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Clinical Psychology


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Dr Aidan McKiernan at the PSI & NIBPS Careers Day 2019

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Clinical Psychology

  1. 1. Clinical Psychology Presented by Dr Aidan McKiernan Principal Registered Clinical Psychologist (Specialist), Adjunct Assistant Professor at UCD School of Psychology & Chair of PSI Division of Clinical Psychology
  2. 2. Clinical Psychology. A healthcare profession (like medicine) and a scientific discipline (like sociology). What’s involved? Using clinical judgement to apply knowledge from the scientific discipline of clinical psychology to assess, treat and prevent psychological problems. What does it look like in action? Direct work (assessment, formulation, intervention), indirect work (training, consultation, supervision), administration / management, research and CPD (Carr, 2012).
  3. 3. Getting on a clinical psychology programme. Summary of main requirements below taken from Carr (2012) Academic and research competence • Honours undergraduate degree in psychology • Postgraduate degree in area relevant to clinical psychology • Short courses relevant to clinical psychology • Other qualifications relevant to clinical psychology • Experience doing clinical research • Theses, publications and presentations Clinical competence • Relevant clinical experience • Basic clinical skills
  4. 4. Top Tips: 1. Read Clinical Psychology: An Introduction (Carr, 2012). 2. Develop connections with practising clinical psychologists. 3. Get familiar with the application forms. 4. Learn how to interview well. 5. Practice personal development and enjoy the inroad!
  5. 5. Thank you and best of luck!