ANNEX 1 (to ASG Meeting 2: Paper 1)



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Action             Objective                                      Achievement                     ...

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Alternative/complementary measures being tested.


Actio              Objective                                       Achievement                       ...
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ANNEX 1 (to ASG Meeting 2: Paper 1)


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ANNEX 1 (to ASG Meeting 2: Paper 1)

  1. 1. ANNEX 1 (to ASG Meeting 2: Paper 1) SUMMARY OF AGRICULTURE STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION BUSINESS TOOLS Action Objective Achievement Development Potential 1 Farm businesses should review FarmBASS Local Initiatives Fund launched (Dec 2004) to help Ongoing as part of the National their cost structures and returns Local Enterprise Companies run workshops to help farmers Strategy for Farm Business Advice to maximise business potential. improve business skills. Whole Farm Review Scheme and Skills. launched July 2004, offering grant towards a business needs review. MilkBench created as a benchmarking tool for dairy May be scope for further farmers. Defra/SEERAD guidance published on farm development. management accounting. 2 Better-focused business advice National Strategy for Farm Business Advice and Skills Ongoing as part of the National to be provided to farmers. launched in Feb 2003; Farm Business Adviser Accreditation Strategy for Farm Business Advice Scheme in May 2004; Whole Farm Review Scheme in and Skills. July 2004; and Local Initiatives Fund in Dec 2004 to support LECs in setting up business development workshops for May be scope for further farmers. development. 3 Benchmarking and peer review Benchmarking – as per Actions 1 and 2 above. Benchmarking – ongoing. systems to be developed. Peer review – five monitor farm pilot projects established. Peer review – monitor farm pilots will run until 2006/2007 and will then be evaluated. 4 Enterprise Networks to adopt Action has been taken by Enterprise Networks which enables No further action required. farmers as part of mainstream farmers to access EN services and the advisory element of client group. FarmBASS (see Action 2). Facilitated by the FarmBASS Local Initiatives Fund (see Action 1). 6 Review provision of business Some changes made to collection and dissemination of Work is ongoing information to improve statistical data. competitiveness 1
  2. 2. BUSINESS TOOLS (contd) Action Objective Achievement Development Potential 7 Improve consumer research. Substantial consumer research carried out by sectoral bodies. Up to date consumer research is a SAOS study undertaken into availability of this research to prerequisite to market orientated farmers and report produced (March 2002). production - an ongoing development area. 21 Business advice should include The skills element is incorporated in the FarmBASS Whole An ongoing commitment under the assessment of required skills Farm Review process (see Action 2) National Strategy for Farm Business Advice and Skills and Whole Farm Review procedure. 2
  3. 3. TRAINING AND SKILLS Actio Objective Achievement Development Potential n 19 Lantra to work with other SE funding Lantra over 3 years till 2007. Lantra working with An ongoing commitment but no agencies to improve skill levels Government Depts, agencies and 70 training providers to specific future target. amongst farm-based workers. ensure supply of training meets the sector’s needs. 20 Pilot projects in Borders and Lantra and Scottish Enterprise working to promote land based Planned work ongoing into 2005. Grampian to consider how to Modern Apprenticeships. promote training and career LE network has delivered 3 workshops to raise awareness of opportunities amongst farming agri-environment, biodiversity and conservation issues. More communities. pilot workshops and farm visits planned in H&I in 2005 22 Involving the farming sector in Report produced by Futureskills Scotland analysing This report will be updated Future Skills Scotland. employment, vacancies, skills gaps and shortages in land based periodically industries 39 Enterprise Networks to assist HIE Network offers advice and guidance on request. Careers Work continuing. those wishing to leave farming Scotland is exploring opportunities to extend its outreach to find other jobs. services to farmers. 3
  4. 4. LIVESTOCK INITIATIVES Action Objective Achievement Development Potential 11 Improve management of Animal Health and Welfare Strategy developed – published This is an ongoing and developing animal health and disease June 2004. area with further developments control. An Advisory Group will set targets for implementation of the already being planned. Strategy in Scotland. Batch traceability system for sheep in place. SEERAD working with UK counterparts to bring uniformity to UK traceability systems. Joint SEERAD/industry project underway to examine practical aspects of EID in sheep and Cattle. National Scrapie Plan, introduced July 2001, is currently under review. 15 End the practice of multiple Not pursued following CAP reform. Research work required to assess sales of finished stock. effect of SFPS on marketing practices and initiate action if necessary. 16 Explore possibility of a Not relevant following CAP reform package. Closed. voluntary sheep quota buy out scheme. 17 Explore options for increasing Not relevant following CAP reform package. Monitor effects of SFPS and the suckler cow production. Scottish Beef Calf Scheme. 4
  5. 5. ENCOURAGING BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Action Objective Achievement Development Potential 29 Identify and develop better Achievements listed under Actions 33 and 34. The initial objective does not appear economic links between to have been fully addressed and farming and other local could be re-considered. businesses. 30 Introduce rate relief measure to Rate relief scheme introduced in April 2003 for non- Complete. encourage diversification. agricultural use of former agricultural land and buildings. 31 Consider rate relief for Agricultural exemption from non-domestic rates extended to Complete. buildings used by agricultural farm buildings used by agricultural co-operatives. co-operatives. 32 Assist restructuring and ABDS and FBDS opened in 2001 and are ongoing until 2006. Direct action complete but may be diversification. scope for assessment of achievement. Successor schemes to be considered under the new RDR. 33 Develop walking tourism A national “Walking Wild” campaign was developed by Ongoing but no new action strategy to create new business VisitScotland. Local initiatives have also been developed. expected. opportunities for farming families. 34 Scottish Enterprise Borders SEB appointed two Farm Advisers as part of the Business Work ongoing but no further (SEB) to work with farmers to Gateway services. Delivering business advice to farmers and development proposed. explore new business working with other agencies. Adopted by some other LECs. opportunities. See also Actions 1 and 2. 35 Western Isles Enterprise to A Strategy for crofting and farming in the Western Isles was Re-design of the Strategy underway. work with farming and launched in December 2002 with an Implementation Group to crofting communities to lead and monitor progress. Work is ongoing to re-shape the improve prosperity and Strategy. identify alternative sources of income. 5
  6. 6. ENCOURAGING BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (contd) Action Objective Achievement Development Potential 36 Review planning protection for A consultation was launched in September 2001. Planning No further action proposed. prime quality agricultural land Policy and Guidance notes being updated. to assist diversification. NPPG 15 has been revised and now covers diversification 37 Planning guidelines to be used Revisions to Planning policy and guidelines to encourage Complete. to help farm businesses to economic development and diversification. adapt and diversify. 40 Develop a system of Land LMC Working Group set up and a consultation on the shape of Scheme moves into implementation Management Contracts. LMCs took place in Summer 2004. Commission approved of Tier II and development of Tier Scottish LMC proposals in February 2005. III measures. 6
  7. 7. FOOD PRODUCTION AND MARKETING Actio Objective Achievement Development Potential n 8 Ensuring quality and integrity in Various initiatives to maintain/ improve quality completed and Review and assess current activity to food production. ongoing including the Meat Eating Quality Project. inform future actions. 9 QMS to update and enforce QA Quality Assurance standards regularly reviewed and audited to Actions ongoing, possible scope for standards, interact with ensure high standards. further development. consumers etc. Consumer research, market information and industry seminars all used as tools to monitor and inform. 10 Improve food labelling. Some progress made on voluntary labelling and major retailers May be more scope for raising providing more information on origin of food. consumer awareness of food origins through voluntary labelling. Monitor EU review of food labelling. 12 Improve co-operation within the SE supporting initiatives by the IGD and SAOS and using Will remain a key factor in the food chain. grant schemes to promote collaborative projects. sustainability of farming and new actions may be required. Consider Actions 12,13 and 14 in conjunction with Food and Drink Strategy. 13 Shorten supply chain and As for 12 above. Looks to be an important platform identify customers. for future development. 14 Better targeting of processing Objective being delivered through SAOS and SEERAD Current grant schemes expire in and marketing funding to grants. 2006 – no decisions on position encourage collaboration. beyond that. 18 Improve production and Organic Action Plan launched in February 2003. Further development may be guided marketing of organic produce. Enhancements to the Organic Aid Scheme in 2004. Also, by a progress report due in summer Organic Demonstration Farm, Organic Producers’ Forum and 2005. Market Penetration report. 7
  8. 8. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES Action Objective Achievement Development Potential 5 Develop research into the costs No clear evidence of systematic rural disadvantage which Further mileage in this area is likely of living and working in rural could be addressed through policy. Work in hand to develop to depend on the results of ongoing areas. indicators of rural disadvantage. work.. 23 Develop on-line subsidy Substantial progress made and expectations achieved. New Scope to develop and enhance on- applications facilities. work in hand on SFPS and SBCS. line facilities and promote greater uptake. 24 Development of electronic ID Progress made on both Electronic Cattle Traceability and Good uptake of CTS online but for cattle Electronic Identification. problems with progress on EID technology. An area of ongoing development. 25 Reduce the burden of farm Progress made on reducing burden of livestock inspections. With the inspection approach inspections. New inspection regimes being developed under the SFPS necessarily under review following regime. CAP reform, there may be little benefit in seeking further development at this time. 26 Improve SEERAD’s An External Communications panel has been established to While this work is ongoing there communication with farmers. guide drafting of SEERAD information to farmers. seems little scope for seeking additional development. 27 Support the EU proposal for a Proposal redundant as a result of CAP Reform package. Complete. small producers’ scheme. 28 Seek simplification of rules Good progress made in respect of the old CAP schemes. The SFPS should aid further relating to incorrect subsidy simplification and a reduce checks claims, scheme conditions, and monitoring. May be a case for penalties etc. further review as SFPS settles in. 38 Develop a better understanding HIE has progressed this objective through meetings and events Complete. of which farming communities including information on potential impact of the CAP Reform will be most vulnerable to package. change. 8
  9. 9. ENVIRONMENT Actio Objective Achievement Development Potential n 41 Set up group to consider key Delivered through the Custodians of Change Report and May form the basis for further environmental issues. progressive implementation of recommendations. action. 42 Improve environmental advice Environmental advice incorporated into the FarmBASS Whole Should be assessed as part of any available to farmers. Farm Review service. review of the Whole Farm Review process. 43 Review the PEPFAA Code. A new version of the full Code will be published early in With a new version of the PEPFAA March 2005. A revised version of the DOs and DON’Ts guide Code and Guide about to be will issue at the same time. published further action in this area is not a priority in the short/medium term. 44 Create adviser post to encourage No suitable candidate identified but other routes explored May benefit from a review of environmental schemes which including a SAC report issued in December 2004 (funded by ongoing activity and re-definition of aid biodiversity. SEERAD and SNH). objective. 45 Collaboration between sectors Various developments including SNH’s TIBRE handbook and Action taken but may be scope for to address environmental the Whole Farm Review scheme. doing more. protection without damaging business competitiveness. 46 Support development of an An updated version of the CD ROM taking account of Scottish Complete. environmental management considerations became available early in 2004. CD-ROM. 47 Explore options for new land Consultancy undertaken in 2002, report issued in 2003. Trial Future work to be considered against management arrangements in schemes started in Cairngorms. LL and T has established the background of LMCs. National Parks. multi-agency working group to consider issues. 48 Help farmers to tackle water Four Point Plan launched in 2002. Initial action largely completed but pollution and waste issues. Pilot work is underway to assess effectiveness of farm based scope for further development. measures promoted under the plan. 9
  10. 10. Alternative/complementary measures being tested. 10
  11. 11. ENVIRONMENT (contd) Actio Objective Achievement Development Potential n 49 Co-operate with industry to Water Environment and Water Services (Scotland) Act passed Complete. implement EC legislation such by Parliament. Regulations being developed. as Water Framework Directive in a balanced way. 50 Investigation of scope to expand Some work has been progressed and an action plan for Scope for further development both non-food crops and biofuels. promoting biomass technologies was published in January as a response to climate change and 2005. to create an alternative source of farm income. 51 Executive to fund research into Research has been carried out by the Macaulay Institute and As for Action 50. non-food crops and biofuels. taken into account in Action 50. 52 Involve farming industry in Studies carried out on organic soils, fertiliser use and flooding. Scope for further development climate change initiatives. within the overall umbrella of climate change work. 11