White Papers are Influence Kings, But Need Personalization to Retain Crown


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The white paper is still one of the most important pieces of marketing content & are used throughout the buyer’s journey. However, One-Size Fits All Content Not Relevant Enough For Today’s Buyer

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White Papers are Influence Kings, But Need Personalization to Retain Crown

  1. 1. White Papers Are In uence Kings But Need Personalization to Retain the Crown The white paper is still one of the most important pieces of marketing content Over 41% of buyers view white Content most often used to papers as extremely / very help make purchase decisions in uential to their purchase decisions 54% White Papers in uencers decision makers Extremely 39% Analyst Reports In uential 34% 47% 37% Webinars Moderately 36% User Events In uential 48% 38% 27% Case Studies Somewhat Source: SiriusDecisions 2010 In uential 17% 14% Not At All In uential 1% 1% Source: Eccolo Media 2010 B2B Collateral Survey Report White papers are used throughout the buyer’s journey Source: Ziff Davis Enterprise 2010 Discovery Consideration Decision 35% awareness and 23% creating a short 10% making a nal nding ideas to challenge list of vendors and decision status-quo vendor evaluation 33% nding solution options One Size Fits All Content Is Not Relevant Enough For Today’s Buyer Short Attention Span Theater – Buyers inundated with more campaigns than ever… demand concise/relevant content. Campaign Overload The ideal length for white papers Average buyer receives: 4 21% 6 34% 15.4 campaigns per week in 2006 8 27% + 13% 10 32% 10 5% Most white papers 20.3 campaigns per week in 2010 are too long Source: Eccolo Media 2010 B2B Collateral Survey Report As a result of campaign overload white paper downloads have fallen over the past 2 years Source: SiriusDecisions 2010 Personalized Content Has Proven To Be Much More Effective Research from MarketingSherpa and KnowledgeStorm shows that targeted content is more effective when customized for: 82% 67% 49% 29% Industry Job Size Geography Interactive White Papers: Optimizing white papers for today’s buyer Relevance, Personalization, One-on-one communication. Customize and deliver white paper Bene ts of Interactive White content based on Pivot Points: Papers compared to Traditional: 350% more click throughs Industry Location Size Role 120% more quali ed leads Stage in Opportunities Pain Better tracking & scoring Buying Points of leads with integrated Cycle pro ling on speci c customer opportunities and needs 10% Acceleration in sales cycles Obtain a free White Paper Assessment http://www.alinean.com/white_paper_audit/ More information on Interactive White Papers http://www.alinean.com/demand-gen/interactive_white_paper.aspx powering B2B sales to economic buyers 2011 http://www.alinean.comAbout AlineanAlinean, the leading provider of dynamic sales and marketing tools, empowers B2B vendors to better sell to todayseconomic-focused buyer. Alinean-powered interactive white papers, assessments, ROI calculators and TCO comparisontools create more compelling value-based connections, workshops, presentations and proposals — delivering customizeddiagnostics, benchmarks, solution recommendations, bene ts, investments, ROI, payback and TCO advantage proof points.Leading B2B rms leveraging Alinean tools include: HP, IBM, Microsoft, EMC, Dell, Intel, IDC/IDG, AT&T, Siemens, Unisys,Thomson Reuters, NetApp, Citrix, Symantec, Novell, Cisco, Oracle, Sybase, and CA.Learn more: at the Fight Frugalnomics™ Resource Center http://www. ghtfrugalnomics.com, by visitinghttp://www.alinean.com, or calling 407.382.0005.