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A quick deck on how to set up your phone/tablet/etc. for social media on iOS and Android operating systems.

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On the-go social media

  1. 1. On-The-Go Social Media Alison Yu
  2. 2. Agenda 1. How to Install Social Media Applications 1. Apple iOS 2. Google Android 2. Review of Social Media Applications 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Facebook Pages Twitter LinkedIn Google+ HootSuite
  3. 3. Apple iOS – From the Device 1. To download social media applications, you need to start in the App Store. 2. Once you are in the app store, you need to go to the search tab. 3. Once in the search tab, look for your social media platform of choice. Many social media sites have official apps. • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc.
  4. 4. Apple iOS – From iTunes 1. Start in the iTunes Store 2. Go to the App Store Tab 3. Choose what device you want to look for apps for: iPhone or iPad 4. Search for social media apps 5. Purchase social media apps (if applicable) 6. Install social media apps 7. Sync device
  5. 5. Google Android – From Device 1. Open Android Market 2. Once the Market starts up three tabs 3. 4. 5. 6. will open: Apps, Games and Downloads Select Apps Search in Apps for the social media platforms that you would like to have on-the-go Click “INSTALL” below the app to install Your apps will appear once the download finishes
  6. 6. Google Android – From WWW 1. Go to: Google play for Android, Social Media 2. Select “TOP FREE” • Most social media platforms will pop up here • If the social media app that you want does not appear, you can also search for it 3. Select which apps you want and click on “INSTALL” 4. The app should appear on your device the next time you sync
  7. 7. Facebook Pages App Features • Manage all Facebook pages that you own in one place • Post status updates for your page • Share photos • See Insights (metrics) for each page • Keep track of pages that you have “liked” – updated directly to your feed • Respond to direct messages • See notifications
  8. 8. Twitter App Features • Manage multiple Twitter handles in one place • Send tweets • Post photos • See who has @ mentioned you • See all tweets in your feed • Find popular topics easily with the discover tab
  9. 9. LinkedIn App Features • See others’ updates • Read and reply to LinkedIn messages • Look at other people’s profiles • Keep track of the groups and companies you follow • Post to groups Restrictions: • Can not update company profiles (that you own) from the app
  10. 10. Google+ App Features • Manage and update your Google+ page • Add photos Restrictions: • Can not join or host a Hangout • Can only log into one page at once (only your personal page or your company page) • Kind of a hassle to change between the two
  11. 11. HootSuite App Features • Can track Twitter and Facebook feeds • Can post updates • Can schedule updates • Can respond to posts or mentions on your page
  12. 12. Questions?