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Recruitment Intro Brochure June 09


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Recruitment Intro Brochure June 09

  1. 1. Introduction to our recruitment services 2009 Includes: • Our Company profile • The Benefits of using us • Our Terms & Conditions 1-3 Dudley Street Grimsby, N.E. Lincolnshire, DN31 2AW T- 01472 347300 E -
  2. 2. Our Company profile: Established in 2000, and with over 30 years experience of working in and with the freight, shipping, transport and logistics industry Ragged Edge Consulting has grown in stature and capability to provide a range of industry specific manage- ment and support services. 2009 We have a full time staff with resources dedicated towards recruitment and commercial consulting, and enjoy the benefits of a wide range of industry experience and under- standing coupled with specific general and strategic man- agement, operational, commercial, financial and mentoring skills to call on. Our clients, including many of the leading companies in the freight industry, who are a testament to our professional service capability, our understanding of our clients needs and our ability to deliver, on time, every time. 1-3 Dudley Street Grimsby, N.E. Lincolnshire, DN31 2AW T- 01472 347300 E -
  3. 3. The Benefits of using us: The benefits of using our services are clear : • You get the best candidates with the right qualifications, experience and personal qualities • Your vacancies are advertised free of charge with us on our web site, and other selected job advertisements sites which provides maximum exposure to an industry specific audience • Your time is managed to best effect in the recruitment process • Our services provide a very cost and time effective solution • Our industry links and networks are very broad • Our links with Educational providers mean that we have a feedstock of trainees and graduate trainees wishing to enter the industry What do you get from us for your money ?….. 2009 • Industry Specific Experience and understanding • We are providers of recruitment services to many leading names in the industry • We understand the type of candidates that you require • We work together with you to make sure that the candidates that you get are the candidates with the skill sets that you require • We have a large data base of candidates with a wide range of business skills available • All Candidates Pre-Interviewed • We pre-interview and select all of our candidates • We can arrange psychometric testing of candidates for you if desired • We provide all candidates with ample opportunity to research your company before interview • We take the strain and do all the footwork for you • We make all of the interview arrangements, and take care of all correspondence with can didates, relieving you of time consuming administration • Our links with Education promote the industry as a career path for trainees. We work closely with regional Education providers • We sit on the Steering Committee of the Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education Logistics Education programme • We work actively to promote the industry as a career path option for young students and graduate trainees We are committed to working with you to achieve the long-term goals of bringing better skills and more resource to this vital industry 1-3 Dudley Street Grimsby, N.E. Lincolnshire, DN31 2AW T- 01472 347300 E -
  4. 4. Our Terms & Conditions: We are able to provide........ Permanent & Temporary Staff & Interim Managers. PERMANENT STAFF Scale of fees: Individual introductions. (rates negotiable for continued business) Annual salary, plus other taxable emoluments: Remuneration: Fee: Up to £14,000 15% £14,001 to £25,000 18% £25,001 to £40,000 20% £40,001 + Negotiable 2009 VAT to be charged on all fees at the prevailing rate. (A complete set of our current Terms & Conditions are available upon application) Ragged Edge Consulting Limited Privacy Statement Ragged Edge Consulting Limited is committed to the privacy of all its users. The personal information you give us on registration remains private and is only used for the purposes of recruitment. Candidates will be asked to provide personal details in certain fields on our website to achieve registration on our database. Curriculum Vitae’s are requested for all job applicants and are used only to evaluate the candidate. Candidates’ details are put into our database using unique record numbers and are submitted to companies with any personal or identifying details removed. Applicant’s details will be reviewed after thirty days and may be subsequently held for a maximum of sixty days after which they will be disposed of. The website server holds the Names, Addresses and Contact Persons of any company that registers using the ‘company registration’ page in order to submit vacancies for listing on the Ragged Edge website. The server also holds details of any vacancies that these companies submit, each record being linked to the originating company using a unique company record number. The site uses cookies to store the username and password that a company used to access the vacancy Submission page of the site. These cookies expire immediately on the visitor exiting the browser unless the user specified otherwise, using the ‘Remember these Details’ checkbox on the login page. The site uses cookies to store the Name, Address and Contact details of a user on that users machine. These cook- ies expire if they are not used again within thirty days. No vacancy application details are stored anywhere on the website. We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. Our Registered number is PZ6139940. 1-3 Dudley Street Grimsby, N.E. Lincolnshire, DN31 2AW T- 01472 347300 E -