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Meetup docker paris


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Published in: Technology
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Meetup docker paris

  1. 1. Containerizing stateful Applications Aliou BA Cloud Architect and DevOps @aliou-ba-53645568/ @MDA16
  2. 2. Local persistent Storage: Docker Volumes Docker Volumes: PROS & CONS Solutions to host my database on Production Docker Volume Plugins Develop your own Storage Plugin driver Demo Time: Postgres, Docker, Swarm, AWS and Flocker Agenda
  3. 3. Local persistent storage Docker Volume Data Volume Container
  4. 4. Local persistent storage PROS CONS Data is lost if the Docker host dies. Mostly for testing and development (Not production) Data persists even if the container is deleted. Data volumes can be shared and reused among containers. Changes to a data volume will not be included when you update an image.
  5. 5. Solutions Manually copy the data over from host to host. Manually set up shared storage mountpoints. Docker Volume Plugins.
  6. 6. Volume Driver Storage Type Developed by EMC Rexray VirtualBox, EC2, Google Compute Engine, OpenStack, and EMC EMC Azure File Storage Azure File Storage Microsoft VMware vSphere Storage vSphere VMware gce-docker plugin GCE @Máximo Cuadros Flocker All listed above and ... ClusterHQ Docker Volume Plugins
  7. 7. Develop your own Storage Plugin driver
  8. 8. DEMO PostgreSQL Swarm (Swarm mode) AWS Flocker Docker Image binocarlos/moby-counter ( pretty Web UI postgres Client)
  9. 9. Join us! Contact at