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  1. 1. Alisa Starr 307 Queen Anne Ave N #1 Seattle, WA 98109 (503)235-8701 Cell/Home  OBJECTIVE I have amazing sales skills, sweet marketing savvy, and an addiction to organization. All of which I want to use to help an awesome company in Seattle succeed. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE President/Founder ​Snarky Cards (July 2007- Present) ● Snarky Cards are hilarious cards about modern, complicated situations. I wrote them, and painted the illustrations. ● I've made and sold 64,521 Snarky Cards. ● Created pricing, an invoicing system, and payment policy, for stores that buy my cards wholesale as well as individual customers buying from me directly. ● Nurtured long-term wholesale relationships with 50 different stores in 5 different states, worked closely with each store, to ensure that they got stock that appealed to their particular kind of customers. Trading out things that didn’t sell. Taking notes on what did. ● I hand-sold them, directly to customers in bars, at festivals and art shows. This meant writing a sales script and using that script to approach strangers, showing them the cards and then closing the sale. Writing a graceful exit script was key in making sure that things ended on a nice note, ensuring future sales. ● I tracked the sales history of each card, with an excel spreadsheet, so that I could make more of the card which sold and stop making cards that did not. ● Designed a website, and an online store; and Regularly updated both and connected them to apps in order to increase my web presence. ● I wrote several marketing emails and solicited write-ups from other blogs. Garnering dozens of online reviews, an interview with Oregon Business Magazine, and a review in Bitch Magazine. ● I created a Facebook/twitter/Instagram/Etsy feed, and worked hard to engage people, and increase my following. I have 400 Twitter followers, 500 FB likes, and on average, 50 hits a day to my collective websites. ● Wrote 5,000 different cards. 1500 of which were best-sellers. Creating a regular customer base meant writing new cards every week, and posting new cards online regularly. Listening to customers about the kind of cards they were looking through, as they perused my wares was key. Oftentimes custom cards became bestsellers. I kept track of which cards sold and maintained a list of new cards as well as best-sellers; in order to maximize sales.
  2. 2. Telemarketer ​Third Party International (February 2006 – July 2007) ● Made introductory business to business prospecting calls for a variety of different clients, regarding a range of products in the following markets: Jewelry, Group Health Insurance, Sales Management Consulting, AutoCAD add-ons, Advertising and Subscriptions for a locally focused paper, Corporate Massage and Helicopter Hooks ● Created marketing literature for clients including: emails, faxes and letters detailing their products/services as part of a 3 step marketing activity, geared towards creating a larger client base for them, and interested prospects in their pipeline. ● Created scripts for each calling contract, which specifically highlighted the benefits of the product or service I was calling on. ● Submitted these scripts to our clients for approval, beginning an on-going dialogue with our clients in order to sell their products better.Made notes for each call, using ACT, scheduling callbacks as necessary and rating their potential as a future or current client. ● Sent qualified leads, with complete notes history to client sales team ● Utilized feedback from client sales team, in order to better hone the script increasing the ratio of leads resulting in sales ● Created end of month reports, detailing overall progress of calling activity for clients Telemarketer ​American Funding and Financial Corp. (January 2005 – October 2006) ● Made cold calls, talking to each potential client about their financial situations in order to discover their financial goals ● Made appointments with potential clients to come in and talk with a loan officer ● Created a working script for all of the calls, which allowed me to explain the program we offer in a clear and succinct manner. ● Confirmed appointments, sometimes reselling the program in order to assure potential clients would come in. ● Learned the mortgage process, in order to better discuss financial situations with cold calls. Personal Assistant ​A Work Of Heart, Inc. (September 2004 – December 2004) ● Created flyers for upcoming events as well as other basic marketing materials ● Created newsletter and calendar for upcoming events ● Created client database with updated information in Outlook ● Called the people on the mailing list to talk to them about upcoming events ● Wrote and posted ads online for art partnerships, upcoming workshops and sales ● Cleaned and re-organized office space, creating new systems of organization that opens the space and enables more productive work to take place. Appointment Setter ​Great Expectations, Inc. (May 2004 – September 2004) ● Called warm leads, introducing them to the concept of a dating service, discovering their particular dating needs, and making appointments with
  3. 3. them to come in and talk with a sales representative about becoming a member. ● Confirmed appointments, sometimes reselling the program in order to assure potential members would make their appointment. ● Met with appointments to discuss their dating situations, created programs that suited their individual dating needs, sold the program. Administrative Assistant ​Tuff Shed, Inc. (February – May 2004) ● Entered invoices, accepted payments and completed transactions using JD Edwards Accounting program ● Answered sales questions for customers in person and over the phone ● Maintained confidential employee files and created new job files Manager​,​​Waldenbooks, San Jose, CA (Oct 2001 – February 2004) ● Interviewed and Hired employees ● Evaluated employees performances on a monthly basis ● Evaluated monthly sales reports, identifying current sales trends, changing the layout of the store and scheduling employees accordingly ● Maintained high customer service standard by building relationships with customers through attention to problem solving. ● Successfully resolved a variety of customer services issues ● Performed weekly audits of inventory paperwork ● Handled all store maintenance issues ● Trained, motivated, and counselled employees to successfully meet sales goals ● Identified key weaknesses that left the store open to loss through diligent attention to detail while reviewing paperwork and stock-taking. EDUCATION Graduation from Santa Clara High School June 1997 Associates Degree in Sociology, Foothill College 2005