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Informal learning in the library workplace: the role of unconferences


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At De Montfort University, library staff have the opportunity to regular in-house Mashed Library unconferences, which provide information about in-house projects, feedback on external events, and the opportunity to explore new tools and technologies. A #MashDMU blog supports this. [Presentation given at Internet Librarian International on 31 October 2012]

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Informal learning in the library workplace: the role of unconferences

  1. 1. INFORMAL LEARNING IN THE WORKPLACE: THE ROLE OF UNCONFERENCES ALISON MCNAB DE MONTFORT UNIVERSITY @ALISONMCNAB #MashDMU#ILI2012 Internet Librarian International 2012 C202: Rethinking Roles: New skills, new learning
  2. 2. WHY INFORMAL LEARNING?• Staff development budgets• Disruptive technologies – Social media• The unconference “movement”• Freedom to explore – Training Time Entitlement
  3. 3. An unconference is a participant-drivenmeeting. The term "unconference" has beenapplied, or self-applied, to a wide range ofgatherings that try to avoid one or moreaspects of a conventional conference, such ashigh fees, sponsored presentations, and top-down organization. Wikipedia
  4. 4. Oxford Dictionaries
  5. 5. STAFF DEVELOPMENT• Formal – Remember the Library “training hour”? – Internal vs external training – Organisation-led staff development
  6. 6. CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT• Informal – Unconferences: MashLib, TeachMeets, Library Camp – Twitter: TweetUps, #LibChat – 23 Things – In-house library conferences
  7. 7. #MashDMU – MAKING IT LOCAL• Regular meetings• A hashtag!• The #MashDMU blog
  8. 8. #MashDMU – MAKING IT LOCAL• Sharing good practice• Up-skilling staff• Service development – Enhancing the student experience
  9. 9. TWITTER• #MashDMU• Analogue Twitter
  10. 10. CHALLENGES• Staff working patterns• Reticence about social media• Need to stop listening and start sharing!• Extending the format – e-books unconference
  11. 11. REFERENCES• Analogue Twitter Timothy Collinson, University of Portsmouth @timpaa• How to run an unconference (Lanyrd blog)• Mashed Library wiki
  12. 12. Thank you! Any Questions? Alison McNab #AlisonMcNab