How To Get A Guy To Propose Presentation


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How To Get A Guy To Propose Presentation

  1. 1. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry You If you prefer to watch the video presentation, Click Here Page 1
  2. 2. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry YouI’m T-Dub and what we are looking at together is a magic traffic signal. Why is it a magic trafficsignal? Well, in a few minutes you’ll find out how this magic traffic signal can win virtually anyman’s total devotion and not only just commitment, but enthusiastic commitment to you andyour future together. Whether you’re still looking for Mr. Right or maybe you’ve found Mr.Right but he’s kicking and screaming along the path becoming Mr. and Mrs. Right.When you read this short presentation until the end, we’re going to talk about the shortest path toa man’s heart and the fastest way to get him to pop the question without manipulation. Anddefinitely without ever having to be pushy or sacrifice your sense of identity trying to besomebody you’re not just in order please him.Read this until the end and you’ll discover the three supposedly good pieces of advice youabsolutely must avoid to go from “Hello” to “I do” even when he says confusing stuff like “I’mnot ready.” Page 2
  3. 3. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry YouJust a little bit of fair warning I do not know how long this information will be online becauseI’m giving away so much free and hard to find relationship saving information. So, read this nowwhile it’s still online and it’s still free.Now I know you may be thinking, you may think “T-Dub I’ve seen and heard it all when itcomes to advice on men and how they think” yet I can guarantee you that you’ve neverunderstood or seen inside a man as deeply or clearly as you’re about to as I share these littleknown secrets about men with you.This is entirely different. It’s nothing like the popular books on men you may have seen or eventried, so I’ll bet your dollars to doughnuts you’ll be shocked by what I reveal to you today. Andplease remember what I’m sharing will finally allow you to start planning your life and yourfamily without having to push him when he says things like “Honey, I love you but I’m notready.” And you’ll get some of my best insights and secrets to make sure you get a sparklingring on your finger so you can go out and proudly show it off to all of your family and friends.First, I need to tell you a story. It’s a story that is hard for me to tell because I get choked up yetit’s one I think you absolutely need to hear because it will reveal more about how you can avoidwasting years of your life by being able to accurately read what’s going on in a man’s mind morethan anything else that I know. We gotta deal?Now, I wasn’t always a relationship expert appearing on radio, thousands of websites and blogs;helping 65,000 plus people in over 77 countries with their toughest relationship troubles. And Icertainly never imagine that I’d be a bestselling author on the topic of fixing a relationship aftersomeone had called it “quits” like I am today.In fact, far, far from it. I remember the day when I decided enough was enough and I’m going toshare this story with you now even though it’s really embarrassing for me to tell. You need to Page 3
  4. 4. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry Youknow how just deep in the rabbit hole I went before I discovered the stuff I’m going to sharewith you today. The strategy that allows me to live this amazing life that I live right now andhelp so many others finds and keep love in their life.I remember the day so clearly. I drove up the I-5 North from San Diego. It was a sunny Sundayafternoon on October and I remember the sunshine because it was the exact opposite of how Iwas feeling. And in a few moments I was going to absolutely devastate the woman I loved. Iremember the warm prickly rays of sun dancing on my arm while inside my soul cried over whatI felt I absolutely have to do.Five miles to go before I reach my girlfriend’s exit, Heart shaped box by Nirvana starts playingon the radio, oh gees, I think “Why this song?” The steel knife in my windpipe twists as Kurtsings the first line. I had to change stations, I can’t take it. I fiddle back and forth with the knob.It doesn’t matter what’s playing music that day stung like a spurts of antiseptic on a freshlyopened cut. I punch the power button; turn the radio off for the first time in years. Now, all I hearis my own breathing, the whoosh, whoosh sound of blood pulsing in my ears.There’s less than a half a block now, I can’t turn back now. I cannot turn back now I repeat. I’vebeen unfair to her and unfair to me for far too long already. I pull in. I park and I sit there withthe engine off. It’s deadly silent. If digital clocks can make noise, I’d hear it tick. 2:37 pm. Now Iremember that time exactly because I sat there so long; staring at those glowing green numbersthey felt etched into my eyes and head. As I open the car door to get out I got numb. Not the passout numb… it’s a familiar numb when I feel when I have to do something really hard or when anemergency strikes. I shut the door and start walking to the elevator.I’m moving on autopilot now. I sense everything, every small detail but I moved almost as if Iam being controlled like a puppet on a string. I nudged the button for the elevator. Swish! As thedoors glide open the smell of spicy Chinese take-out invade my nose. I suppose that someonewas just delivered lunch. I push the button for the fifth floor as I had hundreds of times before; Page 4
  5. 5. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry Youthis time was massively different though as I am running over my mind what I’m going to sayand do one last time.Ding! Goes the bell, I’m here. I walk over to her door. I’ve got the keys and I usually let myselfin but given about what’s going to happen, it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do today. Myknuckles make a rap, rap, rap as they hit the solid wood door. My numbness clears like amorning fog and I can again feel that cold steel blade of anguish just twist in my throat again.She opens and then it happened and then I did it. After almost four years of being with Jessica,after four years of her patiently waiting on me to be ready to go to the next level on ourrelationship I end it. As embarrassing as it is for me to tell you how I let down a woman whowaited on me for four years it get worse.You see about two weeks before I broke up with Jessica, I made the decision to move from SanDiego to Arkansas to be with my family. I had stayed in San Diego after I got out of the Navybut all of my family lived down South. As I was ending it with Jessica, my bags were alreadypacked to leave. I was set to start driving the very next day. I started the break up by telling“Jessica, I had made a decision to move to Arkansas.” That was a bad move. She thought at firstI was asking her to come with me which made even harder when I said, “No Jess, I’m sorry. I’mbreaking up with you.”Her face puckered like I had punched her in the stomach with a Billy club. It was very sad. It wassad for Jess, it was sad for me. Even Jessica’s black kitty, Penny, seemed upset almost like sheknew what was going on. And I did cry when I said good bye to Jessica and I remember my tearswetting Penny’s black fur as I bent over and scratched her under the chin, it’s going to be the lasttime.After I left Jessica’s apartment, I remember feeling so disappointed and totally ashamed withmyself. I was angry at how I let it end this way and how I handled all the last few years. I was Page 5
  6. 6. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry Youreally confused too. I was confused because I could never explain to myself let alone Jessica whyI could love her but not want to marry her.How could I love her so much and not want to marry her? I mean, isn’t love supposed to beenough? What was wrong with me? I felt so low yet you know what? That one day caused myentire life to change. It was that day that I made a vow.I vowed that no matter what it took I was going to figure out how my own heart worked, whatwas holding me back from making a full commitment to love, intimacy and to marriage. Ipromised I would stop at nothing to figure out why I could feel real love and still not be ready. Iread every book if I had to; I’d interview on top 100’s of men. Men who were having the sameexperience.I’d interview happily married men who found joy in commitment. I knew I’d never find longlasting happiness if I didn’t keep my vow. I was going to become a man capable of a fullycommitted relationship and marriage or I was gonna die trying.The good news for you is this not only did I figure out what was stopping me from becomingfully committed to what I call Mental Road Blocks. I discovered almost all men have these samemental road blocks. These blocks stop them from moving relationships to the next levelregardless of how much attraction or how much love they feel.Now, some men have more mental road blocks than others but I’ve never met a man that didn’thave at least some. What you may find really exciting is once a woman understands a man’smental road blocks, removing them is easy once you know what to look for. Sadly though, mostwomen will never figure this out. I’m going to share my discovery with you in just a moment. Sokeep reading. Page 6
  7. 7. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry YouSo, as you can clearly see, I’m not some super brainy, whiz kid with a PhD. I’m really a lot likeyou. I’m just an average person who just so happened to go through hell and because of myexperience and through all of that pain I discovered a blueprint. A system that finally allowswomen from all walks of life to turn the tables and enable their men to fully commit to therelationship.And pursue the next level of intimacy all on their own without manipulation, being pushy orplaying hard to get. That’s whether your next level is getting him to notice you and ask you out,seeking more after your first few dates or desiring to be in an exclusive relationship with you, tohim taking you by surprise one evening or dropping on one knee and proposing.Whatever level your relationship is currently at, this pattern I discovered is so powerful that notonly did I use it to change my life. I’ve been seeing the same girl for 16 years; we’ve beenhappily married for 13 years now. I’ve taught my secrets to women in over 77 countries andmoved thousands of relationships to the next level and in many cases even after the guy hadbailed out of their relationship.Now obviously, this new way of approaching your relationship with men where you get to enjoyhim taking initiative and moving to the next level of intimacy changes lives and I’ll cover all thespecifics and details in just a few minutes with you, so keep reading.First, you absolutely must be told the truth. You have to know the real problem, the real reasonyou are struggling with finding the intimacy you deserve today. It will surprise you because it’sthe one thing that’s been holding you back from experiencing the intimacy, support and the joyof a fully committed relationship.And the reason why so many women feel they invest way more than they receive in arelationship. You see the real problem is the fact that you’ve been taught myths and programmedto believe lies for years. And these myths and lies are keeping you from the relationship that you Page 7
  8. 8. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry Youdeserve. One of these lies is that lots of love is the only requirement to sustain a relationship andthat if he loves you, he should be ready to move to the next level. And if he’s not ready, he’s justnot that into you.They say, “He doesn’t truly love you enough” or “he’s commitment phobic.” I bet you’ve heardthat one before. What’s more damaging about this is after a woman has been with so manycommitment phobic men, she starts to feel like something is wrong with her. I bet you’ve heardor maybe even believed this at one point in your life yet this is not even close to the truth .If youare one of the millions of women who fell victim to this lie then you must decide now to believethe truth.If you don’t, you will continue down the road of unfulfilling relationships stuck, in what I call aBTA relationship (Better Than Alone relationship). You will always be worrying that if you gettoo close, he’ll start pulling away. And eventually, no matter how strong you are, you simplygive up on a dream of a close relationship; giving up on a dream of marriage and a completefamily sounds like some kind of a fantasy.Or you end up clinging to pseudo love and intimacy which end badly, painfully and hurt a lot ofchildren. Listen, this is not what I want for you and I know it’s not what you desire for yourself. Iwant you to know something… it is not your fault. If you really want someone to blame for yourstruggles with relationships, don’t blame yourself. Blame the tabloids and the media, realitytelevision, women’s magazines and you know what?Even songs we hear play over and over again. They are programming us to believe these lies andmyths. You’ve bombarded for years almost as long as you’ve been alive with false, misleadingand damaging myths and misinformation.And they depend on your confusion and they play on your insecurities to sell magazines, keepyou watching their shows and in short just to make a buck. All of the misinformation out therethat the media loves to exploit is enough to confuse absolutely anyone. Page 8
  9. 9. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry YouAll the proof you need is to remember back to the last time you waited at the check outline eitherat Walmart or your local grocery store. Do you ever read over those women’s magazines? Now, Idon’t want to mention any names but one of the most popular magazines almost always havepictures a celebrity with a perfect body, which we know are airbrushed or digitally enhancedright?Then on the top left of that magazine usually there is sex tip like “11 Naughty sex tips” or “50Sex moves men crave” or the “Are you good in bed?” quiz. Next, you’ll spot a “Lose 7 poundsin 7 days” headline or “How to get a great butt and thighs.” And then you’ll get to the men withtitles like “The surprising traits 97% of men find attractive” or “How to touch him when he’snaked.” Now do you feel and sense the same underlying message that I am? That according tothese women’s magazines, if you’re just hot enough, good enough in bed and able to outsmart orout game your man, he will love you so much that he won’t ever think of leaving you, really?And then when a woman does find a man to love and appreciate her on a deeper level, movies,TV, and songs program her to believe love is all you need to keep the relationship movingforward. All you need is love by the Beatles, Love will keep us together by Captain and Tennile.Now before you start thinking, “Darn T-Dub, you don’t like women’s magazines, the Beatles orreality TV?” I love music, I love the Beatles and I watch my fair share of reality TV.I’m just saying as you’re beginning to see and about to really discover, believing these mythsand lies are what is holding you back from finding lasting love that you can count on. The truthis a man does need to feel love for you but he also needs something else to happen before hetruly wants to make you his wife or move on to any kind of more meaningful level in yourrelationship.So, why don’t we talk about that something else which must happen before a man becomes self-motivated to move a relationship forward all on his own. First, understand and you may already Page 9
  10. 10. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry Yoususpect this, but a man does not process his feelings the same way a woman does. He hasfeelings, incredibly strong feelings but for almost all men they don’t know exactly what thosefeelings mean or what they are trying to tell him. He rarely can discuss them coherently.If you want to see a man squirm, ask him “Why do you love me?” Now, I’m just kidding, don’treally do that, I’m just trying to make a point here. This is really important though: A man feelshis feelings in his gut and in his heart. Love, caring, attraction register in his heart and at thesame time he gets signals from his gut. So, there’s a gut thing going on but there’s a heart thinggoing on at the same time. These signals are more often than not obeyed over what he may befeeling in his heart.I want to pause here for a second, this is super important. Remember, he’s not processing hisfeelings or acting on them the same way that you do. He just gets this general feeling and makeshis decisions based on these signals. Please pay super close attention because if you get this,you’ll understand more about men than you ever have before and more than most women willever know.Remember our magic traffic signal at the start of our presentation? This traffic signal powerfullyrepresents how a man decides to move forward in a relationship. He feels in three broad strokes.Good and positive is the green light and that whenever he feels those green, he feels compelledto move forward. You know he’s green when he moves your relationship forward all on his own. Page 10
  11. 11. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry YouHe’ll do things like he asks for a second date, he wants you to meet your family or he wants youto meet his family, he’ll asks you how you feel about kids; in short, he pursues you. Now, theyellow light. The yellow feeling is a caution feeling and it tells him to slow down and thatsomething might be wrong. Now here’s some signs he’s yellow. Your biggest clue is hereaffirms his love for you but he says things really similar to “I’m not ready.”Now, a man can also go red and when he’s red, that’s stop and feels something is definitelywrong. And here’s some signs he’s red. Your biggest clue is that some way he draws a line in thesand and he get defensive if he feels like the line in the sand is being crossed. He may say thingslike “I’m not a relationship material.” Now I want you to remember, red, yellow, or green; thecolor of his signal has absolutely nothing to do with how much he’s attracted to you or howmuch he loves you. Did you get that? You got that?It’s completely separate. Yes, he does need attraction and the love to move forward but if he’snot moving forward on his own, you can be sure his signal went yellow or red. You gotta havethe love plus the green light in order to be make him commit. Let’s dive into the specifics tips Ihave for you today.I’m excited, are you? These are the same tips that countless thousands of women have used tosuccessfully achieve the loving and fully committed relationship that they desire and deserve.And the most important of these tips is my Masculine Hero Avatar Principle. From now on I willprobably say MHAP to make it short. I’ll go into the specifics on MHAP in just a second, so byall means keep reading.But first you absolutely need to know about the one trap you must avoid if you want to gain aman’s total devotion to you. Actually this is going to surprise you because this is a trap men seton their own; I call it the Invisible Man Trap. Invisible because he doesn’t set them deliberately Page 11
  12. 12. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry Youand you can’t see them. And if you fall into one of these invisible man traps, his light will turnyellow and he’ll start to pull away from you.I want you to be aware that when a man first meets you, especially if he really likes you, hewants to impress you so much that he may paint himself in the best possible light. This is typicalfor a man to embellish the truth a bit. One prime example is how a man may exaggerate or showoff his financial success, fancy dinners which he may not be able to afford, lavish gifts andspending money like it ain’t nothing.If you accept these things in a wrong way, soon his green light for you turns yellow because hebegins to process this in his gut not in his head. He processes this in his gut as a warning that youmay like him only for his financial success.What the hell, right? I know. Yes, he sets this trap all on his own. So what do you do? Just notaccept anything? No, here’s all you need to do and you’ll immediately turn his heart light green.By the way, I give a lot of credits to my wife for teaching me this. She’s a master of making myheart light go green. If he takes you to a super fancy restaurant, it’s fine to tell him that you’repleased but make a big deal out of the fact that you would be happy at any restaurant as long asyou were with him.If he’s buying you lots of gifts and especially if you sense he is stretching his budget, just let himknow in a fun way that he’s already got your attention without all the gifts. After a couple ofdates offer to pay for dinner or a fun excursion like a roller coaster ride. This will go along waywith him even if he doesn’t accept your offer.These invisible man traps aren’t all financial in nature. Just be hyperaware of when he seems tobe trying too hard to impress you and just let him know that just spending time with him issatisfying to you. Just doing this one tip will allow you to rapidly gain his total devotion becausehe’s able to sense deep down that you are really into the real him. Page 12
  13. 13. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry YouJust picture it: you make this one small change and without weirdo manipulation tactics, you’llactually see him light up and almost melt in front of your eyes as he realizes deep down that youare into the real him. Isn’t that an awesome thing to imagine all from just one simple tip? Now,how would you like to actually enjoy feeling like you’re the prize without feeling, like you’re theone putting in all the effort into the relationship? If you take advantage of this next simple tip,you will make deep connections to the man you’re with or the man you want to be with. All youneed to do is ask simple questions during conversations which allow him to reveal his true self toyou.For example, if this is a first date and he mentions that he’s a lawyer, do not ask questions whereit seems as if you are trying to size him up. You don’t want to ask him things like “How longhave you been a lawyer?” “Are you a partner?” “Are you on track to be a partner?” Now, whileI’m being overly brash just to make my point, this surface level type resume questions that say“I’m sizing you up” are a common mistake women make without realizing it. They make himcringe inside the same way a question about your age or your weight may make you recoil like avampire touched by a crucifix.So, he casually mention that he’s a lawyer; a great connection building question could be “Whatare your favorite type of cases? Why? Can you tell me about one?” Now, watch how his eyeslight up and his gestures become animated as his invisible traffic signal turns green. Even thoughhe can’t explain, it something about you just feels right. You feel really special to him.Now, if you’re in a relationship already, this can be even more important; if he’s had achallenging day at work and he shares the details of a dilemma he faced with you, you mightanswer with “Wow that sounds tough… what did you do?” And he shares how he had to supportan unpopular decision. You may want to follow up with “How did you find the courage to goagainst all the opposition?” Do you see how this allows him to open up and reveal more of histrue self? Page 13
  14. 14. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry YouWhen you ask questions and have a conversation which allow him to reveal his true self, heautomatically will feel himself becoming intensely attracted to you and want to pursue you andyou know what? He likely won’t be able to explain why though you’ll know why as soon as Iexplain the MHAP. And this is where it gets even better. Here comes the really big crucial tip. Iwill give you a little bit of warning here.Without understanding this tip, you’ll be forever lost trying to ever understand men. This is thetip that will allow you to understand men’s weird behavior, why men lie, why men pull awayeven when things seem to be going so well and how to turn it all around so he wants to fullycommit to you, and take your relationship to the next level without being pushy or issuing allkinds of weird ultimatums.This is my patented Masculine Hero Avatar Principle and it’s used by virtually every woman ina happy, fully committed relationship or marriage whether they know it or not. And here’s how itworks, every man has at least two predominant images of himself. He holds an image of how hesees himself; he holds an image of how he believes others see him. In other words he holds animage of how he believes you see him. Are you with me so far?The image he holds of himself and the image he feels he must project is because of hisupbringing and social programming. This is called his Masculine Hero Avatar. Each man’sMHA is different from another man but each has common core elements. By the way, knowingyour man’s favorite superhero is like being a handed a looking glass into his MHA. For now I just want you to picture the proverbial knight in shining armor. The knight likemost super heroes has a suit of armor or costume. His suit of armor and his knight hoodrepresents the image he wants to project. It’s rare and only with very special people will heremove his armor and let someone see the real him. And he never removes his armor all at once,he starts by dropping his shield then if he feels safe he may remove his helmet. Page 14
  15. 15. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry YouAnd if at any point he feels someone doesn’t approve of the real him or someone is moreinterested in his castle or more interested in his position or what favors he can bestow, the armorgoes back on. Even if he may have just been trying to impress you with the very thing, justmoments earlier. In other words, your knight’s light just turned yellow. That’s MHAP numberone. A man wants to be loved for the real him, okay? This is the deep core need of a man. Aman wants to be loved for the real him.So let’s move on to MHAP number two. Every man feels deep down like he’s on an importantjourney with something important to accomplish in his life. Remember, he only feels this and amajority of men can’t verbalize what his important destiny is supposed to be. So, it’s important. Isay it’s super important to know this. He does sense and feel deeply if something or someone isgoing to help him on his journey or weigh him down.Guess what happens when he senses someone is going to weigh him down? Did you guessyellow or red light? Right on, you’re already picking this up! And it means your relationshipstalls out and he can’t truly explain why. Do you want to know how to turn him green? This isactually the secret behind the saying “Behind every great man is a great woman.”A man will want to fully commit and be with a woman he feels will help him on his journey. Aman will never leave the woman’s side who understands his destiny and journey better than hedoes. And if you’ve been paying attention to how men process feelings and thoughts you maystart to realize that this isn’t very hard for a woman to do. Now, I’m not sure if you really understand just how powerful just those two MHAP’sare? What I’ve just taught you short circuits commitment phobia in virtually all healthy men.You ever wonder why male super heroes never have a wife? I’m talking on Lone ranger,Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Ironman; they’re all single right?It’s because comic book companies and Hollywood kind of play into this MHA for entertainmentpurposes and it is just more social programming wiring men’s circuits to believe a strong man Page 15
  16. 16. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry Youdoes it all on his own and marriage may slow or weigh him down. But now you know deepdown, he longs for someone to love the real him and help him to discover his destiny.Whew! Let me catch a breath. That was a lot to cover and you may be feeling a bit overwhelmedor confused and that’s okay because basically this means that you have two choices on whereyou go from here. Choice one is you could take the information in this presentation and try to goat it all alone. And who knows? You may see some success if you took some really careful notesor there’s choice two which is the savvy choice. This is the quickest, easiest, and smartest way toget the loving, fully committed relationship you absolutely deserve.Let me do the work for you and you know what? I already have. Why start from scratch and tryto reinvent the darn wheel when I’ve laid out your exact, step-by-step blueprint for going from“Hello” to “I do” as fast as womanly possible.These are the principles which have been tested for years, secrets and deep insights responsiblefor countless thousands of women finally finding true and lasting love and having thatsupportive, connected relationship at last without all the waiting around for years and withouthaving to resort to manipulation or being pushy.Here’s what the vast amount of our successful women choose. I’m T.W. Jackson please call meT-Dub and along with world renowned dating coach Jonathan Green. We are the creators of TheGirl Gets Ring System. The Girl Gets Ring System is the first non-pushy method ever createdthat allows you to stop wasting your precious time and gain virtually any man’s total devotionand not just as commitment but, enthusiastic commitment to you and your future together. Now,while I’m a happily married man who has helped thousands of couples stay together, I obviouslyhaven’t been active in the dating scene for sixteen years and while Jonathan is very active andhas helped hundreds of couples find each other in today’s dating scene, he hasn’t been happilymarried man like I have been. Page 16
  17. 17. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry YouSo by joining forces, you get the best of both worlds because we can expertly guide and speedyou through any and all the stages of your relationship. This radically simple system will workfor you even if you have picked the wrong type of men in the past, trouble keeping his interest. Ifyou have kids, that’s no problem. If you’re with a guy who keeps saying he’s not ready, we canhelp you there; if you have a few more candles on the birthday cake, a super busy schedule, evenif you cussed out the darn needle on your scales a few times, we can help you.Now let me tell you what The Girl Gets Ring is not just so you know exactly what you’re aboutto experience. This is not yet another “play hard to get” or the “pushy ultimatum” type of plan.This is not some “swallow this magic pill” solution that promises something really silly, youknow like “He’ll be begging you for your hand in marriage in five minutes” or something totallyridiculous like that.You’ve been lied to long enough; it’s time for a solution that works without all the gimmicks andthis is definitely not a manipulative approach that can harm your relationship long-term. RatherThe Girl Gets Ring System is the result of over eighteen years of study, analyzing the mostsuccessful long-term relationship case studies ever as well as looking at the real reasons behindrelationship failures and creating a non-pushy solution to the age old problem of women feelinglike they put all the work into a relationship.And now starting today, their success can be your success too. The success patterns we’vestudied and successfully duplicated give you the freedom to easily meet, attract and gain a man’senthusiastic commitment to you and your future together. While your relationships soars to newlevels, your connection to each other grows and you finally claim the love, relationship and lifeyou absolutely deserve. Now, before we go any further it’s only fair that I be absolutely 100%honest with you.If you’re looking for that magic pill relationship answer or if you want just another short tricklike the “play hard to get”, that seems to be a returning fad or some other plan that you already Page 17
  18. 18. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry Youknow will never ever work for you, then just please go ahead and leave this page now. Thissystem is for women who are ready to put down the magazine and tabloid type answers yet stillwant the most reliable way to achieve lifetime relationship success.In short, there are no easy answers yet we’ve made this system as easy as it can get. So, if youwant the real answer to a happy, fully committed relationship which is moving quickly towardmarriage then here’s what you can expect. If you want to stop wasting precious time; gain aman’s attention, attraction, total devotion and enthusiastic commitment; put an end to theemotionally, exhausting, dating merry-go-round and get the relationship you deserve withoutsacrificing your integrity or self-esteem then The Girl Gets Ring System isn’t just a system foryou, it is the only system for you.So, why don’t we take a look at what you gonna get inside your copy of Girl Gets Ring. On page10 and in your audio Mp3, you’ll discover the foundations of the Masculine Hero AvatarPrinciple. Now, we kind of touched two of those today, two of the important ones but there’sactually four MHAP’s and I covered all in depth in the audio Mp3. This includes the exacttiming and strategy for how you use his own wiring to encourage rapid attraction, devotion, andenthusiastic commitment.You will love how Girl Gets Ring is laid out and walks you through relationship stages fromyour first hello to what to do on your first date to becoming his girlfriend to him proposing. Allthe while he’s initiating the moves because he truly sees you as the most special woman he’sever been with. And if you’re already in a relationship which you feel has stalled, you’ll finallybe able to see exactly where it all went wrong and how you can turn it around now. On page 28,you’ll discover a simple technique to see through facades and deep into anyone’s characterallowing you to almost become a human lie detector.Then on page 32, you’ll learn about three men repellants which cause most men to run for cover;why your looks don’t matter nearly as much as you may think. Page 18
  19. 19. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry YouWhat Gandhi, who changed the world, can teach you about truly changing your man. The secretsof reflexive attraction no man is wired to resist, which is on page 70.What men today considered the new sexy and when should you sleep with him.Finally, you’ll discover the definitive answer and how to reverse any damage if you got it wrong.How to keep it hot in the bedroom. Listen, I’ve been with my wife for 16 years and we ran out ofpositions and acts years ago but I’ve never felt more passion for her.On page 77, I spill my wife’s secret and once you know her secret to keeping a man happy . Thethree words I told one woman to whisper in her husband’s ear that save her marriage and yes itworked!I pulled it all down for you on page 79. If you want his total devotion and commitment, do notplay hard to get . Now, deep down men want intimacy and they want commitment. Page 92shows you how to draw it up to the surface; how to talk, so he’ll really listen.How becoming his MVP, his Most Valuable Partner, turns his heart light green and short circuitshis fears of commitment that’s on pages 104 to 112. More on why men cheat and you’ll lovethis… how to inoculate him from whores, sluts, and skunks. That’s on page 137.Now, as you’ve probably notice by now, Girl Gets Ring is by far the easiest system to follow asit allows him to enthusiastically pursue you man, saving you years waiting for him to be readyand allowing you to have the supportive, intimate relationship you deserve. The results comepretty fast too unlike other plans where many women report wasting years plotting, pleading, andwaiting. When you follow your Girl Gets Ring System, you can start seeing results in days andthat is pretty amazing considering you are seeing these results and experiencing thistransformation without resorting to cheap tricks and tactics like playing hard to get. Page 19
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  21. 21. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry Youyou are constantly worried thinking about your LDR, you’ve got to listen to this. What they hadto say is so important; I paid $800 to have this interview done. Now you can see why The GirlGets Ring System is valued at $97 even without the bonuses this is really a real steal. And if youbought the bonuses by themselves, your total investment today would be over $200. However,just for reading this presentation, hanging out with me today, I have a much better deal comingyour way. So just keep watching because it won’t last forever.Of course, you could choose to just continue on the path you’re on right now and pay ten, twentymaybe even a hundred times this much money in the near future in the form of dating sites,membership fees, going to the clubs, throwing money down the tube, on taxis, I mean goodness,how much does it cost to be single these days? It’s darn expensive. And don’t get me evenstarted to talk about how expensive it’s when our relationships don’t work out which couldeventually happen if you just keep doing what you’re doing now and that’s not what I want foryou. So, let’s make this a really easy decision, okay?I feel you deserve to know why I’m about to offer you such a massive discount today, so let meshare my dream with you. It’s a cause that I’m inviting you to join along with thousands of otherwomen just like you who are ready to reinvent their relationship with men. Reinvigorate thepassion and love in their lives, and replace worrying and wasting time with bright and securefutures. And above all, share that new life with a loving, supportive and fully committed man. Afew months ago, I set a very inspiring goal. I dedicated myself to helping at least 1,000,000women marry the man of their dreams and keep him for life.That’s a million marriages, can you imagine it? How much joy would that create? How manyhappier kids would that make? How many other women would be inspired by this cause? Thebottom line is I decided that I absolutely need to let as many women as possible join in this causeand it’s a cause I called the Million Marriage Mission. The good news? That means a muchlower price for you because I want you to join the cause and I don’t want finances to stopanyone. So let’s add your marriage to the cause starting right now. Page 21
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  24. 24. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry YouYet all of this can change the moment you begin applying the quick start principles in The GirlGets Ring System. Picture the moment you finally have the answer you’ve been looking for andbegin the path to your new life together, you feel alive, full of hope and optimism.One morning you look at yourself in the bathroom mirror bursting with joy because today is theday you’re gonna go pick out your wedding dress. You are experiencing the energy, passion, andlife renewing results you deserve at long last. Yes, it’s true! Your relationship problems up untiltoday have largely been no fault of your own. It’s true you’ve been lied to by the print media andfashion magazines, romanticized Hollywood screenplays, and the false promises no one standsbehind.However, today marks your day to take responsibility to take the action necessary to put an endto the lies, and begin anew on a non-pushy, non-manipulative plan that simply works. And unlikethose pushy solutions this one is guaranteed to work. Try it first for 60 full days and see theresults you desire or you pay absolutely nothing plus you’re always minutes away from ananswer from our friendly support staff.Look below this ebook right now and click on the orange button that says “Add to Cart” to claimyour discounted right price now. You’ll be granted immediate access to everything, The GirlGets Ring System and all the bonuses plus your From Conflict to Communication bonus courseworth $47 just for taking immediate action today.Immediately after you order, you need to download the Four Masculine Hero AvatarPrinciples. That’s your mp3 then press the play button to begin your awakening andunderstanding of the four core feelings every man must experience before he becomes self-motivated to move towards marriage and a lifetime commitment. This simple, breakthroughaudio program will guarantee you begin on the shortest path to capturing his attention, hisaffection and lifelong commitment all without the struggle. Page 24
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  26. 26. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry You Click HereIf you’re still reading I bet you still have some questions. Here are the most common ones I getand the answers trying to give you a little bit of help there where I can, okay. Q “Is Girl Gets Ring for women already in relationships? Or women who are dating andstill looking for Mr. Right?” A That’s a really good question. It’s for any woman who isn’t engaged or married yet.Whether you’re having trouble finding Mr. Right or your Mr. Right is afraid of becoming Mr.and Mrs. Right, Girl Gets Ring teaches you how to get men to pursue more and morecommitment with you.. Q Okay, here’s another question we get. A “We’ve been together for years and he gets upset whenever I bring up the topic ofmarriage. Will this help?” Now, as you know, you’re in a tough situation, unfortunately most of the advice out thereis either to make an ultimatum and stand firm or sometimes they say just wait and sometimes foryears passively and patiently. What I’ve found is this is exactly the wrong thing to do. In shortyour man has “gone red” and all you need to do is follow Girl Gets Ring and get him back to“green” and once he’s green, he’ll do the rest. So yes, I’m confident I can really help you. Q “I’ve read every relationship book out there, how is this different?” A This is a darn good question. I understand you don’t want to invest in material whichyou’ve already seen before right? It makes total sense to me. Girl Gets Ring is the only systemwhere you’ll finally understand that men really do desire commitment, they desire the connectionand intimacy at a very deep level and here’s the thing. What’s stop them has less to do with you Page 26
  27. 27. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry Youor how much love they feel and everything to do with not feeling four core feelings. If they feelthese four core feelings they get that “green light” in the relationship and feel compelled to movethe relationship forward. And you’ll also gonna discover why playing games such as “hard toget” or any ploy like the “rules” usually backfires on you. Q “Can Girl Gets Ring help if it’s been a while since I’ve been on a date and I’mnervous?” A Yes, if you are like a lot of women, one of the things you’re nervous about is what youshould say, what you should do, and how you should act on a date. You’ll find we have veryspecific advice about exactly how to be yourself and connect with him at the same time at adeeper level. In fact, women who do put on a front actually turn off men. Okay. Q “I go on one or two dates and feel like I’m doing everything right but then he stopscalling? I’m dying to know why!” A You are not alone. In short, what’s happening is he’s feeling something about youwhich is “shutting him down”. There are those four core feelings he needs to experience beforehe’ll continue a relationship. We cover this stage extensively in GGR. Q “How do I receive Girl Gets Ring?” A You receive Girl gets Ring as an instant download that way you don’t have to wait fora package to arrive and there’s no shipping costs. Q “Is this MAC compatible?” A You bet! Your files are in PDF or MP3 format and both can be viewed or listened to ona MAC. You can also listen to the MP3 on your iPod, iPad or any device which allows MP3. Now, remember along with your quick start guide, you’ll also be receiving the completeedition of The Girl Gets Ring System. That’s your step-by-step system that puts an end towasting time and makes virtually any man want closeness, commitment, and yes the marriagetoo. Four MHAP is your map to your man’s mind and heart. Page 27
  28. 28. Step By Step System To Get The Man You Want To Marry YouIf you failed to understand these four principles, you may never hear the end of him saying “I’mnot ready” either by his words or by his actions. This book will save you a fortune on first datesand save you a lot of heartache because your online profile may be attracting psychos, sickos andother womanizers. And if you’re in an LDR and you worry a lot The Secrets to a Worry FreeLDR is a bonus I got just for you. And don’t forget my super bonus, From Conflict toCommunication, so you can start eliminating petty arguments and enjoying compassionateconversation which leaves you both feeling a lot closer instead of feeling cutoff from each other.So, all you need to do now is to click the “Add to Cart” button, that’s an orange rectangularbutton below and let’s just get started right now. Click Here Page 28