6 fields where obamacare is creating jobs- hCentive news


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Increasingly, it's a technology-driven world, and health care is no exception. Those who work at the intersection between health care and information technology say the Affordable Care Act will only bring the two fields even closer.

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6 fields where obamacare is creating jobs- hCentive news

  1. 1. 6 fields where Obamacare is creating jobs s j T pr rofessionals s  Med dian annual s salary:Abou $71,000 ut Incr reasingly, it's a tech hnology-dr riven world d, and health ca is no e d are exception. Those wh ho wor at the in rk ntersection between health ca n n are and informatiion techno d ology say the Affo ordable Ca Act wi only brin the two are ill ng o field even clloser. ds "Th ACA ma he andate for the imple r ementation of n electron medica records has creat a stron need fo IT profe nic al ted ng or essionals, which creates ex c xcellent job opportun b nities," say Amand Bleakne manag ys da ey, ging director for health services at The Ex r h s xecuSearc Group, a New Yo City ch , ork staffing firm. g According to Blea akney, the ere's alrea been a "strong u ady uptick" in d demand fo IT or sionals wit health care exper th c rience. profess The IT crowd also is benef fiting from the Obam macare he ealth insura ance marketp places. Re eston, Va. .-based hC Centive, w which is he elping insu urers conn nect to the exchanges recently filled 150 new jobs the bulk of which a in the IT e s, y 0 s, are field, ac ccording to Manoj Agarwala, the compa o A t any's pres sident and chief d operatin officer. ng "These online ma arketplace are a ne techno es ew ology for th health insurance he e market, requiring quick dev g velopment of an ent t tirely new cottage in ndustry," s says Agarwa "In add ala. dition to so oftware de evelopmen IT reso ources are required on e nt, the plan and exchange side in order to keep th exchan n r he nges up to date and o d
  2. 2. CAREER 6 fields where Obamacare is creating jobs s j The ere's been a lot of n n noise abou the broa ut ad imp pact on job from the Affordab Care A bs ble Act, or ACA. For e A example, debate ra ages about t whe ether emp ployers will make cu to avoid uts d the mandate that they must offer health insu urance if t they have more than 50 full-time n wor rkers. But the law ra t aises narr rower emp ployment que estions, su as: Wi Obamac uch ill care creat te jobs, sp pecifically in health care? And what willl those job be? c d bs Those aren't easy question to answ in par because the constant churn of a ns wer, rt e n hiring and firing in a complex econom makes it difficult to isolate specific a my s t e trends, says Den nnis Hoffm man, an economics p professor and resea archer at Arizona State Un a niversity's W.P. Care School of Busine ey ess. "It's too early to tell whethe the ACA is playing a significant role i job o er A in creation and hirin says Hoffman. "While we can see general em n ng," H " e mploymen nt trends, including health care job num mbers, it w take more analys to will sis determine the mo otivation behind any moveme b y ent." But there already is widesp y pread, if anecdotal, evidence that some sectors e have be hiring to gear up for the la een aw's imple ementation. Here ar six re exampl les, including pay in nformation largely fro the U.S. Bureau of Labor om u Statistic most re cs' ecent Occ cupational Outlook H Handbook k. f
  3. 3. 6 fields where Obamacare is creating jobs s j wye ers  Med dian annual salary:Abou $113,000 ut "Wi any new law, the ith w ere's alway a need for ys inte erpretation says Craig B. Ga n," arner, a Sa anta Monica, Calif lawyer a health care f., and h con nsultant. "N surpris Not singly, the larger-ine sco the law the grea the de ope w, ater emand for r inte erpreters." " The more tha 900-pa Afforda e an age able Care Act and its many rela ated regula ations hav created a bonanz for lawy ve d za yers, and for f more of them. "The increased demand ha two driv d as ving factor says G rs," Garner. "F First, the A ACA plicated an long (and) few pe nd eople really want to read it. S o Second, there is comp is an ab bundance of incorre informa ect ation freely dissemin y nated (abo the law out w)." Prior ex xperience with the subject ma s atter isn't r required. "Health care law covers jus about every topic of the leg profess h st e c gal sion," he says. "A a result, there ar opportunities for jjust about any attorney to As re t transitio into health care." on " But Garner stress that even those who have invested three yea in law ses e e e d ars ral p are school and sever years practicing law need to realize health ca law ts fic ges. He points to what he des scribes as the s present some very specif challeng "sheer volume" of health-re o elated stat tutes at bo the sta and federal leve oth ate els.
  4. 4. 6 fields where Obamacare is creating jobs s j Man nagement c consultants s  Med dian annual s salary:Abou $78,000 ut Hea care is big business, so it not alth s t's sur prising to hear that consultan who nts, alre eady are in nvolved in virtually e n every Am merican ind dustry, sta to gain at least and n som mewhat fro health insurance reform. om e Gar rner says there may be some uptick in y e hirin at cons ng sulting firm special ms lizing in health c are, tho u he ad d that th ere's already an "abundance o consulta gh s e of ants right no who ma be able to assist in these issues." ow ay e Still, the Obamac e care online insuranc exchanges, or marketplace the e ce es, employ require yer ements and the expa ansion of Medicaid in some s states all present opportun t nities for co onsultants catering to businesses and governme s ent. For the most part consulta t, ants are ad dvising the institu ese utional insurance custom mers on how to meet the law's requirements witho breakin the ban t out ng nk. Consult tants also are advis sing pharm maceutical firms and medical device d makers on how to exploit opportuniti presen s o o ies nted by the ACA, an they're e nd helping doctors adapt their practices for the po g a r s otential inf flux of new patients w s. Applica ants seekin consult ng ting jobs need top-n n notch math skills, sa Garne h ays er, explaining that he ealth care is becom e ming increa asingly dom minated b quantita by ative analysis. finition of "consultan can be incredibly broad. A the sam time, the nt" e y At me The def pay is often quite good. o e      
  5. 5. 6 fields where Obamacare is creating jobs s j nsurance sales agents s  Med dian annual s salary:Abou $47,000 ut The Congres e ssional Budget Offic has ce esti imated tha as many as 33 m at y million unin nsured Am mericans w gain health will cov verage from the Affo m ordable Ca Act. are To explain he ealth insur rance prod ducts to th he potential new pool of c w customers, Blue Cro oss and Blue Shield compa d anies acro the U.S. oss are ram mping up operations says Eric Lail, a sp o s, c pokesman for the B n Blue Cross s and Blu Shield Associatio the nat ue A on, tionwide u umbrella group for th 37 he separat "Blues." te " Blue Cr ross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, for exam B h mple, is ope ening its f first, ever retail stores to help en nroll new customers Lail say the Blue have m c s. ys es more than a dozen new outreach program underw in vario states though h d w h ms way ous s, he says it's too early to say ho many new jobs a being generated by those s y ow n are d e initiative es. Beyond the Blues some online listin for ins d s, o ngs surance job now as for bs sk candida ates who have some knowled of Oba h e dge amacare. One comp pany with insuran sales openings shouts in its job pos nce o s stings that Obamaca will cre t are eate an "exp plosion" of sales. f      
  6. 6. 6 fields where Obamacare is creating jobs s j Cus stomer serv vice represe entatives  Med dian annual s salary:Abou $30,000 ut The Affordab Care A represe e ble Act ents a larg ge cus stomer ser rvice unde ertaking. T federa The al Cen nters for M Medicare a Medic and caid Servic ces has said that up to 9,000 new cu s t ustomer serv vice agen ts would b needed to assist be d con nsumers u using the O Obamacar health re insu urance ex xchanges. Many of those jobs are for call cente operators, to expl o er lain insura ance optio ons and ans swer ques stions by phone. In one exam p o mple, the co onsulting firm Challen nger, Gray & Christm says an Iowa c center added 12 jobs after y mas call 20 winning a contrac related to the hea care la g ct alth aw. The em mployment opportunities will ebb and flo with the market, says Bruc t e ow e ce Caswel president of healt services for Maximus, a co ll, th s ontractor h handling custom service functions for sever of the o mer e s ral online mar rketplaces s. "The AC will certainly cre CA eate an init hiring spike, alth tial hough this increase will s vary ac cross differ rent states says Caswell. "M s," C Most states will ramp up hiring for s p g the first open enr t rollment, and then adjust staff a a fing accor rdingly." The best candida ates for tho jobs are people with strong interpe ose a e ersonal skills and, ide eally, som health care exper me c rience. Bu says Ca ut, aswell, "th don't n hey need to be he ealth care professio e onals … an all operators receive comp nd prehensive e training g."
  7. 7. 6 fields where Obamacare is creating jobs s j Nav vigators  Estimated avera pay:$29 age 9.20 per hour r "Na avigator" is a new cl s lass of job created b b by the health ca law. Th Obama are he acare nav vigators ar charged with help re d ping people wor through enrollme paperw rk h ent work. They y edu ucate cons sumers ab bout the ne ew marketplaces and dete s ermine if th qualify for hey y a fe ederal tax credit to s save on th cost of he hea insura alth ance. The job functions are similar to those of a call center op b s e perator, sa Caswe ays ell. "Call ce enter oper rators are not naviga ators, although both are work h king toward d the sam goal of getting pe me f eople insu ured," he s says. "Nav vigators ar funded by re either th federal government or the state-bas excha he l sed anges and will provid de face-to-face assis stance to those indi ividuals in need of s such help." Consum mers looki for a navigator's help mus check w their st ing s st with tate's exchan for con nge ntact inform mation. The fed deral gove ernment ha awarde $67 million in gra money to more t as ed ant y than 100 loc commu cal unity and other groups to hire navigator Caswell's compa o rs. any has bee contrac en cted by at least one state to h help hire a manag navigat and ge tors, who wil undergo 20-30 ho ll o ours of cert tification b before they can wor with the y rk general public. As for pay, you won't get ri being a navigato The pa also is s p w ich or. ay similar to t that of a cal center operator, sa Casw ll ays well.
  8. 8. 6 fields where Obamacare is creating jobs s j wh hat's ne ext Read m more: h http:/ /w www .b bank ra ate.c om m/fi nance/j jobs-caree ers/fields-o obamacar re-creating g-jobs-1.as spx#ixzz2 2sM6fUxhs s Follow us: @Ban nkrate on Twitter | Bankrate o Facebook  T B on