Mobile Madness


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This presentation was developed for a conference to educate companies new to mobile. Enjoy.

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Mobile Madness

  1. 1. Mobile MadnessSeptember 2011Alison Gensheimer - Director of Customer Development – Velti CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  2. 2. Making sense out of mobile Shaping Your your Mobile Mobile Options Strategy Mobile The Strategy Future of in Mobile Practice CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 1
  3. 3. Your Mobile Options Mobile Apps Engagement Mobile Web LBS Mobile Media SMS/MMS Activation CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 2
  4. 4. Mobile ApplicationsA Background Overview When thinking mobile apps…. Think about different Operating Systems Android OS iOS Platform Blackberry OS130M installed devices 2 Devices 3 primary screen sizes for devices#1 in Global Market share #2 in Global Market share #3 in Global Market share#2 platform for retailers #1 platform for retailers 50% of BB’s on v5.0250K Apps in the Market 300K Apps in the Store 18K Apps in BB World CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 3
  5. 5. Mobile ApplicationsDo you need an application? Question 2: Does your user experience require an application?Questions 1: Is your target consumer a smartphoneuser, if so where are they? APP HTML5 Photo Upload  GPS   Accelerometer   Contacts/Calendar  360° views   Offline Question 3: How will you promote your application? Question 4: What will keep your target user coming back again and again? CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 4
  6. 6. Fandango Mobile Application Fandango, developed a free application available iOS, Android, Windows 7, BB, iPad and others. Fandango application offers:  Movie listings  Movie theater locator  mCommerce for ticket purchases  Reserve seats  Mobile ticketing with bar code scanning  Sync & share functionalities Why an Application?  Utility with some entertainment  Offers a virtual ticket  Large library of videos  Requires internet for updated movie listings and theater locations Source: CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 5
  7. 7. Mobile WebA Background Overview From Handset to Operating System xHTML HTML5  Long time standard for mobile  Evolution not revolution sites  New = HTML5 + CSS3 +  A middle of the road solution to JavaScript1.3 bring together XML and HTML  Only available on:  Available on virtually all iOS, Android, BlackBerry Torch. devices in the market Palm Pre can be hit or miss. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 6
  8. 8. Mobile WebsiteWhen is a mobile site the right solution?  Check your website stats  Mobile Media + Mobile Site = ROI  mCommerce is key to retailers  HTML5 offers app like functionality  Meet consumer expectation – be there, because they are. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 7
  9. 9. Marks & Spencer Mobile Site Marks & Spencer, a world leading retailer, the mobile site is designed to extend the brand and create a direct communications channel with consumers. The mobile site offers • Store locator • Search by product type • Refine these searches to a specific item • Purchase • Register account information To date, results saw 1.2m unique visitors, 10m page views, 13,000 orders Source: Mobile Marketer CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 8
  10. 10. The Three-Device Mentality Tablet Mobile PC How Used (content Long form (book, movie) Bite size (tweet) Short form (blog) type) Why Used Entertainment, photos, Utility, convenience, Research, tasks, gaming productivity, social communications Where Used Commute, living room, On the go Office, study, kids room the office When Used Evening, weekend, free Active, multi-tasking Work hours, family time time, at meetings Work Usage Email, notes Travel, email Workhorse CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 9
  11. 11. Mobile MessagingA Background Overview SMS MMS 600 messages per month MMS is on CDMA >85% SMS reach MMS delivers images 90 % open rate in 3 min MMS = UGC SC: 4, 5 and 6 digit and regional *Source: Neustar CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 10
  12. 12. Mobile MessagingWhen is SMS or MMS the right solution?  Activate and track traditional media  Ongoing personalized mobile communications  Quick and easy user activation to enter branded campaigns such as sweeps, polls, etc…  User generated content  Delivery mobile content via a short code on VzW. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 11
  13. 13. Casa Del Mar SMS/MMS Campaign Hotel Case del Mar, a holiday resort in Santa Monica, CA , delivered a text to short code MMS video promotion to engage and consumers and incentivize resort visits Media used: in-hotel brunch posters, email blasts, Facebook, Twitter and the Casa del Mar website Users experience: text CASA to 21534 to join into the hotel’s mobile loyalty club for a free drink at Sunday brunch. Users also received a mobile video. Results: 75% activation rate, 27% redemption rate, substantial revenue increase and ROI is 450% and still growing CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 12
  14. 14. Location Based Services A Background Overview Geo-location Bluetooth SMS/QR CodeGPS Bluetooth SMS and KeywordThe Facts: Requires infrastructure to enable a Permission based (HTML5) Bluetooth hot spot. The users Location specific push msgs Bluetooth must be enabled. Banner Ads Pros: Free to end users and Geo-Fencing QR Code internationalExamples: Cons: Low market penetration and does not work on all devices (iPhone, VzW, etc.) Zip - Codes CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 13
  15. 15. Location Based ServicesWhen is LBS most useful?  Engage users at events to provide take away value  Enhance the shopping experience with personalized and relevant offers  Drive foot traffic in-store CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 14
  16. 16. Mobile MediaA Background Overview A variety of inventory models across multiple devices, content and behavioral categories to meet your objectives and maximize ROI Simple Banner Ads Rich Media Units Still or frame animated banner ads for Display and activation, enables the mobile web and in-application use user to engage directly in the ad providing a seamless experience without navigating out of the display across all devices. & activation. The display can be animated and interactive allowing the Standard mobile banner sizes: user to swipe, click or input text. 320x50 216x54 Usually expand or take over the 300x50 168x28 entire screen. 300x75 168x42 216x36 120x30 Capabilities: Video play LBS enabled Image rotation Games Accelerometer Registration Source: CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 16
  17. 17. Mobile MediaWhen is mobile media right for you? Engage your audience within the ad- unit through interactive games & activities Identify your target devices Using CPC, CPM, CPA & CPI models for static banner ad campaigns Advertising media networks and partnerships provide more vitality to the campaign Mobile ads can drive more traffic to a brand’s mobile site that their online counterparts CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 17
  18. 18. Glee Mobile Media Campaign Twentieth Century Fox TV, wanted to promote the launch of their new series, Glee, drive users to iTunes to buy the Glee cast song and directors videos and tune in every Wednesday for the new episode Media used: application splash-screen interstitials every week on the night of the show, as well as teaser/download run-of-application media leading up to/after series launch Results: thousands of on-device downloads of Glee media, and iTunes purchases. Source: Mobile Marketer CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 18
  19. 19. Shaping your mobile strategyThe 5 fundamental Do’s in a mobile strategy Its all about VALUE Respect Social your customer Goals, Your Timeline, Mobile Measureable Budget Strategy CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 19
  20. 20. The User Experience Check List  Images match desired load time  Shortened product description and captions  Touch screen and Blackberry experience  Landscape design for iPads  Email share does not end up in Junk Mail  Mobile users auto redirected to correct handset specific site experience  Click path has been considered, less than 2 clicks to desired action  Consumer expectations have been reviewed and matched with the live experience across target handsets  Navigation is easy for the user to understand and interact CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 20
  21. 21. Measure, Measure, Measure KPIs Measure ROI CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 21
  22. 22. Measuring Success Brand Awareness Drive Foot Traffic  Site Visits  Store Locator Clicks  Unique Users  Coupon Downloads  Social Shares  SMS Comm. Members  CPM  Click to Calls  CPC Lead Generation Education  Retail Locator  Video Views  Emails Obtained  Download a PDF  SMS Comm Sign Ups  RFI  CPC  CPC CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 22
  23. 23. What does the future hold for mobile? mPayments mCommerce Video Advertising Gamification User Generated Content CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 23
  24. 24. A Global Mobile Marketing and Advertising Company A Mobile Marketing firm… …Delivering Results… …Using Our Solutions…10-year history of KPI driven Mobile Internet strong profitable Solutions unique to Mobile Media growth the customer’s need mCRMListed on NASDAQ Proven Results SMS Programs since Jan 2011 Applications550+ employees CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 24
  25. 25. Thank You Alison Gensheimer Director, Customer DevelopmentEmail: CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 25