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  1. 1. There are two parts work content: First, autotronics, and second digital images (camera), the same as some of the following five points: 1 lead software development team 2 set test plans, test cases, test tools and software development. 3 production line test systems and automation software set and development 4 digital image processing and image correlation algorithm development 5.Device control programming: Serial port programming, Ethernet porgramming,USB camera, stepping motor, auto focus adjusti ng... (Jun. 2013 to now) in autotronics (altek): Main job: Incharge of vehicle product testing. Responsible for release management of FW, ECU FW development, test case, test plan, test program development. My contributions: 1. Radar signal generator(har dware + software) 2. Power cycle hardware and software design and development 3. CAN signal send / receive hardware and software design and development (Feb. 2004 to Jun. 2013) in altek (digital camera): My outcomes: 1. Establish a test software for the whole altek's products using 2. Image quality measurements program to develop mobile camera module of (MTF, blemish .) March 2002 ~ Feb. 2004 in LiteOn Corporation: Job Title: RD Senior software engineer The major jobs were: 1. BCM(PC base system test tool) diagnostic software design and develop 2. HP diagnostic software maintains Sep 1993 ~ Feb. 2002 in F.I.C. Corporation: Job Title: PE Senior engineer The major jobs were: 1. Server maintain (Novell Netware Server) 2. PC, NB, Moniputer, Server repair
  2. 2. 3. Production line testing software developmen 4. Design an auto-system of CTO (Config To Order) to cost down and speed up.