the same as B2C? The short answer – it is, and it isn’t.. The fundamental marketing principles and “toolkit” of paid search and SEO tactics are the same for B2B and B2C, but strategy and tactical priorities differ. As Christine Churchill of Key Relevance LLC so clearly describes: “There is no magical difference in approach when it comes to a search marketing campaign aimed at other businesses as opposed to one targeting consumers. In all search marketing settings, the objectives of the site owners and an understanding of the intended audiences are essential. A business sale may involve longer buying cycles, larger purchases, smaller audiences, or a deeper understanding of potential changes within specific industries, but essentially the practice of marketing remains the same.” Mike Tatge of JumpFly agrees: “Its not about the B2B or B2C difference…it’s all about ROI regardless of who you’re targeting.” However, certain characteristics of B2B trade – most notably, the length of the sales cycle, target audience attributes, and search engine dynamics and features – often differ from B2C, leading to different goals, strategies and tactical priorities for B2B search marketing. “The B2B sale is complex, meaning several things: the product/service is more expensive, the sales cycle is typically longer, more than one person is involved in the decision and the sale normally does not take place online. Given this, the primary online action is lead generation.” – Dale Hursh, SmartSearch Marketing Let’s take a look at these key differences and the implications for B2B search marketing: Length of the Sales Cycle. Some B2B purchases, like office supplies, are very similar to consumer purchases – users go online to a familiar site like Staples or OfficeMax, find what they need, add it to their online shopping cart and checkout. However, many other B2B purchases can take months to research, evaluate and finalize. Tracy Chapman, of Ignite Web Marketing Services, describes it this way: “B2C often focuses on quick sales or conversions. While there can be a lot of cross-over in strategy, B2B often involves much longer sales and conversion cycles. Online marketers need to be aware of this and focus on not only getting product out the door, but on developing relationships with potential customers, engaging them in the sales cycle and extending campaigns to capture buyers at different stages of buying.” Several factors impact the length of the B2B sales cycle and have clear implications for the B2B search marketer. © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 2
  3. 3. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide SOLUTION GUIDE Number of people involved in the purchase decision. Many people are often involved in the business purchasing process, even in small companies. Enquiro Search Solutions describes four different types of business buyers: the Economic Buyer who controls the money and has veto power over the purchase/supplier, the User Buyer who judges the impact of the product/service on the job, the Technical Buyer who screens out various solutions based on business requirements, and the Coach Buyer who helps potential vendors understand the internal purchasing process. What the pros say: “In contrast to B2C search marketing, B2B is often considered to be more complex as it entails appealing a wider set of interests in a business' decision-making process. This often means targeting all potential participants in that process, whether the owner of a small business, or VP of Marketing and other departments of a corporation.” – Mike Kujanek, Didit Recommendation: Map out the buyer roles involved in purchasing your product and service, including the information someone in each of those roles needs to find/collect and the keywords they’re likely to use to find this information online. Then develop unique paid search campaigns and landing pages to directly address the needs of each buyer type. Product/service cost and complexity. The cost and complexity of business purchases often exceeds that of consumer purchases. Because B2B companies often sell complex, expensive solutions that require the approval of multiple decision makers, the amount of information these decision makers have at their disposal to digest prior to completing a purchase dramatically increases. What the pros say: “B2B marketing is a much harder target audience to focus on because you aren’t just selling a product but rather an entire application solution. Marketing a solution based product requires more documentation through white papers, video demos, application examples, etc.” – Trevor Walter, Freelance Marketing Group Recommendation: If you’re going to produce decision support materials, make them search engine friendly. Check out this great article from Galen DeYoung about optimizing PDFs for search engines. Rational decision process. Business buying is a largely dispassionate process – it’s something buyers do as part of their jobs and a situation where rational factors like fit with business requirements outweigh emotional brand-related connections. In this light, a rational decision process will take longer than an emotional impulse buy – another factor that extends the B2B sales cycle. What the pros say: “The B2B purchaser is more emotionally removed from brands, and bases judgment on real benefits and needs. That means searches will involve less brand names and more pain-based or challenge- based keywords.” – Andrew Spoeth, Enquiro Search Solutions © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 3
  4. 4. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide SOLUTION GUIDE Recommendation: Make sure your paid search and SEO keywords reflect the user pain/challenge (e.g., organize business contacts) in addition to brand names (e.g., Microsoft Office Business Contact Manager). Evaluating the solution and the supplier. Since businesses often buy the same products and services repeatedly, the B2B purchase process involves evaluating both the product/service and the supplier – while I may get a great price on this equipment today, can I expect a similar deal in the future? Will the supplier be able to provide parts and service for the lifetime of the equipment? Are there opportunities to consolidate other purchases with this supplier? What the pros say: “B2C marketing focuses on driving consumers to a site for an immediate sale in a single visit, while B2B marketing is not usually focused on an immediate conversion but rather on building confidence with the business customer and having the opportunity to be considered as the best supplier.” – Steve Chickillo, NETworks Marketing Group, Inc Recommendation: Keep in mind that business buyers evaluate your product or service AND your company when clicking through from a search engine. Clear, compelling ad copy and a persuasive landing page that speaks directly to buyer pain points will help your company make the initial cut. Target Audience Attributes. Several characteristics of the buyer audience also separate B2B from B2C and have important implications for optimizing your B2B search marketing programs. These include the limited number of prospects and past experience with similar purchases. Limited number of prospects. B2B is filled with a huge range of niche products and services where the buying audience numbers in the hundreds or low thousands versus millions of potential B2C buyers. With over 85% of business buyers using the internet during the purchase process 4 , search marketing is a great tactic to reach buyers in even the most esoteric business niche. However, many B2B search marketers approach buyer targeting in a counterintuitive way – rather than starting with the most targeted, qualified sources of traffic, such as B2B search sites like Business.com, they start with general search engines and put an enormous amount of effort into site/vertical/keyword targeting to try to cut down to the right audience. What the pros say: “B2B search marketers need to move past advertising exclusively on the Big Three and advertise on niche and vertical sites that are relevant to their business model. That is where they are going to be able to stand out.” – Danielle Leitch, MoreVisibility Recommendation: Save yourself some effort; start your B2B search marketing program with B2B search leader Business.com and know you’re reaching a targeted business audience. To identify additional vertical search opportunities that may also make sense for your business, such as 4 “B2B Survey”, Enquiro Search Solutions, May 2007 © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 4
  5. 5. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide SOLUTION GUIDE ThomasNet or GlobalSpec, follow the tactics in Business.com’s “B2B Search Marketing Beyond the Big Three” Solution Guide. After covering your most targeted opportunities for qualified business buyer traffic, return to refining your Big Three campaigns. Past experience with similar purchases. Business buyers show a considerable range of experience purchasing a given product or service. Someone setting up an office for the first time may know little about business laptop computers while some in IT at a large corporation may have purchased thousands of laptops in the past. The inexperienced buyer is more likely to start their search at a general search engine, while the more experienced buyer or someone further along in the purchase process will have a greater tendency to turn to niche or vertical search site (in fact, Business.com is the most used vertical search site for technology buyers according to MarketingSherpa’s Search Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008). What the pros say: “The target consumer for B2B search marketing is likely a more sophisticated searcher with known channels to find what they are looking for fast. Getting content in front of a B2B searcher requires focusing on their niche.” – Leslie Jackson, Sitewire Recommendation: Consider both “high experience” and “low experience” buyers for your product or service, and ensure that paid search campaigns, in particular, cover a range of sites those buyers are likely to visit. Search Engine Dynamics & Features. Every B2B search marketer knows the basic challenges of marketing on general search engines – the limited number of organic and paid ads on the critical first page of results, increasing competition for that first page from aggressive competitors and general search engines integrating additional types of content (e.g., news, video, photos, etc.) into results, shifting results algorithms and so on. Several of these “market forces” present unique challenges for B2B. Multiple keyword meanings. The same keyword can mean different things in a consumer or business context, or even across different industries. Without further qualification by the user, general search engines return the most common results for a given keyword or phrases, and when consumer and business meanings conflict, consumer-oriented results will likely dominate. This is one reason why Outsell found nearly 32% of B2B users were unable to find what they were looking for on a general search engine. What the pros say: “Beware of keywords with multiple meanings. In the B2B world PPC costs are often escalated by advertisers pursuing B2C clients. For example, a B2B advertiser might bid on the term “pumps” with the intent of targeting engineers searching for an industrial pump. Similarly, a B2C advertiser might bid on the same term targeting women shopping for high heel shoes. Because the B2C market for women’s shoes is much more competitive (in terms of the number of potential suppliers) than the B2B market, B2C advertisers will tend to pay more for top placement. This, in © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 5
  6. 6. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide SOLUTION GUIDE turn, will inflate the cost of traffic for the B2B advertiser. The trick is to be aware of keywords with more than one meaning and pursue long-tail keywords with less ambiguity.” – Amy Pastorella, Site-Seeker, Inc. Recommendation: B2B vertical search sites largely eliminate the challenge of multiple keyword meanings because the audience is already narrowed down to a specific niche. When search marketing on the Big Three or 2nd tier general search engines, though, it’s very important to be aware of keywords with more than one meaning, utilize keywords and phrases that are more detailed and less ambiguous (e.g., “industrial vacuum pumps” rather than “pumps”), use vertical/site targeting wherever possible and generally put in the effort to eliminate as many consumer clicks as possible. Audience targeting capabilities. Related to the point above, B2B vertical search sites and networks like Business.com deliver highly concentrated business audiences. When managing paid search campaigns on general search engines, however, it’s critical to utilize vertical and site targeting options to reach your target audience. What the pros say: “B2B businesses need to be very concise in messaging and advertising to ensure targeted traffic and corresponding leads. The volume of accidental or non-targeted traffic can be very large and eat away budgets and ROI for B2B. Qualifying with keywords, ad text or site demographics will help eliminate wasteful spending.” – Kevin Heun, WSI Recommendation: Think quality first and start with the most targeted sources of business traffic, like Business.com. The Big Three general search engines can also be great sources of traffic, but know that you’re going to have to commit the time to modifying your campaigns to attract the right audience. Competitive intensity. A good rule of thumb is that B2B lags B2C in adopting new online technologies by 18-24 months. B2C retailers have been complaining loudly for at least a year about increasing search marketing CPCs and lower conversion rates, and the agencies responding to this survey describe challenging B2B search marketing niches as well. With nearly two-thirds of B2B marketers now using search marketing – and dedicating an increasing portion of their overall marketing budget to this practice – B2B search marketers should expect increasing pressure to deliver results in an ever more competitive environment. What the pros say: “B2B search marketers often face a more competitive and even more mature marketplace. CPC values are often very high and smart SEM practices are critical to success.” – Scott MacGregor, Search Intelligence Recommendation: Its critical to continue to learn and find new ways to improve ROI such as by following the top tips below. If you experience relatively low competition and great results today, don’t expect it to last – scale up your program quickly to maximize high ROI leads, and continue to improve your paid search and SEO practices to stay ahead of the curve. © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 6
  7. 7. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide SOLUTION GUIDE Top Tips for Optimizing B2B Paid Search Marketing Campaigns We collected hundreds of tips from agencies for improving B2B paid search campaigns and combined them with our own experience to form the strategy recommendations for this guide. While we can’t possibly include all of the great ideas here, this section highlights top tips that cut across all of the responses. 1) Match your strategy to the business buying process. Clearly understand the buying process for your target customer, and mirror this throughout your search marketing strategy and tactics. What the pros say: “B2B marketers need to have a very good understanding of the purchase funnel and how to reach people at different stages. B2B marketers also need to understand how to target each of the multiple levels of people who either make the purchase, have purchase authority or are the influencer.” – Michelle Kircher, AvenueA Razorfish 2) Fit programs and measurement to the longer B2B sales cycle. With the time between a search engine click and the eventual sale extending to weeks or months in B2B, it’s important to adjust programs and measurement to match this longer sales cycle – you won’t learn much from a 30 day paid search campaign trial if you have a 180 day sales cycle. You also need to make sure you have the measurement systems in place to capture delayed outcomes. What the pros say: “Many analytic programs will track conversion on a linear level: they will only track programs conversions if someone clicks on an ad and completes the conversion within that visit. A B2B paid search marketer must understand their own lead time and buying cycle and use an analytics program that tracks later (latent) conversions that may have begun with a click on a paid ad weeks or even months earlier.” – Leslie Carruthers, The Search Guru 3) Track all conversion points. In B2B search marketing, with an often long and complex sales cycle, it’s important to be able to track the impact of paid search campaigns on all sales metrics from site visits to form completions to inbound calls and final sales. Make sure you take the time to clearly describe your key marketing and sales metrics, find or develop a web metrics solution that can tie your search marketing programs to these metrics, and consistently track each of your campaigns. What the pros say: “ROI in terms of B2B is very different from B2C – clicks don't directly equate to value in B2B. My advice would be to really understand the points of conversion that positively affect your business objectives both online, such as an RFQ form, or offline, such as a telephone call. Once you understand these metrics, you can then optimize your paid campaigns to give you the best "real" ROI.” – Jill Sampey, Blast Radius 4) Drive visitors to action. B2B paid search programs should drive members of your target buyer audience to your site and get them engaged. Given long B2B sales cycles and the chance visitors won’t remember or find your site again, offer them © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 7
  8. 8. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide SOLUTION GUIDE something of value (e.g., a whitepaper, a demo, an email newsletter, etc.) in exchange for their contact information so that you can market directly to them in the future. What the pros say: “Get visitors to DO something. Download a whitepaper, play a game, schedule a demo, sign up for the newsletter, anything that starts the sales process.” – Mary O’Brien, PPC Summit 5) Establish a lead nurturing program (or improve the one you have). Think “no leads left behind.” Getting contacts to your site is just the start in B2B. To get the best yield on all your search marketing activities make sure to establish a lead nurturing program to maintain contact with leads and ensure a smooth hand-off of a quality lead to your sales team. What the pros say: “B2B needs an email nurturing program for opt-ins so that you don't find yourself creating interest and contact information without following-up – ROI is really hurt by this as well as poor integration with sales.” – Karen Breen Vogel, ClearGauge 6) Link ads directly to a variety of decision support content. With multiple people involved in the business purchase process, it’s important to both generate a variety of content to address the interest/needs of these different audiences and make that content available in your paid search campaigns. What the pros say: “Don’t rely on your product to sell itself. Provide valuable data for the client such as application examples, data sheets, white papers, etc. Then using a tool such as Business.com, include sub-links in the paid search campaigns to these solution pages as well as the product page.” – Trevor Walter, Freelance Marketing Group 7) Add Business.com to your paid search campaigns. We’ve tried to be very balanced with the advice in this Guide, and this tip is no different – agency respondents agree that its important to expand your B2B search marketing campaigns beyond just the general search leaders. According to Enquiro’s B2B survey, comScore, MarketingSherpa and others, Business.com is at the top of the list for B2B. What the pros say: “Make sure to add Business.com to your Google and Yahoo search plans…” – Scott Symonds, AKQA 8) Pre-qualify the audience. Do what you can to pre-qualify your audience before they click through to your site, particularly if you use keywords and phrases with both business and consumer meanings. What the pros say: “Pre-qualify their audience before paying for the click. Use keywords specific to their product and ad copy that leaves no doubt about what they will find when they click. That will increase the chance that the person clicking has a legitimate interest in what the advertiser has to © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 8
  9. 9. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide SOLUTION GUIDE offer. The clicks might be fewer, but they will be more qualified and therefore yield a better ROI.” – Danielle Leitch, MoreVisibility 9) Carefully monitor general search engine traffic quality. Traffic quality is critical to B2B search marketing success – attracting the wrong audience for several months, or a very small proportion of the right audience, can have a long lasting impact on search marketing ROI. For campaigns on general search engines, put in the effort to refine targeting (negative keywords, site/vertical, geo-targeting, etc.) and continually monitor how well this targeting is working. What the pros say: “B2B marketers need to watch the sponsored search spending on consumer search engines (Google, etc.) very closely to ensure that traffic generated is the proper audience” – Josh Dahmes of Risdall Marketing Group. 10) Make the experience about user needs, and conversions will follow. Understand the different purchase influencers and decision makers involved in purchasing your product or service, and deliver an experience – from keywords to ad copy to landing pages – that speaks to those unique needs. Address needs first, and then provide visitors clear opportunities to engage more directly with you and convert. What the pros say: “Landing pages need to focus on user needs, NOT conversions for the business.” – Aaron Kahlow, BusinessOnLine Top Tips for B2B Search Engine Optimization As with the paid search tips above, we received many more great suggestions for B2B SEO tips than we can include in this Guide. In selecting the tips to include, we focused on those areas where B2B search marketers often face unique challenges and left out more general SEO practices – such as doing keyword research and building inbound links from related high quality sites – that all B2B and B2C search marketers should follow. Keep in mind that many B2B search marketing best practices, such as optimizing for the relevant keywords and phrases that deliver the best measurable results, benefit both paid search and SEO results. And, as John Rasco of RefreshWeb reminds us, “Stay the course. SEO requires a long term strategy and continuous, iterative improvements.” 1) Keep SEO close to the customer. B2B SEO requires defining/understanding the audience, defining web site content and functionality to attract and serve that audience (moving them closer to a sale), and the technical implementation of that web site content and functionality. Multiple teams, including marketing, product, sales and technology, need to work together to improve SEO. In many companies, the tech team drives SEO initiatives because they have a better grasp of site technology or SEO practices (Oneupweb’s SEO Survival Guide is a good resource for marketers who want to learn more). All things being equal, though, SEO should be driven by the group with the best understanding of the customer and their online behavior. © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 9
  10. 10. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide SOLUTION GUIDE What the pros say: “In a lot of cases in the B2B world, SEO is still a function of the tech team. This is a common fault in the way SEO is managed. SEO should always be considered a marketing function with support from tech.” – Greg Slama, One to One Interactive. 2) Focus on quality traffic. As with paid search, the SEO work you do should be geared toward attracting the right audience to your site. What the pros say: “Too many times we see B2B marketers happy with the fact that they have 1st page placement on the SERPs. The problem is that the phrases they are achieving first page placement with will not deliver the audience they are looking for thus the ROI will not be there. B2B marketers must realize that more clicks will not necessarily equal success” – David Underwood, Top Spot Internet Marketing Solutions. 3) Optimize for keywords your audience uses, not internal terms. This can be a major issue for B2B, particularly when a company’s products or services cross-over to a new audience. Always keep in mind that the most important keywords are those your prospective customers would type into a search engine to find the type of product or service you offer. What the pros say: “Stop using your own terminology – learn what your customers call your products/services.” – David Sprinkle, Acronym Media. 4) Utilize paid search to quickly find the best converting keywords. Most B2B search marketers have a huge range of possible keywords – product names, brands, model numbers, etc. – available for their search marketing. Good SEO, however, requires optimizing your site for a limited set of keywords which deliver the best conversions. Jump start the SEO keyword selection process by running paid search campaigns across a broad range of possible keywords. What the pros say: “Focus on keywords that provide quality leads, not merely increased traffic. Use Pay-Per-Click to identify which search terms provide quality leads.” –Soren Ryherd, Working Planet Marketing Group, Inc. 5) Optimize for 1-1.5 keywords per page. Most B2B SEO projects start with an existing web site, and many proceed from keyword research to selecting pages to optimize to planning how to work the target keywords into the page. Rather than stuffing pages with keywords, consider optimizing each page for a single keyword and creating more pages with useful content whenever you need to cover more keywords. What the pros say: “We find that most B2B websites are limited in the overall number of pages on their website. As a result, when it comes to SEO, we often find that B2B marketers try to optimize for too many keywords per page. We would therefore encourage B2B marketers to keep the ratio of keywords to pages between 1-1.5 keywords per page, and if need be, create more relevant content to target additional keywords.” – Deborah Hickey, iProspect. © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 10
  11. 11. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide SOLUTION GUIDE 6) Consider launching different sites for each industry. Manufacturers, in particular, often provide products or services to very different industries. Rather than attempting to optimize a single web site to meet the content and user experience needs of multiple types of decision makers from multiple industries, it can be more efficient to develop a unique site for each industry. What the pros say: “If an organization targets industries that are very different from each other, it might make sense to consider having more than one website if possible, with each focused upon a specific industry, and how the goods or services offered may be beneficial specifically to them.” – Christine Churchill, KeyRelevance LLC. 7) Continually improve site quality. The search engines are trying to deliver their users to the best sites with the right content to meet that users’ need. While there is no universal “right content” – improving a B2B site’s ranking in search results means delivering the right content and experience for the target user. What the pros say: “At the end of the day the technical work and link building will only take you so far, you have to invest in building up the quality of the site so that the search engines regard it as a source of high quality information.” – Imran Hassan, Blueliner Marketing 8) Don’t forget usability. B2B purchasing is often based on a thorough, rational evaluation of technical specifications against business requirements. As such, B2B marketers often think first about content – technical specs, use cases, etc. – and only later, if ever, about design and usability. To boost B2B search marketing ROI, improving landing page design to improve conversions may be far faster and easier than other efforts to boost traffic. What the pros say: “Probably the most important thing B2B advertisers can do to improve the ROI of their SEO efforts is to focus on the usability of their site, with an eye toward increasing conversions. It's usually easier to increase the conversion rate by, say, 20% (by improving the site's usability), than it is to drive 20% more traffic.” – Stacy Williams, Prominent Placement, Inc. 9) Conduct a professional site audit. As we’ve seen in our own Business.com client research, most B2B search marketers juggle multiple responsibilities, including other online and offline marketing programs. With search engines continually changing their ranking algorithms, SEO best practices evolving rapidly, and B2B search marketing competition heating up, how can you possibly stay ahead of the curve? Hire an SEO agency, such as one of the ones listed at the end of this Guide, to conduct a site audit. What the pros say: “Contract semi-annual site audits from a professional service as soon as possible since B2B traffic patterns are much different than B2C advertisers' site traffic. The professional audit will allow the advertiser to beef up the weak areas and prepare long term, since SEO improvements do not effect ranking overnight.” – Mark Simon, Didit. © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 11
  12. 12. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide SOLUTION GUIDE 10) Know your B2B blogs. Blogs have taken B2B by storm as companies, consultants and knowledgeable users find how easy, and sometimes profitable, it is to share their thoughts online. There are numerous blogs covering accounting, agriculture, human resources, small business and virtually every other industry and topic. Find blogs your customers might read by conducting searches for your target keywords on Technorati or Google Blog Search, then get to know the blogs and bloggers. What the pros say: “Know your blogs. Bloggers play an ever-increasing role in the research process when making a purchase decision. If possible, create your own blog and network with others.” – Chris Sietsema, Mighty Interactive. Your B2B Search Marketing Strategy Checklist In this Guide, we’ve already delivered 20 top tips for improving your B2B paid search and SEO programs. Top tips are great, but it can take some effort to move from tips to action. Below we offer a B2B search marketing strategy checklist to help you get started developing your strategy and finding ways to turn those tips into better results. Identify where your audience is online. To effectively reach your target audience, you have to know where they go online and when they’re learning about, finding and buying the products and/or services you offer. They will use one or more of the “Big Three” general search engines – Google, Yahoo! and MSN – and the leading business search engine and directory, Business.com, which attracts more than seven million unique business users per month. Beyond that, we suggest spending time with your customers in front of a computer to see how they find business solutions online. See our Solution Guide, B2B Search Marketing Beyond the Big Three, for more specific tips on identifying where your audience is online. Define your goals. Clearly articulate your paid search and SEO goals, and tie these to specific business outcomes. For example, it’s not enough to have a goal that you’re going to expand your paid search campaign to 500 keywords by the end of the year, or optimize six landing pages using SEO best practices. Instead, make it your goal to double online sales to search marketing-generated visitors if you have an ecommerce site, or increase lead form submissions by 60%. The more specific your paid search and SEO goals, the better, and tying goals to valued business outcomes will help get you budget support. Establish your key metrics and get tracking in place. It’s true that you can only manage what you measure. Establish your key search marketing metrics – otherwise known as key performance indicators or KPI’s – and ensure that you have the systems and tools in place to measure these metrics accurately. And while traffic volume is the most widely used metric to track © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 12
  13. 13. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide search campaign results 5 , and the top metric on which search marketers are SOLUTION GUIDE evaluated, 6 because it is easy to measure, successful B2B search marketing depends on understanding and focusing on traffic quality. Tools such as ClickTracks, Google Analytics, IndexTools and WebSideStory/Visual Sciences can help you measure traffic quality and links to business outcomes. To learn more about web analytics, visit the Web Analytics Association and the eMetrics Optimization Summit. Start with B2B vertical search. If you’re starting your B2B search marketing campaign from scratch, begin where you’ll get the biggest bang for the buck – B2B vertical search sites that reach your target audience. With B2B vertical search, you don’t need to worry about carefully refining keywords or targeting sites to eliminate the consumer clicks you don’t want – consumers are already filtered out. “Traditionally, B2B advertisers are challenged with finding unique keywords to identify a business searcher in the broad marketplace. Leveraging niche engines with a B2B focus can be a great way to speak directly to your customer base without applying severe limitations to the campaign.” – Greg Slama, One to One Interactive. Business.com is the “must buy” first stop for B2B search marketing as the largest and fastest growing B2B search and directory site and B2B pay-per-click advertising network by a considerable margin with over 7 million unique visitors per month to Business.com and over 40 million across the Business.com Advertising Network. Beyond Business.com there are several good business sub-vertical options to consider including GlobalSpec to reach engineers, ThomasNet for industrial and manufacturing, KnowledgeStorm for IT, eBuild for construction and GoWholesale for wholesale products. While the largest B2B sites will be tracked by industry leading subscription services such as comScore, Nielsen//NetRatings or Hitwise, many have too little traffic for those services to cover. As an alternative, try free online services such as Compete or Quantcast. Establish your budget. Search marketing should command a significant, and increasing, portion of the overall marketing budget given the ability to clearly measure results and rapidly shift tactics to achieve better results. B2B search marketing guru Patricia Hursh offers great advice on how to lobby for your search marketing budget. Identify your core vs. explore paid search programs. Your core B2B search marketing program should include one or more of the Big Three plus Business.com as the largest B2B search site. Your “explore” list includes the 5 “The State of Search Engine Marketing 2006,” SEMPO 6 “Search Marketer Measurement & Performance Study,” iProspect, June 2007 © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 13
  14. 14. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide SOLUTION GUIDE sites on your test list. Establish separate goals, budgets and metrics for your core and explore programs, and continually refresh your test list by moving winners to core, scheduling current losers for later retests and adding new sites to test. Improve your targeting. Reaching the right business audience requires a combination of B2B vertical search, such as advertising with Business.com, and taking the time to improve your targeting with the general search engines though selecting specific categories, sites, keywords and even ad copy – as Wendy Hummer of EXL Media points out to B2B search marketers, “it’s important to carefully write text to block out potential B2C responses.” Make sure targeting is a priority. “Utilize targeting capabilities within search engines and devote some budget to vertical search engines to attempt to qualify your clicks with more targeted [visitors].” – Leslie Jackson, Sitewire. Know the difference between vertical search and 2nd tier search. Some in the search industry mistakenly group B2B vertical search sites together with “2nd tier” general search engines and networks such as MIVA, Kanoodle, LookSmart, Search123, 7Search and others. These are not the same thing. Vertical search and directory sites provide “comprehensive and focused niche content from multiple sources that is organized to ensure relevance to a specific community of users” 7 , and leading business vertical search sites attract a qualified audience by definition. Second tier search engines and networks serve a general audience but have less than 10% of all general search engine queries 8 . While running a campaign on a B2B vertical search site can be quick, easy way to target the right business audience, expect that paid search campaigns on 2nd tier search engines and networks will require consistent, dedicated effort to target the right audience and monitor traffic quality. Define your test program and stick with it. The biggest risk you take in today’s dynamic search marketing world is not testing at all. Find potentially relevant sites, add them to your “Explore” group and run effective tests over a period sufficient to capture relevant online or offline conversions. More generally, utilize tracking software so that you can effectively measure all relevant outcomes and, as Kyle Grant of Enquiro Search Solutions reminds us, make sure that your cookie duration matches the average sales cycle for your product or service. Make tracking the competition a regular activity. Did you know that 69% of B2B search marketers actively and systematically monitor how their competitors market themselves online? Improve your own search marketing results by learning and employing the best practices from this Solution Guide – The Intelligence Edge: How to Track Your B2B Competitors Online and Drive Better Search Marketing Results. 7 “Hot Topics: Vertical Search Delivers What Big Search Engines Miss”, Outsell, August, 2006 8 “Search Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008”, MarketingSherpa, September, 2007. © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 14
  15. 15. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide SOLUTION GUIDE Feed search marketing insights back into other marketing programs. Elizabeth Katz of Reprise Media suggests that B2B search marketers should “improve and refine marketing collateral based on search insights and prospect behaviors.” For example, not only will you want to ensure that marketing collateral points to the most effective landing page, but it’s also valuable to reinforce your most effective search keywords in marketing collateral. Adjust your program based on the time you have to manage it. Make sure you right-size your search marketing strategic goals and plan to the actual time you and your team will have to manage the program. Set your program goals, and focus on your best opportunities to drive better results. Contact For media inquiries, questions, comments or success stories related to this Solution Guide, please contact: Ben Hanna VP, Marketing Business.com ben.hanna@business.com © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 15
  16. 16. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide SOLUTION GUIDE About Business.com Business.com helps business decision makers quickly find whatever they need to manage and grow their businesses, and enables B2B marketers to reach these users wherever they are across the business Internet. Business.com is the “must buy” for B2B online marketing as the: #1 B2B website (Hitwise) with 7 million business users/month #1 B2B paid search network (comScore) serving ads on Forbes, The Wall St. Journal, BusinessWeek, Hoovers, GlobalSpec, AllBusiness and many more #1 Most preferred B2B vertical search engine among business buyers (Enquiro) #1 Vertical search engine for online marketers and agencies (MarketingSherpa) A Business.com pay-per-click ad campaign can help you reach a targeted business audience, extend your reach across other leading business sites and deliver exceptional B2B search marketing ROI. To learn more and get started, visit www.business.com/advertise or call 1-888-441-4466. © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 16
  17. 17. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide Appendix: B2B Search Marketing Agency Directory Over 150 search marketing agency professionals from 144 agencies took the time to contribute their insights to this Solution Guide. If you need assistance starting, expanding and/or improving results in your B2B search marketing program, the following agencies have experience serving B2B clients. Agency Services City State Country Web Site Phone @Web Site Search engine marketing, search Peterborough NH USA www.websitepublicity.com (800) 450-2818 Publicity, Inc. engine optimization, product feed management, online public relations, corporate blogging solutions/training 360i Digital marketing services including New York NY USA www.360i.com (212) 703-7201 integrated search, behavioral marketing and social media 760 Media, Inc. Creative advertising, marketing and PR Carlsbad CA USA www.760media.com (760) 603-8133 ACE Rankings SEO and SEM San Francisco CA USA www.acerankings.com (415) 536-3929 Acronym Media Keyword driven marketing New York City NY USA www.acronym.com (877) SEM-ACRO Ad Hoc Marketing SEO, keyword research, link building, Dubuque IA USA www.adhocmarketing.com (563) 690-7438 site analysis, SEO copywriting AKQA Full service digital agency San Francisco CA USA www.AKQA.com (415) 645-9400 Alexander Strategic planning, research, public Grand Rapids MI USA www.alexandermarketing.com (616) 957-2000 Marketing relations, advertising, direct marketing, Services, Inc. sales and technical literature development, web design and development, interactive, packaging design, employee communications All Web SEO, PPC advertising, email service Oglesby IL USA www.allwebpromotion.com (888) 883-9462 Promotion, Inc. provider, Yahoo! store website design and maintenance Amadeus SEO, paid search campaign Boulder CO USA www.amadeusconsulting.com (720) 564-1231 Consulting management Apogee Search Paid search advertising, SEO, pay per Austin TX USA www.apogee-search.com (512) 583-4200 call, ad exchange management AvenueA Paid search, SEO, digital media, feeds San Francisco CA USA www.avenuea-razorfish.com (415) 284-7070 Razorfish management, web development, user experience testing, and reputation management Badertscher Full service agency Marion OH USA www.badcomm.com (740) 383-2633 Communications Bell Web Solutions SEM, SEO, business planning, Montreal QB Canada www.bell.ca/enterprise/EntPrd_Web (514) 393-0590 usability, creative design, digital media _Landing.page bigmouthmedia SEM, SEO, affiliate marketing, online Munich Bavaria Germany www.bigmouthmedia.com +49 89 242167 77 media campaigns Blast Radius Customer experience innovation and New York NY USA www.blastradius.com (866) 473-6800 design, web development, interactive marketing, search engine optimization, search marketing, viral marketing, social search marketing, technology solutions Blueliner SEO, SEM, online advertising, e-mail New York NY USA www.bluelinerNY.com (212) 904-1240 Marketing, LLC marketing, blog marketing, affiliate marketing, web analytics, web design, blog development, offshore IT development, product development, public relations, commercial/infomercial production, podcasting Bruce Clay, Inc. SEO, PPC, analytics, branding, design Moorpark CA USA www.bruceclay.com (866) 517-1900 BusinessOnLine SEO, SEM, website development, San Diego CA USA www.BusinessOL.com (619) 699-0767, usability consulting, analytics, web ext. 1 strategy consultation, social media strategy Butler/Till Traditional and online media services Rochester NY USA www.butlertill.com (585) 473-3740 © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 17
  18. 18. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide Agency Services City State Country Web Site Phone BZ Results SEM and SEO, full digital auto dealer Coventry RI USA www.bzresults.com (888) 252-4160 marketing package with Internet-based CRM management Carat Full service: SEO, SEM, affiliate, Boston MA USA www.caratfusion.com (617) 449-4100 display & all traditional Carat Full service: SEO, SEM, affiliate, San Francisco CA USA www.caratfusion.com (415) 541-2700 display & all traditional Charles River Search engine marketing Lexington MA USA www.charlesriverinteractive.com (781) 861-6001 Interactive Clear Ink Search engine marketing, media Berkeley CA USA www.clearink.com (510) 549-4200 planning, website development ClearGauge Internet/website strategy, search Chicago IL USA www.cleargauge.com (312) 923-7604 marketing, KPI/goal consulting and B2B enabled web analytics, online customer experience optimization, online research Comet Conversion SEO, PPC, web development, design, New York City NY USA www.cometsearchenginemarketing.c (212) 317-1947 media plans, media buying om Comit E-commerce, SEO, PPC Lafayette LA USA www.comittechnologies.com (337) 326-5479 Technologies Conversion Paid search management, site Orem UT USA www.conversionresults.com (801) 756-3617 Results conversion, split testing Creative Digital Interactive marketing services Atlanta GA USA www.creativedigitalgroup.com (404) 267-7600 Group (an LBi company) dBase Media SEO, online media placement and lead McLean VA USA www.dbasemedia.com (703) 242-9700 generation services Didit Online marketing Rockville NY USA www.didit.com (800) 932-7761 Centre Digital Eel, Inc. SEO, SEM, website development, St. Pete Beach FL USA www.digitaleel.com (888) 884-3335 hosting, e-commerce, consulting, SEO expert witness DigitalGrit SEM, SEO, web development, mobile Boonton NJ USA www.digitalgrit.com (973) 316-9696 marketing Don't Blink Media SEM, SEO, creative development, pay Seattle WA USA www.DontBlink.com (206) 447-1905 per performance campaigns Effective Student Full service direct marketing for schools Andover MA USA www.effectivestudentmarketing.com (978) 475-0880 Marketing, Inc. Engine Ready, Inc. SEM, SEO, landing page optimization, San Diego CA USA www.EngineReady.com (619) 308-5281 call analytics, web analytics Enhanced Integrated online marketing, converting Cincinnati OH USA www.enhancedconcepts.com (513) 481-6815 Concepts, Inc. search engine marketing, website conversion and e-business (market) strategy Enquiro Search SEO, SEM, usability testing, eye Kelowna BC Canada www.enquiro.com (250) 861-5252 Solutions, Inc. tracking testing, market research E-Power Marketing SEO, PPC, social media marketing Oshkosh WI USA www.epowermark.com (920) 303-1244 eVision Online marketing and promotion Branford CT USA www.eVisionSEM.com (203) 481-8005 including SEM, improving site conversion rates, designing web sites that convert visitors into leads and business EXL Media Media planning and buy: traditional and Incline Village NV USA www.exlmedia.com (775) 832-0202 internet Fathom Online Paid search, SEM and marketing San Francisco CA USA www.fathomonline.com (415) 284-9100 analytics Foreman and Pike SEO, PPC, press release optimization, Ardmore PA USA www.foremanpike.com (484) 802-3506 Consulting etc Francis SEO SEO, news release optimization, Grand Rapids MI USA www.francis-seo.com (616) 235-1122 thought leadership through optimized blogging, search friendliness reviews and site audits, website development, and B2B brand strategy. Freelance SEO, SEM, consulting and education, Twin Bridges MT USA www.fmgconsultants.com (866) 862-8135 Marketing Group, custom reporting and analysis of Inc. current and new marketing programs © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 18
  19. 19. B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide Agency Services City State Country Web Site Phone Fusion Marketing communications, PR, Vancouver BC Canada www.fusioncom.ca (604) 218-6767 Communications advertising, on-line strategy Group Inc GetMeOnTop.com Search engineering, SEO, web New York NY USA www.GetMeOnTop.com (646) 290-7081 development, PPC Consulting and web site monetization Green Media Web design, web usability, SEO, SEM New York NY USA www.greenmediainc.com (212) 947-6761 HMG Search SEO, PPC, link building, analytics Portland ME USA www.hmgsearch.com (207) 774-9040 Marketing, Inc Hybrid6 Studios Web design, search marketing, Los Angeles / CA USA www.hybrid6.com (949) 310-3138 advertising, graphic design San Diego Hyperdriven Online media / search marketing New York NY USA www.hyperdriven.com (212) 591-2610 HyperX Media SEM consulting, media buying, creative Sandy UT USA www.hyperxmedia.com (801) 566-0670 services and programming services IdeaOverTen, LLC Web development, search engine Allentown PA USA www.ideaover10.com (866) 864-2836 marketing, SEO friendly content management software and shopping cart software Ignite Web SEM with a focus on paid placement & Portland OR USA www.ignitewms.com (503) 720-5010 Marketing local listings Services Indextree Inc. Web design/development, SEO, PPC Henderson NV USA www.indextree.com (866) 528-4924 Integral PPC, landing pages, RSS to e-mail San Diego CA USA www.integralimpressions.com (888) 882-2242 Impressions Interactive Return SEM, SEO, website usability, e-mail Dublin County Ireland www.interactivereturn.com 00353 1 672 9022 marketing, online advertising Dublin iProspect Full-service search engine marketing Watertown MA USA www.iprospect.com (800) 522-1185 services (natural search engine optimization, pay per click advertising management, paid inclusion management, feed management and other related services) JumpFly, Inc. Search engine advertising / PPC Carpentersville IL USA www.jumpfly.com (877) 239-9610 management Just Media, Inc. Technology media planning, Berkeley CA USA www.justmedia.com (510) 540-5757 negotiating, buying, executing and reporting Kaberg Consulting Online media advertising Los Angeles CA USA www.kabergconsulting.com (310) 266-0648 KEO Marketing SEO, SEM, linking, social networking & Tempe AZ USA www.keomarketing.com (480) 413-2090 media, Web 2.0 KeyRelevance LLC SEO, PPC management, Web Wylie TX USA www.keyrelevance.com (972) 429-1222 analytics, offline conversion tracking, link building, conversion enhancement and usability testing Knowledge Internet marketing: e-mail, surveys, Plymouth MN USA www.knowledgemarketing.com (763) 746-2780 Marketing digital Editions, SEM, Publishing KoMarketing B2B SEO, PPC, and social media Waltham MA USA www.komarketingassociates.com (781) 209-1989 Associates, LLC services LeadQual Lead qualification, lead generation, Emeryville CA USA www.LeadQual.com (203) 644-1310 SEM, SEO, landing page optimization, Website optimization, online marketing consulting, call center services Leone advertising Print and online search advertising Menlo Park CA USA www.leonead.com (650) 854-5895 LevelTen Design SEO, SEM, design, application Dallas TX USA www.leveltendesign.com (214) 887-8586 development Levelwing Media Media strategy, planning, buying, New York NY USA www.levelwing.com (646) 216-8320 analytics, (search, brand and direct response) MatchCraft, Inc. Full service search, SEM/PPC, SEO, Santa Monica CA USA www.matchcraft.com (310) 314-3320 landing page optimizations, Keywords / ad copy / bidding Maverick Insight SEO, SEM / PPC, marketing, Los Angeles CA USA www.maverickinsight.com (310) 802-3171 advertising (text links, presell, display), consulting/strategy, e-mail marketing, systems development & deployment © 2007 Business.com, Inc. Business.com is a “must buy” for B2B advertisers as the leading business search engine, directory All Rights Reserved. and pay-per-click advertising network. To learn more, visit www.business.com/advertise. 19
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