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Seo audit check-list


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Learn how to perform a qualitative SEO audit.

SEO audit will help you understand what’s happening on your site so that you know what needs to change and where you’ll need to invest in your site to make it happen. A qualitative SEO audit involves looking at elements like your internal and external linking, code validation, URLs, redirects, digital assets, mobile presence, conversions, etc, to find areas of strength and weakness. The actual analysis is broken down into five large sections: accessibility, indexability, on-page ranking factors, off-page ranking factors and competitive analysis. With your audit in hand, it can be a lot easier to develop an actionable plan for the future.

Here you can find a step-by-step instruction that makes the audit easier.

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Seo audit check-list

  1. 1. Move your site to the top!Check your website for broken linksCheck your robots.txtCheck your XML sitemapCheck 302-redirectsCheck content in Flash and JavaScript or imagesSEO Audit Check-ListIndexability1step
  2. 2. Move your site to the top!Check keywords in your URLsCheck your Title tags lengthCheck for duplicate Title tagsCheck keywords in your Title tagsCheck your Description tags lengthCheck for duplicate Description tagsCheck keywords in your Description tagsCheck for the presence of H1 headingsCheck number of H1 headings on a pageCheck keywords in your H1 headingsOn-the-page Optimization2step
  3. 3. Move your site to the top!Check the number of outgoing links from your pagesCheck the number of your backlinksCompare your backlinks with your competitorsbacklinksLinks & Backlinks3& 4stepCheck your rankingsCompare your rankings to your competitorsRankings
  4. 4. Move your site to the top!Check your text for grammar and spelling mistakesCheck for keyword cannibalismCheck for duplicate contentContent5stepUse the Web CEO Online toolsto perform your website audit andto monitor your rankings.